6 Daily LOA Hacks

Want some easy ways to put law of attraction magic in your daily life?

Here are five ways to get the energy flowing your way without lifting a conscious creation finger:

1. Passwords

Change your password; change your life.

Yes, a password really is that powerful.

Or it can be, when you use the right ones. Read here for Mauricio’s inspiration about password manifesting.

Turn one of life’s hassles into an alignment boon by making your password a powerful affirmation of success.

Manifesting money? Ask yourself what you’ll say when you log in to see a very satisfying bank balance, and turn that phrase into a password:


Attracting new love? Get in alignment with LuckyN<3.

Or maybe you’re calling in a rockin’ summer body … try it afformation style: “HowDidIGetSoGorgeous?!”

Whatever you’re creating, incorporate some alignment magic by creating a password that reflects your success. Each time you type it you acclimate more and more to that reality.

2. Screensavers, Backgrounds & Wallpapers

If you’re like most manifestors, your vision board is either nonexistent, outdated, or buried in the back of a closet.

But you can let your eyes feast on your desired results by putting your digital screens to work.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a laptop, desktop or some other doohickey, you’re likely looking at some sort of electronic device every day, throughout the day. Let’s harness that un-leveraged viewing time, shall we?

Make your screensaver something that you’d like to see in real life. It’s amazing how well that works.

3. Ringtones & Notifications

If you don’t already have an audio alert programmed that makes you smile or gives you a happy ear worm, let’s change that.

Receiving a call or getting a text alert is an easy opportunity to give yourself a little vibrational boost!

You could find a song that has significance to your current manifesting project, or anything that makes you feel good.

Consider Play That Funky Music for a fun vibe, a contagious baby laugh, a confidence-building I’m the Man, relaxing ocean waves, or a cash register kaching.

Programming your digital alerts is too good an opportunity to pass up! Switch as needed over time to keep the vibes high every time you get an incoming call, email or text.

4. Mirror Messages

How often do you wash your hands or brush your teeth in front of that mirror?

Every occasion is a gem of a chance to amp up your vibe by posting a sticky note or writing a dry erase question on the mirror.

“Hey good lookin’!” and “Who do you love?” are my personal favorites, but experiment to find one that boosts your frequency each time you see it.

Mirror messages are easy ways to get the law of attraction working on your behalf by programming positive thoughts within.

5. Charge Your Beverage

If you haven’t already read about Dr. Emoto’s work with messages placed on water, do that.

Then get out a marker to write your favorite words on your water bottle or coffee mug.

Whatever energy you’d like to fill yourself with, write it on your beverage container. Love, peace, happiness, great sex – whatever you like, you can get into alignment by infusing it in your drink of choice.

It’s an easy way to get double duty from your daily beverage.

6. Greetings

We habitually ask each other, “How are you?” and “How’s it going?” but a more powerful question steers the conversation to higher vibrational territory.

Instead of asking how they are, inquire about “What’s going right?” or “What’s the good news?”

With friends and family who know me, I answer the phone with, “Tell me the good news.” It’s a guided instruction to tune to higher vibes as our conversation begins.

In fact, even when some asks how you are, you can pretend they asked what’s going right in your world and answer accordingly.

It’s an easy way to lift the vibe of everyone in earshot!

Those are just six ways to automate yourself into higher alignment …

What are your easy daily habits to get law of attraction working in your favor without lifting a finger?

  • February 20, 2017
  • Claudia says:

    I just found YOU !!!! After my morning affirmations with Abraham; I found YOU !!! I had questions that weren’t being answered and you answered them. Maybe you found ME !!!
    Why is it, when I see or even hear about manifesting for financial abundance, I feel guilty for asking and wanting it ?

    • Jeannette says:

      Delighted to have found you too, Claudia! Thanks for posting with such delightful enthusiasm. 🙂
      As to your question … could be cultural or programmed in some other way, because I guarantee we didn’t get that instruction from Source. Wherever it came from, it’s bogus.
      There might be a more helpful question to entertain. Maybe something Noah St. John style like, “How did I get so good at making peace with desires and manifestations of financial abundance?” Or “How did I get so good at letting myself have whatever I want?” Mm, feels better to me already. And we know feeling better is name of this manifesting game. 😉

  • R.T.Samten says:

    Good job Jeannette,
    Great artical, I Love all the 6 daily way to LOA hacks, our prime purpose in this life is help others and being Happy in good health condition.

  • Sharron says:

    Ok, I just changed my desktop picture from a nature scene to one with a picture showing a room filled with people attending a training session. This is one of my favorite pictures I have.

  • Anna BoBana says:

    Loving the idea of using passwords! I’ve had the same one (or variation thereof) for 20 years simply because there’s no struggle to remember or have to go look for it. Now I realize I can pick a new one and give myself a boost too – yehaw!
    And when my tech-savvy son comes home, I’m going to let him change my ringtone to the “I love money! And money loves me!” recording… I’m excited!

