LOA Success Secret #2: Chill Out

LOA Success Secret #2: Chill Out
This is secret #2 from ourΒ Law of Attraction Success Secret series.
When we learn how to manifest what we want, it’s not unusual for us to work hard at getting our thoughts turned around and engaging endless law of attraction processes and exercises.
But in doing that we’ve just turned old Β habits of taking relentless action into hard core “make it happen” manifesting efforts.
And working hard – whether we’re doing it through action or trying to align our thoughts – isn’t the best way there.
The best (swiftest, most effective and enjoyable) path is to relax, let go of the struggle, release the tension and anxiety, and just appreciate the journey.
In short –Β chill out.

This quote from Abraham helps me make this point with clients:
“Everything that you want is downstream.”
The downstream journey is easy, relaxed, and it doesn’t involve work, struggle or effort. Β It’s effortless because the stream takes us there.

But when we’re making it a big deal, studying everything we can get our hands on to learn this manifesting stuff better, and working hard to get our vibration aligned, we kink the vibe.
It really is easier than we make it out to be sometimes.
Just relax a little, don’t take it too seriously, and give yourself some breathing room … which gives Universe more opportunity to play with you.
That’s when you’ll see things come together much better than when you were working hard for it.
For tips on how to relax when the pressure is on, check out these related posts:

… and please share your favorite “chill out” remedies in the comments, if you can do that without taking it too seriously.

  • June 6, 2012
  • You know, focusing on the “pleasure” aspect is a good way for me to accomplish that, too, Berta. Because it isn’t so much one particular go-to habit that works every time. Rather, it changes depending on the circumstances and mood.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one! πŸ™‚

  • Berta says:

    Meditate and read a book, article, or whatever I can find purely for pleasure.

  • Looking for the link now, Imogen …

  • Sure having the ability to relax and manifest is really important. However, it’s an ingrained habit of many of us to keep working, Possibly from a deep sense of insecurity that is hard to clear.
    And it’s that that is stopping LOA from working for us.
    The biggest breakthrough I had with this was a few weeks ago at a course. Tough to summarize I posted a bit on my blog. It involved a meditative exercise.

  • It’s amazing the power of a couple of well chosen words to shift the energy, huh, Paige?
    Nice habit. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Paige says:

    Seriously love these tip posts Jeannette. They are awesome. wow did I try to bang things into shape when I first started (still do sometimes). My biggest chill out thing to do lately is from Abraham but is actually something Esther does I love to repeat “Ease and Flow” over and over again. It seriously just relaxes me and makes me realize the journey. Lately I have also been thinking “this is just my grid filling in” and then start a new grid.
    Man, I love this stuff.
    Thanks Jeannette!

  • Way to let go of the “how,” Anna – and trust Universe to deliver.
    That is the mark of a practiced creator! πŸ™‚

  • Anna says:

    Have experienced both sides of this today –
    – no more service of phone & internet unless I paid today. didn’t have funds available. decided to allow miracle of unknown kind (literally) and bing bang boom friend said here’s the card info pay now & keep it.
    Holy Unexpected Cow of Gratitude!
    Rolling with that, made a call to my dad about something else. didn’t work so well. but I went with it anyway. and I think that’s what the important part is – because even if it doesn’t work out well for us on our end, with our perspective, it just might have an effect that *we* are unaware of, making it a positively growing move for another.
    And with that, I go to harvest my neighbour’s chard from last year.

  • Isn’t that the truth, Ashley?! I think we’ve all had that experience, too, which makes it even easier to trust when we practice it again.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Ashley says:

    Go shopping, get a massage, do what you love. It is amazing the stuff that happens when I just let go and have fun.

  • I’m glad you chimed in with that one, Kim! That’s an easy habit that makes a big difference!
    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  • Kimberly, The Fur Mom says:

    What a wonderful reminder. I find myself doing this and when I feel tense when thinking about something, then it’s my clue that I’ rowing upstream. I change my focus to something I love and that gets me right back on track.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this, Jeannette. Thank you!
    I’ve one word to offer, one suggestion.
    Less stressful than a holiday; more effective than a heap of techniques. Mediation, the go to brain-chill-pill.

  • It really is that simple, isn’t it, Kimberly? That willingness to notice how we’re feeling and make a course correction when we recognize resistance that’s present.

  • Nice trick, Susan! I never thought about being deliberate about holding an intention for each breath.
    I was just listening to one of your guided meditations last night – love that series!

  • An easy way to get out of the ‘hot zone’ is three deep breaths – 1 to let go of the past that harbors regret, 2 to let go of the future where fear may reside and 3 to be present and fully inhabit your life now.
    Contact me for recorded meditations on being present or join us at GoodVibeUniversity.com

  • Nick, that fabulous profile pic of yours makes me think you are really good at staying chilled out.
    Good point about not planning the “hows” of it all, too! That’s an easy way we trip ourselves up.
    Thanks for posting, my friend!

  • Nick Breen says:

    I agree, I think people get to worked up as to how they will get something. I think it’s more important to know what you want, chill and not worry about how it will happen and just know that it will.
    It may not happen the way you had planned or the way you thought it would, but if you allow it to happen without planning every single aspect of how you will get it, you will get it way faster.

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