Limits of Law of Attraction?

removing limits from law of attractionSeems to me people have three ways of thinking about law of attraction …

  1. Some of us are “all in” for knowing we can deliberately create our reality;
  2. others think law of attraction is a bunch of hooey;
  3. and then there are those who think our ability to manifest is valid up to a point.

These fence-sitters in the latter category say that positive thinking is useful to a certain degree, but there are some things we are powerless to affect.

You know, I just don’t get that.

I don’t see how someone could be half in and half out about our power to create what we want.

I get the ones who aren’t on board with it at all, and I obviously understand those of us who embrace it fully – but I don’t understand how a person could conclude we’re “partially powerful.”

I know their arguments:

  • God may have another plan for us. (We can’t thwart Universal will. We can only operate within the range that higher power allows.)
  • Some things simply aren’t changeable. (Like the past, or our physical bodies.)
  • We intended certain lessons for ourselves that we can’t opt out of. As in, “it must be my destiny to be sick/broke/alone” or whatever we’ve given up on changing.
  • We can’t successfully create from our “ego” – everything has to be from pure, divine intention. If it’s ego-based, it’s doomed to fail.

I couldn’t agree less, and I think the fence-sitters may be using faulty logic.

Because when we really truly understand what it means to consciously create our reality, and what has to be in place for that to be possible, it becomes an all or nothing proposition.  It simply doesn’t work if we draw a line around it. I’m “all powerful, except for …” – that just doesn’t fly.

There can’t be any exceptions to law of attraction – or it isn’t valid at all.

It may be that the fence-sitters think of law of attraction as “positive thinking” – which is a deeply erroneous summation of our power to manifest what we want.

It may be that thinking “there are limits to LOA” is simply their better feeling thought for whatever reason.

I don’t consider it my job to change anyone’s mind. (Clearly, since virtually every boyfriend I’ve ever had is in the “LOA = hooey” category.) But I do want to go on record to say I see it differently.

One of my best friends, Michele Woodward, years ago wrote about how the “flaw of attraction” will never help her be a Redskins linebacker, no matter how badly she wants it. The most she could hope for was to manifest box seats.

That thought is two things for me: a little bit heartbreaking and very frustrating.

I actually feel that for every coach who believes some things simply aren’t possible – whether for themselves or their clients. Because coaches are in the business to help others make their dreams come true, so it’s frustrating to see coaches in particular draw a line about what’s possible.

I can hear the coaches now: “Well, we have to be realistic!  We’re not in service to our clients if we encourage them to chase crazy dreams!”

Right – if you think their dream is crazy, you are not in service to them.  At all. Find a client with a dream you can believe in.

Bottom line: if you think there are limits, you don’t understand how the system works.

Here’s an insightful summary from Bashar at the Portal to Ascension gathering this weekend:

Manifestation is NOT attracting something to you from somewhere else. Manifestation is you matching the vibration of something that is already here that’s simply invisible to you. And when you match its frequency, it becomes visible – but it was here all along.

So maybe Michele was just blind to her professional football playing days? Maybe she’s locked that out as a possibility because she believes so strongly in the reasons it can’t be so. (And hello! that is easy to do. Most of us are probably engaged in that “lockout” in some form or fashion right now.)

That’s why many of us aren’t living our own dreams, too. Because we believe more in the lack of it than we believe in the presence of it. (Presence and lack are two different vibrations.)

When we begin changing our vibration to match the frequency of our desire, we open ourselves to the possibility of that reality.

Which is why Abraham sums up all of their teachings with this simple instruction: “Get happy now.” It’s why Bashar says the answer is to “follow your highest excitement.”

To whatever extent you can, without attachment to results (because excitement doesn’t have conditions), follow your bliss/joy/or highest excitement, moment by moment. I’m down with that.

And that changes everything.

Bashar says that visualizing, acting as if, “mockups” – all these things are just “permission slips” that help us acclimate to the state of being that allows the invisible to become visible. Because “you cannot perceive what you’re not the vibration of first. You have to be in the state in order to see what’s representative of that state, and if you’re not in the state of your highest excitement it’s simply not possible for you to see opportunities that are representative of that frequency.”

