LOA Olympics Workout

law of attraction olympicsIt is ridiculously inspiring to see all these Olympic athletes who have committed to mastering their sport – whether it’s archery, swimming, cycling or even volleyball.

But it made me wonder what would the Law of Attraction Olympics look like?

After all, deliberate creators can’t sweat their way to success – it’s not just about getting in gym time or pool workouts.

In fact, working too hard often spoils our success!

So what does it look like to master the art of focusing and feeling good?

  • Hours (or years?) of regular meditation?
  • Running through thought-pivot drills?
  • Hanging out with puppies or watching kitty videos online?

Yesterday when I heard Abraham tell a Dallas workshop participant that most of us are lazy focusers, and after watching Ryan Lochte perform last night, I recommitted to mastering my own LOA skills.

I want to be as good at deliberate creation as Ryan is in the pool.

And that’s pretty freakin’ good – so I’ve got some work ahead!

I’m beginning with grid work to start, and looking to get some inspiration from you guys here for what else might serve. As a rising Capricorn, I’ve got it in me to work too hard for it, so I may brush up on my Slacker Manifesting skills, too.

What does your LOA Olympics training look like?

How do YOU master this amazing power we have to create whatever we want? I’d love to hear from you!

Oooh – I just thought of another advantage deliberate creators have in their Olympic event (in addition that struggle and sweat doesn’t serve us): there isn’t just one gold winner! Β ha! Β Unlimited resources abound and everything is possible!

Now THAT’S an event to devote your life to, don’t you think?!

  • July 29, 2012
  • I actually like the EZ MONET, Brian. lol And your “center, pray, relax” routine. I can see how that would serve very well!
    Christina, you nailed exactly what I was thinking … it’s different for everyone! Thank you for that.
    Wow, Alison! What a great routine! That feels really lovely! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Alison Primrose says:

    Thank you so much Jeannette for the hilarious article about your attempts to focus on body love. This was absolutely the best article you’ve ever sent me and that’s saying something! I so appreciate your openness. Anyway, on to the work-out. I would sit in a quiet place, and then:
    I know what I don’t want (to feel bad about my body) so what is it that I do want? (to feel good about my body).
    Alignment: This is what I want and my thoughts and emotions must be aligned with it. It is already real, there’s nothing I have to do except get in alignment.
    Intent: I intend to feel great about my body.
    Thoughts: I will think the thoughts that support my desire, instead of thoughts that work against it. I will love and be kind to me. If it feels good, I will make a list of all the things I love about my body.
    Emotions: I close my eyes, and find the feeling place in my heart where it always is. I feel love for my body. If it feels good, I will generate mental images that help me to focus my emotions on these good feelings about my body. I will do this again, and again, and again.
    Body: I’ll show my body in any way I can that I care about it. Even if it’s doing something that’s not related to my weight, I’ll be happy in the knowledge that my body is getting the message about my love and that all things that are a vibrational match will be attracted.
    Then: if my focusing keeps making me think of the things which make me feel bad, then I’ll go general. I’ll think about Olympic athletes and healthy bodies or even just the fundamental health and well being of this planet until I’m vibing with that so thoroughly it all just comes naturally to me to love my body.
    And I won’t: Plan, make efforts that are the result of trying to fill in my own grid, or get fussy and pedantic about food. I will resist the temptation to come up with “the great self-discipline plan”. This is not a path of action.
    I will trust the universe that when I get out of the way the natural well being of my body must become dominant. And I’ll prove the astrologers wrong about Capricorns, and show the world what a slacker I can be. I’m gonna trust in the fundamental well being of this universe and to hell with the rest of it. I’m a Creator and when I line up with what I want it must BE according to law and that’s that.
    And finally I’ll remember that practice makes perfect, and every focusing effort helps me for next time. I don’t have to get this sorted out right now, I’ve got all the time I need. My victory in the final is inevitable, but I don’t have to race today.

