Q&A: LOA Savvy Help for Animal Activists

law of attraction savvy help for the animals & activistsToday’s question comes from the other side of the globe, and resonates with me personally. I’ll chime in with my thoughts, but I know hearing from you all will be a great help.

Here’s the question:

I love animals.  On my journey I have become increasingly sensitive to the global plight of animals and seem to acutely feel their collective pain, which, at times, has felt intolerable.

I have found it difficult to keep centred and focused on that which makes me feel good because the UAE is rather behind when it comes to animal welfare and there is always some horror story circulating the social networks, etc.

In the last week I experienced an epiphany to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. (I guess its somewhere between veggie and vegan, because I still eat organic free range eggs, but it will also involve working my way through all aspects of my life, from clothing to cosmetics and toiletries.)

Perhaps this ‘shift’ has attracted others into my life now of the same vibration but I’m feeling pressured by them into looking at and circulating horror stories from around the world of animal cruelty in its various forms.

I feel confused, Jeannette; when I tried to explain where I was coming from I was told that change will only happen by taking action.

But how can I effect the changes I would love to see in the world of animals if my action is coming from a place of feeling really bad about what I’m focused upon?

How can we help this dire situation with our animal friends without feeling completely awful about it and lowering our vibration?

Abraham has always taught us that there’s no way we can lower our vibration enough to make others better. They have taught us that there is nothing more important than that we feel good. My ‘inspired action’ to adopt a veggie lifestyle felt good. It made me feel that I was taking positive steps for myself and my animal friends in a positive way. How do we explain where we’re coming from to others who think it’s just a cop out?

This is Jeannette again, and I’ve got three questions from this I’d love you guys to field:

  1. how can an LOA savvy person best support positive change for animals on the planet (or any cause we feel passionate about) and
  2. what do we do about the negative focus on the issues that matter dearly to us, and
  3. how do we handle our activist friends who think we should do more than just focus on what feels good and take inspired action?

This subject has been a deal for me as well, which is why I’m looking forward to hear from you guys on it. Thanks in advance!

  • September 19, 2012
  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Serena,
    When I worked with dogs a situation arose where the lady owner of a beautiful labrador retriever was obviously not coping with: home, kids, dog and husband. The dog wasn’t being abused physically but was obviously not happy either. In the end we gently encouraged her to give the dog away to a good home. We told her it was OK. It sounds like a similar situation with your neighbour?? Perhaps the best thing all round would be to find another loving home for the dog. How friendly are you with them? Perhaps visualize the dog living with new owners in a loving forever home and, if appropriate, perhaps you could offer to help them find the dog a new home? Sometimes I think people try to keep coping, even when their feelings are telling them its just not working out and all it takes is for someone to say its OK to let go. Just a thought.

  • serenakasha says:

    Thanks for the replies about the neighbor situation! I will definitely say something like “it’s ok, don’t discipline them on my account!” It does seem satisfyingly snarky too.
    I love the idea of sending them angels to help. I was also thinking of sending angels to the neighbors. They seem to have a less than happy marriage and a new baby, so I am guessing everyone needs some love and compassion. Actually this thread makes me think of sending angels to a couple of other people who I can see are really suffering.

  • Anonymous says:

    OOhhh, Jeannette, I LOVE that reminder to send love and light to the owners. I had been doing that before I talked to him…but the practice kind of fell away (back to old habits again). It’s a new day, and I’m starting again!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Well, you are all stars for helping me out with this one. Thank you all so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to put so much positivity into this subject. I would just like to add one thing – how about if we send ‘love and light’ to the people too, that aren’t treating their pets with the respect and care they deserve? Its my belief that only people who are in some sort of deep pain can cause pain and suffering on another living being and I think some people have trouble getting their head around that one. I am certainly going to ask the Angels for help from now on! I have Angel cards I consult regularly for a bit of sage advice when the impulse takes me but I hadn’t thought if actually calling on them to help me with a specific situation. Funnily enough, (note the irony in my tone ;-)), pictures, people, situations of that nature in general have gone very quiet since I began reading all your wonderful posts!! Hmmmmm…..could be something to this LOA stuff. Thanks Jeannette! 🙂

