LOA Success Secret #5: Drop the Agenda

law of attraction secrets revealedThis is secret #5 from our Law of Attraction Success Secret series.

Those of us who know how the system works can sometimes (maybe often) find ourselves working that system in order to get what we want.

That sounds innocent enough, right?  (In fact, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?)

But if you’re ‘doing this’ in order to ‘get that’ – you’ve missed the boat.

Stay with me here, because really understanding this can be a huge boon to your manifesting practice …

You may be holding up your progress if you’re doing any of these things:

  • putting together a vision board in order to manifest those things
  • visualizing the desired outcome in order to create those results
  • pray rain journaling to make it happen
  • scripting out loud to direct what happens next
  • doing nothing to make something happen (even Slackers slip!)

You guys, I probably do this a couple times every week.  That’s how easy it is to fall for!

The truth is, though, our highest alignment is found in genuine appreciation.

And we’re not truly appreciating when we’re only doing something in order to create change.  That’s doing it with an agenda.

Just like we’re not truly loving someone if we only do it to get them to love us back.  That’s not love; that’s emotional manipulation.

The purpose of manifesting techniques and exercises are to take us to a state of alignment via appreciation.

Which means: the most effective way to make a pray rain journal entry is to do it because it feels good, not to make it happen.  The real way to relax is to do it without trying to make something happen, because that’s not relaxing – that’s just efforting lying down.  The best way to visualize is to see what you want because it’s enjoyable to, not to ensure that’s what unfolds next.

Are you with me?

It means that if you’ve got an agenda to engage a manifesting method in order to create results, you would be better served to recognize that the real manifesting juice is in the vibration of appreciation.  That’s where we’ll find highest alignment to what we want.

All that means is that you’re best served when joy, love and appreciation are your real targets.

Here’s what Abe said about it recently:

“If you would spend just a little bit of time over the next few days just making lists of things that you appreciate from right where you stand, you would shore up a Grid that would begin to fill in immediately.

But if you do it because you want the Grid to fill in, rather than because you’re appreciating, then you’re not appreciating.  Then you’re trying to fill the Grid in.

And that’s what goes wrong with so many Deliberate Creators. You’re getting your cart before your horse.”  – Abraham, March 2012 in Orlanda FL

What I’m trying to convey here is that appreciation is the name of the game.  Any of those manifesting exercises we engage are designed to get us to that state of enjoyment and thankfulness now.  NOT to create that stuff we want so we can then get thankful and joyful.

Make sense?

It’s an easy distinction to miss, which is why it’s LOA Success Secret #5.  (Stay tuned for the next four.)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on dropping the manifesting agenda if you care to share.

  • April 29, 2012
  • ChipEFT says:

    Bertha and Nathalie,
    I find the gap between the feeling what it would be like to be here and feeling it is here. I see several steps here:
    I want it.
    If I had it would feel like this.
    I can have it.
    It is inevitable that I will have it.
    I do have it.
    The last step requires the belief that the vibration of the thing is the true reality.
    I like your “Wouldn’t it be fun if..” technique.

  • Nathalie says:

    @Berta — I like that “wouldn’t it be fun if…” approach, too!

  • Berta Bauer says:

    I know what you mean, Nathalie, when you wrote . . .
    “there seems to be a very fine line between feeling it’s here and feeling what you’d feel *if* it was here. How do you tell the difference?”
    I use the phrase, “Wouldn’t it be fun if . . .” and that puts me into feeling my desire as if I have it now. How often did we use this very phrase as kids and then let our day dreams take over? Our imagination was so powerful that we were experiencing those desires in real time.
    Using this phrase makes me release the need and enjoy the experience of make believe.