  • Christina says:

    I think everyone’s LOA workout would look different. Just like athletes don’t train the same way, we don’t have to do the same things. How many of us jump on a new tool or idea looking for the magic to “make” something happen? We forget it’s not up to us to make anything happen. We just intend and let it go.
    It’s hard for me to remember that. It’s easy to say I’m not going to live by what I see, but actually doing it – that’s the hard part.
    My LOA workout starts by taking 100 percent responsibility for my life. Not blame, not fault, responsibility. I can hear others say “But what if –” Doesn’t matter. My responsibility. If God created me in his image, allowed me to have my own free will, allowed me to decide what I wanted to do here BEFORE I got here, and if I truly BELIEVE that, then I have to take responsibility. Otherwise, I’m saying I take responsiblity except when…
    So that’s where I start. It’s taken me a year to get here, and I’m looking forward to seeing where I’m going.

  • Brian says:

    EASY MONET, cuz I want to be a painter? No, EASY MONEY, that’s the ticket.

  • Brian says:

    Novena’s. Yeah, that’s my warm up.
    Background- when I was in my early teens my aunt Anna mentioned she had just gotten back from church where she said her Novena for the day. That’s a special Catholic prayer to Mary asking for her intercession (ask Jesus for the fulfillment of your request or something better). So me being a hate to go to church kinda young man I thought to myself, “no way in hell will I ever in my life be doing Novena’s, strange name anyway’s”.
    So 40 years later I still don’t go to church BUT, thanks to Doreen Virtue I have connected to Mary. She’s my doorway to Angel’s and who knows what else.
    So I’m on my third set of novena’s ( I think it means 9- anyway you say these special novena prayers for 9 days straight, asking for something. I’ve been amazed, all 3 have either come true or are obviously on their way.
    My next Novena, starting tomorrow will be EASY MONET (for all of the right reason’s, of course)
    So I center, pray and relax. Then I write 5 things I’m greatful for. every morning i do this and I am NOT a morning person.

  • Thank you, Csilla! It’s great to have good company in this work. πŸ™‚
    Kim, WOW!! I did not think of Mercury as the most important, but that makes total sense! Here’s everyone focusing on their sun signs – but OF COURSE deliberate creators would ESPECIALLY know to look at Mercury (because of the thought connection). duh!!
    Wow. That’s a game changer for me. Huh. Can’t wait for your call!! (It’s on the August calendar blog post for anyone who wants details.)
    And I also appreciate your comments about athletes and their hard work as “permission slips.” I was watching another athlete interview last night wondering about that very thing. What you’ve shared here makes perfect sense!

  • Kim falconer says:

    Jeannette, I love this post, and your newsletter re the 650 lb tire! That just lifted my vibe sky high and enthused me, for the first time, to do the 17 sec, 68 sec and it was great! Easy!
    I think training so hard is a point of focus for athletes, and also what Bashar calls ‘permission slips’. All that time they are physically working out they are tuning into their goals. And of course if you believe you have to work hard to achieve x, then . . . you do!
    With a LOA Astrology background, I am tuning into Mercury to focus my thoughts!
    The first thing I learned in astrology decades ago was the planet Mercury–messenger of the gods and ruler of thoughts–was the most important of them all. Energy follows thought, I was told. Understand your Mercury and you have the keys to the universe.
    Where our Mercury is placed, by sign, planet and aspect, is a key to OUR authentic way of focusing. What works for us. With my Mercury in Gemini in the 10th house of the ‘public’ I’m going to talk a little bit about this (with you) soon! It’s such a powerful tool to get into alignment! Activate the Mercury (Mind) in authentic ways. Here we go!

  • Yours blogs are ALWAYS right on time and exactly what I need to read … another pure signs that the Universe KNOWS what I need in order to have WHAT I WANT. This “focusing thing” is much more challenging than one would think but your example has given me the encouragement to stay on track as I know that the LOA only works in that way. Thank You!

  • Check you OUT, Ani!! WOO HOO!!! Yes, that’s a well earned medal and quite a party you’re creating! Invite us to the celebration!
    And THANK YOU, Jackie! I was kind of wondering if someone might have a fab answer for me on that! mwah!

  • Jackie says:

    maybe a little off topic here, but maybe not. I’ve found a wonderful product for dry cracked heels…Kerasal. Mine were almost bleeding when I found this stuff. It healed a big crack in hours. Part of my body love is keeping it and using it every day.