If you’re putting limits on how you let law of attraction work in your world, I invite you to rethink it. There is much more possible for all of us than we’re allowing.

  • November 25, 2012
  • I’m enjoying your pondering, and pondering along with you.
    You know, we manifest specific things all the time at GVU in our monthly Treasure Hunt. We’ve manifested everything but the little butter pats on this list! lol

  • Siren says:

    Ha! I read that too and thought of this. 🙂
    I guess… I get that basic idea. And I get that I’d feel happy, safe, loved, etc… but. I’m still thinking of the idea of wanting a specific thing in addition to that. Even if its not a big deal… But knowing that its the thing you want in your life. Just pondering 🙂

  • Siren, I was thinking this morning about how Abraham says we can’t manifest whatever is a “big deal” to us. Because that charge keeps us from vibrational alignment to it.
    Then I read this Note from the Universe:
    Peculiarly, did you know that the single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wanted a life partner, is the exact same single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wanted to live in prosperity?!
    Which also happens to be the single most effective piece of advice ever given to anyone who wished to discover their purpose, foster peace on earth, improve their health, or dance Gangnam Style?!
    “Be happy now.”
    Kind of fits here, doesn’t it?

  • I get where you’re coming from, Siren. Thanks for helping to take this conversation to a deeper understanding!
    Let me put it this way …
    If we’re attached to specific results, it’s very challenging to manifest them. Because the more we “need” it to happen in order to call it good, the harder it is to be the vibrational frequency that allows it. So the way I become a pro football player is by not having to become a pro football player. While also believing I could become a pro football player. And taking any inspired action that occurs to me. It’s a state of non-attachment while still allowing. Can you feel it? It’s resistance-free. As in, I’m good no matter what.
    And when I reach that state (meaning I found ways to feel now how I think I would feel then), and I believe it can happen, then all I have to do is take the inspired, downstream action. So it’s a process that includes energetic alignment and inspired action. While at the same time, I don’t have to have this happen in order to enjoy my life.
    So can she become a football player? Absolutely, but not if she “needs” it and certainly not if she doesn’t believe it.
    I’m still thinking through a better way to share this … so don’t give up on me yet, please.

  • Siren says:

    You explained it fine – but that is hugely different from believing that someone can become a football player. You’re saying she can create another experience that would give her the same feelings that being a football player would – that is very, very different. That’s why I was asking about ‘specific’ things – I understand the feelings of love or security that are behind wanting a relationship or to win the lottery- but specifically, say, wanting to be a professional football player – it doesn’t sound like you really believe that she could create that thing… Which is what I’ve been trying to figure out, how exactly specific people really believe about this…

  • Siren, that’s an excellent question and one well worth exploring.
    Thanks for asking it.
    I’ll invite others to share their take on it, but here’s mine:
    we don’t REALLY want the specific outcome. We ALWAYS want the way we think we’ll feel when get it.
    Here’s an example of how I know that: when I manifested weight loss, but I still didn’t love how I looked, I realized that it didn’t matter how much weight I lost, what I really wanted was to be happy with my body. I didn’t know that until I got what I thought I wanted and realized I wasn’t satisfied.
    What I wanted was to feel better. And dropping sizes didn’t necessarily do that.
    Once I DID manifest being happy with my body (through a lot of self love practices and a handy dandy yay scale which I wrote about recently) – I lost weight. And I didn’t even care that I lost it, because was loving my body already, and that’s what I wanted all along.
    It’s true no matter what example we come up with, though. Like wanting a husband so we’ll feel loved. (Plenty of women have husbands and don’t feel any less lonely than they did when there were single.) Or wanting a big bank account so we can stop worrying – having plenty of money at your disposal doesn’t mean the worries automatically go away.
    The only reason we want the things or the experiences is because we think we’ll feel better or be happy when we have them.
    So THAT’S the “specific outcome” that we can focus on to ensure we get what we really want.
    Am I explaining this well? Maybe someone else can chime in with their thoughts?
    Thanks again for a great question, Siren!

