Living by the Sword

Sunday night I watched a 60 Minutes segment about the story of Stephen Greenspan, the guy who literally wrote the book on gullibility
Two days after publishing his book, the author learned he was a victim of Bernie Madoff. 
The expert on gullibility lost over $400,000 in an investment scam.
At first that just sounds ironic – the expert on gullibility being taken in by a shyster.
But then yesterday someone at Good Vibe U reminded me of the brilliant Jill Bolte Taylor talk at the TED conference. 
Jill is the neuroanatomist who spoke about how fascinating it was to have a stroke as a person who had studied the internal workings of the brain for years. 
Odd, right?
Then I was thinking about my boyfriend’s cousin, Sheldon.  He’s a politician (or rather, was) here in my home state whose father was killed by a drunk driver when Sheldon was just a teenager.  During Sheldon’s lengthy political service, he was a strong advocate against driving under the influence. 
Last month he resigned from the state senate two days after being arrested for drunk driving.
My first thought was, “What the hell?!” 
But this is no secret, and it’s not ironic or coincidence.  It’s just vibrational alignment at work. 
Does it kinda though make you think twice about what you might be lining up with, that maybe you didn’t necessarily mean to? 
It did me.

I listened to Abraham counsel a person (the Toronto 2009 workshop) who believed that because she spent her days working with poverty clients she was impeding her own financial abundance by doing so. 

I personally spend a lot of time talking with and writing about people who experience struggle in exercising their deliberate creation skills.  Should I get more spotlight on success stories?!  lol
In my former work I used to preach to employees that whatever you do, do NOT spend your retirement money!  Do not, do not, do NOT spend your retirement money on anything other than retirement! 
(Because everyone who quits their job cashes out.  Bad idea in financial planning world.)
And then I quit my job and started liquidating my 401k to cover expenses while I built a coaching practice.  ha
We get what we think about, right?
I’m curious about your take on the subject.
What about the woman who is passionate about children’s vaccinations reform?  Or the guy who actor who immerses himself in the new role to the point of “becoming” the character?
(Or for that matter, the pilot who trains for emergency landings?)
How do we do what we love and feel passion for without experiencing the dark side of it?
(Although Jill’s experience could hardly be called dark!  Quite the opposite, it sounds.) 
I guess my question is, is it possible to live by the sword without also dying by it?  In fact, maybe the question to ask is how we live by the sword and also thrive by it
Maybe it’s as simple as holding that intention in mind.
What’s your take?
PS to Kim – I had to use your gorgeous photo for this post since I couldn’t imagine a better looking one with a sword in it nor a better example of someone who flows the good vibe no matter what she’s involved in!

  • February 17, 2010
  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    Tshombe – I’ve missed you! You always have a fun and light way to play with these ideas as well. Playing makes it so much easier, doesn’t it?

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    Hi Sally,
    I’m glad it helped you that I shared what flipped the switch for me. It’s one of the toughest or most stubborn areas to open the valve on, but not if you’re giving energy something to flow to.
    It’s a new habit I’m forming too, at least in that area.

  • Patrice says:

    Great article. I completely agree that some peoples life is very ironic just like the life of those people you mentioned.
    By the way, this is my very first time to visit you site and it’s fantastic. I gained more learning.

  • says:

    Dana – thanks for your thoughtful comment here.
    Especially for coming back to post the bit about money. I am a newbie on this journey, and what has always kept me from getting anywhere with positive thinking in the past is my deeply conflicted feelings about money and want. You sharing your experience and thinking in that area is helpful to me.
    I’m definitely in for turning don’t wants into wants!

  • Tshombe says:

    Dana, you are most definitely My Inspired Coach!
    Thank you for those enormously powerful insights. I really like the powerful question “I guess I also have to ask whether I attract the opportunity to resist those things by having such a big worry about them.”
    It all goes back to vibration. How are we vibrating? What energy do we want to attract?
    You make it so light and fun, Dana. I love it!

