LOA Lottery Insanity

There’s a girlfriend I haven’t stayed in touch with who used to believe that once she had the right man in her life, everything would be as it should.

She believed once she had her right guy that her future would be secure, her children would behave better, her day job would become optional, someone else would mow the lawn, and her happiness level would go through the roof.

So she divorced her current husband to make room for a better one (certain that her current husband was her biggest problem in life), and eventually found a dream come true guy.

From what I can tell, this guy is fabulous: devoted, faithful, romantic, gorgeous, makes great money at a good job, treats her (and her family) like gold, was thrilled to marry her …

… and yet, this girlfriend is anything but the deliriously happy version of herself she imagined she’d be once Mr. Right showed up.

No surprise to us creators, right?

We know the fallacy of falling for the belief that something or someone will make us feel better.

(At least – on our good days, we remember.)

We know that responsibility for how we feel is strictly ours.

We’ve all seen what happens when someone hitches their wagon to the “circumstance” they think will bring them a “happily ever after” … either they spend their lives chasing the elusive dream that they never get lined up with – OR – they get it and are disappointed it’s not all it was supposed to be.

(Can you tell I’ve been there, done that?  I know whereof I speak.)

But we don’t have to have lived this already to understand it. We know nothing happens that we’re not energetically lined up for, and that we are in charge of how we feel – it’s not dictated by our life circumstances.

Which is why I get a little irked every time I hear a deliberate creator talk about how excited they’ll be to win the lottery.

Before your feathers ruffle, let me clarify.

I have nothing against money. Especially big easy money.

I am, in fact, a huge fan of big easy money.

But I am not a fan of seeing powerful creators attach themselves to an outcome that can’t possibly happen when they think a winning ticket will “save their day.”

If you think your day needs saving, and you think the lottery can do that for you, you are forgetting how this all works.

The same way my girlfriend was nuts to think a different guy could change her life happiness, we are insane to believe that a windfall of cash will make us feel better.

It doesn’t.

It can’t.

Only YOU can make yourself feel better.

And when you feel better, guess what? You don’t care about winning the lottery!

Now, I have lots of colleagues and friends (including my fabulous Dad – Happy Father’s Day, Dad!) who play the lottery for fun.

I’m not talking about you guys.

I’m talking about the folks who pin their hopes and dreams on using the law of attraction to win the lottery and change their life forever the better.

The Universe can’t deliver what you’re not lined up for. So whatever you think a lotto win will do for you – you might want to bring that responsibility back home.

Because the lottery can’t make you happy, secure, free, or even rich. (And despite popular opinion, you don’t have to hear too many real life stories about lottery winners to know that.)

I’m also not saying winning the lotto is always an unhappy ending.

I’m just saying lotto money will do for you whatever you’re already flowing.

(Which is why my girlfriend is her same old unhappy self with her fabulous new guy.)

Like Alexander Green quotes in The Secret of Shelter Island, “Money doesn’t change who you are, it magnifies who you are.”

So instead of intending to win the lottery, how about instead we intend to be happy? Since that’s all we want anyway!

How about instead of dreaming up winning numbers, let’s take a few moments to count how we’ve already won the lottery? (I got to be born here now! On a planet where the skies are blue and there are over 300 brands of chocolate! At a time where we have fabulously adventurous contrast to explore with the most amazing friends for the journey! I could go on, but soapboxes probably aren’t the best vibe …)

My point being that if you think the lottery can change your life for the better, you are mistaken. Only you can do that. And when you do do that (change your life for the better), you won’t be so attached to lottery tickets.

Yes, Dad, I know – unless you’re buying them for fun. I get it.

And the first person who posts here asking for tips on how to use law of attraction to win the lottery, I swear to God, I will make you read Money Mojo Magic or some other suitable reminder to get your money vibe straightened out once and for all.

(Although it is always fun to hear Abraham on this topic.)

While I am feeling feisty here, I am also totally open to seeing how I’ve got this wrong, if you care to share. Or if you think I haven’t stated the point clearly or strongly enough.

Your thoughts?

