LOA Language Hacks

Law of Attraction Language Hacks: Soften Your WordsDeliberate creators know that “as we speak, so shall it be.”

Which is why we’re so conscious about what leaves our lips.

But on certain occasion it’s appropriate to express a little negativity. (We are human, after all, living in a world of contrast.)

How can we honor our LOA roots while still being true to what we feel?

I’ve heard a couple examples recently that made me smile.

So here are a couple language hacks for the LOA savvy:

My highly aware girlfriend wanted to communicate how much she did NOT appreciate a suggestion made to her. Instead of blurting out, “I HATE that idea,” she said, “I anti-love that suggestion.” I giggle every time I remember her creative commitment to not use the H word, while still saying what she means.

In a conversation with a friend who was mad at her partner for something he’d done, instead of calling him an idiot, we agreed to refer to him as a “smart guy in disguise.”

Isn’t that nicer than thinking of him as a blockhead?

An LOA savvy colleague was telling me about a vendor who didn’t deliver on a big order, but instead of elaborating about how mad she was at him, she just said, “He’s not on my favorite people list right now.” Gets the point across without using any derogatory terms.

Or how about keeping the positive word in play, but just adding less, un or non as appropriate descriptors. As in: “it was a joyless experience.”  Your brain can’t help but dial on joy when you word it that way – even if it’s brief. Or “it was an unsatisfying meal.”

Or “that meeting was non-thrilling.”

Some of my personal favorite LOA language hacks:

  • Instead of “I screwed that up” – it could be: “I wasn’t at my best.”
  • Instead of “What a crappy day” – try on: “I’ve had better days.”
  • Instead of “I’ve never felt so awful” – how about: “It can only get better.”

Yes, we know the words don’t matter – it’s the energy behind the words that Universe responds to.

But what conscious creator wouldn’t prefer a more LOA friendly phrasing when it’s time to vent some negativity?

Any time Universe hears love instead of hate, smart instead of idiot, or better instead of awful, it’s a vibrational step up. (Especially since we know negatives like “don’t, not and no” don’t register.)

You might wonder why wouldn’t we just skip any negative expression, no matter how cleverly disguised, and just speak something more positive?

If you can, great!  But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.

We know that owning how we feel is the best way to move through it. Faking it can work sometimes, but not every time.

My suggestion: don’t beat yourself up for not being in a happy joy-joy state of mind 24/7.

And when it’s time to speak the negative truth, try softening your words with a little LOA friendly twist.

Would love to hear your creative languaging tips!

  • April 25, 2013
  • Savannah says:

    I’m “not too hot on” or “not a big fan of”, rather than a hater drinking the haterade. Start working with toddlers, you’ll start talking like that too!

  • julie masters says:

    Linda and Evan, I love your insightful responses!
    Jeannette’s post got me thinking about something I’d just noticed recently, which is that I’ve practiced the LOA “correct” way to say things so well, that I was actually editing myself in my own journals!! The drawback being that I was letting those contrary thoughts and beliefs slip by without conscious awareness (and I think being aware is a BIG plus in shifting vibes!) AND I was actually spending time focusing on the “but” (or can’t or won’t etc. as in “I’d like to do that, BUT…”) that I’d started to write!
    For instance, rather than just noticing that the “but” existed, accepting it, and then consciously shifting what it represented for me, I spent time trying to find a more appropriate LOA word to use!!! Wow, that was a great awareness to have! And this post, and the resulting comments, have really helped me put the whole word PLAY thing in a new light! Thank you all!
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

  • Woah LindaA — we are on the same wavelength.
    Here was my variation: A sculptor friend and I spent a day installing a large outdoor sculpture in the cold drizzle of a Maryland winter . . . at one point I turned to him, both of us soaked and muddy and cold, and said, “Well, this is certainly unjoyable.”
    We had so much fun after that. First, it gave us — two LOA aficionados — permission to vent in backwards sounding ways. Second, ‘joy’ was still in the word . . . and I think seeped back into our experience right there because of it. Third, to Jeannette’s point above, there’s some kind of delight that surfaces when you allow wordplay to guide you back to bliss.
    Thank you J and L —

  • LindaA says:

    I’ve been thinking about posting in the forum about something related to this, and along comes your blog. So here I go.
    Two energy healers have told me they get the impression of something twisted and clenched in my body that’s causing pain. It feels that way to me, too. So I tried to find some “positive” language to use in affirmations. “Relaxed” isn’t enough. I needed something more specific. So I decided to try the “negative” approach and see how it felt. I started with intentions to un-clench, un-twist, un-wring, un-block, un-clog… You get the idea. It brought immediate relief, and I was even getting mental pictures of, for instance, a mop that was wrung tightly letting go, a telephone cord untwisting, a drain unclogging. I have been “un” doing all kinds of stuff since!
    I always end one of my “un” sessions with “I am” statements to get back in the totally positive vein. If I can think of an opposite of one of the “un” verbs, then I use it. If not, anything light and uplifting will do: I am content, I am healthy, I am clear, I am…
    The other morning I got out of the shower and had trouble getting my robe off the hook. Then I tried to put on a necklace and the chain was tangled. I was starting to get annoyed when I remembered to think of this as a message, a reflection of myself. Then I got it: I’m supposed to set an intention to “un-tangle.”
    I figure it it feels good, and the Universe is sending me signals of what else I need to “un,” then I’m on the right track–at least for me. And I’ve gotten results. Won’t go into that here.
    That said, I wholeheartedly agree we need to be very aware of the language that does produce negative thoughts instead of relief, for example, I hate such-and such; this will never happen; what a jerk, etc. You can’t “un” those! They require replacement instead.

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