Q&A: LOA and EFT?

law of attraction and eftGot a great question from an ebook customer that I was curious about myself.

The question is about how or whether law of attraction (LOA) and emotional freedom technique (EFT, aka “tapping”) work together. I have thoughts, but wanted to hear from you all on this one too, since I know many deliberate creators rave about EFT. Here’s the question:

I would like to ask you a question regarding EFT. A lot of people swear by it but because I am right into LOA principles I do not like the idea of focusing attention on the negative stuff. I do use EFT a lot however for positive reinforcement. I feel the tapping makes you feel beter because it is opening up your body more to the flow state as opposed to affirming negative stuff to remove blocks. May I please have your opinion on EFT?

That’s actually what I’d like to hear from you guys. What’s your deliberate creator opinion about EFT?

Does the negative setup bother your LOA sensitivities? (As in, “even though I am a negative person …”)

Is it an essential part of the process, or can you do as Robert Smith advises and skip the negative setup with Faster EFT?  (His comment that “the most important part of the tapping is not the tapping” got my attention!)

The same question could be asked of ho’oponopono and Byron Katie’s Work, where there are instructions to create what some feel is a “negative” focus (“I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “How do you feel when you think that (crappy) thought?”) but maybe that’s a different post.

Would love to hear from you all on this one! What’s your experience with EFT as a deliberate creator?

  • November 6, 2011
  • Julio Blanco says:

    The fact of the matter is that I carry some baggage. Most of my life I’ve beat myself up with it and resisted it mightily… as in “if I pretend it’s not there, then it doesn’t exist.
    With EFT, I acknowledge and accept the baggage… and then the magic is that I release it and let self love take its rightful place.
    I started with the negative preambles followed by positive. As I’ve played with EFT for a while now and found a fountain of self-love coming from simple tapping, it seems like I’ve been able to allow stronger, fully positive intentions to come in without resistance. My favorites right now are “I am willing to be powerful in my own life and I love and accept myself completely” and “Even though I have the memory of experiences that disempowered me, I still love and accept myself completely.”
    Love all the comments. Thanks!

  • Jason says:

    I see the point of using negative phrasing when tapping and it is effective. However, unless I am tapping along with a video, I myself avoid the use of negative phrasing.
    When I tap I keep it positive and use four types of phrasing: The Choices method (I choose to feel awesome), Reverse Affirmations (People enjoy doing me favors), Using one of two words (Success or Tremendous Success), or Questions (Why am I Supremely Confident)
    I take the statement, or word(s) or question and tap it in for five minutes or s and call it good. Works great.
    So if you don’t like negative phrasing, and this is a problem with many people, then know that positive phrasing works just fine, you maybe have to do it for a bit longer, but it does work fine. After all, a positive and a negative can’t exist in the same space, so just tap until the positive is full up.
    Like Robert Smith says, tap until you pass out; yu’ll wake up to a whole new world.

  • Speaking of EFT. I just want to say I have a mini crush on Brad Yates. He has some great EFT videos for free on youtube. And they are funny.
    He just did a tapping into the vortex one: http://www.youtube.com/user/eftwizard#p/a/u/2/0YBGIX7jNJU
    Also, his top of the morning one is awesome!

  • Sejual says:

    Love the perspective you share, Kathryn, about looking at the negative as simply ‘acknolwedging one’s creations’. That can take some of the sting out of the situation, particularly when we’re higher up the EGS. It’s like saying, I don’t like what I’m seeing, but given I created this, that must mean I’m awesomely powerful, and so it must be possible for me to allow a different result.
    I wonder if ‘voicing the negative’ can also be a Step 3 process because we’re focused on finding relief? What we resist becomes something we don’t allow to evolve. You know you’re evolving on a topic when you’re feeling relief – that’s the EGS at its simplest.
    Put another way, when we can gently and safely face the “bogeyman” doesn’t it lose it’s power over us? I put the emphasis on safe and gentle as that’s always been an important element to Energy Psychology tools like EFT and TAT.