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I knew I’d type more…
    I have to add one more thing that made the big lightbulb moment for me, really. For me it’s about money, and my vibe gets all kinked up when I hear people start talking about their bills or I see some ad on tv for debt consolidation or something.
    Anyway, the big click for me was reading Lynn Grabhorn where she wrote that your energy has to flow to something. You want money…money won’t flow to lack. If you’re vibing lack of money or debt or needing to pay the bills this month or worry about the bills, or whatever fear/lack you’re vibing, money (energy) won’t flow there. In fact, you’ll just make that hole bigger because you’re focusing on it. We know that right?
    So…she said you have to flow it to something. Again, the WHY. The why can’t be because you want to pay your debt! That’s lack. You’re trying to flow abundance to lack and it just can’t be…it’s impossible from a physics standpoint. Like attracts like. If you want to flow abundance to abundance, you have to give it something abundant to flow to. So WHY do you want money?
    I never thought of things I want, ever. I mean, ok, yeah, I go to the store and sometimes want this or that, or I think how it’d be nice to have this or that, but I was programmed to not want. It took me some doing to actually start listing off fun things to flow money to that AREN’T basic bills like debt and the light bill. I had to talk to my inner child like I was in a store and say, “It’s ok, you can buy anything you want. Anything you like here, it’s yours. Just ask for it.” Tough, when your childhood mantra given to you from your parents was, “And don’t ask for anything, because you’re not getting anything,” every time you went to a store.
    I’m telling you, it flipped the switch! Like magic. And I realized a whole bunch of other things that should have been obvious too as a result, like that depriving myself to save money only made less flow in and more reason to deprive every single month. Ouch. 🙁
    In only the past week or so I’ve started actually playing a game for 15 minutes a day talking out loud by myself about what I want. Things that require flow of money, like Land Rovers and huge, posh office spaces filled with high paid associates and assistants and interns, and a family room/dining room addition on the house with a double fireplace and a wall of windows to the woods where I can see the deer all day, and a whole brand new set of All-Clad cookware made in the USA where my mother was born…you get the picture. You can feel that energy, right? That’s where money flows. (Not to omg how am I going to pay the light bill this month…please please please send me money somehow U.)
    What does this have to do with the blog topic? Well, it’s all energy. Like attracts like. That’s what this LOA stuff is about. So, if you’re flowing something like “Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month because my mom had cancer and my sister had cancer and 1/6 women will have cancer” omg!!! Stop it!! But if you’re flowing “breast health awareness month” and jazzing up how women feel about their girls and teaching them to practice self-care and self-love around breast health, you will attract more of that too, and it’ll feel darn good, I think, which is why the positive energy will flow.
    Hey, let’s start our own line of causes and flip the “don’t wants” to “wants”! Who’s in?

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of Wayne Dyer and I also picked up “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn because Laura recommended it. Lynn’s book, I think, gets at exactly what it is that Kim is saying about healing that can be actually the cause of cancer or dis-ease.
    When you want something and the WHY of that want is because you desperately need it or you fear not having it or you are coming from a place of lack or worry, even though you are wanting something good (to be healed, etc) you actually create more of what your focus is. Your focus is the WHY…and that’s a huge lightbulb moment for me the past month.
    It seems like a no-brainer and so many artful and conscious folks have already pointed it out here. When you are creating a desire, the desire comes from passion, from the vortex, because the WHYs are things that feel good. They are happy things. (This is not to say that healing isn’t good…but healing implies “not wanting to be sick” which is a don’t want.) Being healthy and whole and complete from a space of loving how it feels to hike in the morning or travel with your loved one or have fun with your children or have golden years to make all your dreams come true is an entirely different thing than fear.
    I find it interesting, Toni, that you mention being afraid to watch anything dark on TV or in movies now that you have learned LOA. I find myself playing vibe police at times too, wondering if I’ll attract into my space by watching those things. I guess I also have to ask whether I attract the opportunity to resist those things by having such a big worry about them. 🙂 I did a blog post on this over at my blog at one point. I mentioned a song I always loved and how now that I know LOA the lyrics are not positive and I don’t want to attract what they sing about, so I thought I had to stop jamming to it in the car because it says “love stinks” and I want love to rock. 😛 I have decided that if it feels good to rock out to the song, then it’s not doing anything to kink up my vibe and I can play all I want with it.
    I’m helping people accused of crimes now, taking public defender cases. When I did that 8 years ago I thought I didn’t want to deal with “those kinds of people” (a judgment). First, I was wrong, everyone is Source, even those accused of crimes and even those guilty of them. Second, everyone deserves compassion and an advocate. I am finding ways to empower them and make them smile simply by treating them like they are connected to me, because they are.
    Gosh this is long, but I read either an Abe quote or maybe someone else that said something about the ability to look at that which most people do not see as beautiful (say a birth defect or a disease or poverty) and see God’s beauty in it knowing that it is co-creation, it is you, it is me, and it is not good or bad, it just is…I can’t get the quote right but I’ll find it somewhere. It’s about love and the grace to love and not judge.
    Wayne Dyer said he worked very hard to all but eliminate the word no from his vocabulary. The more you say yes, the more the Universe says yes to you and all that you are creating. No is judgment. I learned this in a comedy sportz class. When you’re’ acting on stage, especially in improv comedy, nothing happens if you keep saying no to your fellow players. You can’t co-create. When you start saying yes to whatever they say or do, and enthusiastically so by helping them with what they are trying to do, things get really fun and take twists you never imagined!
    Sheesh! I’m done for now. Wonderful, thought-provoking post, Jeannette! 🙂

  • livingtheloa says:

    On a somewhat related note, this blog post by Mike Dooley does a really good job (in my humble opinion) of explaining why and how even the most savvy deliberate creator (like those who spend tons of time in the vortex) might attract *seemingly* bad things (like a natural disaster or a plane crash or cancer, for ex) into their experience:
    Using the example of Gregg Braden attracting cancer…maybe he attracted it so he could be even more compassionate towards others in that situation? Or because it was part of his ‘contract’ when he signed on for his current adventure in a physical body? Or maybe he was strongly attracted to the story of someone with cancer because his non-physical self knew it would (possibly? likely?) be part of his future physical experience (whether due to a contract or whatever other reason) and he could therefore relate to it on a deeper level despite the fact that he hadn’t caught up to the experience in his chronological view of time or space yet (wow, that one will really get you going, huh?). Or just maybe it was to learn some other valuable life lesson (like don’t spend so much of your time and emotions focused on cancer if you don’t want cancer!). Just a little food for thought…..

