The LOA “How To” List

The Law of Attraction How To ListWe’ve got quite the collection of “how to” posts here, describing the ins and outs of all sorts of manifesting-related topics.

Here’s a master list so you can easily find whatever you’d like to get a better handle on:

How to Use Law of Attraction
How to Pretend it Real
How to Pre-Pave
How to Appreciate
How to Make Your Own Affirmation
How to Manifest a Miracle for Someone Else
How to Speed Up Manifestations
How to Live Real Life while Manifesting the Dream
How to Act It when It’s Not Real
How to LOA Your Day (17 Easy Ways to Practice Attraction)
How to Catch a Dog (& Anything Else You Want)
How to Release Attachment
How to Let Go
How to Lighten Up
How to Not Give a Rip (part 2)
How to Allow (without Giving Up)
How to Release a Grudge
How to Do Nothing
How to Stay Productive
How to Manage Overwhelm
How to Manage a Negative Nelly
How to Have a Bad Day Properly
How to Change Beliefs
How to Change Beliefs (Bashar)
Shifting Beliefs with Abraham
How to Amp Up Belief
How to Manage Expectations
How to Change Your Story
How to Feel Your Feelings
How to Get Happy 
How to Make a Bunch of Money Fast
How to Manifest Money  (the wisdom compilation)
How to Erase Debt with LOA
How to Practice Being Rich
How to Attract a Financial Windfall
How to Feel Rich While Cutting Back
How to Manifest More Time
How to Lose Weight with LOA (experts interview)
How to Help Another Heal (Q&A)
How to Pass the Test
How to Manifest a Job
How to Sell Your House Fast
How to Manifest a Valentine
How to Manifest Him (or Someone Better)
How to Manifest More Sex
How to Manifest a Proposal (Q&A)
How to Manifest a Pregnancy
How to Teach LOA to a Teenager
How to Enjoy Family Gatherings
How to Set a New Year Intention
How to Pretend When Reality Disagrees

  • July 10, 2013
  • kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette! My Moon (comfort, nurturing) in the 6th house (ordered lists, ritual routine) is in heaven!
    Thank you.
    I’m going straight to “how to manifest more time’ for a refresher boost. 🙂

  • Kathleen says:

    Hmmm…If I had a thirty-six hour gift every week, I would sit on my deck every morning, sipping my coffee, and watching the leaves rustling in the trees that surround my yard. I would start [and finish!] all those odd-ball projects that I never quite have enough time for, but would bring me happiness to accomplish. I would read novels. I would create a fabulous chocolate dessert each week. I would sing, smile, create, visit the ocean,dance more, and play in my garden!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Some observations, with quotation marks aplenty:

    “Pray rain” may be my new favorite phrase.

    “Dance like I don’t know what gravity is” almost brings me to tears.

    Using the words “perks” and “boob jobs” in the same sentence is just begging for trouble…

  • allmycareers says:

    I wouldn’t accept 36 extra hours unless I could negotiate an equal amount of good, focused energy to do stuff with the extra time, as well as needing no extra sleep to support the extra hours.

    After that I’d research where I can live in the world after my Internet businesses fully support me, someplace where I can get the kind of perks and privilege that L.A. blondes with boob jobs get. 🙂

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Harp, sewing, fiction, furniture finishing, new languages, dancing and trees?! I’m liking the sounds of that so much I think I might want to turn my 36 hours into 72 .. or more!

    Thanks Terry and Annette for the inspiring share!

    And for the kind words, Terry. It’s nice to know this is being received as intended by someone.


  • Annette says:

    36 hours? 36 hours???
    I would sew for myself! I sew lovely things for others, but I get left out! My designs! Yes, make my designs
    And I would play harp ALL DAY.
    And Dance like I don’t know what gravity is!
    And visit TREES!

  • Terry says:

    I would use my 36 extra hours to write fiction, take a sewing class (learn how to make my own clothes), and refinish the furniture in my bedroom! Then, I’d learn how to speak French and Irish.

    I love reading your blog and your newsletter, Jeannette. You always inspire me.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    You’ll like this, Paulette. It’s where you write a page a day about what you want as if you already have it, in a new journal. By the time you read the end, you’ll have it. (Or be so close to it it’s as good as done.)

    The term pray rain comes from a story Greg Braden told in “Isaiah Effect.” Here’s what I give to clients on it:

    A pray rain journal is kept for the purpose of bringing your dream to reality. Its power is in aligning your vibration with that which you want, and is accomplished by putting pen to paper about your dream as if you were already living it.

    It’s named after the story told by author Greg Braden about accompanying a tribal shaman on a rain dance. He expects a big production involving music, ritual, costumes and dance, but instead witnesses something very different.

    The shaman walks alone to an area marked with stones and walks around the perimeter for a minute or two with his eyes closed. No sounds, no costumes, no dance. After a short time, the shaman is finished and ready to return home.

    Greg is surprised at what he witnessed and says to the shaman “I thought you were going to pray for rain.” The shaman says “not pray FOR rain, but PRAY RAIN.” He explains he “prayed rain” by feeling the rain landing on his skin, feeling it collecting in the dirt beneath his feet, smelling the freshness of it, hearing the raindrops on the foliage, and seeing it fall from the sky. He “prayed rain.”

  • Paulette says:

    Pary tell — what is a pray rain journal?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    So nice to hear from you, Priscilla! Yes, would especially love to hear your use of 36 extra hours!

    And glad you liked the pray rain journal. That’s my favorite!

  • Priscilla Palmer says:

    I think that was a tag right?

    Thank you for mentioning the personal development list, also thank you for sharing the pray rain journal with Karen who shared it with all of us.

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