Choosing “Hell Yes”

How many times a day would you guess that you contemplate a new decision?

I’m talking about the daily choices that make up our moment to moment living, like …

  • Should I tune in for that webinar?
  • Should I make that phone call?
  • Should I get the dog groomed?
  • Should I respond to his text?
  • Should I take the freeway?

It can seem like an unending litany of mini-decisions from the time we wake up until we call it a night.

And most of the time we make those choices based on what makes logical sense (driven by our rational brain), or what’s least likely to upset someone else (driven by our “social self“).

But there’s a better way.

A way of decision-making that not only gives you more reliable guidance, but that also serves your alignment for more successful manifesting …

That is to only respond to the “hell yeses.”

We’ve all heard it before: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.” (Abraham quotes Alan Cohen for sharing that life wisdom gem.)

But practicing it can seem infeasible in real life.

After all, how many have a “hell yes” for going to work every day?

I sure didn’t.

That’s how I came to do work I really loved – by being willing to let myself off the hook for what I didn’t really want to do.

I didn’t have a hell yes for continuing my last relationship, but didn’t honor it until it became an obvious hell no. (Why did I make myself suffer so much before I went where I really wanted to go?)

That wouldn’t be the case if I lived according to the hell yes benchmark.

That’s just where I only follow whatever feels like a hell yes.

If I’m lukewarm about an option – if it makes sense logically, but I have to try to talk myself into it – then it is not a hell yes and does not pass the litmus test for engaging it.

If I have to contemplate whether I want to do it or not, that’s a sign that either gremlins are getting in the way of the decision, or that I just don’t have true joy fueling that option.

(And for a lot of folks, there isn’t truly a “hell yes” for skipping out on work, either.)

It’s worth finding our way to what feels most joyful, most inspired, most yes-like!

It’s sort of a dance, finding our way through all our various options, following only the ones that feel the very best.

Which just means we consistently head in the direction of our highest joy.

Bashar tells us the reliable formula for success is to follow our highest excitement, however far we can from where we are now, until we can’t take it any further, then just follow our next highest excitement. All the while having no expectation of results.

A friend just phoned asking if I wanted him to stop at the hardware store to pick up a new door that I wanted installed.

It’s a gorgeous spring day, you guys. I mean it’s really pretty out there! Sadie and I have been eyeing each other for the past hour about heading out for a little hike!

But I really do want that new door installed.

And here’s a good friend offering to do it now.

Hmm …

It was hard to decide until I told him about the post I was writing. “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.”

We didn’t even need to say another word, that’s how obvious it was. He’s grabbing his hiking shoes and headed over to join us for a walk in the mountains!

See how easy decisions get when we use Hell Yes gauge? If having a door installed were a hell yes, I wouldn’t even have to think about it.
It wouldn’t even be up for debate.

He would have asked, and I would have shouted, “Yes! Thank you!”

But I didn’t. I thought well yes, it makes sense to have that done now. Yes, it would be smart to get that handled while I can. Yes, it’s super nice of him to offer.

And yes, some other day!

Because today has dog walk in the mountains written all over it!

And so we go.


Here’s the thing – if you’re not already living this way, it’s easier than you think.

Because you don’t really have a “hell yes” for something that you believe leads to disaster. So you can trust whatever feels better.

And sometimes nothing feels like a hell yes, because we’re far away from that level of joy. But just following the thread of what feels better will get us back in good vibrational territory.

Sometimes using a “solid yes” is a helpful threshold to use (for those who feel like nothing meets the standard of “hell yes”).

Regardless, the more you follow your inner guidance, the easier it gets, and the better life unfolds.

Bashar’s right about how it’s a magic manifesting formula that leads us straight into the good life of dreams come true.

But please don’t take my word for it. Put it to the test yourself!

  • March 17, 2017
  • Laura Lynn says:

    I used this litmus test today to decide not to continue to force myself to take CE classes required to keep a license for something that I truly don’t feel inspired to do! I have been pushing myself to get the classes done, but “things” kept popping up and now I have two days until the deadline. I asked myself “why” am I pushing for this. My logic says, it could be beneficial down the road and that I don’t really have a good reason NOT to do it. But my “hell no” is screaming at me. I just don’t want it badly enough to force it. So, even if I regret it later, I am moving on and will stop feeling guilty about it!
    Thank you Jeannette!!

  • Christina in FL says:

    Ever get that “special message” just when you need it? HELL YES! is just such a message. Thank you! Thank you also for the links.
    I believe when I listen to ME, I know what’s up!
    It reminds me of the old joke: “I’m going to be more assertive…. if it’s okay with you.” hahahaha Hello! HELL NO! to living looking in the rear view mirror, asking for approval, blah blah blah.
    HELL YES! to living in-joy… enjoy… there is SOOOO much good in this world… listen to the world’s smiles, love and laughter.
    Thank you!!!! WE rock!!

  • Reeya says:

    OMG…Hell yes I love this! Sometimes I paralyze myself making the smallest decisions, like today I WAS contemplating going to the gym because I’m tired from working non-stop all day today. Then I read this…and the gym turned into a HELL NO! hahaaa and that felt good! If it was warm outside, It would’ve definitely been a hell yes because that’s the kind of exercise that really motivates me…anything outdoors. But yes I do love this and will definitely incorporate it into my life. I mean it only makes sense!! 🙂
    Thanks so much for posting and p.s. THAT picture of the little girl on this post looks like should could be my daughter. Haha! I’ve always wanted a girl and I imagine she’d look very similar to her…that smile and all!

  • april says:

    I listened to Bashar regarding following your highest excitement, which I loved. Then he says to have no expectations. Then in today’s Abraham’s daily quote it says to “ask and expect to receive.” So I get hung up on which advice to follow. Any thoughts?

  • Antonia says:

    Hell no to working on the magazine I publish for a company (and am behind on thanks to this weekend’s open houses)while there is actually sunshine outside instead of rain. Hell yes to the chocolate cranberry ciabatta I’m scarfing as I do so. This one is tough.

  • Janette says:

    Well, hell yes! That’s why right now I’m sitting with my pen & paper on the cafe deck at Sovereign Hill, looking out over some 1850s style cottages by a dam and drinking coffee – while my laundry sits at home waiting to be done.
    I COULD have (should have? Pah!) stayed home and done laundry while writing. But that was a meh, while sun worshipping with coffee and writing – oh, hell yes!

  • Ming says:

    Love it. It’s gotta be a hell yes , if it’s not it’s a hell now. Its been such a mantra of mine for awhile too. It works with everything. 🙂 Yay for hiking!

  • Susan says:

    A walk in the mountains with a dog sounds absolutely lovely. Enjoy!

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