  • livingtheloa says:

    Ultimately, I believe those who “thrive by the sword” simply find a way to FEEL happiness, joy, excitement, gratitude and/or love more often than they feel scared/fearful, angry, depressed, frustrated, sad or disappointed. There are too sides to every coin and they spend more time feeling the feelings that go with the positive side of whatever they do (i.e. in the vortex), than feeling the feelings that go with the negative things they come across, see, think about or experience. Because it’s the strength of our *feelings* around something that counts, not just the length or amount or object of our focus.

  • Terri – thank you so much for your comment – I was deeply touched by it 🙂
    – and I totally agree – Jeannette is the real deal, a continuous inspiration constantly leading our (or mine at least!) thoughts and feelings in new exciting directions!!
    I know she’ll tell you your post is not too long – and I wouldn’t have missed a single word of it 🙂

  • Terri says:

    Jeannette-first of all, a long overdue THANK YOU and blessings!
    I discovered your site when I was living and working in Park City last year. You, and all your contributors, communicate the FEELING of safety, balance, strength and…possibilities – easy, fun, solid and authentic.
    I allowed myself to release the experiences that brought me to SLC (short version: life implosion) and decided I welcomed adventure, joy and gratitude to create anew. I kept your space as an encouragement, a barometer of my clarity and realignment.
    I read and reread columns and posts here and the Universe kept amping up your message: the books, the “right people”- grounding my new beliefs. I started feeling bubbles of excitement and freedom within, and I spent time recognizing and enjoying their presence. I wanted to sit in these feelings until my body held them as normal and expected.
    As I relaxed and got comfortable – you know what follows- my life started to unfold with these amazing offers, experiences and choices.!!
    My beach-front apartment in South Florida is only one of the many dreams I’m living now. I tell everyone I meet to check you out – she’s the real deal, I say. (Which is how my friends identify my ultimate recommendation: name and “real deal”. Enough said.)
    I identify you – your voice and the resonance of your community – as my energetic touchstone.
    I’ve never posted anywhere before, and I apologize if this is longer than appropriate.
    And since I’ve said nothing about the posted topic: I’ve wondered about actors experiencing their characters’ dramas – is the actor initially attracted to the role because they’re attracted to that path energetically? Kind of playing out worst fear, “safely” maybe in their own minds?
    I’ve thought about this before, and figured that an actor practicing feeling with the body movement aligned could line up as a powerful attractor for an actor talented in his or her craft. Unless the actor consciously cleared themselves by setting a prior intention or some kind of intentional release after-the-fact?
    Thanks to all~

  • Sally says:

    This might be a bit peripheral to your post, but it is on my mind so I will discuss a little.
    Last night I saw a video on YouTube:
    The supernanny woman JO from the UK helped organize a study about the effects of violent video game playing on real-life responses to violence amongst adolescent boys.
    Of course there is a high correlation – that doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is how complacent this whole society is in our penchant for violence in our entertainment. And then we turn around and complain about real world violence and shake our heads and go tsk tsk.
    I know happy homemaker mommies who are all about their kids and creating a better world, and the retire for the evening watching CSI and list Pulp Fiction among their favorite movies.
    Then you have people like Angelina Joilie out trying to save the world while simultaneously glamorizing violence for a living.
    How is it that more people don’t see that as a society we are so aligned to violence that we are literally manifesting it at every turn?
    Thanks for the post and the venue to vent!

  • Ginny says:

    I guess, like everyone has pretty much said, that it’s all in your focus. I saw it happen with high profile people who were lending their celebrity to fighting a cause – such as Melissa Etheridge performing at concerts to raise money for breast cancer research, participating in events to “fight breast cancer”, etc. and then several years later, getting breast cancer herself. There were several other celebrities I saw who were involved in the “fight against breast cancer”, who ended up with the disease, but I can’t recall any other names right now. Interesting stuff!

  • Maria says:

    Thank you for this interesting topic Jeannette and for all the insightful comments above!
    I think looking around us and noticing that most professionals e.g. counselors, healers, life coaches, story tellers, book authors, financial advisors etc. don’t seem to suffer from the conditions they are intimately involved with is rather reassuring. There are obviously other factors besides passion and exposure that seem to be in work for the manifestation of “the dark side”. The comments above are so ILLUMINATING on how to continue on with your passion without attracting the very thing that you are helping others to overcome. 🙂
    Thanks again!
    This is so stimulating!

  • Jim @ ManifestWell says:

    We don’t always get what we want – but, like Stephen Greenspan – we certainly get what we need. Don’t we?

  • Rick Hamrick says:

    Wow, Jeannette! What a delightful group you attracted, all with insights which enrich this discussion.
    My wife teaches that resistance–coming from judgment as others mentioned above, or coming from elsewhere–is a guaranteed path to less-than-desired results.
    Several people discussed the hazards of being against anything. One situation we all deal with internally is in our dance with our own ego. In order to allow it to relax and play the role ego is designed to play, we have to give it something to do or put it to sleep. We can’t resist it because it feeds on resistance. From that most-basic example, all other extrapolations including resistance lead to the same place: pain and disappointment.
    For anyone interested in continuing to learn in this area, visit Visit just for the delightful sound of water lapping the shore (you get to start the sound, as it will not start until you click the widget to start it!), or visit to learn about Easy World.
    Either way, I’m envisioning a fun time!

