Lawsuits & the Law of Attraction

Today a reader asked whether lawsuits and the law of attraction go together.

Meaning, if we’re conscious about our vibe and know that what we send out is what we get back, is it appropriate to sue somebody?

I liked this question a lot.

Is it possible to file a lawsuit in the vortex? Can you attract good things when you engage a legal battle?

I’d love a simple yes or no answer, but the truth isย it depends.

It depends on your vibration and how you feel about that action. It depends on what you’re focused on as you do it.

I believe it’s possible to feel fabulous about taking someone to court, but I would also suggest that’s not how many folks do it.

If suing someone feels good to you, you’re headed in the right direction. (Strange as that may sound.)

If you’re considering legal action, my suggestion is that you take this step first:

Get strongly dialed in on what you want.

On what you REALLY want.

(Hint: it’s always to feel some sort of better.)

Second step: repeat step one.

Then, when you are strongly connected to the idea/vision of what you want, and feeling the feelings that will offer you, it’ll be more clear as to whether a lawsuit is the way to go or not.

If legal action is appropriate, it’ll feel inspired. It’ll feel fabulous. The thought of it will raise your vibe a couple notches.

If it feels like a hassle, a headache, a big fat fight or something that makes you want to sigh and go back to bed, that’s a sign it’s not the best course. For now, anyway.

Because if it doesn’t feel good, it can’t lead to good.

And having said that, I believe there are circumstances under which suing someone could feel really good.

Like, if you were an abused spouse who once and for all takes a stand for him/herself, it’s not hard to imagine that filing for divorce could feel liberating and empowering. I’m just imagining, but I think that’s a realistic possibility.

Or if my county shelter was euthanizing animals illegally and inhumanely, and I believed that all it would take is some public legal action to change things, I think I might possibly be able to sue someone from the vortex. Maybe.

(I am stretching my imagination on that, but it seems possible. I would definitely retain a good LOA coach for the occasion. ha – did you think I was going to say lawyer? ย Actually, it’d be fab to pick up high vibing legal aid, too.)

If I were focused on animals being treated humanely; people doing their jobs properly; people who cared about what was happening in their community and with our earthling companions – I think I could do it with a good vibe.

Shoot, I broke up in the vortex. Certainly I could go to court in the vortex!

But I also suspect things would get resolved in another way, before it came to that, after I’d done my work of focusing on what I want first.

Let’s hear it from where it matters – the real world. Any of you ever take legal action with a high vibe?

Would love some real life examples and stories if you have any! (Theoretical musings also appreciated.)

  • January 7, 2011
  • Josh says:

    Thanks. Both excellent points.
    I do need to feel love while saying “no”. For a while now, I’ve been resistant to allowing love/compassion/blessings come forth to the other person because I had the confused thought that it would mean I am inviting them INTO my life. But perhaps this is about switching focus from the actual person and their undesirable qualities etc, to focusing on saying simply “no” with appreciation, or seeing my family receiving the desirable outcome with appreciation for the other person. Because in truth, they are a part of divinity, but I choose what I choose. Much more balanced to see it that way.
    It does feel that way, that no option looks good. The whole thing just feels bad. And the legal road does bring the most relief, as it provides the opportunity for a larger system to enforce boundaries. Boundaries feel like relief. And thanks for mentioning not to worry what other think or say, I needed to hear that.
    Blessings and Gratitude!

  • Lin E says:

    Right, Josh. You can say no AND love them. You can go to court AND love them. You can have boundaries AND love them.
    Best to you!

  • Josh says:

    I just noticed, it would be more accurate to say,
    “….they are a part of divinity, AND I choose what I choose.”
    AND rather than BUT… because everything exists together within a larger context

  • ChipEFT says:

    Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where no option looks good. The key there is not to find a solution that feels good, as there may not be any from where you are. But given that there are several options, find the one that feels like relief from where you are in that particular moment. If going into a lawsuit feels better than not doing it, then you are on the right path. Don’t worry about what other think or say. Do what feels like relief to you.

  • Lin E says:

    Hey Josh,
    I think the resistance may be coming from a place where you feel ‘bad’ for saying no. Can you say it with love in your heart, and with the intention that whatever happens needs to happen exactly the way it’s supposed to? In other words, “I love them and I choose to not be with them and my intentions are good and loving to all around me.” So, in your case of going to court to protect yourself and your family, can you do it with love in your heart, not anger and resentment and fear? Can you love them, do what you need to do from a place of peace, and leave the rest (the fearful stuff) to the Universe?
    hope this helps!

