Let It Be the Right Thing

After you say “I do,” or “I quit,” or hand over your credit card for a big purchase, or say yes (or no) to the doc’s advice …

… it’s easy to question yourself.

  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Is this crazy?
  • Am I going to regret this?
  • What if it doesn’t work?

That’s when it’s good to remember there’s no such thing as one right path to what you want.

There are a wide variety of ways to get there.

So it’s not a matter of making the one right decision.

It’s about adopting the right vibration.

That part is super helpful to get to where you want to be.

That means letting what you choose be the right choice. Not second-guessing yourself. Not worrying you chose wrong. But deliberately deciding to let it be the right thing.

Because it isn’t so much what you DO as it is how you FEEL that determines what happens next.

So whatever you’ve chosen (or whenever you do finally decide), let it serve you. Find a way to feel good about. Revel in the reasons why you chose it. Focus on the advantages and the upsides of this option, and minimize the worries and fears.

I faced down some noisy gremlins when I walked away from a six-figure ten-year career in financial services to start a coaching practice …

“Have you lost your mind?!” “This is never going to work.” “What makes you think you can do this?” “You’re going to regret it.” “You’ll look like such a fool.”

In those moments when gremlins got traction in my head, I reminded myself why this was the right path for me:

  • I’d rather do it and fail than never try and regret.
  • This is what my heart is calling for.
  • That work environment was literally killing me. Quitting was a life-saving measure!
  • I have a huge advantage in that I know how the world works: I get what I focus on. And I know how to focus on what I want. I’m doing it right now!
  • There’s a lot of room for error – I don’t have to get this perfect right out of the gate. I’ve got some time to sort it out.
  • I’ve got good support, good training, and good experience to make this work.
  • This is what I want. That’s reason enough to go for it!

Those are the thoughts that helped me make peace with what I’d chosen. And making peace was a big part of allowing the dream to unfold. Nerves and fears can hold that good stuff at bay!

(In three months I had a full practice and by my second year I was on track to replace that six figure income. But most of all, I followed the call of my heart. That is reason enough to say yes to it!)

That’s what conscious creation is all about – deliberately finding your way to a better feeling place.

So practice feeling optimistic – or even confident – that you’re headed towards what you want. At least make peace with your choice!

Not because you need it – attachment isn’t what we’re fueling here. But choosing to feel good about it just because you can. ‘Cuz you’re smart like that. You know how to feel your way into what you want.

That’s all it takes to let it be the right thing.

PS – if you’re having trouble coming up with reasons why it’s the right choice, this one is all you need: because you said so.

  • April 17, 2016
  • Jeannette says:

    Here’s Abraham talking to a guy who says he has a habit of indecision:

  • Kelly says:

    Thanks so much Jeannette! This post was So helpful in shifting me out of the “where do I move?” vibe (which leads to more questions) to “wherever I choose is going to be the best place”. How awesome is that!!!

  • Laura Hansen says:

    What a fabulous article! Thanks for the reminder! It is the underlying vibration of what you want. Don’t you just love knowing that? Here is what I have been playing with today, asking “why is it so easy for me to be…fill in the blank. Why is it so easy for me to be powerful? Why is it so easy for me to attract Abundant Perfect Clients? Powerful!
    Have an Amazing week!
    Love is your Power!
    Much Love! ~Laura

  • Leela Sinha says:

    I am flying out to San Francisco to talk about the material from my forthcoming book! It’s a totally new thing for me to do, and I’m letting it be right. I’m even calm, even though people are still registering!

  • Elle says:

    How fabulous!
    Yes, this is how deliberate creators create! I have seen this in action and have experienced this myself.
    What is the difference between this and a happy face sticker? Can being neutral eventually lead to this state and then bliss? I think it can if we allow it.
    And why do corporate jobs exist? Is it because they serve certain people who are not awake or aware? I guess it’s because they still serve people even though I see a lot of illness, depression, malnutrition and overall disappointment at those jobs as a third party looking in and being at one not long ago, so I’ve got to wonder how they are still around? they must do some good for the common good.

    • Terri says:

      Hi. I work in Corporate America and love it. It allows me a lifestyle I enjoy, a few expensive hobbies and the ability to invest in rental property which I also love. Nothing better than getting thank you notes from tenants!

      • Elle says:

        That’s great! I’ve never really seen anything positive about this topic and now I have, so thank you for that,

    • Jeannette says:

      I actually know some folks who love and adore their corporate jobs, so to each his/her own!
      I love your question about how this is different than a happy face sticker … I think when we’re using the sticker, we are pretending to feel differently but we haven’t truly shifted the underlying vibration. Wanting it to be different doesn’t make it so.
      But when we genuinely make peace with something, the dial is moved. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I have made a decision to retire from the company I have been at for 30 years. The environment is so toxic and I feel it is time to let go and find something new. I am nervous , but I am trying to stay positive that this is the best thing I could do for myself at this point in my life. Thanks for the great blog, I needed it to feel even better on making such a big decision in my life????

    • Jeannette says:

      That is a powerful act of self-love, Anonymous, to let go of something so big that isn’t serving you.
      Here’s to new frontiers and all the wonderful things that come from releasing such a big energy-drainer. You’ve got this! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    All but your #3 bullet point are where I am now. I haven’t let go of the job. It isn’t killing me but it is time consuming, brain consuming (you know how that is) and I never know when the next shoe is going to drop. But for the rest, I’m heading to where I want to be instead of wallowing where I am. And that step can be the biggest one to take. The rest is details, details, details.

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