  • Jennifer says:

    re: Adrienne’s post… (the aspect of duality)
    hoping i get it right here… but; i think it was either Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra who said something along the lines of… we should want nothing. what needs to be realized is that we are already “whole, complete, divine representations of/aspects of the Creator.”
    that to focus on either having or not having a thing/situation/outcome, is to fall into the trap of “duality existence”.
    (not sure if certain religious leaders should be mentioned or not – as i can only imagine that many of us who post on this page may follow different teachings, but…) it was Wayne Dyer who said that, “when Jesus healed someone, it was done without doubt… he simply said ‘ you are healed’ and healing would take place… there was no doubt there. he possessed a non-dual personality”. (that may not be written exactly as Dr. Dyer spoke it… but, i believe, pretty close).
    so, the answer may simply be to know that we already have within our possession, the means to create whatever it is we desire/love… for within (and this is Deepak’s words here) every desire is the mechanics for it’s fulfillment”… no duality there 🙂

  • Adrienne says:

    Yes, Kim, that’s the exact situation (they have the ultrasound video of the tumor disappearing with the Beijing healers) that I’m referring to! Gregg wrote in The Divine Matrix (great book) about the lack of judgment around the tumor, etc…just makes me wonder, though, that if Greg was always thinking about it from a “non-judgmental” perspective, why he feels the reason he has gotten cancer is due to his association with this cancer “story”…
    and not that we can get in his head 🙂 but….
    I think what you wrote in your prior response (re: there’s some inherent connection between healing & dis-ease …and thank you for that response) probably answers it, and I **totally** understand what you’re saying! wow…my mind is tripping over itself trying to make sense of it all….hmmm…now I wonder what areas other than dis-easehealing have this duality (where both aspects are inherently linked, for lack of a better expression). On initial thought, I don’t think it’s every area (I mean, I think it’s more than just contrasting two different areas …or is it?) in that I CAN focus on (for an example) being “rich” without “AUTOMATICALLY” getting “poor” (that would then defeat the whole purpose on focusing on what you want) …
    (( brain spinning )) …

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Okay, I haven’t found the post on ‘getting cancer from talking about healing it’ but this was the one that came before!
    “Gregg talked about a woman who had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Her ultrasound revealed a three inch inoperable tumor. Western doctors told her to prepare for death. She then went to a medicine-less hospital in Beijing (okay – “medicine-less hospital” – how cool is that?) and had three healers work on her. They felt what it would feel like for this woman to be healed.
    They didn’t wish the tumor away, they didn’t make it wrong, they didn’t fight against it. Tumor wasn’t part of their gig. Let me repeat: they didn’t have judgment about it and they didn’t try to make it disappear. They just felt what it would feel like for her to be a healed woman.. .”

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Tshombe, I don’t mind at all 🙂 Thank you!
    Jeannette I didn’t sink Australia, but as you know (in the history of Gaela), the southern continent of Lithia sank two thousand years ago . . . that was me, and it’s happening now! (as I write book 5)
    Adrienne Jeannette blogged about a few years ago when talking about ‘atoms rearranging instantly’. Can we find that post, Jeannette? What I am thinking is that when you focus on healing something it automatically makes the desired outcome ‘healthy’ and the undesired ‘sick’. The very act of ‘healing’ can be resistance. I know that sounds way out there but . . . hmmm….going to write something up on this because there is a message in ‘dis-ease’ and we so quickly delete it and try to ‘cure’ the symptoms…. Thank you for bringing this up!
    Janette too! The relationship between thoughts and the body are really interesting!
    More on this soon!!!

  • Adrienne says:

    Great topic! This reminds me of news I recently heard (and I’m pretty sure it’s about Gregg Braden because I remember the connection to the video he shows about the cancer healing) about an LOA/metaphysics/quantum physics expert/researcher who has been diagnosed with cancer and he said he wasn’t surprised because he watched and spoke about the (healing) cancer video so much that it must have imprinted on him. (I know that Wayne Dyer, also, was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia.))
    NOW …I’m not sure which way to go on this (and I don’t know the inner workings of this person’s mind to know what he actually focused on)…but I would have thought he would have focused on the “healing” (not the “cancer”) and that he’s working in a topic he’s passionate about (i.e., in the vortex). I have no real insight here, just some confusion about thoughts/situations we’re exposed to routinely that may affect us without us being “conscious” of it. As in … if one watches and talks about a cancer video (for example) a lot, do they have to do some work/visualizations/affirmations/etc to reverse those images so that it doesn’t affect them personally? hmmm….