  • What if looking at the ‘negative’ or contrast is simply recognized as acknowledging one’s creations and a ‘Step 1’ or ‘Asking for what you want’ moment?
    Can we have a creative hand in transforming something if we don’t recognize ourselves as source of the experience?

  • Ashley says:

    Did you also watch the video of Tapas? It is such a good introduction/explanation. I think one of the best things about TAT is you don’t need to know any details of what is bothering you or details of the issue.
    I’m listening to the intro again and getting tingly high vibes and can’t stop smiling.

  • Ashley says:

    I’m so glad you checked it out. It sounds like it rocked your world. I think it is wicked good stuff! The amazing thing is that it takes one session, sometimes two in rare cases, and the issue, block etc. is gone forever.
    It’s amazing, especially with fear, and anytime I feel disconnected to the vortex I just hold the pose and think “I feel disconnected to the vortex” or “My vibe is low”. Then I state the opposite “I feel a deep, strong connection to the vortex, so deep and strong that I couldn’t be any more connected” or “My vibe is so high, my joy just sores!” and then I give thanks, still in the pose. It takes about a minute to do and it totally clears everything, instantly.
    I have many stories about how TAT has set me on an amazing life journey.
    It would be a really cool thing to explore in our University studies.
    I would love to introduce my TAT Basics instructor to Jeannette so that maybe we could have a University call on it. I don’t have much to offer here being a newbie but if I could give you all an introduction to TAT that would be a very cool vibe lift.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, Ashley, everyone! I went to the TAT site Ashley posted, followed along with the pdf ‘how to’ instructions for 5 minutes and a HUGE issues was released. Transformed.
    It’s just . . . gone. Vanished into thin air.
    I am blown away speechless.
    Seriously. This is profound.

  • Julie Masters says:

    Thanks for starting another great conversation Jeannette!
    I first read about EFT 6 years ago in the book “The Promise of Energy Psychology” by Donna Eden, David Feinstein, and Gary Craig. I still think it’s one of the best about the subject and highly recommend it!
    They write, “Memories, thoughts, or circumstances that elicit “negative” emotions cause disruptions not only in the brain, but also in the body’s energy system…Tapping the points while thinking about the problem not only balances the energy system in the moment, it also retrains your body to be able to hold the thought (or be in the circumstance) without the energy disturbance and, therefore, without the unwanted emotional response.”
    They add, “Some people who have been trained in the use of self-suggestion, or positive affirmations, are puzzled that a phrase that activates the unwanted feeling or response is used…but that is precisely what is required when attempting to eliminate a problematic emotional response, since the energy intervention is only able to rewire the unwanted feeling while it is active.
    I think that’s why I find EFT one of the most effective mind/body techniques available! Brad Yates and Carol Look are two of my favorite practitioners, and have multiple youtubes available.
    Julie Masters

  • Stacey says:

    I like what ChipEFT says about the negative set-up:
    “As for EFT and focusing on the negative. What EFT does is allow you to state your truth about a subject and be okay with it.”
    Embracing instead of resisting where you are helps you to release it.
    Like Angela, I don’t always use the negative set-up phrasing. It just depends on how I feel.
    EFT is a great compliment to LOA, as it helps with vibration management– which is where most of the ‘work’ is done.