  • If it were me, Serena, first thing I would do is let the neighbor know she doesn’t have to hit them on my account, if she’s afraid the barking upsets me. I might suggest ways people I know have successfully managed barking dogs.
    But if none of that landed, I’d do my best to send love and TLC to those dogs. My real life situation was slightly different: my neighbors had a dog I felt was woefully neglected in her back yard, so I asked them if we could have play dates and if their dog could go on dog walks with mine. Which they said yes to for a long time. Eventually they stopped answering the door to me, but I noticed that there were occasional times they let their dog inside after that.
    I have to say, few things trip up my alignment more than this subject does. Which is why I’m super grateful for all the helpful responses gathering here.
    JG, especially appreciating your comment about checking what vibrational place we’re coming from. Thanks for that.

  • Brenda says:

    Hi Serena! I started to type this long drawn-out essay on how my neighbours dog lives a dismal life on a chain, day in and day out, never going inside…how the SPCA sympathized, but told me there was nothing they could do, for various reasons….blah, blah…but that did NOT feel good. So here’s what I did:
    I stopped the tears that flowed each time I looked at this dog (a female), and I asked for an angel to be sent to her to comfort her and to somehow help her live a wonderful life. I got this idea from listening to Ming of Reiki Fur Babies on a recent GVU call. She said that there are a LOT of out-of-work angels, because they aren’t allowed to help us unless we ask. So if you’re open to that idea, you could give that a try.
    I also regularly imagine this dog living a wonderful life. I see her being allowed indoors the same as any other family member. I see her warm colourful dog beds in various places around the house, one in particular beside her loving owner’s bed. I see her owners greeting her warmly when they get home from work and playing ball with her in the back yard.
    Trust me, talking kindly to the owner only served to make him a little defensive…naturally. It might have planted a tiny seed for change …or awareness …or conscience; I don’t know.
    But what I do know is that there IS an angel on this matter, and I feel better knowing that my seeing/imagining this dog living a wonderful life is infinitely more powerful than pushing against a disturbing situation. Last week I saw they walked her twice, and while that sounds pitiful, it’s a definite improvement. I imagine they walked her every day…and I just missed seeing the other times. (I tried to walk her once, but she’s so powerful, I can’t control her, which makes me nervous. Ideally, she needs firm but kind training.)

  • serenakasha says:

    Wow another Serena. Hello!
    I really liked the article and responses. I do have one question though. I agree with the comments on not focusing on the negative or images of cruelty. That is a plague on Facebook lately.
    I focus on those animals that I know are cherished. But what about when I see my neighbor be mean to her two dogs? I don’t think they are in danger – they are fed and safe as far as I can tell. But she pinches or slaps them to get them to stop barking.
    What is the LOA approach? Say something? Avoid her (tempting).

  • Kimberly, The Fur Mom says:

    I struggle with the same concerns and keep a quote from Mother Teresa in mind: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”
    I won’t give support to any organization that uses images of animal cruelty to push their cause forward. I won’t belong to groups that do this, I won’t interact with people who do this. I respect that this is a choice that they’ve made, but LOA has taught me that focusing on these things brings more of it into our reality.
    I don’t feel that I’m resisting it.
    Whenever I come across negative imagery or news; I stop, close my eyes (if I can) and soak in the feeling of the welcome I receive from our dogs when I get home. I know that there are 3 dogs who have a fantastic life, who are loved, and well cared for. I soak that in and release the rest.

  • JG. says:

    Maybe “helping” should be first an “inside job.” I believe many people try to “help” from an angry place, and this reberberates in whatever they do. Also, there is people who do things from a “loving place.” And it shows!
    So, I think we should observe the place we act from, in order to get “inspired action” on the “right actitude.”