  • June 20, 2010
  • Thank you, CaterpillarWoman and Barb, for maintaining the friendly spirit here!
    (Barb, you ARE a delicious girl and CaterpillarWoman, your comment means all the more to me after reading your very thoughtful Stopping post.)
    Thank you, friends, for proving we don’t have to agree to be nice to each other. 🙂

  • Barb says:

    CaterpillarWoman, thank you for this comment. I absolutely agree.
    Bhall, our discussions are very friendly, and we don’t insult each other. We’re discussing LOA here, and I think your comment is pretty off the mark.

  • “Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I honestly think your ignorant.”
    Just who is it that you’re calling ignorant? I mean, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion (and to your idiosyncratic spelling and haphazard grammar), but I’m just wondering at whom you’re aiming that opinion.

  • Bhall says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I honestly think your ignorant. Yes the lottery would make alot of people happy if they won it…why? not because there unhappy with their lives, but for the fact that money is needed. it is was makes this world go round. I’m content with my life not much things i can change about it. I life everyday, smile everyday and am happy to wake another day. I’m not living on the streets i have food to eat, and is in good health. but yes every time a bill is do i stress. its inevitable cause unfortunately for me to still have shelter, food, and clothing i need money. If i were to win the lottery i would still work, the money in itself wouldnt make me more happy but the security in it would. we all want to have security. Now just because i’m happy doesn’t mean i shouldn’t lock my doors every night in hopes that my happiness will keep the burglar that’s been around town out of my house. It makes me more happy knowing that my doors are locked and alarm set so it will be harder for anyone to get in. IT doesn’t change my personality or my happiness it gives me security knowing that the lease of my problems will be someone breaking in. And that’s all alot of people want. I dont have money to get the best education to do the career i always dreamed of as a child, and my happyness wont bring this to me, only money will. So just know every mega millions and every superlotto there is i might drop a few dollars and invest in it. cuz although i might never win, the hope, possibility or dream that someday i might win, that alot of my inevitable problems might go away. MAKES ME THAT MUCH HAPPIER!!!

  • Barb says:

    You might be onto something here. Deliberate creation may not be that “deliberate” :D. You know, in my life, things usually work out when I give up on them. And yes, I’ve had a 4 year delay in my dream coming true, and then it suddenly appeared and just “happened”, surprisingly and effortlessly. I believe it’s all about energy but basically when you’re just happy no matter what, and when you “don’t care”, that’s when miracles happen.
    I’m pretty good at getting parking spaces as far as “deliberate” is concerned, but otherwise knowing what you want, being sure about it, being detached and just happy about what you have now, does the trick. Yes, I guess Buddhists got it right. I’m practicing “not being in control”, it’s difficult (because I love being in control ;)) but it works.
    (Although it would be fun if there was a “better” way to make your dreams come true :))

  • Barb says:

    Oh, I love this post. Sometimes I need to remind myself to be happy and live in the present moment – I always tell myself: It’s now! Your life is now! Be happy!
    I remember after I saw The Secret, I got it wrong, just like many people, and I believed that it was so simple to win the lottery. Well, fortunately I woke up pretty soon and started studying LOA in depth instead – a much better investment, believe me 😀
    I think that focusing on winning the lottery is a waste of time anyway. It’s much better to focus on yourself, on your life and on your growth. And if you’re happy, LOA will do the rest 🙂

  • You see, Barb, your comment just reinforces my growing suspicion that “deliberate creation” is pointless. Just accepting what is and being joyful seems to be about the only thing that really WORKS. Everything else is iffy, has strings attached, doesn’t work, has restrictions on it, has a nasty “kickback”, etc. The more we try to be “deliberate” about what we want, the less likely we are to have the very things we want. The only way to really live and be happy is to let go of everything, including desire (yeah, I finally understand what the Buddhists have been talking about). 😉

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    WOW! Thanks for sharing that story, Kim K about that woman named Cynthia Stafford who won $112 million and the way she did it! Very cool. And one thing that I think was really key to having that happen was when you said that she used the Law of Detachment and went about her life. I think that is the key to manifesting ANYTHING you want in your life.
    I’ll tell you, Jeannette … I think this blog post about LOA and the Lottery is one of your blog posts that has the most comments! WOW! 🙂
    Wishing you all a Lovin’ Life rest of the day! 🙂

  • Kim K says:

    Some have manifested lottery wins one being Cynthia Stafford who won $112 million. She said she visualized winning $112,000,000 for two or three months before actually winning that exact amount in 2007! She also wrote the amount down a piece of paper and slept with it under her pillow. She said it was something taught to her by her mother. Her story is very inspiring.
    From what I could get from her story she intended her win, and went about her life as if she’d already won, acting and thinking in a wealthy manner but also used the Law of Detachment and went about her life. She is a very positive and unique woman and does amazing things with her money. It seemed to me money to her was a tool and nothing more not this thing she needed or else.
    We are all different and what works for one just does not for another. For myself this world of mine has all I need to do whatever it is I desire but I had to pull this from within not the other way around. Those outside of us can guide us but the answer is, was, and always will be inside…it’s built in.