  • This is just what I needed a reminder of today! Love this blog 🙂

  • Nathalie says:

    @ChipEFT, @Jesann & @Jeannette — thank you all for you responses. That does clear things up a bit. When I use techniques like visualization (which I have kind of a hard time doing anyway b/c my mind tends to wander off to other things) or looking at my visualization boards, it’s generally because I like doing it — it’s fun, and not something I think of as “homework” or anything like that. When I think about the things I want, it’s not with the thought that it’s not here yet, it’s more like having fun with the thought of imagining it’s already here. Kind of hard to explain, and from what I’m reading here there seems to be a very fine line between feeling it’s here and feeling what you’d feel *if* it was here. How do you tell the difference?
    As for the part about feeling good about where you are now, I’m finding ways to appreciate “now”. Lately, I’ve found that gratitude and appreciation are things that I’ve been wanting to explore further, mostly as an experiment to see what kind of effect they have on my own moods, so I decided to start a 28 Day Happy Challenge for myself (ties in with Mental Health Month and charity-related stuff I do, actually). What I’m going to try and do is either do or take note of at least one thing every day that makes me happy, for no other reason than that it makes me happy. I’m also making it a point to write those things down on my blog every day so I have a post with a whole month of happy things to read whenever I want a vibe booster. Just started yesterday, and I think it’s going to be so much fun because I find I’ve always got that in the back of my mind now, looking for happy things to take note of for my happy log! lol 🙂

  • ChipEFT says:

    Bama Girl,
    Joy is the vibrational expression of who we are as Source Energy and continually striving toward that end is very fulfilling. But there is what I think a misconception about the notion that you must feel good.
    When we decide what we want and keep it in focus, what happens is that pull up any contrasting thoughts or beliefs to achieving that wanting percolate to the surface. If the contrast is great enough, feeling good is out of reach. If you make feeling good “all that matters” you simply add to the contrast.
    I respectfully submit, that what you are really looking for is to feel better from where you find yourself right here right now. Sometimes feeling better will feel really good. Sometimes feeling better means a headache doesn’t hurt quite so much.
    Feeling relief always feels better.
    If you make it your intent to always feel better, it is my guess you will spend a lot more time in the good-feeling zone.

  • Jeannette,
    I believe I am finally getting it. After a year of reading and studying and learning, I get it. The only thing that matters is that I feel good. That I appreciate where I am and where I’m going. If doing a visualization, pray rain journal, vision board, etc. helps me feel good and is inspired, then I will do it. I woke up yesterday with some great ideas for the novel I’m rewriting, for my website restructure, all these projects and ideas that I have. And yes, I wrote them down. But there is no timeline, there is no deadline associated with any of the ideas. This is on purpose. When I’m in a place of dropping the agenda that’s when everything I do feels fun. If I get to a point where any project is a chore and I’m grumpy because something isn’t working, I’m realizing that’s when I need to step back, release any arbitrary agendas or deadlines, and just enjoy and have fun.
    Thanks for reminding me of this.
    I love your analysis of the archetype of summoning help from a distance even though we have the answers in ourselves. I love seeing literature and life through your perspective.

  • Tish O'Conor says:

    I am appreciating this blog right now and then I read today’s daily quote from Abraham:
    “Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, “More of this, please. More of this, please.” You need never again make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float — all good things would flow to you.”
    — Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, April 19th, 1997 # 430
    Our Love,
    Jerry and Esther

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, so true.
    . . .the part where they “summoned a great rainmaker from a distance” kind of makes me think of how I get hired by clients sometimes. Just having someone they believe in on board makes SUCH a difference in their expectation and thus vibration!
    The summoning help from a distance is archetypal. It’s part of the process of the ‘journey’ and the next step in moving things along. The answer is in us, inner guidance, but we project that out into the sdistant other’ and conjure the ‘supernatural aid’ – our way of believing we can change, grow, heal etc!
    Love it!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    I’m starting an “Appreciation Practice” right now. I could use a good dose of appreciating what I have going on right now. There is so much to be thankful for but today I’m stuck in the feeling sorry for myself mode. AND I have absolutely nothing to feel sorry for – it’s all good, excellent in fact. Great timely post again Jeannette. Don’t know what I would do without you and all the Good Vibe folks to keep me straight.

  • Lois says:

    I like this thought- when we’re doing that (“that sucks!” routine), we’re no longer focused on the idea (as Abe suggested); rather we’re focused on the contrast. So the good news is we’re cooking up even more good stuff via that ….
    I also like what you told Nadine and Natale –
    “It IS a rather tricky thing, isn’t it? Like I said, I still find myself doing this on a regular basis. So we’re students in this together, my friend!” Good to know that even experienced LOAers still feel like students.
    Chip, thanks for your comments. I am beginning to understand this.

