Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves

TamiAfter seeing the video compilation of Will Smith wisdom the other day, I was re-inspired by Will’s encouragement to dream the impossible, unrealistic and ridiculous dreams.

Electricity, air travel, visiting the moon … once upon a time all were impossible dreams.

But Will says the first step to creating what you want is to believe in it.

I’m inclined to agree, but listen to this story I ran across (compliments of my ex-fiance):

Tami was unhappy enough in her job as an architectural designer that one day she up and quit. (Or did she get laid off?  I can’t remember.)

Her big dream, though, was to bake and sell original gourmet cookies. As she researched the requirements to make that dream come true, she realized she was way out of her league.

Tami didn’t begin to have enough money to even think about getting retail space; and didn’t qualify for business loans.

So her dream went dormant because it wasn’t realistic to believe she could ever afford space for her bakery.

But those big dreams of ours don’t do a very good job of lying “dormant,” do they? (I tried to squelch mine for years, but it wouldn’t quit. Thankfully!)

One day Tami found herself peering through the window of yet another empty building that she couldn’t afford. “Pipe dreaming,” some folks would call that.

The tenant in the building next door asked if she needed help. “No,” she said somewhat embarrassedly. “I’m just dreaming.”

The neighbor said he knew the owner and suggested she call him. But Tami knew she couldn’t afford it no matter how ridiculously cheap it was. She simply didn’t have the money.

The guy insisted on taking down her contact info.

About a week later the building owner phoned her. “Tell me about your dream,” he said.

And she did.

She told him about her huge love for creating original gourmet cookies, and her thrill in exploring new ways of combining delicious ingredients.

Her passion for this dream was unmistakable. (Maybe you’ve noticed this kind of passion is very attractive energy!)

And get this … the building owner gifted her the space.

Not forever, but for long enough to get things rolling. Which they are! Tami now has beautiful store space in downtown Salt Lake City.

Recently I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Tami’s dream come true. Lilly and Maris are my favorites, although my ex is most fond of Isabella.

What I like about Tami’s story even better than the absolutely unforgettable cookies is how her dream was strong enough to survive her disbelief.

Abraham says the two keys to successful manifesting are desire and belief.

Tami’s example shows that even when belief isn’t present, if the desire is strong enough Universe will bring you free rent (or something equally as miraculous). ha!

So with Will’s video and Tami’s story, I invite you to get ahead of yourself.

Dream the big dreams; don’t worry about how impossible they might seem. Remember that our job isn’t figuring out “how,” it’s focusing on “what.”

Miracles are right under our noses when we simply let ourselves peer through the window of what we might have perceived as impossible.

PS – if you want to sample love and passion made manifest in cookie form, Tami mails treats. (And I’m not being compensated for this endorsement.)  🙂

  • December 1, 2009
  • sophia says:

    awesome story! Very inspiring, goosebumps spiralled throughout my body. Thanks for sharing jeanette! I love inspiring stories.

  • Mitch says:

    Annette – That’s so great! Way to take back the driver’s seat! 😀 I’m having some similar experiences with owning my emotions as well lately. Things get good fast when I allow myself to be where I am with total acceptance.
    Like the fact that I was attracted to your message today. The universe is saying, “See? You’re doing it right!”
    Let us know how the interview goes!

  • LivingtheLOA says:

    The Universe working like water to wear down and wash away obstacles in our path is a great analogy, Julio – thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely have to pick up the Overcomers so I can read more of your work!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    The idea of our dreams (our purpose) not quitting in this story really hits the bulls eye for my life… I so identify! I actually had a chance to write my story of my purpose seeking me out as a contributing author to a book that just came out in October called Overcomers, Inc. What I wrote there was that the Universe will work like water to wither away the stone of whatever stands between you and the fulfillment of your purpose. Of course, I was writing about my own life.
    You said it before Jeannette… resistance is futile!

  • Melissa says:

    Okay, so there is this house that I’d love to buy just up the road from where I grew up. It’s perfect for me. The only problem is that it’s way more than I can afford, even if the price came down by $50k, but I can totally see myself living there. How do I manifest this house when I don’t earn the salary or have enough money to buy it? Will to Universe deliver me this house if I BELIEVE it is already mine?
    I’m having a hard time with the belief aspect because how can I ever get this house?