  • Josh says:

    I have a thought/question. Although I realize I am joining in months late.
    What if you feel you need to take someone to court because they have proven themselves ‘dangerous’ to you and your family? Like a custody case where the other parent is mentally ill and historically unable to control themselves, and you know in your gut and truth that the best thing is for them to not be around the family. Its such a tricky thing because, what I have found is, no matter how I try to frame it, I wind up with a “resistant” thought. Basically, I will always be saying “no” to the other person, or “take them away from my family” or something that feels like fear. Even the idea of “safety” implies “fear” for me. Any insights as to how one would get into the vortex about wanting someone out of their families life for the highest good?

  • Peter says:

    I am curious what is your opinion about James Arthur Ray and accusation against him?

  • This reminded me 20 yrs ago going through my divorce. We had a home, cottage and a business. Wife wanted and unrealistic value for her 50% of the business. My late teenage children were working full time, so support was not an issue. Her lawyer wrote me a letter with the request. I phoned him the next day and as he repeated the letter content, I laughed. I said literally, “you make up a paper for me to sign that says she gets the house, cottage and business, I get my personal belongings and walk away free and clear and I will come tomorrow and sign the papers”. He said “you need a lawyer”. I said, “no I don’t, you write, I’ll sign, I am serious”. Never heard from him after that. That letter cost her $1200 20 yrs ago(I saw the invoice)and laughed.
    We settled mutually without lawyers one year later. She got the house, I got the cottage valued at 20% of the house and my personals, the business closed and have been friends since.
    I figured if she had it all, I could have peace for which there is no price. That threat of a lawsuit was the best thing I had heard at that time and it put me in the vortex right away. While everyone around me thought I was crazy, I just wanted peace and would do whatever it took in a loving way to get it.
    Great thread!!

  • Lin E says:

    Jeannette… this is the coolest discussion ever. I suppose that my being an attorney contributes to this fascination. You come up with the best food for thought!
    I am so inspired by what Dana had to say I just may have to reach out to her for more discussion on the topic. I have been wanting to find a way to be a “different kind of lawyer”, as Martha has suggested, and I think Dana’s got it! An LOA-inspired Life Coach (or Kife Loach as I sometimes call myself to soften the cheese factor) for Lawyers. The world needs more of those.
    Thank you Jeannette… and Dana!

  • Hmm, Jeannette, the not talking too much about lawsuits might be wise. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last week, Tim and I had a conversation about Lady Gaga (too complicated to go into), and then the next day, my parents joined in the same conversation, and then over the next three days, I kept stumbling across Lady Gaga things on TV and the internet. ;

  • Great reply Jeanette.
    I love the idea of calling all the “Big Guns” to assist.As you say it’s all about believing in the outcome before actually seeing the outcome. I love that; it’s so powerful!
    Thank you for starting this wonderful thread Jeanette. You can always be relied on to “tickle the gray cells” and get me pondering.

  • Agreed, Alexis! I think we’d benefit tremendously from LOA trained doctors, accountants, mechanics, tech geeks, virtual assistants, veterinarians, personal trainers, … wait a minute, I think just described my rolodex in the vortex. hee hee
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, Alexis! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeannette,
    I love this article. I often asked myself this question as I was a lawyer for many years, train lawyers today on how to have a better life and practice, and went through a divorce.
    One day, lawyers like Dana will be the norm and not the exception because some of us are beginning to see and spread the message that lawyers are here to resolve conflict, not escalate it. And once lawyers learn how to do that, it’ll be a brave new world for all of us. We need more LOA trained lawyers.

  • Mandy, I’m getting goosebumps reading this!! (I love how Universe is delivering on your “big thing”!)
    And what a great example of going to court with a good vibe.
    Very very inspiring, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing your story here!!