  • Adrianne says:

    Yeah Jeannette, we really are all in this together! Of course you can call me sister 😉 And thank you for the love and support you radiate as you draw together this good vibe-ing family! 🙂
    Hmmm, everything is both true AND not true at the same time?!
    Yeah, it’s mind blowing but also incredibly freeing. Reminds me of an Abe card I used to have posted on my refrigerator when I lived at a community house. It said, “who’s truth is the true truth?”
    This realization seems to be a recent theme for me… A couple days ago, my intuitive development teacher Andrea Hess was giving a teleclass about accuracy in doing readings for others. She says accuracy does not really exist for the most part… it’s more about if the reading resonates for the client/ if they see the information as valuable.
    Bottom line, we get to choose our truth. So why not pick what feels best and most exciting??
    Yes, I love it when I can look at contrast in a good way! See it as a challenge that I am well up to the task of. Or, as a catalyst for improvement and further expansion. Almost like one of those Olympic athletes in training… for getting really good at deliberate creation.
    Letting go of the fear of things going wrong is so powerful! This conversation has helped me shift more in that direction – thank you!

  • Great Post! Dr Wayne Dyer expanded upon Mother Theresa’s theory of being against nothing. Dr David Hawkins explains the phenomena in his book Power vs Force. When you are *anti* anything, you are in resistance which Abraham will confirm, and when that happens, you actually feed the force you are fighting and expand that force exponentially. It then, keeps you daily in the resistance and viola!
    I just let those organizations be what they are and do not join them. I make a real effort to live in the moment and if the contrast is not what I want, then I just accept that it is there and focus on what I do want. I haven’t perfected it all yet, but I backslide less and less each day.
    I am working with a Seniors Citizens connection group right now and all of their publicity materials as well as the mindsets are in terms of *needing*. This organization has been struggling for almost 10 yrs and no further ahead than they were in the beginning. They have good intentions, but their approach has kept them in a needy environment. I am subtly helping them to change to invite donations and volunteers to reduce isolation and loneliness in our vast rural setting. It is working and we are having some great success with it.
    Sending Light and Love

  • Peregrine John says:

    Truth is a 2-bladed sword. Why should we not “thrive by the sword”? I think I’ll make that a personal motto!
    I’ve seen more and more of this sort of thing lately, and it’s because of what I learned right here (thanks as always!) about how to be aware: People trying to make positive change through negative energy, trying to fix problems by emphasizing them, complaining about hatred while hating fiercely (often trying to disguise it, from themselves, as humor), on and on and on.
    The negative is so much more glamorous, the dark side so much easier and more seductive (as Yoda put it). Being mopey comes across as deep more easily than happiness. Complaining seems more reasoned than cheering. Bringing awareness of a problem is SO much easier than promoting a solution. And hating erstwhile enemies, well, it goes without saying that loving is the harder choice.
    And yet…
    This is about to evolve into a massive blog post, most of which you all already understand. So I’ll spare you the blatheration. :^D It all boils down to applying one’s energies in the positive direction. If you’re going to fight (and you are), if you’re going to swing a sword, be sure you’re fighting for something instead of against something.

  • Stacy @ Wealth For Everyone says:

    I might be mixing the message up a bit but I believe Abraham says the problem is outside the Vortex and the solution is only ever found inside the Vortex. So…for the person focused on the problem of drunk driving – if they focus on the problem they outside the Vortex and thus can’t find the solution. But if they were as someone mentioned focused on a safer community – that is a solution and means they’re working from within the Vortex.
    I think here it also is a matter of what you resist, persists. In the example of the person who works with those in poverty if they are very upset and resistant to the poverty they’ll get more of it – for them and the people they’re trying to help. Same goes with if they focus on the poverty and rail against they are outside the Vortex and far from seeing any solutions.
    I do think people can be passionate in areas that may seem negative – IF they are passionate about solutions and they EXPECT things to have the outcome they desire (ie safer communities and people having better financial situations).
    In a note of irony – the guy I workfor part time has been complaining about his knee. I was telling him about EFT and explained how out of the blue a few weeks ago my knee was feeling a bit off. So finally I thought “Hmmm, let me do some EFT on this achey knee.” And of course, it has been much better and I hadn’t even thought about it until yesterday when he mentioned his knee. Then today – all of a sudden my knee feels achey. And I KNOW this is because I had my attention back on “achey knees”. So I’ll just do a round of EFT on it and I know once my focus is off it I’ll be just dandy.
    So there lies a lesson – you can explain a possible solution (EFT) but you do NOT need to necessarily focus on your own experience with it if it could bring back the experience you’d thought you’d worked through. Or in other words – find the solution, expect it to work and then don’t think about the problem anymore!

  • John Rogers says:

    I love the Samurai picture!! Great article and so true. I think that it might assist us to be aware of this conundrum.
    So that when we are working with the poor, or going to Africa to build schools we take time to keep our intentions maintained. possibly do meditations and work to keep our selves on a the frequency we want while we assist others… just a thought

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Wow! I wrote a long thingy and it disappeared! Waaaah!
    OK, so this is about judgment. When we judge, it comes back on us because judgment is resistance.
    When there is grief, the anger in the cycle of grief is more bearable than the sadness. So we move into anger and take action from that anger.
    We cannot create beauty from anger and sadness. We create beauty from our wholeness and sacredness.