  • Berta Bauer says:

    Thanks for asking about my book reading and signing. it went way, WAY, better than I expected. We were pulling in chairs from across the room and we started 10 minutes late as people kept coming in. Best of all, once I got past the initial jitters, it was pure fun. Almost everyone in attendance bought a book, and friends who had previously bought a book told me how much they liked it.
    Best of all, my son and daughter-in-law called when we were getting ready to leave. I had just given them the book a week ago when we visited them on our vacation. My son said he was proud of me, that his wife loved the book, and he really liked what he has read so far-and he’d just started it. I told them that as amazing as the evening went, that their call meant more than how incredibly successful the book reading and signing was.
    I am so glad that I persevered through times of doubt, and didn’t let my saboteur stop me from realizing my dream. “Worrying is just praying for what you don’t want.” (Wish that was my original quote, and I don’t know who coined it.) And we can worry with our words or our feelings. And pertaining to your blog, what I did while driving to the event was say, “Well, in a few hours it will be over. I’m just going to have fun.”
    Hats off to ditching the agenda!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Is anyone else amazed that in spite of all the response Jannette’s posts get, she still manages to address everyone personally?
    Here is the link to my Facebook quotes:

  • I KNOW, Nadine (and Nathalie)! I know exactly what you mean! Why would I write in a pray rain journal if it wasn’t to make something happen?! I’m not writing in that thing for FUN, for heaven’s sake!) ha ha
    And just like Chip and Jesann said so well (Chip, I love the “button” you made with those three steps! Next time you’re here, will you remind everyone of the online page where we can see all of those?)
    .. just like Chip said, when I’m doing ‘this’ in order to get ‘that,’ it signals Universe that I don’t have it. But when I do it because it feels good, because I enjoy it, because it’s pleasurable, THEN Universe gets the signal that makes Universe say, “Ahhh, Jeannette feels good! She’s happy! What have we got that matches happy?” and it sends that in because we’re vibrationally lined up to it.
    It IS a rather tricky thing, isn’t it? Like I said, I still find myself doing this on a regular basis. So we’re students in this together, my friend!
    And Jesann, thanks for the note about Noah St. John’s realization. That was helpful to get a better grasp on this subject.

  • Jesann says:

    So I hope I didn’t sound like a hypocrite in writing all that given my life over the past few years. For a lot of people, or at least for me 🙂 , our vibration is really a habit. I know the drill. I know when I think I’m going to do this or that, if I immediately feel something like, “Because I haven’t yet done this or that,” then I won’t get the thing done. But it’s become so, so automatic — trust me, you will start to physically feel it after a while! — that getting my vibration to just. slow. down. and not jump to conclusions has been quite a project.

  • Jesann says:

    Nathalie, it is the emotion. If you set up a vision board and, every time you look at it, you think, “Well, that’s still not here. Neither is that, or this,” then you are broadcasting, “I don’t have this, I don’t have that.”
    Jeannette’s point is that those thoughts and feelings are what the universe will respond to.
    Even if you think, “That’s mine, I have it,” if the inner feeling you have is, “It’s not here yet, so I have to think that I have it to make the universe send it to me,” the universe is going to hear, “I don’t have it.” And it will send you more circumstances to remind you that you don’t have it. Basically, the emtion and vibration emanating from your body is the equivalent of a set of sound waves to the universe’s ear. You’re just vibrating instead of speaking, that’s all.
    By the way, I write all that from the perspective of someone who has had an incredibly hard time letting go of the “don’t have” feeling. I freely admit to being one of those readers who was emailing Jeannette, asking how years of trying to turn things around only made things worse, even though I know the drill.
    The point of vision boards and other exercises is to remind us of the feeling of joy we can get when thinking of the item in question — not the feeling of joy we think we’ll get when it’s in our hot little hands. So someone who can look at a picture of a forest and feel absolute peace and calm should get more circumstances where they can feel peace and calm. But the person who looks at a picture of a forest and thinks that they need to get to the forest because they feel so agitated is only going to give off the feeling of being agitated. That gets them more agitation.
    It’s really easy for some people to do successfully. Others, like me, have to take more time and work on that feeling of not-having. Noah St. John (the Afformations guy) had a video about this a few years ago — about how he realized he had this major belief and general vibration of “not have” or “I don’t have.” He was able to change it to “I have,” so it is possible to turn the situation around to where you’re vibrating the exact feeling you want.