  • Maybe first deliberately look for all the good and positive and loving things people/groups have done for animals – that were done out of love and with peace (rather than to fight against or that are done with a negative energy).
    When you’re feeling good, take the actions that feel GOOD to YOU. Maybe it’s you focusing on what you want for animals, or maybe it is more action oriented – like volunteering at a shelter, donating to a cause you support, blogging/writing/sharing about the positives that are being done to help animals (all the feel good stuff you can find).
    I know I didn’t really address the questions – but that’s because I’m going from the angle of taking others out of the equation (unless they are doing things that make you feel good).

  • I wish I could “like” all of these great posts.
    Thank you, everyone!!!

  • Brenda says:

    I just popped back here to add another thought, and blow me away!!! All of the insight here is breathtaking! I love Judy’s comment “Everything is as it should be, but do what you’re drawn to do from a place of peace and love.”
    Anywhoo, I listened to the newest Abraham video that came this afternoon’s newsletter in which Abraham says to the person in the hot seat:
    “…you cannot be a vibrational match to something without perpetuating it, you just cannot be.”
    (Maybe Jeannette will post the Youtube link for this video…I don’t know if I should be the one to do that here.)
    Then later, what came to mind is Mother Teresa’s famous line:
    “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”
    Mother Teresa understood her creative power.

  • Stephen says:

    Serena, for someone who thought she didn’t have a lot to add, you added volumes of brilliance! I loved all of it. Thank you!

  • Serena says:

    Hi! Oh I love all the replies here, especially Stephen’s and Brenda’s! Well I don’t think I can add much. Maybe you could tell your activist friends that you believe that change must happen first “at home”, that is, within yourself and your own life first, and that that is what you are working on by becoming veggie. Also Wayne Dyer always said to work “for” something, not “against” something, so you believe more in championing causes that HELP animals rather than championing causes about going AGAINST some group or practices. For example, teaching people to respect animals, to care for animals, etc. Showing pictures of happy, well-cared-for animals as an example to people of the way animals are meant to live, etc. Also, that emotional manipulation (ie. trying to make people feel guilty by holding up pictures of animals suffering) really is NOT COOL in the long run, because people will only respond because they feel guilty, but in reality pictures of suffering animals don’t inspire people in the long run because people who act out of guilt, don’t feel free and will stop acting as soon as they no longer feel guilty, and will go out instead and devote themselves to the causes that they really believe in as soon as they feel “let off the hook”. Maybe you could tell your activist friends that going out “against” certain groups or practices is really only like ramming your head against a concrete wall and will not accomplish anything, because what is really needed is that people become AWARE of the rights of animals and how to treat them with respect so that they can choose to act kindly towards animals out of their own free will and conviction, not because they feel coerced into it.
    Also, in the long run, are these activist friends friends of yours outside of the “activism” aspect of your relationship? Or are they only seeking you out to try and get you to support their cause, but they don’t really care about YOU as a person? I used to know a group of people like that, they tried to make me feel guilty because I wanted to take care of my kids before taking care of animals and I told them, I can clearly tell you don’t have kids! These were people who couldn’t give a d**n about other human beings and had very little respect or estimation of human beings, they looked down on other human beings and only respected animals. Do your activist friends respect YOU and other human beings? Or are they filled with hatred towards other people, and only care about animals? (Not that there is anything wrong with caring about animals, but hatred is hatred no matter who it is directed towards.)
    (You can see I’m real protective of my kids and I get really p**d off by people who try to put my kids down or don’t let me take care of them!)(Don’t want to offend anyone here with “dirty language”, but I really do believe that it’s most important to be honest with yourself about the way you FEEL about something, even if you feel negatively about something or someone, because your feelings will guide you true towards that which is good for you and right for you and lead you away from things and people that are no good for you.)
    Well sorry I DID go on too long! I only meant to add 2 cents’ worth but I think I went overboard and added like 200 cents??