  • Mandy says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I’ve been a reader of your awesome blog for a few months now. I had just checked into it now to have a little break from…working on my court case!
    February last year I decided to ask for my first “big thing”. It was $40,000 and I had NO idea how it would come about. Then in April a former work colleague told me she had just make a claim of underpayment against our previous employer, had come to a settlement she was happy with, and suggested I should do the same. Later that week, another two former colleagues asked if I had heard about the settlement and suggested I should look into it too. Sometimes the Universe gives out pretty strong hints!
    I quickly got to work researching what I needed to do to make a complaint and gathering any evidence I thought I’d need. I was sent over 5000 hours worth of payslips even though the payroll officer had told me my records had been put through the shredder (which makes absolutely no sense…but that’s LOA for you).
    It took about 3 months to be assigned my own Fair Work inspector. It was then I was given all the correct figures to calculate the amount I was underpaid. The total amount came to $41,511. I was absolutely flabbergasted as I had roughly estimated it to be around $20,000. I got chills as I thought, “That’s it, it’s here. That’s the 40 grand I asked for”.
    My former employer has disputed my claim so Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to court we go! I’m not feeling any negativity or resistance. Rather, I’m marvelling at all the help at my disposal; a man I used to work for and a man I work for now happen to be top notch lawyers and have offered to give me help and advice whenever I need it. My current employers of my other part-time job are experts on Employment Law and have offered to help me out as well. I just found out a friend of mine will be taking legal action too, so we can support each other as we go through the litigation process at the same time. Perfect books and websites keep popping up which answer my questions.
    I feel no anger or resentment towards my former employer. When he lies or tries to bully me I think it’s great because it demonstrates to me that his dispute has no basis in either fact, evidence or law. I find that really encouraging and it makes it easier to keep going.
    I don’t feel any guilt at all. I just think the money is mine, plain and simple.
    I’m really looking forward representing myself in court…what a different, wiser girl I will be at the end of all this!
    Thank you for always posting blogs which co-incide perfectly with what’s going on in my life xo

  • I wondered if someone would bring that perspective up, Vanessa. Thanks for doing it so we can have a more complete discussion here.
    Yeah, if you’re the person who’s being taken to court, that might feel like you have less power, but that would be an illusion. It’s just like when Russ broke up with me – it was mine to choose how I was going to do it even though it wasn’t my idea to do it.
    And I chose love. Which – let’s face it – when it looks like someone’s doing something TO us (again, an illusion) that’s even more challenging to find the good vibe, isn’t it? Maybe that’s just a story I tell to congratulate myself on my heroic effort to stay aligned as I was being dumped (hee hee).
    Anyway, I think the work is the same: stay dialed in on what you want, see the ultimate outcome in your mind, and then honor the inspiration within. I’d also call in all my Big Guns (angels and such) to support me – maybe even have my angels talk to their angels so we can get on the same page sooner rather than later and still feel lots of love flowing between us.
    That sounds like a rather nice “defense,” doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚
    What are your thoughts, Vanessa?

  • What about the other way around? For those people who may have legal action against them (don’t worry I’m not one!) how can they use the LoA for a positive outcome even if perhaps they are partly guilty? I’m thinking abut the masses of people that can’t pay creditors and are threatened with legal action. Just a thought.

  • Ande, the more I thought about it, the more I thought maybe I was fooling myself to think my animal shelter court case could be in the vortex. I still think it’s POSSIBLE (I mean I think EVERYTHING is possible), but boy, that’d take some practice. (And with all that practice, I bet it’d resolve before it ever went to court.)
    Because it’s so easy to be looking at what’s “wrong” and what “shouldn’t be” in these circumstances, right? Lawsuits of love … that’s what I’d like to practice.
    Although, I might want to stop talking about lawsuits so much. lol It’s a challenge I really don’t feel the need to master. ha

  • As an ex-attorney, I would love to meet someone focused enough to be in the vortex in a lawsuit. I used to work on the WA state court of appeals, and in all the cases I worked on, I never saw one single aligned person. My own experience with lawsuits has been similar.
    I seem to recall reading an Abraham quote on this, where they say that lawsuits always perpetuate negative energy (or something like that).
    At the end of 2009, I was in negotiation with an insurance company for a settlement with the owner of a home in which I had an accident on faulty stairs. My vibration wasn’t good going in and so it wasn’t a surprise that the settlement wasn’t as much as I had wanted, and THEN when I had the lack thought of “that’s not enough,” that played out into a mess that made the money disappear quickly. I believe now that I’d have been a whole lot better off if I’d forgotten all about the accident and sat on the beach and watched the waves.
    I think lawsuits are product of the limited mind, the HOW mind–the logical part that wants to do things in the way we think are possible. And so I think they create predictably limited and usually unsatisfying results.
    But I’m HAPPY, HAPPY for anyone who has an expansive, joyful legal experience!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dana, I think I LOVE you!! (sung to an oldies classic that I cannot remember the name of right now)

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I have recently evolved my legal practice into a purely collaborative practice. My mission statement in my practice is to find the kindness in divorce. There are many people like Lisa (hi Lisa!) who want a “fair” divorce or to continue to be a loving family, just a different kind of family after a divorce.
    The TREND in the law is mediation and collaboration. I’m proud to be a trailblazer and happy to talk to any other lawyers about practicing this way.
    For those interested in hiring a collaborative lawyer in your area or learning more, you can look at the International Association of Collaborative Professionals for a good start.

