LOA Stories of Kitties Come Home

LOA Stories of Kitties Come HomeWho doesn’t love a good success story involving kitties?

That’s what this post is – stories of cool cats come home.

It’s dedicated to anyone who gets caught up in worry or fear about a favorite feline gone awol.

Take heart (and a lesson) from these powerful creators who manifested their kitties home sweet home:


We live in a house surrounded by trees on one side and a main road on the other. Two days before our cat went out and didn’t return.

We were all tensed the whole day whether someone took her away (as she is really cute) or some animal attacked her.

We went searching for her in the whole big colony asking everyone if they had seen her. Finally after trying so hard looking for her even the next day, I decided to leave it to the faithful universe, and let her go.

I trusted myself and tried to be happy ‘as if’ I found her. I even wrote it in the ‘as if’ format. And wishing she would come back on her own.

The same evening, I was going out .. and beneath my car, she was sitting there. Happily, peacefully.


So yesterday morning I woke up to one less kitty. I have two sister cats, indoor due to all the inherent dangers where I live (lots of wildlife).

She had slipped out the night before while my hubby BBQd. I had thought it odd she didn’t come sleep with me like she always does, she stays with me all night and is my morning happy thought.

In the morning when she wasn’t sleeping at my side I searched the house and grounds, when she was not to be found I pretty much gave her up as dead. Actually began the grieving process. Then I thought of your blog post about your missing cat, Jeannette. I realized I was actively manifesting dead kitty. Not what I wanted!

So I shifted gears, and started thinking what an adventure she must be having. She made a deliberate choice to leave the safety of the house, so I saw her enjoying the feeling of grass under her feet, chasing butterflies, enjoying all the freedom I wish they could always have, but experience has taught me outdoor cats don’t live long around here! In my vision we lived in the reality where she had her adventure and returned safe & happy to me.

Anyway my hubby felt horrible so he was happy to join in my “pretending” all was well and that she’d be home soon.

I pictured him carrying her into me at bedtime, and that’s exactly how it played out! I went to bed without her, feeling sad but accepting and trying to make peace with her choice. Then an hour later in he walks with her! Safe & sound.

The funny thing was, I had fleeting images of a little fluffy black kitten off & on all day too. I thought, when some time passes I should get a new companion for my other cat.

Today, when I let my kids know she was home safe, my daughter sent me a video of a kitten she had already sourced out for me, a little black fluffy male! Too young to leave his mama but will be ready to go in two weeks, in time for my birthday! Going to go look at him today!

So thanks, Jeannette, for your timely reminder before I even needed it! And thanks to my angels (and hers) for looking after my adventurous one!

(Read Alexandria’s delightful full story here.)


I’m not saying this is a good example by any means, but even when you’ve lost your LOA senses you can still get help:

A couple years ago I lost my head when my favorite blind kitty went missing. Cried for hours straight while making up lost kitty flyers to distribute through the neighborhood, reporting him to Home Again pet rescuers, walking the neighborhood streets calling his name.

The last thing I did before collapsing on the couch to cry through the night was email three of my most powerful witch friends asking them to help conjure him home. I also asked angels to guide him home.

While laying there sleepless trying not to worry about what might have happened to him (instead trying to imagine my relief at his return but not doing a very good job of it), I felt like a miserable failure of a manifestor.

But in the early morning hours I heard a meow at the front porch. (Which is why I’d spent the night on the couch with the windows wide open – so I could hear him if he came back.)

Sure enough, it was my handsome guy come home. I opened the door, he walked through and collapsed in exhaustion in the entryway.

My beau called out from upstairs to ask if my kitty was home. I told him I wasn’t sure, because I might be dreaming. He got out of bed to confirm it was real life. Elvis was home sweet home, safe and sound.

* * * * * * * *

And that’s what I wish for you if your kitty seems to be absent from the premises: happy healthy, safe and sound, home sweet home.

Take a lesson from Astha and Alexandria about how a conscious creator rolls, and if you’ve got a story to share about your kitty come home, give the gift of hope to a fellow feline lover by sharing it below.

  • May 22, 2015
  • Barbara says:

    Just catching up on your blogposts and I naturally gravitated here! Funny thing- this morning my cat Zelda was nowhere to be found in my house. She’s not an outdoor cat and I hadn’t yet opened any doors or windows so I knew she was here somewhere. So I decided to just go to work, knowing that I’d see her when I got home, but actually still in that vibe of “Where can she be?”
    When I pulled out of the parking space on my street, a black cat just like Zelda ran hurriedly across the street some yards in front of me. I thought, “Zelda?” Then I said to myself, “Nah. I just manifested a Zelda twin by vibing Zelda, where are you?” LOL
    Love these kitty stories! <3

  • Sabeen says:

    A cat (Tiger), who lives on my street and who I love dearly, got lost during a bitter cold winter snowstorm. He’s a little guy and I was frantic with worry about how he would fare in the cold plus we have coyotes in the area. I spent weeks checking animal shelters, lost animal websites and local vets to help his owners find him. I also visualized him coming home and constantly affirmed it. As time went by, hope was waning thin but I was checking everywhere I could think of every single day. Until I realized I needed to take a break from this constant energy of “Tiger is lost! Where is he?” So I gave myself a break from obsessively looking for him, deciding that I would resume the search in a few days and just not focus on it for a bit. About a week later, I was in the vicinity of the animal shelter and decided to pop in. Lo and behold, Tiger was there having just been brought in a few days earlier. He was fine as can be and I only wished he could tell me about all of the adventures he had been having over the past month.