  • Brenda says:

    I believe if we can focus our attention by lovingly holding the highest vision and vibration for the cause we’re supporting while simultaneous maintaining our own vibration, then by all means, take action toward making change in what you consider an injustice – if you feel guided to do so.
    However, if we find ourselves feeling consumed with anger/rage or overwhelming sadness that interferes with the highest vision we hold for our cause (I’ve personally experienced this regarding a neighbourhood dog after discovering nothing could be done by the SPCA to help him), we’d do well to remind ourselves that we are infinitely more helpful by choosing to only focus on the outcome we want to see; that might include small physical actions …or it might not include any, depending on our guidance.
    Holding a clear intention for a peaceful and perfect resolution and seeing nothing but joy in the outcome – that’s where our real power lies. Every time. Regardless of any outward action we’re taking.
    Granted, some physical-action driven friends may not see our inner ‘work’ as a valid contribution toward the outcome they’re after, because …they can’t ‘see’ us …’doing’ it.
    What do I have to say to this? I applaud you for the amazing work that you’re doing!!! For me, taking action in this way does not work for me right now. But know that I’m supporting this cause in my own way.
    In a conversation with a friend not long ago, I mentioned some amazing work various support groups and organizations were doing in a third world country, that I had made a modest donation. She responded that WE SHOULD BE taking care of our community issues ‘first’– not the issues of other countries. I told her that I felt it was ‘amazing’ what she and her family had accomplished in our community. Thank God for the work that she does, and how wonderful that she’s so passionate about that work. But, I said that ‘I’ believe that if every soul honoured their inner guidance, that inner nudge, that emotional pull in deciding where their desired contributions would go, everyone, everywhere would receive all of the help they needed …and then some. She respected that, but disagreed. She’s still a great friend; we just don’t …go there in conversation anymore. 🙂
    If they’re really your ‘friends’, your activist friends will respect your decision, too. After all, it’s clear from you question that any decision you make on this topic will be of purest intent and out of love.

  • I like your #3 reminder especially, Stephen. Taking that one to heart.
    Anonymous, thanks for asking the question! It’s a really good one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have so much appreciation in my heart to everyone who has taken the time to respond to these questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    It is difficult to maintain your knowing when faced with folks who believe that action is the way to change the world.
    Here’s my take on your questions:
    1. Be the change you want to see. The world you perceive is a direct reflection of who you are. If you don’t want animals to suffer, then do not torture them. Do not give any energy at all to it. Tell your well-meaning friends that you are taking all the action you can by not concentrating on cruelty. Concentrate instead on seeing the world as a loving, caring place for all life. As you do this you will begin to see evidence of this. Give this evidence your energy and it will expand.
    2. You have the power to choose your focus. Again, don’t give it your attention. You cannot make something disappear by resisting it. You’re just adding energy to what you don’t want.
    3. Above all, be kind to them. But be kind to yourself, too. Explain to them you have a different strategy to make the world “a better place,” and leave it at that. If they cannot accept this, remember that’s not your problem. Keep your focus on the world you want and those who are vibrating differently will drop out of your experience.
    The world is already a pretty wonderful place and we did not come here to rescue it or anything in it. We came here to create joyfully. The more joy you have in your world, the less room there is for ugliness.
    Remember that the grisly photos you receive from otherwise well-meaning people *are just photos.* They are symbols of tragedy, but they are not part of your world unless you accept them.

  • Frankly, I wish you WOULD, Judy (go on). You are a treat! Thank you for bringing your delightful energy to this often-charged topic.

  • 1. Remember we are never separated from our true nature (Love) and that the law of attraction applies to all living beings. Judge nothing. (Translation: Judge as little as humanly possible. Keep all judgements to yourself) Everything is as it should be, but do what you’re drawn to do from a place of peace and love.
    2. Focus some other place. NEVER look at a horror story much less circulate it.
    3. They don’t need handling. Everything is in order. Love them.
    I could go on…

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