  • Jody said something to me along these lines, Lisa …
    something like if your actions/desires are fueled by a feeling of injustice – that’s not probably not a vibe we want to strongly activate.
    Your story of alignment in that personal situation of yours was SO inspiring! And a great example of going to court with a higher vibration. (Did we get that posted in Success Stories at GVU??)

  • Ooh, great example, Chip! Custody of children. Yeah, a person could easily get vortexy on that purpose.
    I like observation about the alignment, too.
    Good food for thought, as usual. Thanks, Chip!
    Here’s a great quote from Lola on the topic:
    Someone quoted Abraham as saying, “Never go to court.”
    Ah, humans wish for such black and white rules in life…. but with any action, it’s the vibration of the person doing it that counts. If someone stole from you, you’d take them to court and we’d cheer you on 100%. Several of us here have experienced high vibration legal proceedings, we won, and great good was done. I helped my Mom win a frivolous suit when a crazy, drug-addicted relative tried to take her rent house. I felt such deep compassion for the relative, but went all out protecting my mom’s property. This tough love caused the relative to have a wakeup call, she got off drugs and changed her life, and she, my mom, and I are now friends! It’s all in your vibration, darlin’.
    If you can take someone to court and remain in a high vibration, loving them, wishing them well, but standing up to them, great good can come of it. Think black rights, elder rights, child abuse, getting paid, etc.
    Abraham also says it’s appropriate for a country to go to war if they’re being treated badly. The Dalia Lama says in a movie called Ten Questions of the Dalai Lama that if someone attacks you, stand up to them, hit back.
    But that rarely happens literally–most low vibration people in our society just passive aggressively talk about you behind your back–not worth bothering with.
    Hiding, being a victim, avoiding, or running away can be a very low victim vibration, even lower than an overt attacker. It’s all relative, you just have to feel the vibration.
    Love, Lola Jones at

  • PR Girl/Lisa says:

    Hey Jeannette!
    I’m right there with you on every word! I did the whole sue for child support and a fair settlement thing during my divorce and I think because I stayed dialed in on my desires it turned out pretty well. And, it turned out much like you said – things resolved without the necessity for going to court.
    Maybe it depends on what the desired outcome is too…? Like whether it has a positive or negative vibe? But then I guess if you’re really aligned with your higher self, then those desires will be positive – or you’re not lined up with them and they won’t manifest…Oh boy…I may be going in circles here!
    I guess the net-net of it for me is that I stayed dialed in on positive outcomes (fairness for all and civility were at the top of my list) did what I had to do, and it worked out so well that even the attorneys were surprised at how smoothly things went!
    So yes, I think suing from the vortex (or at least near enough to it to have maybe one foot in…heeeheee) is possible, though I’m betting it doesn’t happen very often!

  • Dana, I am looking forward to the day when lawyers like you are the rule, rather than the exception.
    You rock!
    Magic lawyers. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love it!

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    You know I do affirmations and set intentions for my legal practice each day I continue to practice. While some other lawyers may scoff at setting highest intentions for all involved or affirming that cases will settle or sending out love to the opposing side and recognizing source and self in them, (heck, they’d probably do worse than scoff at that one) I do those things. I find that while the practice of law and the idea of heated litigation is scary and doesn’t even feel good to ME, when I intend collaboration, or intend cooperation, or intend the highest good for all involved, or whatever I intend as I dress for battle, often I get exactly what I intend and it feels darn good.
    Heck, it feels like magic.
    There are times when I intend the judge’s moods. Just sayin’.
    Much love,
    Your inspired lawyer,

  • ChipEFT says:

    I agree. It totally depends on where you “are” at the time. If you are feeling powerless, a lawsuit might feel very empowering. If you had your kids taken away by the state, suing for custody might feel very much like the right thing to do.
    Of course, if this is not strongly in your vibe, it never would have come up in the first place as an option.

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