July 21, 2007

Law of Attraction and Competition

comic.jpgThe other night I caught a couple minutes of Last Comic Standing on NBC, which I loved for a couple reasons. One, these guys (and gals) are pretty funny. Laughing is a great vibe to hang out in.
Two, watching someone’s dream come true – you gotta admit – is pretty cool!
So at the end of the show they announce which contestants are moving on (I was SO hoping Sabrina Matthews would be one!). One of the guys who really really wants it is Doug Benson. It’s his second time auditioning; he didn’t make it to the final round last year, and he’s wearing it heavy this year.
Sure enough, the last name they call out is his. But instead of jumping up and down with excitement like everyone else did, (well, the first guy cried a little, but it was tears of joy) Doug says, “I feel like one weight’s been replaced with another.”
Oh boy.
You might guess who my money’s on to win, right? (Probably not him. Unless, of course, he learns to REVEL in the feeling of winning.)
But what the comics said before names were announced was really interesting from a law of attraction perspective. Doug said “I think I have a really good chance of not making it to the final ten – AGAIN.” And yet he did.
And Sarah Colonna said she kept repeating her name in her mind, hoping the host would say her name. And yet he didn’t.
What’s up? Are these two disproving the whole “get what you think about” theory?
Let’s look closer. In Doug’s case, remember that the Universe doesn’t hear “don’t,” “not” or “no.” So what he was REALLY signaling to the Universe with those words was “I have a really good chance of making it to the final ten.” Although he was saying “not making it,” Universe doesn’t hear “not.”
Then again, we also know it’s not really the WORDS that matter. It’s what we’re vibrating. We might be saying one thing, but feeling another thing altogether. (Like when we say “sure, sounds like fun” and we’re really feeling “ugh, please no.”)
The two keys to successfully manifesting what you want are desire and belief. When you get strong desire and strong belief going, you’re unstoppable. If you’ve got strong desire and less belief (which I suspect might be Doug’s case), you’ve handicapped yourself vibrationally somewhat, but it’s still possible. Especially if that desire is really really strong.
Let’s not forget, Doug probably had a strong vibrational escrow from his last experience on the show, right?
The other thing this episode proved was that the most talented comics are not necessarily the winners. It isn’t always the strongest, fastest, smartest, best looking, best performing person who takes the ribbon. It’s the one who’s most lined up with winning. And sometimes that person is an awful singer, or mediocre artist, or less than fabulous guy walking down the aisle with everyone’s dream come true of a woman. I mean, sometimes it is!
Get your vibration lined up with what you want, and you can outperform, outsell, outmaneuver, outshine, out-whatever anyone. There is no holding you back when you are in alignment with what you want.
How cool is that?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Good point, Jon. Even though it may be difficult for us to imagine, it is completely possible for everyone to get what they want. Lack or scarcity doesn’t exist (unless we believe in it and thus create the appearance of it).

    And focusing on the delivery of value would be a successful one indeed.

    Thanks for posting, Jon! Would love to hear more of your thoughts on future posts. 🙂

  • Jon says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Your comments are so right. In fact there IS NO COMPETITION. If you give more USE value that the CASH value you receive, you will continually be successful because people LOVE value. No matter what that price is they will come back or recommend you. As you do the comics, their world has just expanded because of your blog.

    Something to think about.


  • LèVlogüe :) says:

    There are no people here, this guy must not be attractive. Hmmm. The following post has a whopping 26 comments, there must be a more attractive picture there. It’s either the picture or the content. Both competing in the main event, in which, may occur, that you coul dloose your train of thought in a big empty space like this. all these echoes of cheering bouncing around in the imagination. you bombed buddy. But you rebounded swell with a knocker! . I applaud ! Three cheers and more for pretty woman…

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