  • siren says:

    here is my question about this:
    say what you want to manifest is something as very specific as Michele being on that football team. That is a very, very specific thing. Yes, there might be other things that would make her feel the same kind of excitement, but they would not be *that* thing.
    So the not being attached to the outcome… if that specific outcome is what you want, how does that work?
    Sorry if it sounds like I’m arguing, but really I just want to know about manifesting very specific things! 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    I would like to add it’s very difficult for us to get the whole truth about how to be a success.
    It’s kept from us, it won’t be made public.
    We’re dealing with 50/50 truth/lies which is why it’s so confusing.
    I don’t mean you Jeannette doing this, it goes much higher. What I mean is, most people are doing their best but we’re working half blind.

  • Great video, Parul!! “We find what we’re looking for.” No matter what. (Loved the part about string theory, too.)
    Ken, that’s so true about limits only existing in our mind, isn’t it? Here’s to us embracing that truth more than we ever have.

  • Ken Pedersen says:

    Limits only exist in our minds…in reality everything is energy and energy can be transformed. The hardest thing for people to realize is that there really are no limits…
    Thank you for this enlightening post 🙂

  • I’m with you, Lou!! 🙂
    Thanks for link, Parul … watching now …

  • Parul says:

    I watched this video by Abe, a few days back, on “Proving the Law of Attraction”. 🙂

  • Lou says:

    Hi Jeanette
    Yes, yes and yes again! Isn’t this all so headspinningly glorious!?!
    PS: Let’s agree that ‘consense’ is a real word even if it isn’t, perhaps it’s just not been discovered within the dictionary communities yet…

  • Lou, you’ve got me all excited about the many wonderful things we could agree to “consense” about! That’s probably not a real word, but yes, so easy to imagine the power there when we use it consciously and deliberately!
    That’s what Applying LOA is talking about, too, right? Except on an individual basis – which still makes all the difference in the world. What shall I agree to believe for myself and my world today?
    Granted, it’s probably not an overnight process for most of us on many things, but that’s why conscious creation isn’t for sissies. hee hee

  • What a well-considered post!
    I believe you’ve really hit the nail on the head with the statement below.
    “So maybe Michele was just blind to her professional football playing days? Maybe she’s locked that out as a possibility because she believes so strongly in the reasons it can’t be so. (And hello! that is easy to do. Most of us are probably engaged in that “lockout” in some form or fashion right now.)”
    Without belief, there is no possibility. We can recite affirmations until we’re blue in the face but until we actually believe we’re able to achieve our goal it’s not going to happen.
    It’s our limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving our goals and
    it’s my belief that until we reprogram our subconscious mind we will continue to be frustrated.

  • Lou says:

    Great topic Jeanette and really thought provoking comments!
    This is off topic so feel free to delete it, but I’m so taken with Janette’s comments on gravity and her Ursula Le Guin quote “consensual reality” – I’ve never heard that before and I love it!
    I know whenever I have flying dreams and then wake up back here, I’m 100% convinced that of course I can fly and to think anything else is just ridiculous. I assume in these moments that the rest of me, the bit that’s in the unseen, is happily whizzing around the skies – what a great way to get to work! I get the same feeling everytime I hear the Talking Heads song And She Was.

  • I think that’s true for many, Lois – which means the challenge isn’t whether or when LOA works or not – but how we can best manage our vibration.
    Sending good thoughts for your vibe shift! (I’ve traveled this journey myself recently, moving deliberately away from drama and toward peace and quiet. Nothing against drama, but from my personal experience I can say it really is a nice journey to make!)

  • Lois says:

    Sometimes I think that LOA doesn’t work because I am not getting what I want. But then I realize that it does work; I just need to clean up my vibe, because that is the thing that is holding me back. We get whatever we are vibrating. So that is the tricky part. The last few days have been very drama filled for me, but after reading this blog I realize it’s time to turn things around by shifting my vibe. Here’s to a great day of vibe shifting. Thank you for this post Jeanette.

