Lessons from Cowboys Country

Today I picked up deliberate creation lessons from an unlikely source: a Dallas Cowboys football game. Not that it’s unlikely to see LOA in football; just unlikely to see me there.

But when my sweetie’s son and daughter-in-law treated us to a game with the Tennessee Titans in the Cowboys Stadium, I picked up lots of great reminders about life and deliberate creation:

1. Celebrate Progress
I don’t know much about football – still – but today I learned that you don’t have to get a touchdown before you celebrate. Even when their players were tackled, fans often erupted in cheers.  It took me a few plays to realize even if you just advance a few yards, that’s reason enough to get excited. You don’t have to score a touchdown every time in order to be celebrating a win.

2. Experts See More
The refs and devoted football fans saw things I as a novice didn’t. Flags were thrown for things I didn’t understand; fans erupted in unison about moves I totally missed.  What I did see was that people who spend a lot of time with something develop an expertise for it.

The same is true in deliberate creation: when we regularly pay close attention to the energy and become well trained in feeling out the vibrations, we develop stronger LOA senses. My takeaway: hang out with the experts in whatever you want to develop more of. Their experience is valuable.

3. Discipline Rules
Speaking of well-trained, these players know what they’re doing! They’re fit, disciplined, and focused. Traits that serve a deliberate creator, too. Abraham tells us that getting picky about our thoughts requires effort, and that effort that pays off when we commit to it!

4. Shake It Off
Even the heroes can have a bad play/quarter/game/season. What I saw today was a practiced ability to “shake it off.” These seasoned players didn’t let disappointments weigh them down; rather they looked forward to what’s next. Another good tip for deliberate creators.

5. Who Wants It Most
As declared on the world’s largest high definition video screen before kickoff, it’s not a matter of who is strongest, but rather who wants it more. (I would have guessed toughest or most stamina – wrong!)  We also know in the game of manifesting that the reward doesn’t necessarily go to the smartest, most talented, or hardest worker; but rather to the most aligned.

6. Things Change Fast
It only takes one referee flag, one big play, or one opponent’s slip up to completely reverse course. Good thing to remember when it looks like things aren’t going your way.

7. Have Fun Doing It
Even while you’re working to get the job done, you can have fun in the process. Hot cheerleaders flashing smiles; upbeat music on every break; and fun end zone dances acknowledge a job well done.  It’s a good reminder to deliberate creators that you don’t have to have a big excuse to have a good time – you can fit in the cracks of life’s daily moments.

8. Live and Let Live
Die hard devoted fans of opposing teams can sit side by side and still respect each other’s differences. We can have vastly different outlooks on the world and still get along.  As many new deliberate creators know, needing everyone to agree with us is a sure fire ticket to frustration.  Differences are cool and contrast fuels the whole system.  Rock on, Titans!

9. Men Look Great in Pink
In honor of breast cancer awareness, every player on the field was wearing pink somewhere: on his shoes, gloves, helmet, those towel-thingies (flags?). Just as it’s okay for tough men to wear pink for a worthy cause, it’s also okay for manifesters to show their softer side by allowing their full range of emotions. Some things we might not consider appropriate (fear, anger, worry) are actually a crucial step up the vibrational scale. Get comfortable out of your comfort zone; it looks good on you.

10. Perceptions Vary
It’s easy for everyone to see the same play differently depending on where they were sitting. In football, they do their best to come to agreement. In deliberate creation, it’s helpful to remember we each have our own perception; we don’t have to agree on one right way; and there is tremendous power in choosing the perspective that serves you best.

11. Time Warp
Time has a funny way of being suspended in football, it seems. How else could four 15 minute quarters turn into four hours of play? Sounds like confirmation of the illusion of time.  I’ve even heard sometimes they actually put time back on the clock!

12. Jargon Doesn’t Help
For those who aren’t living and breathing football, it’s easy to get confused with unfamiliar terms. As Shannon reminded me at lunch when she asked who Abraham is (she’s a regular reader), it’s helpful not to assume everyone knows what LOA stands for and what the vortex is. I intend to correct this in a separate post, so newcomers aren’t intimidated by insider lingo.

13. Cheerleaders Rock
No matter how bad your team is losing, it’s hard to complain when you’re surrounded by beautiful girls whose job is to uplift you. Also in real life, it’s not a bad idea to have a good friend around with a ready smile.

14. It’s All Good
After a great game where the Cowboys ultimately lost to the Titans, we learned from tailgaters in the parking lot that even when you don’t win the game, there’s still loud music, good food, and great company to enjoy.

If you’re a football fan and deliberate creator, I’d love to hear what lessons translate from the field to the Field – if you know what I mean. (If I can violate the no jargon rule one more time before I change my ways.)

  • October 10, 2010
  • I’m considering you my new celebrating partner, Barb! Thanks for the good company in that life-enhancing practice.

  • Barb says:

    Jeannette, this is a great – and very original – post, love it! Keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy the ride is what usually works. It’s much more about the journey than about the final destination. We reach the goal we’ve worked for so hard, and after five seconds of happiness we move on to the next goal, isn’t it insane? How often do we *really* celebrate? Thank you for reminding me to celebrate my victories, no matter how big or small they are!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Lovely, wise&giggle inducing post! Thank you Jeannette!