    • Jeannette says:

      omgosh, Sabeen, I love that you honored your inspiration to pop in to the shelter and check!
      And that you knew enough to stop the compulsive searching.
      What a savvy creator you are! 🙂

  • sonia says:

    thank you firlfriend! 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Sonia!! I’m so glad he came home!!
    Yay for you!! And how cool that your daughters got in on the magic, too.
    Here’s to deciding.
    (Still so happy for you!!) 🙂

  • sonia says:

    I have 3 cats, a girl and 2 baby brothers (5 months) always cuddling and sleeping against each other. Last week “Petit chat” disappeared in the middle of the night. He never did that beforeI I looked everywhere, asked the neighbours, prayed, cried and then accepted yhe fact that he might be dead. Then I read this and I decided that Petit chat dead was not what I was choosing. I told my daughters “Petit chat is back, dirty, starving but doing fine”. This morning he showed up, dirty and starving (I fed him 5 times in 2 hours). We get to decide people. 🙂 Thank you for this post, it shifted my vibe big ways!

  • Jeannette says:

    Wow, Stacy, you’re a rock star in my book. It’s easier for me to trust kitties to come home than dogs for some reason. I’ll follow your lead on that one from now on!

  • Stacy says:

    Same attitude works with dogs too. My dog is a “Houndini” – quite the escape artist.
    She doesn’t get loose much but the last handful of times she has, I just let it go and know that she’ll come home when she’s ready. Sure enough, within a few hours she’ll come up to the front door and bark to be let in. (If she knew how/could reach, I bet she’d ring the doorbell.) Sometimes, I look for her (if I realize she got out immediately after she did) and she’ll get right into my car. Other times, I can’t find her and decide to let it go and she always returns.
    I think I got way less stressed about it thanks to your story, Jeannette. I hold the intention that she’ll be fine and will be back as soon as she’s done her mini-adventure.

  • Jeannette says:

    I like that, Nancy. Very fitting considering the cats I’ve known!
    And Sandeep, that sounds like the ultimate form of trust we can embrace. Thanks for sharing your example.
    (Ooh, and it makes me think of another particular area of life you might use that “trusting” superpower!!)

  • Sandeep says:

    Oh it makes me nostalgic.
    I love cats. I too had kittens for about a year. I treated them like my daughters. Once these kids left the home, I searched here and there; then my prayers for about a week got them back to my home, and we all 3 felt so happy. Sadly, my neighbors didn’t like them cos in Hindu society, a cat is not considered auspicious. On the contrary, dogs are preferred cos they guard the house. It is similar to the case of some evil people who prefer to have birth of a son instead of a daughter. One of my narrow-minded neighbors even threatened to send goons (hired culprits) to my home. It didn’t affect me. To prevent my cats from escaping, I got a big enclosure for them. Once I was away for 2 weeks from my home, I left the cats (about 1 year then) with my parents. When I came back, I saw the cats missing : they were either unleashed or given to a cat caretaker. So I prayed for their well-being, and I knew they would be fine wherever they lived in the lap of caring universe and kingdom of loving God. Perhaps these 2 sweet, homeless kittens needed my utmost love and care in the initial stage of life.
    Love and regards

  • LOL, gotta love kitties…they show up back home, wondering why were are all worked up. They *knew* they were “purr-fectly phine” the whole time, so why didn’t we know that, too?
    Many blessings,

  • Jeannette says:

    Silly kitties is right, Allison! lol
    And Beth, you’re so right about how much more powerful it is to declare “There you are!” instead of re-confirming the awol status by asking where he is.
    Thanks for sharing two more fabulous success stories with us, you two! Much appreciated!

  • Allison says:

    Those silly kitties! I have a “stray” that adopted me 3 years ago and insists he is an outdoor kitty. He has plenty of food, shelter and snuggles on our front and back porches, and generally sticks to the yard. December 23, two days before Christmas, we had a bad storm and he must have gotten lost in it (from what I understand, when their pads get wet, they have trouble finding their way home). I was SO upset and was desperate for a couple of days. Miserable Christmas! The day after Christmas, I decided to TAKE ACTION. Stir up the energies of the Universe! I filed a report with the local Humane Society. I made flyers with his adorable photo and info and posted them around the neighborhood, all the time imagining him seeing the flyer and realizing how much I missed him, imagining him back in his little house waiting patiently for food and snuggles. I then contacted a couple of animal communicators, but neither could meet with me until the following Monday. I had done all I could and sent out thoughts of love and healing and protection. I peaked out the front window Sunday evening, and there he was – as if nothing had happened, none the worse for wear!

  • Beth says:

    Did this last night when our more adventurous kitten was out. He strolled back in all proud of himself and I nuzzled his neck, as I had been imagining doing. I now always vibe on ‘There he is!’ instead of the ‘Where is he?’ – on your advice!

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