  • Jeannette, what wonderful comments you’ve elicited.
    I’m of the school of saying the negative. We are complex human beings and the negative words, if they are telling the felt truth of the moment in the context of moving the energy, not wallowing in it, often brings to consciousness the original wound or pain that is stored in the nervous system and/or the field.
    Saying the words quickly while tapping — I never recommend saying the negative without tapping to move the energy — allows the process to work. I love having Bingo! moments when the true cause of the presenting symptom is revealed. It’s then that the emotion/story is available to be tapped on and dissipate. I’ve seen it too many times to not know the value of this.
    I think tapping without the negative can be effective, but I do believe it’s slapping the happy face sticker on, plus it’s not Gary Craig’s EFT, which is brilliant as is. I currently use many EFT cousins in my practice, but none of them skip acknowledging the negative first.
    As human beings, we do have feelings. That’s one of the reasons we came here. As Abraham said, we don’t don’t get an F for feeling afraid or guilty or ashamed, nor do we get an A for feeling joy. The name of the game is moving from those lower vibrations to the higher ones because they feel better, and connection and remembering who we are feels better than disconnection. EFT is a wonderful tool to assist the process.
    I recently led an EFT/LOA Meetup where I wanted to clear the prevailing consciousness and attitude about the economy so that people could have a shift in their vibration about money. I had some really disgruntled LOA savvy people who refused to tap along but were sitting in the midst of all that negativity as the rest of the group tapped along. It was HORRIBLE!
    I think positivity has its place but so does acknowledging what’s true for us as human beings in the moment, and that’s the beauty of the setup phrase. Even though I have this crap going on, I can still accept myself and love myself anyway (and be kind and gentle and compassionate and honor myself), even though I have these feelings.

  • Merry Moola says:

    I am SO happy to see your post on one of the many advancements with EFT! It has come a long way since the original format Gary Craig introduced and I cannot even remember how may years its been since I quit using the traditional protocol. Like anything else – it has “expanded”. I’ve been using it with myself and clients for years as it sounds like many others here are…I even use the mental tapping technique to put myself to sleep if I’m ever having a bout of insomnia. Thanks for sharing more great information!

  • Barbara says:

    anonymous is BarbaraM

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Jeannette,
    are you reading my mind 😉 I was thinking last few days about LOA & EFT combination (actually about interviewing one of the experts here in Slovenia on this topic and how this can help with deliberate creation). For myself I have to say that I don’t practice EFT, because I am not very disciplined regarding that, but one time when I put aside some time to learn and went through one topic really in depth (I think I was listening to Nick Ortner or one of the experts he gathered for the Tapping Summit) I actually stumbled upon limiting belief for which I wasn’t concious I have. I was tapping and talking word that came on my mind and when I said something I felt this really in the bones and the reaction was that I started to cry when I realized what I have had this belief that long…
    I believe that we have many beliefs and old emotions stuck in our body and we are not aware of that. That effects our vibration… and EFT is one of the tools to release them… Do it if it feels good…

  • I use EFT but not in the way it is intended. I tap in my “I AM” statements or my intentions and this helps me to shift into vortex energy around them. I also smile while doing it which really helps.
    I have tried regular EFT as a method for releasing stuck emotions but have found tools that work better for me like guided meditation, acting as if and tantrums. This process always helps me release my negative thinking patterns, as well. I do use processes like the work or self coaching 101 when I have really sticky thoughts but the emotional release seems to be the most important aspect of that. What I have found is that once the old stuck emotion is released, my better feeling thoughts are simply sitting there waiting for me.
    Will be very interested in reading a post about LOA and the work.

  • I have used EFT for myself and with my clients for years. I have also practiced LOA for years and I find that they really are complimentary. EFT is a great tool for managing your vibrations and quickly getting back into the vortex. It’s also great for amping up your vibrations when you are already in the vortex!
    Becaue the tapping on the acupoints is influencing the flow of energy through the body you are directly influencing your vibrational output. In my opinion it is a magic wand for LOA’ers!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Well, since I use both EFT and the principles of Law of Attraction in my practice I’d have to vote yes.
    AS for EFT and focusing on the negative. What EFT does is allow you to state your truth about a subject and be okay with it. As Abe says the only place you can start is where you are and if you are resisting that place then you are stuck there. The set-up phrase says it.
    Even though I have this problem I deeply and completely accept myself.
    In my practice, I focus a little deeper than emotions rather looking for the vibrational energetic field at the root of the thought/emotion, but essentially we are talking about the same thing.
    Being okay where you are.