  • You know, PMK, that channeling on Saturday was the first time I’ve heard Bashar talk about “template” vibrations – has he spoken of that before? Highly intriguing!!
    Very much agreed that all of our limits are self-created, and can be undone in the same way.
    Your input to this conversation is much appreciated – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • This is a great article that really resonated me. I, like Bashar, believe that all ‘limits’ that we place on our possibilities are SELF IMPOSED. The reasons may vary (limiting beliefs, negative thinking, fearful thought forms).
    When creating from the ego – we create from that ‘safe’ haven. That part that has always been known. And if we stick with what’s known, how can we learn more about ourselves, each other, or the world?
    The Law Of Attraction knows no limits.
    We can move mountains.
    We need to ask, and let the Universe Deliver.
    Hold our ‘template’ vibration, as bashar said.
    Take inspired action.
    Enjoy the ride. 🙂

  • That’s what I was thinking, Julie!! (If that is a true desire of hers.)
    You shared my internal thoughts very eloquently – thank you for that, Julie!
    And Parul, your comment in particular made me want to cheer for the fence-sitters! lol Maybe I should honor that and celebrate the half in/half out stance rather than question it.

  • Parul says:

    As someone who was a fence-sitter till quite recently, this post really resonates with me.
    I haven’t read through all the comments but it’s interesting to see how some of the people who have contributed to my turning a believer, were fence-sitters too! 😉
    I would agree with what’s been said in the above comments that understanding the science behind the law of attraction definitely helps one work out the vagaries, as and when they happen.
    Like Janette, for me too, the penny dropped when I came across material on brain science and how it interacts with the quantum field. I’ve finally been able to understand why it’s the LAW!! 🙂
    Now of course, I’m unshakable in my belief!! It works and is all pervasive. No two ways about it!!! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Ooh Evan – you remind me of one of my favourite quotes from legendary British SF author Arthur C Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
    Our science is still HUGELY primitive in terms of what we can measure. AND it’s so nice to see it opening up to possibilities that IN MY LIFETIME have previously been dismissed and ridiculed as ‘science-fiction’.
    No surprise, is it, that I’m a big SF fan LOLOL.
    (Off-topic but amusing to relate – my high school still had an astronomy textbook from the early 19th Century in its current collection. We used to LOVE using it to challenge our science teacher and ‘prove’ that Neptune and Pluto did not yet exist. Heheh)

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Oh wow woah Jeannette — What a pith-packed insight piece! You ticked right down the list of thought hurdles I, uh, had to hurdle over . . . with Jesann and Janette fleshing out the additional reasons I had to come to LOA slowly.
    Janette, even after profound personal experiences of a spiritual nature, I only allowed myself to truly seep into the teachings once I’d discovered access through science also. And of course science is only hinting right now at how it all might be possible.
    One of the conclusions I’ve come to lately is that no matter how exalted we think our science is . . . it will seem barbarically primitive in the light of time. Think about what today’s science says is possible that yesterday’s science said emphatically was not. Imagine what science might say in 500 years, or 5,000, or 5 million. (!)
    To allow today’s science to be the absolute arbiter for what comprises reality is a kind of insanity (that I adhered to for too long).
    Jeannette, these discussions you foster here blow my mind — thank you!

  • I’m sure Michele has an alternate reality going as we speak, where she is a professional linebacker.
    But I agree with anon, the only relevant scenario to consider with LOA is one where your heart’s desire or true intention is at play. In the case of Robert, if we could see into his heart, I believe we would see a greater desire than that of moving his limbs: a desire to be a deep and beautiful being who soars despite the limits of a broken body.

  • I agree, anonymous, that some of the intentions we’re manifesting in this lifetime originated before our birth. At least, that’s what Abraham has said and I can feel the truth of that within.
    Evan and Janette, I also relate to what you’re sharing about how the science really nailed it all down for you. In fact, I got a smile tonight when I saw a facebook page about LOA that said “this is not philosophy; this is physics.”
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

  • Janette says:

