LOA Tools Used by the Pros

What are the essential manifesting tools used by the law of attraction pros?

I asked around to find out. Here’s what the conscious creation experts use to get what they want:
LOA Tools Used by the Pros (Mike Dooley, LOA Godfather)

Mike Dooley:
4 Minute Visualization

Every weekday, Monday through Friday, before I drive to my office, I sit down in my home office, on a particular sofa, with a countdown timer set at 4 minutes and 5 seconds, and I visualize.

Sometimes I repeat a mantra while I visualize, like, “I have the Midas Touch!” or “Everything is awesome!” and other times not. I don’t get too specific, usually just feel great joy with the implication that my life is rocking. I am NOT EVEN ALLOWED to think about leaving for work until I do this exercise. I take weekends and holidays off <smile>.
LOA Tools Used by the Pros (Pam Grout)

Pam Grout:

The most reliable, #1 go-to manifesting tool for me is to play. Make it fun. Get in the sandbox. We tend to take everything so damned seriously.

Why? Be like a kid. A six-year-old doesn’t care why something works. They don’t care about the 7 best steps. Or the secrets of the universe.They’re just looking for what’s fun right now. In this moment.

The universe has so much to bestow and will do so when we quit blocking it with our stone cold seriousness. Best strategy? Open those joy channels. 
LOA Tools Used by the Pros - Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini:
Speed Dial the Universe

Jeanna reported back that her favorite manifesting tool is her personally designed written process for creating alignment: Speed Dial the Universe.

It’s a written practice where she starts each day by appreciating something, choosing a dominant feeling for the day, picking a point of focus and delegating all else to Universe, ending with a wild hair intention and recalling a past success.

Lots of people rave about this compilation process!
LOA Tools Used by the Pros - Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory:
What If Up Game

Mine is without a doubt the What If UP Game! This little process will turn around a resistant vibration to a vibration of connection within seconds!

This process alone can turn the quality of your life around on a dime, if you let it!

Play the What If Up game here.
LOA Tools Used by the Pros

Joe Vitale:

Joe is known for his enthusiasm of ho’oponopono as taught by Dr. Hew Len. It might not be considered an LOA tool in the strictest sense, but it is known to work magic in creating vibrational alignment to what we want. (Dr. Len used it to manifest to heal a ward of mentally ill criminals in the Hawaii State Hospital.)

It’s a simple process that you can learn more about here.
LOA Tools Used by the Pros - Melody Fletcher

Melody Fletcher:

I don’t think there’s anything more powerful in terms of manifesting what you want than the practice of celebration. The terms “gratitude” and “appreciation” get thrown around a lot, but they can come with a lot of baggage, as well. You’re supposed to be grateful. You should appreciate. But celebration is just full of joy. No one forces you to celebrate.

When you celebrate everything, all those little wonderful things that surround you every day, all the stuff that goes right and which you might be taking for granted, you instantly and consistently raise your vibration to the frequency of Who You Really Are. When you match that frequency, everything you want will come flooding into your reality. Try this for 30 days and see what happens to your reality.

Disclaimer: This technique should only be attempted by those who are ready to be bombarded by awesomeness. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
LOA Tools Used by the Pros - Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas:

Without a doubt, my best Law of Attraction tool is complete love and self-acceptance, which is easier some days than others. Reading the works of Louise Hay helps with this and so does Emotional Freedom Technique. When I practice love and acceptance towards myself, I give myself permission for life to be fun, easy and abundant.
LOA Tools Used by the Pros - Julia Rogers-Hamrick

Julia Rogers-Hamrick:
Easy World

Julia’s go to method is Easy World. Here’s what she says about that: choosing Easy World is the fastest, easiest way to get to a high vibrational state. Just say the Easy World invocation, “I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy,” and then take the Easy World actions, which are to breathe…relax…allow…enjoy…and watch the magic unfold.

If action is required on your part to birth your desire into form, know that when you are in Easy World, you are naturally and spontaneously inspired to do those things which are in alignment with the Divine Design and which expedite the manifestation of your desires. Easy World actions are enjoyable, juicy and, of course, easy! 
LOA Tools Used by the Pros

Esther Hicks:
Focus Wheel

While Esther didn’t respond to my inquiry, I suspect from what I’ve heard in Abraham material that her favorite tool is the focus wheel. (Which in LOA circles seems to be a process you either love or can’t stand. Not much middle ground on that one it seems.)

If you’ve got any insight on Esther’s personal practice, please share.

This compilation from the LOA experts confirms what we learned about our own favorite manifesting practices – that there isn’t necessarily one best tool for us all.

Big thanks to the manifesting masters who were generous enough to respond for this post. We love your work!

And I hope after reading through the LOA tools used by the pros that you’ve found renewed inspiration for your own practice in how you walk the LOA talk. Happy manifesting!

  • June 26, 2014
  • Jade Griffin says:

    Yes, Jeannette, It does do the trick. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It feels good to have a place to go when you ” forget” the processes or forget what to do in a moment of panic or strong emotion. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful place to be. 🙂

  • Thanks for posting to share that tidbit, Jade! That sounds very familiar that Esther’s a big fan of the positive aspect lists. It does the trick, doesn’t it?!

  • Jade Griffin says:

    Esther Hicks uses the focus wheel to bring relief on subjects that are not in the vortex for her. I would say that She likes to use the ” List of Positive Aspects ” game to lift her vibration. She has mentioned that on many of her online cruise videos. The list of positive aspects brings you into state of appreciation which feels really good. I also use it too and it changes my vibration and I feel so good.

