July 1, 2007

Law of Attraction & What You Want

dart.jpgIt’s easy to get caught up in limited thinking about what’s possible or practical in choosing our goals. In fact, it takes courage to name what we really want.
Thus, lots of us unwittingly play it safe by identifying a target we think is “do-able” rather than one that represents our true heart’s desire.
But there’s more risk in playing it safe than you might realize. If we aren’t truly on board with the thing we say we want, we might be able to fool ourselves but we can’t fool the Universe. Universe hears our vibration loud and clear about what we really want in life. And delivers reliably.
If you’re banging your head against the wall trying to make something happen, check in on whether it’s an authentic desire. Universe may be saving you from something you don’t really want.
I agree with author Michael Neill when he says, “It’s easier to have what you really want than what you think you can get.” Because your passion will carry you through.
When I was leaving the corporate world it would have made “sense” to become a financial coach rather than an attraction coach. With over a decade of experience in personal finance, a half dozen credentials and licenses, and a great reputation already established in the field, I was well positioned for such a move, as my coach pointed out more than once.
But my heart wasn’t in it. Much as it appealed to leverage a coach practice from the career I’d already built, it just didn’t have any juice for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that had I pursued that path, I’d have failed. Universe would hear my half-hearted vibration and mixed internal signals and save me from that which I didn’t truly desire.
I’ve seen this with others as well. They choose a target they think they can reach, rather than the one they really want (which they might not even be consciously aware of). Manifesting something we don’t honestly want is a smokin’ good trick!
I think it’s easier to get past limiting beliefs of what we think is possible – and stretch those – rather than to try to make ourselves excited about something that doesn’t inspire personal enthusiasm or passion.
Save yourself the lost time and get clear on what it is you’re really here for, and claim it for yourself! There isn’t anything you can’t have or be or do once you get a hold of the idea of it. How cool is that?!

  • Janette says:

    OMG this USED to be me!! And explains why I “didn’t know” what I wanted. With 2011 on the horizon, I now decide to allow myself to know what I want. Woohoo – feels good to say that! 😀

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