    I LOVE this juicy conversation (speaking as a recovering fence-sitter LOL).
    First up, I think it helps to remember it’s a LAW. Imagine if the law of gravity only worked for some things. Buildings would suddenly drift away. Cars wouldn’t hold the road going round a corner. I’d close my eyes to meditate and open them to find myself on the neighbour’s roof. How crazy would that be???
    We have no trouble with believing in gravity because we’ve never been taught that it only works sometimes. It’s a one-hundred-percent consensual reality (to borrow a phrase I first learned from the fabulous Ursula Le Guin)
    My own recovery began when I accepted that the source of my fence-sitting – FOR ME – was my science-focussed curious logic-craving left brain. For the longest time, I tried to shut it up whenever it said “but this makes no sense” or “how could it possibly work” or “it only works for some thing” or even “pfffft, it’s a cult”.
    But we know denial and resistance are not helpful.
    So instead of trying to silence it, I let it begin to find the evidence. I did like the discussions around quantum physics, but that didn’t quite do the trick. And then I came across the new material in brain science – neuroplasticity and the role of the brain in creating our reality – and MAN that stuff lit me up!! Like a rocket!!
    My logic mind LOVED it. And I finally had my convincer. I could embrace it all because I’d stopped arguing with myself, and found the missing piece of the puzzle.
    Jesann talks about the issue of not believing we have the power. I kinda think that’s right – but for me that power comes not from white-knuckle focussing or denying my desire for a rational explanation. That power came from acceptance. From receiving. From allowing. And from being open to new evidence (which – hello! – was my desire in the first place).
    That type of receptive power is something pretty foreign to those of us raised in a dualist, go-getter, action-oriented reality.
    It may seem weird that it’s science which has me finally able to embrace the woo-woo …. but I for one think it’s very very cool. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person on the planet who feels this duality between science and the esoteric. Either / or. Pick one (and give up the other). It’s nice to know I get to have BOTH.

  • anon says:

    I don’t think it’s useful to pick something outrageous and then say, yeah but LOA wouldn’t work on THIS.
    I believe LOA extends beyond life as we know it, as in pre-birth. Certain desires are born with us, WITH the capacity to make them happen.

  • Funny you mention gravity, Janette – in Bashar’s Saturday channeling he referred to gravity as some sort of mass consciousness agreement, or something to that effect. (As in, it exists because we agree it exists.) Makes me wonder what could change if we stopped agreeing about it – like war, cancer, life expectancies, etc.

  • How timely is this? I just re-read a note shared by Julie the other day in the GVU forums, a message from Selacia (
    “Update your view of what’s possible. You are shifting regularly, and so are others around you. Do not discount how much is occurring, even if things appear to remain the same. Much indeed is happening beneath the surface viewed with conventional eyes. Your own shifts in awareness can come seemingly overnight, as you process insights in your dream state and have a new view of something that you could not grasp before. It’s vital that you keep your energy up-to-date, especially now. Regularly revise your world view, too, reflecting with your more aware consciousness.”
    And also loved this quote from Abraham (last month in Michele’s town of D.C., no less) about why we sabotage our dreams:
    Q: People sabotage their dreams, like athletes and actors. Why?
    Abraham: In every case — you’re right, many people do it — when they do things to sabotage their dreams, let’s just put it into clear perspective here as a result of what you’re already understanding because of what we’ve already been talking about here today:
    They sabotage their dreams by not focussing on them. They sabotage their dreams by focussing on the reality that is different from the dream. Because you can’t activate two things at the same time: you’re either focussed on what you want or you’re not. And if you’re focussed upon the absence of what you want, then you’re sabotaging your dream in that moment. Sabotage is a strong word, but if you keep it up, and keep it up, and keep it up–
    Your dream wants to be revealed to you but you’ve got to prepare yourself to see it.
    Washington, DC. 10/20/12

  • Wow, Kimberly, you have such a gift for attracting fabulous dogs! Or rather, maybe it’s that you have an incredible gift for appreciating dogs period. I got goosebumps reading your words about Riley and Blue!
    I’m raising my water bottle in a toast to the experience of the “click.” Those are indeed amazing!

  • Although I fully believe in the power of LOA, I was also a fence sitter. After losing our puppy, I kept going over and over my actions and thoughts, wondering what I could have done to bring such heartache.
    Now that I have some distance, I do know. Being a believer in LOA isn’t enough. I had to start practicing what I preached. Negativity was like a poison in my mind as I judged people and Riley was my wake up call.
    But losing Riley wasn’t a negative. She was such a fantastic dog and I smile every time I think of her. She also acted as a place holder for the most amazing dog on the planet. She held the door open for Blue.
    After adopting Blue, I saw a new side of my boyfriend. And LOA clicked for me and I stopped thinking of the things that annoyed me about people and started thinking about what I wanted to see and I saw them.
    It’s amazing.