  • Judy says:

    Here’s my silly little story:
    Our farm is a placement site for stray fowl (ducks, chickens, etc.) for our local animal control/shelter. Last year I told one of our lovely officers (and she really is lovely) we couldn’t take any more roosters (we had five already) and I definitely couldn’t take any guinea hens or peacocks (too noisy for the neighborhood, I thought).
    Well, you guessed it. I’m now looking at Fancypants, a beautiful little bantam rooster with feathery legs that look like the rapper with those harem pants -can’t remember his name, Ms Henny Penny (a sweet like guinea hen with a limp, and LRAY (El Rey), a very handsome peacock.
    I think I should be more careful when telling the Universe what I don’t want!

  • I wonder why I was suddenly “Anonymous”!
    : ) Pernille Madsen

  • Anonymous says:

    Wauw, this is such an interesting topic. Jeannette, thanks for stretching my mind again and again! And what a lot of wise comments 🙂
    Several years ago I gave lectures about psycopats and tryed to help and inspire people in various ways as to how to protect themselves from the mental damages from working/living with a psycopat.
    I did this because I had recently experienced a psycopat in my own life, done a lot of research and gotten out of it “whole”, so I felt I could really help others in this area.
    However, after a couple of years I began to feel a lot of resistance, I felt the subject was too “dark”, I didn’t want to read any more books or learn more. Even though I loved helping others and got a lot of positive feedback, it simply all felt too negative, so I stopped.
    – And I’m getting rather proud of myself right now for having instinctly done then what felt good (I didn’t know about LOA then) 🙂
    I think now that if I hadn’t stopped, I might very well have attracted one or more psycopats into my life.
    On the other hand, I love assisting and inspiring people with everything that has to do with LOA – also when they find it difficult, frustrating and hard and they keep focusing on “lack” – and I don’t expect that to influence my vibe and my attraction power in any negative way.
    So I agree with what others have already said: it’s all about doing what feels good, what makes me feel light and easy, what I’m passionate about, what feels “right”.
    @Kim – I’ve always loved that photo – you look
    a m a z i n g 🙂

  • Sallie says:

    My husband began to preach to my girls at a very young age that “black and white do NOT belong together”…they heard this A LOT..and lo and behold my older daughter, who certainly took it to heart, was NEVER interested in any kind of man except BLACK…and at the age of 20 got pregnant from…you guessed it…a black guy (who conveniently disappeared!)…which almost put my husband 10 feet under…he did survive and our granddaughter has enriched our lives in so many magical ways and we could not imagine life without her. But my husband still harps about my daughter hanging out with the WRONG kinds (colors) of people..and lo and behold she has met the love of her life…black of course!…he comes with a lot of baggage..bad marriage, small child, etc…but she loves him and wants to make it work…so my husband has his plate full again of all the stuff which he finds very indigestible…so either he learns to clean his plate (may need a heap of enzymes to get this lot down) and accept the inevitable or to choke on the meal which he has been ordering again and again. You may be wondering what my role in all of this is…what I have been doing for years is attempting to hold the light of acceptance and be of assistance to my daughter in any way that I can..knowing that she is just following the path that she is destined to follow and that she chose exactly the right parents to aid her in this journey…oh, and I am SO grateful for my little granddaughter, Zora…she is the LIGHT of my life, my best friend and amazing teacher….there is ALWAYS the bright side of life even if it is not experienced by everyone in the same way!

  • bixbybailey says:

    “What I agree with is Patty’s take about fear behind the thought–that will definitely attract it. What I think is that if you are passionate about the subject, you attract it.”
    spot on, barbara. being aware of this now, i can look back and correlate events and outcomes backed by either emotion. i find i still need to keep myself in check with this (especially since i veer off with fear so often) so it’s cool that you stuck it into a very simple soundbite to skim for a quick reminder.

  • Toni says:

    Wow, Kim – “I don’t try to fix anything. I don’t care who’s side I’m on. I just dance with the muse.”
    I used to love a good scary movie until I started reading about LOA. Since then I’ve been too afraid to read something dark and sinister, for instance like your Rosette book, worried I might invite similar vibrations into my real life.
    However, I have been thinking I’m definitely missing out on something, and with your reassuring words as the author, I think I might just as well go ahead and order your books!
    (Crossing my fingers and hoping that something won’t become all too rotten in the state of Denmark! :-))

  • Janette says:

    Phew – thanks for the assurance Kim, I shan’t race out and buy an ark just yet, then.
    For the past three years I’ve been a union organiser, working for academic and general staff at a small regional university. Various factors have led to budget cuts, and many staff feel the pressures of massive workloads as they cannot find a way to set boundaries around their responsibilities. For ages I’ve been saying to them, “you cannot put your health at risk, you have to learn to say ‘no’ sometimes”.
    This all started before I was so up to speed with LOA, I hasten to add!
    So, just on a year ago I had a task which HAD to be done, and nobody else to do it. I took it home and spent 9 hours on it over the weekend. And gave myself a bad repetitive strain injury which is only NOW getting into full recovery.
    Seriously, how did I not see this coming??? LOL!
    My return to work is currently part-time. I have taken to telling all and sundry that I have learned to say ‘no’ because now, instead of telling folks how to protect themselves – I’m focussed on modelling how to have a good work/life balance, for everyone!
    No more living by the sword for THIS lil’ black duck

  • Tshombe, I knew Abe had talked about it, but haven’t heard it myself.
    Was hoping someone here would mention it. Maybe I should have intended someone here would remember it.
    LOVE you, Tshombe! Thanks for popping in again.

