Leverage a Lucky Day

Check out this post from Ellen Whitehurst, esteemed feng shui expert:

“Tomorrow’s date is 08/08/08, a number on the calendar that we will never see again in our lifetimes.
“According to almost every numerological tradition, including Feng Shui, the number 8 has almost exclusively to do with money, abundance, more money, the ability to receive, a lot of money and, well, money.
“In the Orient, businessmen have been known to actually pay millions of dollars in order to have that same digit on their license plates or incorporated in some way into the name of their companies or the address of same, etc.
“For that one reason alone did the Chinese fight so hard to host this year’s Olympic Games on this particular and specific date, starting at 8:08:08 p.m.
“Anytime tomorrow, take a piece of red paper and with any writing instrument that has GOLD INK, draw the infinity symbol (an 8 on it’s side) in the center of the red paper.
“Put a bank of some sort (a piggybank, a jar with coins in it, a small silver box with money in it) in the WEALTH area of your house (far, back left hand corner of the main floor as you stand at your front door looking in) and put this red paper symbol into that bank. Leave this in place for at least 27 days. If you cannot place a bank or some receptacle holding money in the Wealth area for whatever reason, just still be sure to put the paper there anyway.
“This is an Olympic sized opportunity to bring BIG wealth your way. Go for the gold! You’re already a winner!”

To some it might sound superstitious, but in playing with feng shui over the years I’ve come to believe it’s a powerful way to manage and leverage energy.  And we all know the benefits of manging the energy!

crop-circle-eight.jpgThen there’s this latest crop circle reported this morning at Milk Hill.  Steve Alexander had this to say about it:

“There had been much talk in the last few months about the impending triple eight date. Would the crop circles respond to or reflect this date and how? Well this morning, below Milk Hill, a gigantic 800ft formation appeared in the shape of a figure eight! There have, of course, been those who have shouted ‘contrived!’, but it seems the new formation has gone down well with those we have thus far talked to. Time will tell as to how this formation will ultimately be viewed. It is no coincidence that the Chinese chose to open the Olympic games on this special date – the number eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture.”

Happy 8/8/08 everyone!

  • August 8, 2008
  • Phillis says:

    Fun posts! Love green plants – love the discussions — need to learn more about all of this – love to learn – I LOVE Learning more about so much . . . thank you all.
    I just purchased a new journal for my Pray Rain and appreciations . . . it is a four part (different colors for each part) and a Pilot Gel PURPLE ink pen . . . this journal has so much positive vibrational energy as my cat goes crazy when I am writing in it — he senses my vibrations of the highest level – each time I write out my appreciations and manifesting thoughts he has to be sitting right on top of my and puts the journal under him as to take in the high vibrations . . . . such a wonderful little companion my cat is (Smeows is his name.) Love and Joy to all — happy vibrations to everyone. P.

  • Paul. says:

    For those of you (like me) who are on the look-out for more auspicious signs, this week or so all 7 of the traditional “lights” in Western astrology are “visible” (and above the horizon). Although Kim is our resident astrology expert (and I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder), this has been viewed by traditional astrologers as a good thing. We won’t get this configuration again for several years, so enjoy its good vibes whatever you do!
    (And, thank you, Jeannette, for your kind words; they really boost my vibe in ways I can barely describe.)

  • Gillian says:

    Thats great. Make sure plants are green with big leaves to suggest growth. Also, and this goes for all, not just KUA 1 people, the South-West is the “Indirect Water/Wealth direction for Period 8 (the next 16 years) and activating the SW by placing a small water feature inside the house or outside in the garden l enhances prosperity luck.

  • Paul – I LOVE IT: “vibrational tailwind”!!!!
    This post of yours reflects a FABULOUS perspective – as far as being empowering and not limiting in any way!
    I couldn’t have said it better, and for that reason, I’ll re-read your post again (for like the fourth time, because it feels so good) to really bring home that wisdom.
    That’s the way I like it. JUST LIKE THIS!:
    “I can always be abundant whatever the date. Sure, I’ll welcome a vibrational tailwind from the Cosmos whenever it’s offered, but it reminds me to align with that vibe of abundance (on that or any other date) regardless of my outer conditions. ”
    Thank you for one of my favorite posts ever.