  • Deirdre says:

    Watch something that’s absolutely hilarious to you every day. Whenever you first wake up.

  • Kerby says:

    Funny you made this because I’ve subconsciously been shifting my passwords to being rich/abundance. This made post showed me how I’ve been feeling lately 🙂

  • Helen says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Jeannette 🙂

  • Jokey says:

    Sometimes in the past besides using a visual board I would use two of Gwen Stefani’s songs about wealth. She has a couple that could really help get you into that mindset.

  • Gwen says:

    Beautiful Reminders Jeannette! Thank you so much!

  • Laura Lynn says:

    You are truly amazing! It seems that when I need it most, you provide exactly what I need to refocus. It’s as if you are writing just to me! Thank you for setting the example and letting me follow in the footprints that you provide!

  • Master Manifester says:

    Great post Jeannette,
    I’ve got such a long list of tiny daily practices that are easy and by now part of my routine. In my car I have the Abraham Hicks front windshield “sticker” that reads “Everything is Always Working of for Me.” When showering each morning, I feel the love for the hot water all over my body. Practice the passwords, positive self talk, thank you universe and angles for countless things throughout the day, and noticing acts of kindness, positive affirmations and words, and deliberately focusing on good things happening. I pay attention to any abundance regardless of size and acknowledge it in combination with choosing to turn my attention away from things that evoke negative feelings. For example, I have not watched the daily news in over a decade and I leave situations where the focus on the conversation is to bitch about life or talk about doom and gloom.
    The one area I think we did not cover yet, I think, is the practice of selfcare. I spoil myself every day because I AM WORTHY. Be it the bi-monthly massage, hair appointment, the perfect apple to eat, a nice glass of wine, wearing a sweater I just love, cozying up with a wood fire and the perfect on demand movie, anything and everything. I allow myself to have these things several times throughout the day and FEEL the self-love, worthiness, and self appreciation in receiving them and giving them to myself.
    Finally, I notice my own creative power. When good things are happening throughout my day, I take responsibility with a big smile acknowledging that I created it and that all of it is AMAZING and arriving with perfect timing. Since I am busy focused on so much positive, there really isn’t much room for attention to be on what hasn’t happened yet, what might not be going exactly right in that moment, etc.
    Love my life! 🙂

  • Brent says:

    Right on Jeannette!
    I do many of these practices already, yet how have I been missing “What’s the good news?” for so long? It’s what I am intending to ask usually, so now actually asking it is now my new mantra. 🙂
    Also, I found a YouTube playlist that is funky and fun based on that ringtone. Hope you all enjoy it too. 🙂
    Gets my dancing juices going! <3

  • Jackie Gaston Taylor says:

    I write about 2 pages of thank you every morning. I start out with: Thank You for this day. Since I am working on learning Spanish, the next line is :Gracias por este dias. I include things that have already manifested in my life and things that I want to manifest by saying thank you for all of them in the same manner. At night after we get in bed, I ask Stephen to tell me his 3 best things that happened during the day and I tell him mine. As the great philosopher Ray Wylie Hubbard says, the days that my gratitude is higher than my expectations are pretty good days.

  • What I found was that some manifesting endeavors are not so easy to express in a visual. For example, the image of gold coins – does it really represent abundance? Sometimes I am not sure what is the visual representation of abundance, it isn’t even money anymore, more like digits on a screen, but even that is tricky 🙂

    • Deirdre says:

      I think everybody has to choose the image that means “Abundance” or “Prosperity” to them. Saving a screen shot of my bank account right after I get my tax return, pictures of stacks of US currency, Tahiti beaches, those would work for me but another person’s abundance prosperity might be Disney World, luxury cars and a PlayStation 4. But I know what you mean. Some manifesting endevors are a bit abstract for visual processes. “Peace of mind” and “What should I Do with my Life” are two I’m trying to figure out how to visualize.

  • Lizette says:

    My ringtone is Me Too by Meghan Trainor. LOVE the song. I just don’t get a lot of calls… Oh and the family thinks it’s a “vain” song. *eye roll*

  • I’ve been doing all of these for years, except for #6. I’m going to start saying, “Hey, there…tell me the good news!” 😉
    (That reminds me: At Unity, the Rev says, “The world needs some good news, and YOU are the good news!” 😉 )
    Many blessings,

  • Kellley says:

    LOVE these suggestions Jeannette! I checked out “Play That Funky Music” and it immediately brought a grin to my face. I’m downloading it as I type…
    Really fun and simple ideas to invoke a happier manifesting world around us. And its fun to think about how these self-messages are going to change as I move through the manifestation process.

  • Steffy says:

    Word up!!

  • Susan says:

    These are great…we must just saturate our lives with the good thoughts…
    I remember a neighbor, growing up, who always said, “What’s the good word?” when inquiring…it was uplifting…

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