  • Tshombe says:

    Kim, you’re one hot sword wielder (if you don’t mind my saying!)!
    Abraham actually addresses this question….at least regarding the actor becoming the role in a play. If memory serves me correctly, they offered that the actor needn’t worry……
    Boo! I wish I remembered the reasoning…..will have to look it up…..
    Anyone else remember Abraham’s thoughts on the matter?

  • You sank Australia?
    Oh my.
    I think you’re right about the key being lack of resistance. And LOVE this: “The horoscope doesn’t make a distinction between ‘real’ and make believe. I think that’s a big clue for us. It tells us something about the nature of the universe and our reality.”
    Which says much about why I enjoy your books so much!
    PS – congrats on getting Rosette to Kindle!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wow Jeannette….I fell off my chair (and startled the cats) when I saw my picture here! Thank you…I’m so honoured 🙂
    This is such an interesting topic for me because I sink continent for a living. I build quantum computers programed to save the environment and run totalitarian governments that try to destroy them. I genetically engineer species that can crack a man’s chest open and eat out his heart. I plan temple wars, conjure magic and slip through time to the distant future and past. I cause a LOT of trouble for the people I love!
    I do it every day. Me, my muse and the blank page. Ask any writer and they’ll tell the same story. Lots of trouble . . .
    I even learned the art of the samurai sword so I could write authentic fight scenes…decapitation and all.
    And do you know what? My life is a heavenly flow of bliss, love and enlightenment…and so far Australia is still afloat!
    Why don’t I attract dire events? I think it’s because I love what I do, am passionate about what I write and I don’t resist anything. I don’t try to stop the ‘bad’ from happening, or the ‘good’. I don’t try to fix anything. I don’t care who’s side I’m on. I just dance with the muse.
    Astrologically this is so interesting because a configuration in a person’s chart can play out in many ways–their ‘real’ life, a character they write, a roll they act or a day dream they have. The horoscope doesn’t make a distinction between ‘real’ and make believe. I think that’s a big clue for us. It tells us something about the nature of the universe and our reality.
    No matter what we do, if we are at peace with it, we will be at peace with ourselves.
    🙂 So loving this topic!! Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

  • You know what Michele Woodward shared with me the other day, Adrianne? From something she heard second hand, everything is both true AND not true. At the same time.
    That was kind of a mind-blower for me!
    I have to say, Adrianne, I really appreciate and enjoy your approach to contrast! I’ve been working to adopt that same perspective more consistently myself, and have to say I’m noticing results.
    Can I call you sister? I like that thought; hand in hand in this together!

  • You’re a smart girl, Barbara – and I totally get that about the facebook groups, too. (Had the same response to that same group!)
    I have heard Abraham, as well as other teachers, say that about controlling our thoughts. (Basically, give it up.) But we can be aware of them and direct them appropriate, which becomes easier with practice. Which I know you are mastering.
    And the better we get at that, the more naturally we attract more positive thoughts, so controlling them doesn’t seem so life or death.
    I’ve thought about that topic a lot because I think it’s Byron Katie who says that you don’t think your thoughts. And while sometimes it seems like some of them DO sneak up on me, I’m not a helpless victim of what I find running through my head.
    I got off track on that subject – it just triggered something I’ve been thinking about for a while!
    Thanks, as always, for adding your high vibing energy here, Barbara! You are a treat!

  • Adrianne says:

    It does seem that life has a funny way of making us eat our words when we passionately denounce something as wrong 😉
    Either nothing is true or everything is true?
    This blog post makes me hear Abraham in my head saying, “but you can’t go around in meditation all day… You’re out there thinking thoughts!”
    I feel like contrast, wherever experienced, is good practice for redirecting our thoughts back into the Vortex (so we can’t be afraid of contrast – it’s impermanent anyway).
    Yes, I too suspect that it’s all about intention/ focus and (like always) paying attention to how thoughts feel.
    So, I think (/hope?) that we can live by the sword and thrive by it because it causes us to become even more deliberate in our thinking. Perhaps it can sharpen our ability to focus in and out of contrast?
    Thanks for this post Jeannette! Look forward to reading what others think about it 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Wow, Jeannette, you continue to amaze me with your insights, questions, prodding, and getting us to S-T-R-E-T-C-H our imaginations about the law of attraction and what we are creating! I loved this post!
    I remember that I used to “worry” a bit about what I was lining up for myself by my thoughts and feelings about things–particularly when I first learned about the law of attraction. I think I heard Abe or some other teachers talk about how it is impossible (which seems kind of strange to have Abe say that something is ‘impossible’ doesn’t it?) to control all of your thoughts all the time. Hmmm…maybe it wasn’t Abe, but it gets said a lot by a lot of LOA teachers.
    What I agree with is Patty’s take about fear behind the thought–that will definitely attract it. What I think is that if you are passionate about the subject, you attract it.
    I will admit that I am very conscious about what causes I support these days. I took to heart Mother Theresa’s message that she wouldn’t be at an anti-war rally but she’d gladly be at any pro-peace rally! I even changed the wording for my purpose on my Memory Walk team (to support research for the Alzheimer’s Association) so that it was one of positivity, creating sound minds, improving memory, finding solutions, etc. VS. raising money for the fight against Alzheimer’s. See what I mean? I’m all about love: not fighting against anything! So I try to reach for words that help me feel better about supporting things I’m passionate about. I believe it’s particularly important if one is very passionate about something. So I am much more conscious of how I’m thinking it and vibing it! -Is that a word: vibing? 🙂
    I’ve even extended that “selectiveness” to those silly groups on Facebook. The recent request to join was one called, “I don’t care about your farm, or your fish, or your park or your Mafia.” I don’t play any of those particular games on there and I’m not about to join a group that draws attention to those things! Because…I will just see more farms, fish, parks and Mafia

