Your 2016 LOA Leaders

Each year we invite law of attraction mavens from across the globe to report their most inspiring manifesting resources, whether it be books, blogs, coaches, etc.

Whatever’s helping you master the game of consciously creating reality, we want to know about it.

We compile this list of LOA Leaders each year for three reasons:

  1. to share the good stuff
  2. to acknowledge those who lead the LOA way
  3. and because it’s fun to spotlight LOA change-makers!

Every year you guys introduce us to new players and content. That’s my favorite part of this process – discovering the websites and LOA parties of fellow creators who are raising the bar in the game of conscious creation.

So without further ado, and with many thanks to everyone who took the time to send in votes, we are delighted to announce your 2016 LOA Leaders:

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Blog
Best LOA Blogs

Raise Your Vibration Today by Andrea Schulman
The Heart of Manifesting by Sarah Prout
Law of Attraction by Joe Vitale

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Book
Best LOA Books

Hustle Believe Receive, by Sarah Centrella
Getting Into Manifestation Zone, by Richard Dotts
Score Your Soulmate, by Lisa M Hayes

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Coach
Best LOA Coaches

Cindie Chavez, Love & Magic Coach
Janette Dalgliesh, Identity Shift Ninja
Nancy Barry-Jansson, Affirming Spirit

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Program
Best LOA Programs

30 Day Joy Challenge by Amina Makhdoom
Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick
Intention Masterclass by Lynne McTaggart

LOA Leaders 2016: Best Channeler/Speaker
Best LOA Speakers/Channelers

Abraham by Esther Hicks
Joshua by Gary Bodley
Communion of Light by Frank Butterfield
No doubt you recognize some consistent favorites, but hopefully there’s something new for you to explore here on the latest LOA Leaders list.

And with that we are officially accepting votes for next year’s list! 🙂

PS – to those of you who voted for this blog, thanks for the acknowledgement! We prefer sponsors not to be award recipients, and I am a co-sponsor this year. But it still made me smile every time a vote came in for Good Vibe Blog. 🙂

  • May 28, 2016
  • Thank you to and everyone who voted for AffirmingSpirit Mentoring!!! It’s an honor to be included with the amazing people listed.
    Many blessings,

  • Samar aziz says:

    Co gratulations Amina you are the best. You gave everything you e had and more with love knowledge skills and appreciations. Thank you for inspiring me.

  • amina says:

    I am so honored that the program was considered! I hope you all will join us for the 2017 Joy Challenge next April! Thank you for this great honor and recognition! XOXOX You can sign up now for next year (right hand side) 🙂

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