  • ChipEFT says:

    When we are talking about asking and receiving as per Abraham, what is in play here is the vibration. So many people when they start out think that it is an easy process, and it would be if we did not have ingrained beliefs and expectations.
    These beliefs and expectations can be creating vibrations that are not in alignment with what we want. For instance, if you want money to come easily, but you have been told since birth that you have to work hard for money, the expectation of hard work will have to be dealt with.
    The way we find out about our non-aligned thought forms (beliefs and expectations) is through contrast or bad feeling emotions. We can use these contrasting emotions to discover the non-aligned thought forms, become okay with them, and allow them to evolve away from us.
    If you keep your focus on what you want, these non-aligned beliefs will percolate to the surface for you to examine and decide if you want to keep them.
    Once your vibration is mostly aligned with what you want, it will have no choice but to manifest.

  • ChipEFT says:

    Nadine and Nathalie,
    Anytime you do one something to get what you want, you are saying to the Universe, I don’t have this thing I want. So when you do a technique in order to get a result, you are delaying that result.
    The simplest most direct path to that thing you want is known by your higher self. It clues you in through the use of your intuition or emotional guidance system. You simply follow the thought or action that feels better from where you are.
    There are actually three steps here:
    Decide what you want (you can use your vision board to tune into it)
    Allow where you are to be okay
    Follow the thought that feels better.
    Following the thought that feels better can also help with the first two steps.

  • Nathalie says:

    I’m a little confused about this, too. I thought all those techniques (especiallay the vision boards and visualization) were supposed to be done with a goal in mind? Or is it like the PP said, where it’s the emotion behind the actions that is the determinant as to whether it’s helping or hindering?

  • Nadine says:

    Hmm, I think I understand, but I’m still quite confused about this Agenda thing.
    I mean naturally we look up manifesting techniques, study and practice them, in order to create a better life, dont we? Isn’t there a goal, a desire in the first place, and isnt that important? If you just go about life with no goal or direction, just enjoy the ride, how will you even recognise when opportunities crop up to help get you what you want? I thought what you focus on grows?
    I guess what you’re talking about is the feeling you’re vibrating when you do those things? When you do it via forcing yourself, or feeling bored or frustrated, but “I better do it daily if I want to reach my goals”, than that is NOT helpful. It’s when you have the reason behind it, but you do the techniques because it feels so good also, thats when it will work right?
    Still very much a student with this stuff hehe. The letting go and appreciating is what I often feel stuck with.
    Thanks for all the insights here!

  • well that plain sucks, Lois: “I had actually lost money over the night.” I hate when that happens!
    Although you didn’t ask, I’ll expand here for others reading your post who might be curious about what’s up …
    … when we’re doing that (“that sucks!” routine), we’re no longer focused on the idea (as Abe suggested); rather we’re focused on the contrast. So the good news is we’re cooking up even more good stuff via that anger, and you’re right in that appreciation feels better. Which is how we let it in.
    I’ve found my “need” kinking more than a few ‘big deal’ manifestations in my history. In fact, I’m just starting to really get the hang of releasing one of the bigger ones now (the need to lose 10 lbs) – and I’ve been working on it a while.
    I actually think that’s why I have been so financially successful as a coach – I didn’t really need the money.
    I’m sure that’s exactly how it’ll go with weight, too. The more comfortable I get with my identity as a woman who isn’t in perfect shape, the easier it will be for my body to thrive. No resistance!
    So when we’re focused on doing something in order to get the results, it’s not the highest alignment we could flow. Appreciation is where the “action” is.