  • Good point, Mark. When it is what we LOVE, surely we can’t go wrong.
    I’m thinking of my animal rescue colleagues who LOVE animals and their work to support them – but sometimes that love shows up as pushing against what is, or their idea of what shouldn’t be. Know what I mean?
    Years ago I attended my share of protests and pickets because of my passion for improving the lives of animals, but it was from a place of “you guys are wrong and should stop this rodeo/fur store/puppy mill/etc.”
    I’m not sure that contribution was an entirely helpful one when it was based on resistance, even though it was born from love.

  • Mark says:

    By being in the Love and flowing our doing from the Love. Are there sides in our doing what we love?
    Great post Jeannette.

  • Debra, I think you’re right that there is a key difference. And that’s what would serve us to examine and explore in our own lives.
    Couldn’t have said it better when you wrote this: “If we’re doing what we love…from our passion…not from any contrary vibe, we’re all good! I’m thinking it’s then the dark side turns to light!”
    That one’s worth putting on the board!
    Thanks, girlfriend. Can’t wait for your GVU interview!! 🙂

  • Debra says:

    Great post once again, Jeannette!
    You wrote: “How do we do what we love and feel passion for without experiencing the dark side of it?”
    That is the dance, isn’t it?
    I don’t know that it’s the dark as much as the aspects that offer us ever more opportunity to get clearer in our experience. Kind of like what Abraham tells us about contrast/expansion.
    I wonder how this idea fits within the Vortex context?
    For instance, could have Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke experience actually been an in the vortex experience on a soul level, because of the gift within the seeming tragedy? It seems Jill feels immensely grateful for her experience…as it gave her an understanding there’s no way she could have reached without it.
    On the other hand, your boyfriend’s cousin (ex)politician…it would seem would have been working shy of the vortex by working against something…against drunk driving. And so, he pulled that experience in for the contrast kind of expansion…not necessarily from the vortex perspective.
    I feel there’s a difference here. And I’m not suggesting I’d prefer Jill’s path to Sheldon’s. Quite honestly, I’m happy to blaze a trail of my own with as little ‘dark’ side as possible! LOL
    In your case, Jeannette…you may be writing and working with people who struggle with deliberate creation…but you yourself clearly are not struggling with it.
    So, in essence, you are the key example… The mold breaker, the new rule definer.
    …and yes, I do think putting some spotlights on more success stories will further that vibe! (I think I may have just the story for you, seeing as though it birthed right through this very portal! 🙂 )
    Bottom line. Follow the feel good and go with the aligned flow. And know that as always, we get what we ask for. The more aware we are of the subtleties and nuances within what we’re asking for…the more pure the experiences we receive will be.
    If we’re doing what we love…from our passion…not from any contrary vibe, we’re all good! I’m thinking it’s then the dark side turns to light! 🙂
    In the Light… In JOY! XO

  • We have a lot more in common than I even realized, Patty.
    SO looking forward to hearing more from you in Good Vibe U!

  • Patty says:

    Kim – awesome photo!

  • Patty says:

    Awesome question Jeannette! You actually scared me for a minute. Am I dying by my sword? But then I remembered that the higher vibe always wins. I may spend much of my work effort on the struggles my clients have with creating a life of ease. I also spend time relating the struggles I have with creating a life of ease but always the intention is power. I want my clients to feel powerful in their own life and I want the accounts of my own struggles to provide relief – relief that they are not alone. That we are all in this together. And I KNOW that is what you do too!
    However I came from the Finance world and I can’t always say I was working from or towards a place of power. “Ooooh better get that loan doc in before rates go up!” (Was I empowering my clients or creating fear?) And that fear would turn back on me one way or the other.
    So when someone is campaigning against drunk driving from a place of power, a desire to create a better safer community I’m not so convinced they could attract this into their life. I believe what they would attract is a safer world if they believed what they were doing was working. However, if this same person is campaigning from a place a fear than yes, I think they will probably die by that sword.
    Its all about the feeling state right?

  • Nice to see you here again, Phillis! Thanks for dropping by.

  • Phillis Benson says:

    Jeannette — another fantastic post. And, oh I thought that was Kim — great photo.
    Yes, We are always training for our life — a constant —
    Cheers, P.

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