LOA Tip from Foo Fighters Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl knows how to manifest success

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The other night when Anderson Cooper interviewed Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl we learned the key to Dave’s success:

He loves what he does.

Phrases used to describe his work include:

  • exceeded all expectations
  • massive success
  • catapulting to worldwide stardom
  • staple of rock music

Get a load of this excerpt from his wiki page:

“Between October 2002 and March 2003 Grohl was in the number one spot on the Modern Rock charts for 17 of 18 successive weeks, as a member of three different groups.”

Wowza. That’s a guy who’s got a handle on success.

But in his 60 Minutes interview Dave said he didn’t do any of his work for the fame or fortune. He simply did it for the love of playing music.

Conscious creators who are looking to manifest rewards for their work can learn a thing or two from Dave’s example.

In fact, spiritual teacher Teal Swan said in her Salt Lake workshop earlier this month that “We experience abundance in direct proportion to the amount that we love what we do.”

Meaning, if you want more money, prioritize your joy.

That’s something Dave’s apparently tapped into from the beginning – the joy of making music.

When Anderson asked about his success (pointing out that money has never been Dave’s motivation), here’s how Dave responded:

The reward of playing music should be playing music.

That’s the way I felt before any of this happened.

I wasn’t doing it so this [huge success] would happen. I was doing it because I loved it.

The love of playing should always be the heart of music.

That hit home since I sometimes see coaches and other business owners creating something in order to get the payday.

In the process of manifesting the financial rewards, they sometimes lose track of why they engaged this work in the first place.

Abundance follows Joy

I’ve done it myself, so I know how easy it is.

Yes, money matters. We (believe we) have to make a living.

But that is much easier (and more successfully) accomplished when we stay connected to the love of our work. That is, when we let the work be its own reward.

You’ll find another LOA tidbit in that interview if you tune in, but in the meantime, here’s to engaging our work for the enjoyment of it.

Leading with love, joy and passion is bound to bring other rewards on its heels.

  • October 30, 2014
  • Actually, Ken, it’s not that far-fetched a thought as it might sound. There are already plenty of people who don’t have to work for a living. (They’ve either inherited money or they have found a way to live without it. Or like me a few years ago when I realized my passive income covered expenses – making money via working became optional.)
    For most of us, though, that’s not the case. I just don’t like to perpetuate that limiting belief by repeating it without the disclaimer.

  • Ken says:

    Here’s my question. What did you mean when you said “We (we believe) have to make a living”? Money is important, but money shouldn’t be this struggle either. Sometimes I read these posts and think that the impression you’re giving is that it’s all right not to make money or have money, and as anyone knows, particularly these days, not having money or money being a struggle is not a good or desirable thing at all. So maybe you could clear this up a bit.

  • Jen C. says:

    Sounds like Dave is able to do what most of us don’t–live without much doubts and worries. It feels really good to get into that vibe when things are starting to feel good most of the time and then all of the time, and then fine tune things from there, without the doubts! I’ll try to remember the happy ending in life really comes from living happily all along, with purpose, with joy.
    I speak to parents and divorcing people often about what I do (which is create websites and homeschool and I love what I do now), and there have been times in my life where I really resented my previous roles–only to see my abundance plummet! Taking any small step toward what you really want does make all the difference in feeling better. So glad to see this post!

  • Parul says:

    A fabulous interview and post!!! 🙂

  • Jason Ellis says:

    Manifestation becomes successful by truly believing without any single dot of hesitation!

  • What a great story, Susann! I’ll look for an episode online ..
    loved this especially: “They wanted to win, but were in it mainly for the fun of trying.”
    That about sums up the whole secret of alignment, doesn’t it?! 🙂

  • Susann says:

    I have to share something else that ties in with this wonderful post.
    If you want to see another perfect example of LOA at work, check out the 2014 winners of The Amazing Race Canada, Mickey & Pete, two young surfer dudes from Muskoka, Ontario. Seriously, these two remind me of big puppies with their effervescent happiness, good cheer, infectious grins and limitless enthusiasm for every single detail of life. And hugs. They hug *everyone*.
    This year’s race had some pretty heavy-hitters, including two Olympic gold metal winners who were generally considered to be the ones to beat. Pretty much everyone — certainly the other contestants — appeared to see Mickey & Pete, with their long hair & goofy surfer clothes & irrepressible delight in everything, as cute, sweet guys but not serious competition. They didn’t even consider *themselves* as serious competition. They wanted to win, but were in it mainly for the fun of trying.
    Of all the teams, they seemed to be having the most sheer, unadulterated fun every step of the way, tearing around the globe hugging *everyone*, never losing their cool or good-natured support of each other. To anyone who understands LOA, it’s no surprise these two dudes won.
    If you want to see a natural High Vibe at work, Google “Mickey & Pete 2014 The Amazing Race Canada” & watch a couple of the videos. And the hilarious part is I doubt either of these two guys has ever even *heard* of LOA. Pete’s advice to future contestants: “Just be yourself. Have fun. Try and stay calm. And make sure you soak up every second because it just goes so fast. Soak it up and enjoy it.” Which I figure is pretty good advice for life in general.

  • Yes, Auretha, you’ve got a genius for inspiring others that you wouldn’t want to bury with just ANY kind of job! Sending good thoughts for dream come true work for you.

  • Auretha says:

    Thank you for the reminder. I’m in the process of looking for a part time job to supplement my income as I get established in St. Augustine after my cross country move, and I need to keep my heart fires burning on my true passion~ Life Coaching and Soul Styling!
    XOXO Auretha
    Soul Stylist

  • Wow, I don’t know what I love more about that story, Namaste …
    … that you dared break the line of teachers in your family to follow your heart
    … or to realize that you didn’t do that at all, as you have become such a powerful teacher yourself (albeit in a less structured or traditional way)
    … that Dave had the wisdom to know that for himself
    … and that he inspired you by sharing it
    … or that you’re likely passing that inspiration right along to someone else by sharing that story here.
    Either way, cool post. Thanks for it, my friend! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    Almost 18 years go, I was a freshman in college and seriously considering dropping out to start my first real world business (I’d owned one in high school). I come from a long line of school teachers so my decision was going to cause chaos with my family. I was really agonizing over the decision when I saw an interview with David Grohl. He talked about how he dropped out of high school to follow his dream. He said something very close to, “I always knew I was going to be ok as long as I followed my heart.” Hearing David say that, was a part of what gave me the courage to walk away and never look back =)

  • I love your new name, Practically Always Pollyanna! You chose well!
    Your comment is making me think how easy it is for us to slip into noticing what’s wrong at work, or falling into habits of effort and struggle – but with some awareness and commitment it makes SUCH a difference to remember what we love about it and why we picked it.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one! 🙂

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    This is so true. Thanks Jeannette.
    The very occasional days when I feel like aspects of my work are a bit of a chore and I am not quite in the vortex (this morning after a serious of hilarious mishaps – a toe stubbing, shampoo in eye, mini argument with the caretaker at school, sigh!), I am much better off doing nothing/anything else that feels good, as opposed to ‘efforting.’
    And then those days when I feel the love for my work (most days!), it feels so easy and delicious and I just know the sales and new clients are coming 🙂
    PS. Have given myself a name change on here… just because I felt like it, but also because I have recommended your site to a few different peeps I know and would like to remain anon!

  • What?! Julie!!! I didn’t even make that connection!! Sheesh, I wish I would have so I could have said hello in person!!
    That was a really powerful exchange you had with Teal. Thanks for being so brave and eliciting those wise words from her on that day.

  • I loved this reminder too. Heehee, and you know what? I was the one on the stage at Teal’s workshop to whom she said those words 🙂

  • Deanna, a lot of people would consider you blessed that you know you love helping people find their dream homes. For many they really don’t have any clue what they’re passionate about.
    For anyone wondering that, I believe if we just start following whatever we find most interesting (even if it’s just a mild passing fancy that seems unlikely to monetize), that’s a thread that will eventually lead us to major experiences of joy.
    Thanks for reading and for commenting, Deanna! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    dang! what an awesome reminder!!! of course, we have all heard a million times that people who love what they do never work a day in thier lives – in my own life – it has been challenging to find the balance – to figure out “well, what DOES bring me joy?” you know, besides taking naps, reading books, talking to friends for hours on end… laughing – what else? I do love helping people (who quickly become my friends) to buy and or sell thier homes, I really, really do – gotta let the joy shine through! – Deanna

  • So did I, LovelyMe. Glad you enjoyed it, too.
    Steve, you’re right about that. Here’s to dropping the “hows”! 🙂

  • Steve Borek says:

    Waiting to know how kills a dream.
    Great interview.

  • LovelyMe says:

    Woo! I loved this reminder!

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