  • Lois says:

    This morning I was ready to throw out the whole LOA thing. Last week I came across this quote from Abraham –
    “Whatever you have the ability to conceive, this Universe has the ability to provide. Anything, without exception. So your work is on the conjuring of the idea, period. The Universe has the stuff to deliver the goods, and will.”
    So I made my list of desires (and needs) and told the universe that I had done my part and sat back to wait for the universe to deliver. I was in a state of expectation as I waited for the universe to provide my desires. Some of my desires (and needs) had a time frame and the universe was not providing these things as quickly as I had expected. Then I woke up this morning and discovered that instead of receiving abundance, I had actually lost money over the night. I was angry wih the Universe. I demanded answers as to why this happened. Still not sure, but this does shed a little light on the subject. Someimes I am really good at manifesting the things that I want and then other times I fall flat on my face. I’m trying to figure out how to manifest what I want on a more consistant basis. I do have many things that I am grateful for. Even though I don’t feel that I have the answer yet, I know that it feels better to remember to appreciate my life than to be angry.

  • George says:

    Thank you Jeannette….for being here with us and providing this forum.
    Good reminder 🙂

  • Kori says:

    Hmmm, this post is extremely timely. A couple of hours ago, I had been thinking (for what feels like the 100th time in the last 2.5 years) about doing some type of visualization over the next few days to see what, if anything, I want would manifest. But before logging onto my computer now, I just decided to continue doing what I feel like doing, what feels fun in that moment.
    So yeah, I’ll continue on with my Harry Potter book reading marathon and taking walks in the park late in the early evening and listening to my favorite LOA podcasts and journaling/writing my stories and poetry…
    *Smiley face* I like to think that my seeing this now is a confirmation of my decision from the Universe…

  • I like the thought of that, too, Kori! Cheers for your superb alignment!!

  • John Rollow says:

    Great insights. And so many wonderful comments. I’ve fallen in love with this blog. Thanks.

  • John, I can’t tell you how nice it is to see that comment when it’s not spam! ha ha Thank you for that!

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    A great reminder and a fabulous story, Kim! I loved it!! 🙂

  • Leigha, that’s a great example of what we’re shooting for here! Thanks for sharing it.
    Mara, I’m really appreciating your words about “not trying to manifest at all.” There is something really misaligning about trying to make something happen, right?
    Such a curious phenomenon – that it happens best when we’re not “doing” it.

  • Mara Enid says:

    Great post. I have been listening to some of my older Abraham-Hicks audiotapes this week and was reminded of this very concept. I think it’s probably best if we don’t try to manifest anything at all. We unleash our desires naturally, and we should just leave it alone. The times that my life has moved the fastest in the direction that I want are the times that I simply allow myself to become engaged and appreciative of what is.

  • Leigha says:

    This is perfect!
    I went camping this weekend and I really wanted to be present and was flowing so much appreciation…not to make something happen but because I am living my dream life and I don’t want to miss any of it. Almost everything I am doing and experiencing right now in my life is what I wanted to do/experience in the past when I felt like my life should have been better than it was.
    Great post Jeannette!!

  • You’re so right, Emily – “presence” would do the trick, too!
    I hope everyone reads the comments – such juicy support here!

  • Emily says:

    Oh, I’ve totally been doing this! Thanks for nailing it, Jeannette. I’m going to focus on being more present in the moment, enjoying the journey, so to speak. Enjoy what I’m doing, whether it’s making a vision board or pray-rain journalling or envisioning what I want, just for the pleasure of doing it.

  • Jesann, I LOVE your avatar! ha
    Kim, that story gives me goosebumps! I had not heard it before! Powerful stuff there.
    (the part where they “summoned a great rainmaker from a distance” kind of makes me think of how I get hired by clients sometimes. Just having someone they believe in on board makes SUCH a difference in their expectation and thus vibration!)
    Thanks for posting, my friend.