  • Emily and Katy, I got a feeling you guys are starting a really good roll! woo hoo!!
    And Merlyn, glad you found your way here. Thanks for chiming in to tell your 2 carat diamond story – how cool!!!

  • Thank you so much for this site–stumbling across it was truly an illustration of the universe truly having my back. What a great referential resource! Oh yeah–it’s just another much celebrated indicator of LOA working–like when i did that experiment from the E2 book and manifested a 2 carat blue white diamond in a parking lot–took me 2 weeks longer that expected–but it worked…i keep it in a clear fronted box on my desk so i can see it every day to remind me…ya gotta have those reminders!! Its all process and practice; and it can change our world for the better and maybe that’s the point: raising the vibration for a better world for all–you are wonderful and i plan to stay tuned to this site…

  • Katy Lowe says:

    Jeannette…loved the 3 questions you mentioned and I started doing it this morning. What a great way to start the day or to apply to any subject that needs tweaking! Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  • I really love this article. Just inspired me to buy the Kool and the Gang song “Celebration.” How is that not already part of my library?!? Ready for awesomeness. Thank you, Jeannette!

  • Christina – I’m laughing out loud! We should be asking YOU how to do this stuff!!! lol
    With such great manifesting successes under your belt, instead of asking “how can I do that more deliberately?” I’d just keep doing what you’ve been doing along with telling the story about how good you are at this and I think you’ll be golden. Follow the same protocol – light, effortless, unattached (as best you’re able) and let the system to its magic for you.
    I do sometimes find that a different approach on my “big” things works best than my “easy” things. That’s where my pray rain journaling comes in handy!

  • Cristina says:

    Thank you Jeanette – I am setting that intention! And yes, I have noticed other things where I’ve casually thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if” and BOOM, it lands in my lap in really big ways. I actually won $20,000 on a game show that just happened to call for a highly skilled grocery shopper (I’m a private chef and live at hte grocery store) and, literally, hours before I found the info for the show I was thinking to myself, “geez, I spend so much time in a grocery store – there’s got to be some way I can make money and have some fun using my grocery shopping skill”! The times where I’ve manifested these big things have been so random. So, I guess my next question is – how do I do that more deliberately?

  • I was wondering the same thing myself, DelicateSound, as I read the pros’ responses.
    When it’s a big deal and I know I’m far off in my alignment, I do use a pray rain journal. But that’s definitely not my daily go to method.
    I have a similar habit to Mike in that I don’t start my day until I’ve “plugged in” (aka “aligned” to my desire in some form or fashion). Mostly this year I’ve been doing that with 3 answers to 3 questions: what does it look like, what does it sound like, and what does it feel like.
    Lately, though the inspiration changed to plugging in via 17 seconds of pure positive thought. I probably get more like a full minute in, but I only require 17 seconds to call it good. (From Abe’s explanation about that’s the length of time it takes to trigger a Universal response.)
    Whatever I’m using to line up, I usually do it from bed, before I even get up. But sometimes it’s happening in the shower if I’m having a quick start to the day.
    What do you practice? I’d love to hear!

  • DelicateSound says:

    Dear Jeanette,
    Thank you for collecting this info for us! Nice to share and interesting to notice that everyone has his/her own ways.
    So what is your favourite manifesting tool – apart from the neat pray rain journal of course?
    Wishing you happy thoughts!

  • Well, I think you’re on to something already, Christina, just by analyzing your successes.
    I mean, you can look back on that house sitting gig manifestation and realize the way that unfolded was you had the new inspiration/desire, held it lightly in the form of a “wouldn’t it be cool if …” type question and then did something fun. And voila!
    Have you noticed other things that work for you that well using a similar approach? (Which it’s kind of hard to call it an “approach” where it’s got so much ease, lightness, fun and allowing in it!)
    If we looked at what was different in your other experiences compared to that one … that might be very telling about the process that works best for you.
    I feel like I’ve written about this before, but it might have been at GVU call instead. Let me see if I can track it down …
    Also, another thing comes to mind – let’s set an intention for you to get clarity about the process that works best for you! That in itself will grease the wheels of understanding.

  • Cristina says:

    Thank you Jeanette, you always post something that just happens to fit so perfectly with whatever is going on in my life at the moment. I have question for you and fellow readers – what can I do to pinpoint what my manifesting process is? There are times where something happens SO quickly – like, when I thought to myself how cool it would be if I could house sit and not have to pay rent for a while to save money and, literally, 30 minutes later my boss asked me if I would live in their unoccupied, fully furnished mansion in Beverly Hills while they listed it for sale. But then there are times where manifesting just doesn’t seem to work – or works very slowly. How can I pinpoint what it is that makes the things that work work? I don’t even know what I was doing when I thought about house sitting – probably sitting in my car and singing (really badly) at the top of my lungs… Thoughts?

  • Glad you liked it, Tracy!
    And you’re very welcome, Jesann. 🙂

  • Jesann says:

    Thank you for this!

  • Tracy says:

    I agree, Wow! Excellent article, thank Jeannette!

  • You know, Jacqui, I expected there would be some repeats in this list, but surprisingly there weren’t! So you’re right, lots of great inspiration here for us to play with over time.

  • Wow! What a cool behind-the-scenes look is this? Post bookmarked for future reference + new-things-to-try.
    Thanks, Jeannette

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