  • Jeannette,
    I struggle with the negative set-up at times too. It depends on my mood when I’m doing EFT if I do the set-up or not. If I’m tapping to focus on creating an outcome in my life, I don’t do the set-up. If I’m tapping because I’m upset over something I do the set-up and acknowledge my feelings so I can move on to the more positive parts of the EFT routine. I do think EFT is a powerful technique and I’m happy I came across it 5 years ago. It has helped me tremendously.
    I think it works well with Deliberate Creation.

  • Zoe Routh says:

    I kind of agree with Sejual: “One thing I’ve seen with some people inspired by LoA is that they will put happy face stickers over deep-rooted problems and try to control the effect of any negative feelings attached.”
    When I did an EFT session with Andi sutherland about my sister having breast cancer we focused on some of the negative thoughts that were under the surface and niggling rather than ‘slap a happy face on it’ – and it had a purging effect. Kind of like the need to cry when your pet chicken dies – you cry -and cry hard, and then feel better and move on.
    I think the turn around that happens with EFT is like how Abe describes it – changing your vibe can be a gradual process, like when the locks change the height of the water at the Panama call – you can’t leap from the bottom to the top – you do it in increments. EFT works like that for me – a gentle shifting.
    Having said that, I’m open to things happening faster! I think it’s good to experiment and follow your own feel good.

  • Ashley says:

    I actually prefer TAT. It focuses on the positive and I find it to be much deeper, taking care of issues that you don’t even know are there. TAT is just placing light pressure on key accupuncture points instead of tapping. I find that it works instantly in one session for most issues. I have also practiced EFT and I personally have better, amazing, life changing results with TAT. http://www.tatlife.com.
    If you ever wanted to have a TAT practitioner on a call I can ask the woman who I did some training with.

  • marina says:

    I love EFT! I have been using it for 4 years now, and use with clients for food cravings, pain, and any emotional attachment to food, and for stress.
    It helped me change my money beleives and how the world works, mainly by helping me letting go of ingrained negative emotions about stuff.
    I also love Brad Yates free tapping videos on youtube!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you, Jeannette, for the fabulous post. I love all the comments too.
    EFT is a wonderful tool that helps us let go of repressed emotions, memories and patterns, the gremlin defenses that have outlived their usefulness.
    If anyone is worried about EFT reinforcing negativity, remember that ‘what we resist persists’. Changing the way we feel about something or letting it go rocks and is LOA in action. Repressing a negative feeling, denying it and pretending it’s not there by nailing the door shut does not rock. EFT helps us release what we have been repressing.
    LOA doesn’t say ‘be afraid of negative emotions’. It doesn’t say to bury them deep. It says ‘get happy and you will attract more happy.’ Sometimes the process of getting happy requires that we become aware of negative emotions, set an intention to release them and let them go. That’s what EFT can do, simple as that.
    Being aware can mean saying,’Wow, I feel like crap about this. I want to let the crappy feelings go. Tap Tap Tap . . . gone.
    This is no different that pulling our attention off of what is and putting it onto something that makes us smile. You can’t pull your attention off something if it’s not on it in the first place. Awareness!
    I think it’s important not to be afraid of ‘bad’ feelings. I know it’s important not to repress them! Get the crap out in the open so you can CHOOSE to release it!
    And for EFT with positive phrasing, Brad Yates rocks! Go to ‘Tap of the Morning’ and you’ll see!

  • Leigha says:

    Hmmm….I think I asked this question myself recently…and I think the answer is simple really 🙂 Does it feel good? I myself am not drawn to it. That doesn’t mean things won’t change for me in the future. But does the thought of tapping feel draining to me? yep 🙂 So until that changes…no tapping for me. On a side note… I do love it when I go to my chiropractor and he does EFT on me…go figure 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    I find EFT helpful when “negativeness” seems to be consuming me. It’s a way of bringing the garbage up and out rather than shoving it in and coating it with affirmations that I’m arguing with anyway. Using the setup phrase just gets it started for me and then as I tap, I hone in better on the root of what is stressing me out. It removes that negative fog so I can breathe again and focus on where I want to be instead.
    I don’t feel like I’m affirming the negative when I do it. It’s more like acknowledging feelings that are already there and allowing them so they can be released. I find this can be done without tapping as well if I take some time to really feel the feeling and don’t argue with it.

