Law of Attraction and the Superbowl

“And the image ultimately became reality.”

That’s what Fox NFL editor Nancy Gay wrote about the Green Bay Packers Superbowl Championship win, referencing the team’s fitting for superbowl rings the night before they played.

That’s not typical stuff in NFL world.  Normally the ring fitters see the team after they win.

But Head Coach Mike McCarthy said it was just another opportunity to express “real confidence,” something he practiced since the beginning of the season.

One of the players interviewed said the fitting “made things real for us” while another reported that “everything we wanted was right there in our hands, literally and figuratively.”

Another player said, “It was a great feeling when you know you won before you even played the game.”
Yardbarker reported that player Greg Jennings grabbed his ring finger after one of his touchdowns.

Deliberate creators know that reality stems from the images and thoughts we hold in mind.

What a great way to activate the vibration of winning – to treat your team as if they already have!  Yet another inspiring example of how well it pays off to act as if.

What’s your Superbowl and how might you make winning it more real with a pre-game ring fitting?

I’d love to hear from you!

  • February 12, 2011
  • I totally agree, Nat. I think this happens a LOT more often than many realize!

  • Driving to the office today I was thinking about this post. (I often get my best ideas while driving.) Anyway, I think Law of Attraction is quite common in sports, though they may not call it that. I’ve heard of basketball players who will often practice their free-throw shots by visualizing themselves shooting the ball, making the basket and hearing the swoosh of the basket as the ball goes through.

  • NICE, Tammy!!
    I like the way you think! Not just with the Today Show, but the blog you’ve created!! Very cool indeed.

  • Tammy says:

    I started a blog for teenage girls to remind them how fabulous they are. To let them know they have control of their lives..I have 15 year old twin girls and felt the need to share my 46 year old wisdom with them. My superbowl moment is: I am not sure what to wear when the Today show books me to discuss the blog.

  • Glad you found inspiration in it, Parul. And kudos to using it with mom’s appointment!

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    Fabulous story, Jeannette! Thanks for sharing! A great reminder again!!
    I did this exercise when my Mom went for a test earlier this week. It turned out just as imagined!!
    This post is inspiring me to give the other “Superbowls” a shot. 😀

  • Amanda42 says:

    Nat, that sounds familiar… and wicked awesome! I love it when Boston teams can be used to illustrate the power of LOA! Thanks for speaking my language!

  • What another creative way to get in the winning vibe, Nat!
    Thanks for sharing that!

  • Wow, cool story. I remember a couple years ago, the coach of the Boston Celtics did something similar. He took the team on a duck tour along the route that both the Patriots and Red Sox had taken for their Championship parades. The Celtics ended up beating the LA Lakers and won the title.

  • What an exciting time for you, Maddie!
    You’re doing such a good job of thinking the better feeling thoughts, too, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!
    (And having once gotten on the wrong plane, I can say from personal experience it all works out fine no matter what.) hee hee

  • Madisen says:

    Wow! How cool is that! Maybe all teams will have to start doing that in the future! LOL. I have to say that my current “superbowl” is traveling to Nashville, TN. tomorrow for my new job training. I’ve never flown ALL by myself before, so this is all so new and kind of intimidating for me! I’ve vacillated between being confident and nervous over the past week, week and a half over the prospect of not only flying by myself, but being a hotel room by myself for 2 whole weeks! I feel that I’ve been doing pretty good with finding better feeling thoughts when those doubtful ones creep in, such as “hey, everyone has to do it for the first time at one point in their life, and if THEY can do it, why can’t I?” and “If for some reason I do need help, I have a handful of numbers in my cell phone that I can dial up at any point and get help!” Plus, I’ve kind of started thinking of it as an adventure; the idea of being by myself, alone time, being ‘grown-up’ is actually really appealing to me! I feel that it’ll be a great opportunity to grow, become the independent, self-confident woman that I’ve always dreamed of being and this is just the Universe’s way of saying “well, here ya go! Prove it to YOURSELF that you can do it!”
    So, I think I’m going to start imaging myself having smooth travels, knowing where to go, finding the markers along the way signaling I’m on the right path, and really enjoying this time. I’m going to conjure the feeling of confidence and feeling proud of myself for doing a job well done NOW, so that I can be like the Packers and WIN IT before I do it!!! 😀
    Thanks for the post Jeannette, as usual, perfect timing! 🙂 Maddie

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