  • Brian says:

    Yeah, Finest of the fine this one is. But back to the nitty gritty

  • Loved your point, Jessica, which reminds me how well an intention to enjoy (no matter what) can serve us!
    Here’s to being open to new experiences and opening our eyes and hearts to good times even where we wouldn’t necessarily expect to find them.

  • Jessica Earl says:

    I love this post! I love how simple realizations/lessons come from a new experience! It is also a lesson to allow ourselves diversity and those new experiences even if we don’t “think” we are interested.
    Try new things every so often!! Be interested in our loved ones interests just to give ourselves perspective! WooHoo!
    Side note on the jargon… I have mixed feelings about this. In some ways I LOVE jargon. It can help us express ourselves better within a group of people who understand! It is inevitable that the more one knows about a subject, the more specific we can get with others who are well-versed in that subject. It builds connections when we can “speak the language”. However, I do agree for a newcomer, it may make it harder to break into a new interest! I notice this at dance class. Knowing the “language” of dance goes a long way than to describe each thing in detail for the newcomer! So I guess that is why we have classes for “beginners” and for “advanced” etc. Right?
    I just think we need to create an LOA Dictionary! 😉 Not sure what you have up your sleeve, but I felt inspired to share my perspective on that! You rock, as usual!

  • New photo! New photo! New photo! 🙂

  • Madi says:

    I second BOTH of Zoe R.’s points!!! 🙂

  • Zoe, you crack me UP!!! I totally agree – all of those buns look FAB in tights!
    And I hate having my picture taken. Just ask poor Shannon who was trying to take one at the game. It’s a miracle I even use one at all online! ha

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Awesome post! Two things to add: when things look tough, just remember it doesn’t matter who you are – your buns look hot in tights
    it occurs to me that I have not seen a recent picture of Jeannette in at least 3 years. Really. Same photo!!! What gives girlfriend? I am dying to see the ‘now’ you!
    Or are you just building online mystique??

  • And those were just the ones I could remember, Pamela! lol
    Course, I do have a tendency to look for LOA no matter where I am.
    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Pamela says:

    Brilliant post! Jeannette, I’m also amazed at how many lessons in deliberate creation you got from a football game. I’m going to study this now!

  • Nikki says:

    I gotta admit, I’m a huge football fan. NFL signals the beginning of Fall and the combination of cooler weather and the energy of the games is a vibe-raiser for me for sure!
    I’m also a Tennessee Titan season ticket holder, so your post about the game was extra nice for me. Rock on Titans, indeed!! 😉
    I love how you connected NFL and LOA. I’ll be sure to study your lessons at the next game! Great post, Jeannette!

  • All right, Nikki, you remind me of my one complaint about the game.
    They had this HUGE fanfare to introduce the Cowboys – of hero status in this place – but when they brought the Titans in – there was barely any announcement at all. It was so lame to ignore them like that … like, if we’re so great, why would we downplay our competitors? Why wouldn’t we play them up, too? At least let the announcer use his cool voice to bring them on the field.
    Lord knows they earned it. It takes some guts to play at the Cowboys home turf, I think.
    Plus, I think the Titans have the coolest name in the NFL. It’s even fun to say: Tennessee Titans. hee hee

  • Seriously, Nancy, it brought to mind thoughts of the Romans and their colosseum.
    I actually looked it up when I got home – the Colosseum seated 50,000 people (apparently) and the Cowboys Stadium seats 100,000. (!!)
    And the people are just as nuts as I imagine the Roman spectators were (from what I learned of them in the Gladiator movie, anyway). ha

  • I so agree, Adrienne, on how Jeannette can take something the rest of us would yawn at (and possibly fall asleep), and turn it into a curiosity-and-joy-filled analysis!
    I’m NOT an avid football fan, and I still smiled through this entire post!
    Many blessings,

  • Adrienne, I have to say, I was wondering if EVERYONE does football the way the Cowboys do? That stadium was AMAZING! The way they started the game was SUCH a spectacle! I was really impressed. And the fans were … I don’t think there are words to properly describe the energy they were flowing! lol
    Is everyone like that?

  • Adrienne says:

    As an avid football fan, I love this post, Jeannette!!! For someone who is a self-proclaimed football novice, you amazingly saw parallels between this game and LOA that just knock my (NY Giants) socks off!!
    Well done, girlfriend.

  • It was a weird thing for me to understand, Julie, why everyone was getting so excited when the guy just got tackled again – and he wasn’t anywhere NEAR the goal thingy. End zone? lol
    I didn’t learn THAT much, did I? ha
    Had a great time in your hometown regardless, Julie. Thanks for reading and for commenting! 🙂

  • Julie B says:

    HEY! You were in my hometown this weekend… wasn’t the weather great!? Love this post! I saw the game yesterday… even tho the Cowboys lost, it is always fun to watch!
    I love the “celebrate the progress” even if it’s just a few yards. Great point Jeanette!
    Y’all come back! 🙂

  • Glad you enjoyed, Pernille! Thanks for reading and for sharing your appreciation. 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Great post, Jeannette! I particularly enjoyed # 11 – Time warp – for the magic of it; I love that four 15 minute quarters could turn into four hours! And # 9 – Men look great in pink – for the surprise, curiosity and smile I felt while reading the heading 🙂

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