  • Personally,
    I love eft. I think it works so well because I feel great while I’m doing it and after. I do the set up because it feels fine to me. I don’t get attached to the set up and focus on the feeling good part.

  • Christa says:

    I think EFT and LOA work together beautifully. EFT is a powerful tool to release those limiting beliefs that keep you from connecting fully to your source and manifesting your desires.
    I prefer to keep the negative stuff to a minimum, a brief acknowledgement of the issue is all that is needed, just to bring in into awareness, then “tap it out” by saying “I choose to release this [problem]” or “This [problem] no longer serves me so I let it go”.
    Then “tap it in” – all the things you do want, such as “I choose to be calm”, “I choose joy”, “I choose to trust my intuition”, etc. I imagine the feeling of what I’m tapping “in” and do a few rounds to really absorb it. This has worked well for me personally and with clients.
    I also enjoy positive tapping. I omit the setup statements (“Even though I have this [problem]), and just use positive affirmations as I tap each acupressure point. The tapping helps to open up the energy pathways and makes the affirmations more powerful.

  • Sejual says:

    I love combining EFT with LoA because it has 2 key benefits: it provides relief, and it encourages you to make incremental progress.
    With LoA thinking we can be in a rush to ‘get into the Vortex’ and cling to a toe-hold there in order to manifest our desires. In contrast, when we’re ONLY looking for the next piece of relief we’re then focusing on the expansion of our being in the powerful of the now. Moreover, if we’re moving from a chronically difficult situation then progress is going to be incremental.
    If we were allowing just with our heads then we’d all be in the Vortex after reading about LoA principles. However, negative emotions often linger physically until we give them honest expression. EFT helps release these by letting them come to the surface and be permanently released. EFT results in a visceral lightness of being that for me is true freedom. In my 7 years of experience with it, I can say it’s also permanent in providing that relief.
    One thing I’ve seen with some people inspired by LoA is that they will put happy face stickers over deep-rooted problems and try to control the effect of any negative feelings attached. So then you get happy clappy insincere posts on social media about difficult situations. Don’t those posts feel inauthentic? Forgiveness and acceptance come more easily when we’ve made emotional peace with the distress coming from a situation. They come where we can honestly see another person from the vantage point of our Higher Selves – that’s not possible when we’re angry, doubtful or frustrated.
    Might be worth saying that Robert Smith’s FasterEFT is a development, and not standard EFT. It draws heavily on NLP and hypnotic suggestion. The difference for me between the two is FasterEFT is strongly directional, whereas standard EFT is more focused on allowing. When you’re allowing, from an LoA perspective, you don’t have to direct or use pressure to achieve results – they happen easily and effortlessly.

  • Elisabeth says:

    I love EFT! For me, it’s a great partner to LOA. What a great vibration cleaner upper 🙂 It’s like taking the express way to your Vortex instead of the one lane country road 🙂

  • Retta says:

    I’ve been using EFT and LOA together for years – having found both at about the same time. To me the set up phrase is not at all negative. I deeply love and accept myself………..in spite of everything or anything. How positive, how freeing! Then, as I tap through the points, making statements that may sound like I’m reinforcing the negative – I KNOW that I’m bringing my attention and my bodies attention to what needs to be cleared – to the very resistance that is getting in the way of my clear vibration.
    Brad Yates is one of my favorite EFT practitioners. He is expert in combining the two processes.
    Another way to look at it is…… our beliefs affect our vibration. EFT effects our beliefs……….so that our vibration is more clear.

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