August 10, 2012

Law of Attraction for Relationships (by Jarmila)

This guest post on using law of attraction to manifest love comes from Jarmila Gorman:
law of attraction for relationshipsRelationships are one of the most important things in our life. We are all looking for that special someone to share our world.
Sometimes it feels like we will never meet the right person, but we can turn our love lives around quickly by using the law of attraction for relationships.
If we really want to have a wonderful and fulfilling love-match, we have to let go of our fears and desperation and start putting positive energy out there to attract the right person. This means letting go of loneliness and showing the world how strong and confident we are.
The problem with loneliness is that it quickly becomes a cycle of desperation and unhappiness. We have to let it go, otherwise, we will always be lonely. The law of attraction says we attract, or create more of, whatever we settle our attention on.  When we give our sad and lonely thoughts all of our focus, we only ensure that these feelings will never end for us. That they will be perpetuated in cycles that never end as we meet and attract the wrong person, are happy for a moment, and then find ourselves alone again, or, simply never seem to find anyone to share with.
Along with our sad, solitary thoughts, we have to relinquish desperation. This is a very unattractive energy, and if we feel as though we would do anything to find someone and keep them in our lives, or willing to betray ourselves or our friends, this definitely needs to be checked. The thing about desperation is that it is repellent to healthy, happy people, and attractive to dangerous, unhealthy, and manipulative people. At best, this sentiment will attract someone just as desperate and lonely, and, at worst, it will attract someone with more sinister motivations.
Finally, we have to dispel any thoughts of low self-esteem, doubted self-worth, or undeservedness. If we don’t feel like we deserve to be loved, celebrated, and treated wonderfully, we just never will be. The truth is, everyone deserves love and happiness. The only way we can compromise this is to feel as though it is something we can never have, or something we have to take by force. Inherently, everyone is loved and worthy of love, and love is readily available all the time, in many, many forms.
Now that we have discussed the ideas and thoughts which may be keeping us confined and unhappy, let’s discuss what kind of thoughts can help us expand and find the one we have been waiting for.
The key to really having all we want is to think and act as though we already have it. One simple exercise is just to close your eyes, right now, and picture yourself with the person of your dreams. Imagine you are smiling, laughing and feeling everything you would be if that person were with you. Notice how you actually feel these emotions and this happiness. Let yourself smile. Then, open your eyes and keep that feeling with you. Be grateful for it, and take it out into the world.
Daily, we can use positive affirmations to get rid of our negative thoughts. This requires watching ourselves to catch when we have negative thoughts, such as, “I want to find someone,” “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend” or “I am so alone.”  None of these thoughts, should we say them and believe them, will do us any good at all. All they do is keep us miserable and searching.
Instead, we can say something like, “I attract love to me,” “I deserve someone great!” or, “I let go of any desperation when it comes to relationships or my love life.” These positive thoughts immediately change our emotional landscape and help us project and be happiness. As we all know, happy, confident people are wonderful to be around and very attractive to other healthy, happy people.
While we can’t help but wish for someone special to come into our lives right away, we can change what we tell ourselves about our current circumstances. Not only will this make us feel better, it will tell the universe that we are ready for good things and happiness to come and find us.
Instead of communicating loneliness, desperation, and need, we communicate joy, confidence, and radiant love. The end result is, we get joy, confidence, and radiant love returned to us. We find that we can attract someone who also has these treasures to share, and want to share them with us.
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Jarmila is a writer in the personal development niche with a strong and ever growing desire to help people create their dream lives. She is a passionate student of the amazing abilities and potential of the human mind. Jarmila is a writer with a goal to inspire you to LIVE your life, on purpose, out loud and with a big smile on your face. You can find more of Jarmila’s articles on meditation at the Silva Method Life. When she is not writing, Jarmila is outside taking photographs, hiking the Colorado mountains or cycling to the far horizon.

  • Wow, great lessons, Phoenix Rose! Thanks for sharing them here – especially about letting go and loving yourself.
    And Lesley, yay for confidence boosters!

  • lesley says:

    Interesting. I suppose my challenge is being as excited as the other person to be with me rather than a feeling of indifference or sometimes irritation whether he calls or doesn’t call. I feel magnetic when it comes to men, but at the same time, aside from great conversation, I have yet to really feel that undeniable spark. That feeling of wanting to know more. On a vibrational level, I just know if I have an interest from his energy. Often times I keep my distance because the energy doesn’t attract me. I’ve had some men act as repellants. Their energy conveys a strong repulsion.
    Still searching! Remaining positive the time will come when it comes. I believe. But no, I’ve not felt I was a problem. If anything, telling myself now “men love me” seems grounds to eye me up and down for no apparent reason to myself. It’s quite a confidence booster.

  • PhoenixRose360 says:

    Letting go of the desperation, this is a lesson I learned the hard way! Two years ago after I got out of a 5.5 yr relationship, I was desperate to jump back in. I felt like the clock was ticking, I didn’t want to be single, so I constantly went out on dates, looking for the one. It was the best and worst feeling. Best, because I felt popular, loved, and got the attention I craved for. It was also the worst, because I felt like taping myself to answer those general questions: what do you do, do you have kids, what do you do for fun? etc, and I was still alone. I thought dating was a numbers game, after 6 months of that, I realized that this method wasn’t working, and I let go. Then I met him, through a mutual friend, and it was a great romance, he taught my so much about myself and love. Now that I’m single again, I have finally realized that truly loving myself, means I’m never alone, because I have me. And that I’m radiating my true love for myself, I can attract my perfect mate!!

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