LOA Style Insurance

law of attraction style insuranceWhat’s the best health insurance a person can get?


That’s hands down the best insurance for your long term health.

We’d be smart to focus a little less on choosing the right plan or on making enough to cover ┬ápremiums, and instead focus more on whatever brings us joy.

Happiness is good for your body, good for your bank account, good for your relationships, good for your soul.

Joy is the vibration that ensures you’re attracting more things and experiences you actually want.

I’m not suggesting you cancel your policy today (some would activate fear in doing so) – I’m just saying let’s focus on what makes the biggest difference.

What would make you happy? Following that is a smart insurance plan.

  • May 28, 2013
  • You know, I’m not actually feeling very inspired to start working within someone else’s parameters. How it is in my world is a creation of mine – not something I rely on external input for.
    Good thing to remember next time we’re facing down something from another that we may or may not want …

  • Jackie says:

    At this point, the thing to do may be to figure out how much an insurance policy will cost versus the additional tax you pay for not having one in 2014 and deciding what makes the most sense money wise.

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