  • Berta Bauer says:

    Kim, I love this Jung story about the rainmaker you’ve shared. I could start a LONG list of times that when I think about something I want, forget it or finally give up on it, and then it appears.
    I’m also looking forward to the next four steps, but if I only do this(stay here in an agenda-free place–Whoa! What a great place (and feeling) to be. That’s worth the reminder in and of itself.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this! (I love secrets!) lol
    I immediately thought of Jung’s story about ‘pray rain’. Have I told you this? Dr. Jung said, “If anyone understands the story of the Rainmaker and its implications, they will understand my philosophy perfectly.”
    A Chinese village has been besieged by drought and if rain does not come soon, the village will be in desperate straits, suffer famine and probably death. The local people have done all they know how to do. They finally decide to summon a great rainmaker from a distance.
    When she arrived and saw the plight of the village, she said, “Build me a straw hut. Give me food and water for five days, and leave me alone.” This they quickly did. The rainmaker went into the straw hut and at the end of four days it rained just in time to save the crops.
    The people of the village dragged the poor rainmaker blinking into the light and showered gifts on her, and poured out their affection for saving their village and saving their lives.
    Somebody took her aside and said, “How did you do it? How do you make it rain?” And she said, “Oh, but you must understand. I felt such discord inside myself, when I came into your village, that I spent that time getting things straight inside myself. I hadn’t ever gotten to the rainmaking part.”
    Here’s to dropping the agenda! Thank you Jeannette!

  • Jesann says:

    Nice post, Jeannette.

  • Good point, Janette. When we’re focused on relief, it’s much less likely we’ll get caught up in attachment to results.
    And Stacey – that is SO well said! Thank you for sharing those quotes and reinforcing perspective here. Super inspiring!

  • Stacey says:

    Reminds me of two scriptures in the Christian tradition:
    “Don’t worry about what you’re going to eat, drink or wear. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added onto you.” (Matthew 6:25-34)
    Another verse describes the kingdom as God as follows:
    “The kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)
    So, when we seek vibrational alignment (peace, joy, righteousness)and NOT necessarily the object of our intention– God/Universe is able to orchestrate the people, events, circumstances and resources necessary for our intention to manifest.
    And it’s from this place of appreciation/gratitude (alignment) that one meets with synchronicity and/or takes inspired action.

  • Janette says:

    Oh, great post!! And great idea for a series – can’t wait to read the rest!!!
    I can put my hand up for falling into the agenda trap, too.
    That’s yet another reason I’m getting more and more addicted to the idea of relief as my pathway to manifesting.
    Seeking relief for its own sake keeps it so simple and clean. Vision boards and pray rain journals – for me – can easily get tangled up in thoughts of “I don’t have that yet” OR (just as bad) “I’m going to feel so good when I get this” (implying that I don’t have it now – not the vibe I want to flow).
    When all I’m seeking is relief around a subject, and that’s ALL I focus on – it seems to inoculate me against an agenda. I’m not sure yet how that works – something to contemplate, delicious!

  • That IS a good friend, Berta! Someone who will help you stay connected to the original desire & purpose.
    Here’s to having fun and trusting inspiration! Let us know how your book signing goes.

  • Berta Bauer says:

    I have my first book reading and signing on Tuesday, May 1st-and I’ve been a little wigged about what people will think about my book. A very good LOA friend reminded me of why I wrote the book. I never intended to publish it when I started, I just wrote it for me. I wanted to get the story that had been brewing in my head for years out of my head.
    Once, I was writing while in the flow, wondering what the scene I was “receiving” had to do with my story. I trustied in the inspiration and enjoyed the tangent my characters went off on, but didn’t think it would be used in the story, I was having pure fun. I really didn’t see this scene getting into the story though. It really was flowing to me because I just decided to have fun writing it without an agenda. In fact I was just as surprised when I was writing along and the transition into this scene came to me as freely as the scene itself did.
    I asked the first few people who read my manuscript if I should delete it. They all said no, and went on to say it was one of their favorite scenes in the book.
    Thanks for the great reminder to ditch the agenda.

  • ChipEFT says:

    I love these blogs.
    I just want to add a step : following the thought that feels expansive from where you are.

  • And Chip, I love that you visit and contribute to this blog! Thank you!! As always.
    Same to you, Monica – thanks for commenting!

  • Monica says:

    You’re so right, Jeannette. A timely reminder! Just yesterday I was getting hung up on what would be the “right” thing to visualize. LOL.
    So helpful to check in. Thanks!

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