  • Sue says:

    This reminds me of my light “little” desire 20 years ago. My friend and I were wanting to open a market, which was a teeny bit vague, but the one thing I knew for sure was I wanted it in my little neighborhood, and on this side of the busy main street, nearest our home. I didn’t want my kids having to cross the road to visit their Mom. Oh, and I also liked high ceilings! This narrowed down the store front selection quite a bit. It gave me like 2 places to choose from, neither of which I was crazy about. (ceilings too low)
    Then my neighbor came bursting in to tell me that one of the stores was done and moving out, and it was my favorite of places! Amazing! So guess where we are… right in the place I loved the most, squeezed between 2 other businesses, in a nice big sunny window…love it.
    Just by stating a silly little preference of not wanting my kids to cross the street, and ceilings I preferred.
    Which goes to show you that there is no request that is silly or little. Maybe I can now purchase the building with the same sort of ease, why not?

  • Annette says:

    Colored Glasses and Dreams . .
    Well, I decided to allow myself the validation of upset over a messy kitchen. I had cleaned it time and again, and now . .messy, messy messy!! AGAIN. What was important at the moment was to feel good about being upset (a tricksy thing – getting the hang of it!), validate my feelings and zip over to the computer to get on the monthly community call.
    And, oh, by the way – why hasn’t that person from the zoo called me back about the cheetah keeper interview??? For heaven’s sake I wrote her THREE TIMES over the past two weeks. grrrrrrr
    Oh Boy Oh Boy it’s a Community call with Jeannette and Friends!! Oh Boy Oh BOY this is Great!!!! Fun and info and Vibe Raisin’ galore!!! Yes indeed-a-rooni, this is for ME!!!
    Ummm – guys??? The call ended, and I went to get another cup of coffee to enjoy whilst musing over the call. The kitchen is CLEAN!!! I didn’t say anything, I didn’t passive-aggressively send out disapproving mental pokes. It is Clean! WooHoo!!
    And then I check my email – what’s there, can you guess? The email stating the zoo keeper(s) are excited over the interview idea and want me to call them to schedule it!!
    What shifted for me was the Belief that I am ENTITLED to my emotions (so there), and the Choice is mine how to respond to/with them. I Validated myself and all the facets of me. I came clean with myself, and now I’m enjoying the most Mar-vee-Lose Day!!!

  • Good point about the focus, Mitch! My ankle was telling me the same thing the other day. It was a little off, and when I checked in with it, it said remember to relax and loosen up and have fun. And I realized I was approaching the Good Vibe University launch like it was a big deal.
    Silly me! Thanks, Mitch and ankle, for the reminder to feel good!

  • Mitch says:

    This is such an uplifting story. Thank you for sharing this! And as a cookie FIEND, I am excited about ordering some of those babies to go! 😀 And I love how Tami uses women’s names for her recipes. I dig personal touches like that.
    This story is also a great reminder about checking in with how we feel when we’re “dreaming.” I read another article recently reminding us that our goals are something that we should feel excited about, that we should visibly light up when we think or talk about them. (‘Cause if we don’t, we’re probably focused on doubts or fears rather than the goal itself!) That seems like it would be obvious, but a couple of recent reminders, including this one, have *really* put my vibe back in the right place. Thank you!

  • Thanks for being one of those amazing and thoughtful posters, LivingtheLOA!
    You are good company to keep. 🙂

  • LivingtheLOA says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say how much I’ve enjoyed reading all of the excellent, thought-provoking posts (Jeannette truly ROCKS!) and insightful and educational comments over the last few weeks. Things are very busy at work and home so I haven’t had time to post any thoughts of my own, but I make a point to check in at least once a day to see what all of you amazing and thoughtful LOAers are doing (and saying and thinking). Thanks for great reading and such yummy food for thought – literally AND figuratively with regard to this post!! 🙂 Wishing (intending?) a wonderful, fun, laughter and passion-filled day for all!!

  • Flavia, thanks for posting and especially for that last paragraph.
    I’m being inundated by emails on this topic (due to yesterday’s ezine) – and looking for a guest poster, if anyone feels particularly in tune with Abraham’s message about why everything to do with animals is a-okay.
    I’ll write it myself if necessary, I just know that I practiced those old thoughts of torture and cruelty so well and so long that I can easily still see that perspective. (And that’s not the post this blog calls for.)
    I agree, Flavia, that that’s how it works (they leave prior to the un-fun stuff). In fact, I had a dream once, that I think angels gave me to help me understand how it works. (Because this thought used to be tortuous to ME.)
    I dreamed that I was opened the front door to a stranger and was attacked by him. While my three dogs attacked him at the same time, I just floated peacefully above the whole scene, at complete peace while watching him kill me, and my dogs do their very best to kill him, too. Bizarre at how peaceful that was for me. It didn’t feel wrong or bad or a shame or even painful. It just was.
    After that dream, I can better understand what Abe says when they talk about how the chicken is gone before the dog catches him.
    Thanks, Flavia.