  • Ani Bell says:

    After reading your latest, Jeanette, I realize I’ve been in training for The LOA Olympics for quite a while, with the previous year or so kickin’ it into high gear with some mega-training! I’m ready! I’m doin’ it! I don’t really need more training, I’m ready to create!
    And here’s what I’m allowing to unfold:
    I’m moving into an incredible dream home in Port Townsend, WA!
    The move is easy and FUN! I have WAY more than enough $$$ to pull it off, way more than enough time, way more than enough help/support, and way more than enough energy! YES!
    I meet magical peeps along the way, and when I settle in, I not only meet my ideal guy and form a loving lasting partnership, I also meet a fab BFF, plus a vibrant tribe of like-minded folks with which to share my life!
    I easily meet a great new hair stylist, dentist, mechanic, etc.
    I have a fabulous home office, and my writing and coaching biz skyrockets from this loving, creative space.
    I could go on and on, but I’ll end it with this:

  • I think “bask in the glow,” Laurie!! That feels like the sweet spot to me!
    You’re making me laugh about the “weird little icon.” lol
    The gravatar monster icon is my preference over the black and white silhouette when someone doesn’t have a photo linked here: http://en.gravatar.com/

  • Sophie says:

    OK, so I am going to be badass and disagree a little πŸ™‚
    I have a friend who won a gold olympic medal in swimming and what I hear and know from her is all about the “zone”. She says she would get into a space where the reasoning mind dropped and the mind that knows more is possible would come in.
    As far as my practice to create anything in my life, I actually tend to stop focusing on it as soon as I enter “the question”. Yes, I don’t enter the zone, I remain in the question so that the universe can deliver what I could not possibly think about πŸ™‚
    The way i see it, if I have to focus on it, then it’s not a part of me yet. It;s outside of me. Once I don’t focus on it, once I be it, once I really choose it, then it’s in me, it’s me, and the world will transform so that it actualizes.
    PLus focusing requires way too much effort, and if it’s not easy, I ain’t doing it πŸ™‚
    Much gratitude!

  • how did that weird little icon get attached to my post?

  • Thanks for the great inspiring post! And I love the link to the visual and visceral experience of Ryan’s big win.
    Here’s what I’m going to try in response. I can easily feel body appreciation for my healthy young cat, my partner, and several others. I am going to begin by focusing on those easy feelings and build and build it for a little while, gathering it up, and then shining that same light on my own self and body. Do you think it is important to itemize what we appreciate or can we just bask in the glow of it?
    Big LOA hug for you and your magnificent physical manifestation of source energy!
    Laurie in Portland

  • I’m glad it was valuable for the entertainment factor, too, Teena. lol
    Sophie, isn’t asking the question your form of focusing into being?
    Woo hoo, Laura! Love your enthusiasm and am SO looking forward to your call at GVU in August!

  • Laura Fox says:

    Hi Jeannette, your email article about your “650 pound tire” is hilarious and purrrrrfect! It is really clear that we are being asked to “step up to the plate (not the dinner plate!) of our ability to track and witness our own thought forms and the subsequent feelings they evoke. We KNOW these things about Law of Attraction… and it’s not that we are lazy, it’s that we … have a great deal of ‘energetic momentum’ built up in the direction of our NOT-dreams through not being trained or training ourselves to have this continual awareness of where we are placing our attention. Your article is a PURRRRRFECT demonstration of where we’re at and what it takes to get us ‘over the hurdle!’ Woohooo! Go team! Let’s DO THIS THING!

  • Teena Mason says:

    I see what you are saying Sophie & thanks for sharing…however for me constant “chatter-thinking” gets in my way, so focusing is a nice place to be (focusing & resting in the good feeling)…

  • Teena Mason says:

    I really love this Jeannette! Just yesterday, I was thinking of this little “belly pouch” I have. Since I am little, short and small framed, the last thing I want appearing before my face is belly fat! I comforted myself by saying “you had children, so your body will never look 20 again, but you look great for your age!” What a “sucky” message to send to myself. I can have the body of a teenager if I create it, but all in all…I kind of like myself the way I am!
    I have a lot of distracting thoughts too, so the fact that you shared your own…not only made me laugh out loud, but I can really relate…which just makes me more determined to practice!
    THANK YOU BIG for sharing!

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