  • Maia says:

    I like the clarity of Zoe’s explanation for CartepillarWoman.
    As for myself, I learned the fine line between:
    Wanting as knowing: what I want will come to me, but since I can not be sure exactly when IT will happened, I do not “watch the boiling cattle”, but get busy with other existing things or events, giving my best to what I do and enjoying it to the fullest. Letting go of my desire, because I know IT will happen when the time is right.
    and Wanting as being hung up on my wants: The feeling of dissatisfaction because I do not have IT. Wanting surrounded with negativity: I do not have IT,I can not have IT,I will never have IT, IT is upsetting that I do not have IT, because I really need IT. IT will make me happy.
    I remember my life lessons as a child, often times when I desperately wanted something, IT would not show up in my life until I cooled of and surrendered to the fact that I do not have IT. Sometimes things or events would show up after they are not as desired anymore. From a new bike as a child to a perfect job opportunity or a trip to a spiritual retreat in later years.
    I think Cinderella’s story is one of the examples of accepting existing reality without resistance and moving on into a new reality without a luggage of negativity.
    I like the freeing ending of New Thought’s affirmation. After stating one’s want as something that is knowingly coming it ends with:” and I let go and I let God and so it is.”

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Caterpillarwoman – what helps for me in getting clear on deliberate creation principles is what I heard Abraham say – the attitude to adopt is “loving what is and looking forward to more”.
    It’s like eating pizza and loving that and getting excited about dessert – loving what you’re experiencing now and looking forward to more/new things.
    Compare this to the very common block to manifestation which is ‘I don’t like what I am experiencing now I want something different’. Using the same metaphor it looks like this:
    “Here I am eating pizza. It’s ok. I don’t really like pepperoni and I’m a little stuck with the cheese. What I would really like is steak, but all I have is pizza. Pizza sucks. I don’t like pizza. I want steak.’
    When you are stuck in something you don’t like you experience contrast. The only way to get out of this is to appreciate what you are experiencing now and look forward to more.
    Like this: “I don’t like pizza much. I like steak. What I am liking right now is the fact that I can eat pizza – I have the choice to eat. I could become a breathatarian and not eat at all! Instead I love that I have taste buds and food tastes delicious – that my tastebuds can help point me in the direction of making distinctions, of expanding my preferences, of asking and discovering more.Maybe I’ll like pigs feet! I’m excited to discover what I will and won’t like next.”
    Anita – a slight tweak on your observation works for me: the excitement of discovery and experiencing new things (manifestations) is the real buzz – the manifestations, as Abe says, is just an excuse to run the energy. So you can delight in beer, and you can delight in wine and chocolate, and you can also look forward to creating/attracting/experiencing so many new and more things – at the same time.
    PS I love the Bob Hope quote!

  • Anita says:

    Okay, it may be time for BEER.
    The whole point is the manifestation, otherwise, I could just drink beer all day while listening to loud rock music and feel
    fine and dandy all the while. But actual money is necessary.
    Like, it takes money to build schools in Africa, or install clean water systems in South American villages. Of course those people may have been eating chocolate, enjoying the blue skies and friendships quite happily, but whatever good feelings that brought to them, wouldn’t have provided them with an education or the level of health clean water would. They probably would have just gone through life quite happy, yet still uneducated and unhealthy because there wasn’t the money that was necessary to make their lives better. And no, they couldn’t have had those things first.
    The money was actually necessary to improve lives.
    So eating chocolate is not the same as winning the lottery.
    And here’s two jokes, since I would like to lighten up,
    and am gettin’ just a bit extra feisty about this : ]
    A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. ~Bob Hope
    “They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?”
    Princess Diana quotes (British former consort (1981-96) of Charles, Princess of Wales, 1961-1997)

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