  • Flavia says:

    Great story!! Thanks for sharing!
    I have a person that’s very close to me who refuses (or rather says it feels like they can’t) to get in alignment with their huge dream. So one of MY soothing thoughts about them is that their desire will override their disbelief. Thank god for the crack of least resistence!! And I also imagine them in their happiest scenarios, which sooths me and them and makes it more likely that we’re going to have a good time together.
    A soothing thought, regarding the latest e-zine concerning animals dying a cruel and inhumane death, I believe their consciousness leaves before they go through the torture of being killed whether by man or another animal. In the end we have no way of knowing but in a friendly universe it seems highly probable that it was set up in the most ‘humane” way.

  • Glad you got some inspiration from it, Madisen! I’m already enjoying the thoughts of you tapping into your true passion!

  • Madisen says:

    Wow what a fantastic story!!! Thank you very much for sharing, I so love hearing stories like this, increase the “knowing” factor (right after hope and belief!)
    I love passionate people, and I’m looking forward to finding things that I myself am passionate about! That’s one thing I’m “honing” is finding my right “career” but I’m easing downstream as Abe says and realizing that the Universe will show to me all there is! And that’s how I see this story, just more inspiration!
    Thank you once again for a fantastic post Jeanette!!!

  • Thanks, Janette. And Gillian, I agree that passion is so attractive it almost made me pursue college studies in Ecology because of a professor who was so passionate about the topic!
    Lorraine, you are a sweetheart! That is something I had heard before from Abraham, but I find myself needing to remember it frequently. Easy for me to forget.
    Thanks for reinforcing it for me – very compassionate of you!!

  • Lorraine Peck says:

    Hi Jeannette: Just a comment on your aversion to eating meat because of the circumstances these animals live under – being a Huge Abraham fan and having heard just about everything said by Esther – she mentioned that the “beasts” as she says – know what they are getting into before emerging into cows, hens, chickens, pigs, etc. and are ok with their living conditions. Perhaps this will let you feel better about meat eaters.

  • Gillian says:

    Great example how powerful true passion is! Love it! It really is all about having passion for what we do, isn’t it?

  • Janette says:

    Wonderful post, thank you!

  • Beth Andrus says:

    As usual, a great post. We can all use reminders and encouragement. And I bookmarked the cookie page 🙂

  • She IS pretty inspiring, Tia. And not necessarily LOA savvy – although maybe she is, I didn’t ask.
    I’m going to focus now on thinking of something besides those Lilly cookies. Honestly, you know what a chocolate fan I am, but those lemon cookies were AMAZING.

  • OMG!! Goosebumps all over!! Wow! You much interview her or summin, J!

  • Thanks, Beth!
    And what a great story, Pernille! In fact, that’s one of the things I want to include on Good Vibe University – a place for us to share all our amazing manifesting success stories like THAT! The more of these we hear, the more we believe it could happen to US.
    Reminds me of how often animal rescue people here in Salt Lake say they can’t find an animal-friendly landlord, and yet I know they exist because I AM one. And I know for a fact I am not alone.
    Thanks for starting the conversation, you two!

  • I love reading stories like that – they are so inspiring and remind me that nothing is impossible or out of reach!!!
    And it made me think about something I experienced myself about 15 years ago. I was a single mom at that time and I wanted to move from the small rented apartment I had to buy “my own small house with a small garden”. I wrote a list with the rooms I wanted and other requirements I had, and I found out in which specific area I wanted it to be situated.
    I simply loved this area, but it was completely out of my reach, cause this was a period where there were hardly any houses for sale and lots of people who wanted to buy, the area was very attractive and the houses were too big and too expensive.
    Nevertheless I visited the area from time to time, imaged how wonderful it would be to live there, went for a walk around the little lake nearby, went shopping in the supermarket – acted as if and kept dreaming.
    And then one day I saw this tiny little add in the local newspaper announcing the selling of “half a house” in exactly that area and at a price within my reach. 5 days later the house was mine 🙂

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