  • Paul. says:

    Now that I’ve put the Interview Jitters behind me (thank you all for your good vibe support!), I’ve thouht about this post a little more:
    As Ms. Whitehurst points out, almost every numerological tradition asociates the number 8 with prosperity, abundance and success, which seems important to me. My own limited experience with numerology comes from the “Western” mystical schools which hint (very mysteriously, of course) that it’s not mere happenstance that the symbol we use for 8 comes from our infinity symbol.
    I’m loving the Feng Shui perspective, which new and fascinating to me, but my own experiences as a former consulting astrologer and tarot card reader leads me to work with the different vibration of numbers.
    I love events like this (8/8/08) because they remind me I can always be abundant whatever the date. (I just flashed on Leslie as I wrote that; it sounded like her wisdom.) Sure, I’ll welcome a vibrational tailwind from the Cosmos whenever it’s offered, but it reminds me to align with that vibe of abundance (on that or any other date) regardless of my outer conditions. The astrological (or other types of) forecast help me to remember the times I need to carry that “vibrational umbrella.”
    Happy abundance to us all!

  • East it is, Gillian. Thank you!

    I’ve got plants galore already (I appreciate your reinforcement on that) , but will turn the light on, too – which has been my instinct, but the environmental friendly part of me has argued on Russ’ behalf that the lights should be off.

    It’s an interesting process to weigh the input and find the feel good, huh?

  • Gillian says:

    Well, your year is my year, thats why know much about it, ha ha! Yes, you can put your Red paper with the gold eight sign in the South-East, and also remember that the element of the South-East is WOOD, so it would be very auspicious to enhance the wood element by placing a green, leavy plant in the South-East and turn on a bright light every night to enhance the wood element. Light is fire element and fire compliments wood. The south-east needs to be brightly lit this year if we are to make the most of the auspicious “Future Prosperity” Star.
    I propose you sleep with your head pointed to the “East”, its KUA 1’s HEALTH direction and the East is also occupied by a very auspicious star this year, while the South is occupied by an inauspicious Star in 2008. Though the South is our Romance direction, this year its not the best direction to activate. Every year after Chinese New Year every direction is occupied by a new Star, some are good, some not.

  • I’m with Paul, Cindy – I think we can still take advantage of the energy!
    I was thinking, too, whether or not eight is really an auspicious number – the fact is that with so many people believing it is, we can tap into that thought pool and leverage it ourselves. lol
    Plus, I also believe why wouldn’t numbers have energy, when everything else does?!
    I love your out of the blue cash story, Cindy!! woo hoo!!

  • Cindy says:

    Hey Jeanette , I just read this and it’s the 9th , bummer . So I did the red paper thing anyway and put it where you said . This is funny because one time a year and a half ago I asked Universe for money for bills and I was so strong with my request and I was in the very room and facing the very corner you wrote about and later that evening I was provided with $1700.00 in ‘cash’ out of the blue . I remember after I said this prayer to Universe I ‘TOTALLY’ forgot about the request and this must be the detatchment that is needed for God to work . I was shocked and happy as can be .

  • Gillian, does that mean I should have a red paper with gold eight sign in the southeast corner of my house, too?

    Thanks for picking my year as an example! lol

    And if I could sleep pointing south or east, but not southeast, which one would be better, do you think? (I’ve tried both since I’ve been in the new house.)

  • I am POSITIVE you’re right, Paul! Sending you good thoughts for a fabulous offer at a great job! 🙂

  • Gillian says:

    Happy 088! Anyone who wants to dive in a little deeper into Feng Shui can also leverage prosperity by calculating their KUA number from their year of birth. For example a person born in the year 1968, the Monkey year, has the KUA number 1. For KUA 1 the success and prosperity direction is the “South-East”, so sitting at your desk facing south-east or sleeping with your head pointed to the South-East helps you leverage success and prosperity. The romance direction for KUA 1 is the “South” and for health is the “East”. This year according to the Flying Star Feng Shui, the star of “Future Prosperity” occupies the “South-East”, so it is a very auspicious direction this year.

  • Paul. says:

    Cool post! The 8/8/08 thing snuck right up on me without me realizing it; d’oh! (And this coming from someone who made sure that my previous business’ bank account, phone, etc. numbers added up to 8! LOL)
    I’m leveraging the power of the 8’s by being 2 hours out of town, waiting for an interview for my dream job. The interview’s on the 9th but if you all add to the good vibe I’m already flowing, I know the power of the 8’s will spill over. Thanks in advance!

  • I thought of you, Leslie, when I saw this from my dad!
    Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Leslie R says:

    What a beautiful crop circle. It just takes my breath away how simple and pleasing it is to look at and doesn’t it have happy energy. Happy 8/8/08 day indeed.
    Love Leslie

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