  • Michele, I am SO curious to know what it is about playing professional football that appeals to you! That just cracks me UP! And also curious if you might be able to see another way that desire could manifest besides as a linebacker for the Redskins?
    But that’s beside the point you’re making here – which is that indeed, some things are easier to believe in than others. Parking spaces, no problem. Being able to walk after a car accident – that takes a different believing skill, doesn’t it?
    Although in both your example and your friend’s, it still makes me wonder what’s at the heart of the desire – which once we tap into that we open up to additional ways for it be experienced.
    Like the way Bashar talks about our desire to manifest abundance/money:
    His definition of abundance is “the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Period. …when people say, ‘this is the only form that must come (meaning money), I can’t do what I need to do if it doesn’t come this way,’ paradoxically you’re actually closing the door through which abundance could come in another form that may actually be even faster and easier than money.”
    I love love love that reminder, because money is such an easy place for us to get hung up about what’s “possible.”
    Rather than give up on a desire, maybe we’re better served to tap into the essence of it (leaving the specifics or the details to the Universe) to better allow its unfolding. And I will fully agree that ‘loving what is’ is an excellent vibration for allowing more lovely stuff to manifest.
    Thank you for letting me use your linebacker example to make the point of where we draw the line in what’s possible for ourselves. I love it especially because I don’t know anyone who would argue with you on that one!!! lol

  • I guess it boils down to this – first, I am going to love what is. For instance, my friend Robert is a dear, sweet, capable, funny man and I love him deeply. He is a quadriplegic, injured when a car struck him as he walked down the sidewalk. Because of the nature of his injury, he is physically unable to walk and no current therapy is available to treat his condition, which he’s had for nearly 12 years. Now, can he visualize doctors working on a solution to his particular spinal cord injury? Yes. Can he support these doctors financially, and emotionally? Yes. Will a cure happen in his lifetime? Maybe. But if he wakes up every day feeling crappy about himself because he cannot walk that day, and his manifestation that he’d wake up walking did not “work” – what does that do to his vibration? I am just saying that it is OK to accept and love what is – I love this 52 year old body of mine, and I truly love what I am able to do with it today. Playing professional football is not something my body is able to do. Period. End of story. And I have no regrets about that. In fact, I love that about me. And I love Robert’s paralysis because it has made him a better man, and a better friend in so many ways. So, to me, my perspective is not heartbreaking or frustrating. Rather, it’s total and complete acceptance of what is. And where I go from there is up to me.

  • Agreed, Jesann! One of many possibilities that would facilitate fulfillment of that dream!
    And you’re right about that edit button – I also have a desire for a “thumbs up” button for each comment.
    Thanks for posting, girlfriend!

  • Jesann says:

    Jeannette, you need an edit button! I didn’t mean to imply that women and men will never ever play football on the same teams….

  • Jesann says:

    And Michelle, you never know. What if a women’s football league begins, and the Redskins have a counterpart in that league? 😉

  • True, Jesann, although that would more accurately be represented as WE have limits in working with LOA. A subtle but important distinction, perhaps.

  • Jesann says:

    Yep, nice. Though I will suggest a fourth group: Those who say there are limits, but only because, while they believe overall that they could technically do anything, they are convinced that they are not powerful enough to actually get it done.
    Case in point, if I can bring up the bible, is good ol’ Matthew 17:20: “He replied, ‘Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'”
    Someone could believe that, yes, they technically could move that mountain. But the idea of getting past their own conditioning that there is a mountain there, and the idea that everyone else would have to see the mountain in its new spot once they moved it, could be too much for them. They might think it possible overall, but not for them given their skill level. That can condense over time into “LOA has limits.”
    Plus, think of all the stories where LOA has delivered a wonky version of an intention — I’m thinking of your friend who wanted a famous name, and later in her life, she married someone and changed her last name — and ended up with a name identical to a famous singer. 🙂 That too can interfere with the thing you actually wanted manifesting….

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