LOA Weight Loss Interview

Jessica Vazquez, LOA Weight Loss CoachManifesting weight loss isn’t my specialty, so I asked three colleagues to “weigh in” on the topic.

These coaches know their stuff and are wrapping up fabulously inspired calls at GVU this month. I thought their expertise would be appreciated here as well.
Leigha Pitcher, LOA Weight Loss Coach

Here are Jessica Vazquez, Leigha Pitcher and Caroline Meyer answering the big questions about manifesting an ideal body:

1.  What’s the #1 way you see non-LOA savvy folks sabotaging their weight loss efforts?

Jessica: Non-inspired action.  Struggling, punishment, having an either/or mindset.  As in, either I can eat nutella, or lose weight.  YOU CAN DO BOTH!!
Caroline Meyer, Vibrance Coaching

Leigha: This is easy…beginning any program with “action,” usually based on someone else’s success regardless of whether it feels good to them.

CarolineStruggle. Deprivation. Self-rejection. There is no amount of struggle and starvation that will produce fitness and health! You might lose a lot of weight just eating celery but you will also look unhappy and starved. I don’t think that’s what anybody is striving for.

2.  What’s the biggest handicap you see in deliberate creators for achieving aligned weight loss?

Jessica: Trying to avoid “negative” emotions.  Some of them push soo hard to avoid them, and lose the useful insight ALL emotions provide.

Leigha: They “try” and “want” to believe things they hear, like “it’s not the food”, or that it’s only the belief that matters NOT the action.  But it’s about being congruent with your thought, feelings, beliefs and actions.

Caroline: Too much focus on it and not enough action. We ask, it is given but only if we get out of the way. If we continue to ask and ask and ask we just call in fear and doubt. I feel that the process works best when we define what we want (I want a sexy, healthy body), take some (ANY) inspired action (cook a healthy meal, go for a walk, find something to appreciate) then go have fun and forget about it. The allowing is where I see a lot of people get tripped up.

3.  What’s one thing someone could do to begin the process of effortless weight loss?

Jessica: Go shopping!  haha  No, really, answer this question: how are you going to feel when you lose weight? Then find ways to activate that vibration NOW!  Even in other areas in your life.  Example, I wanted to be S.U.C.H. a girl (Strong, Unstoppable, Confident and Hot).  How can I activate that vibration NOW? For me, it was shopping.

Leigha: Begin asking yourself what would it look like if you could lose weight easily?  Most people believe they don’t know the answer to this.  So the next question to ask is:  What if you did know?  And then PAUSE long enough, and certain pictures (ideas) will come to mind.

Caroline: Know that you can; know that it’s easy (yes, for you!) and seek out things to appreciate and ways to get inspired. Lining up belief and action is probably the next biggest step. For example, if you believe you need to exercise to lose weight and you are not exercising, figure out if it is easier to exercise or change your belief then follow through.

4.  What made the biggest difference in your OWN weight loss success?

Jessica: Knowing it was just a matter of time.  Once I stop questioning “will I lose weight?” it became a question of “how can I enjoy more?” From that point, it was always: EASIER, BETTER, FASTER than I thought it was possible.

Leigha: I started actually feeling my feelings, being aware of how I felt and that how I feel really matters first before any action. This started my path towards self love.  I stopped forcing myself to do anything.  I’ve been told I look better now than when I was younger and I believe it’s because I no longer live with the stress of exercising and dieting so hard.

Caroline: Fun! Giving up the struggle and the fight and really just beginning to have fun. I dropped the idea that NOT having an ideal body was standing in the way of me being, doing and having everything that I wanted. I began to appreciate who I really am (the bigger part of me that is not a body) and really just started having fun!

5.  What’s one thing you would want everyone who aspires to lose weight to know?

Jessica: It is your birthright to have an amazing body.  You don’t have to “do” anything – you just deserve it, just because you are born.

Leigha: “An unhappy journey can not have a happy ending.” (Abraham quote)

Caroline: It’s easier done than said. Even if you have been holding on to extra pounds for a life time, in a matter of minutes, you can turn your ship around, let go the oars and start creating the body of your dreams. Once you are pointed downstream, the transformation is rapid and before the turn of the next season, you will have to buy a whole new wardrobe!
Weight Loss using Law of Attraction

Thanks for an inspiring interview, ladies!

  • July 19, 2012
  • Leigha says:

    Wow S!!! I always love hearing stories about how weight just melted off!! Especially when we STOP trying…
    It appears to be your own unique guidance system huh? 😉
    And it is an interesting correlation between us deciding we have a “problem”, going to the doctor, then being diagnosed with something.

  • S says:

    @ christina
    i was diagnosed with insulin resistance too, which was kinda absurd, cuz i was just 22 then. and i wasnt even eating all wrong ! and i wasnt even overweight. but sometimes i think when we ‘decide’ that we ‘cant’ lose weight, our bodies comply and hold on to the weight. and then doctors have to come up with a medical term to define it cuz our body dOES go through changes to hold on to the weight. and my doc put me on a whole basket of meds and gave me a strict exercise schedule and diet and what not. but guess what..my weight just dint budge ! instead it kept going up till i became almost overweight.
    over the next year i decided in my head to drop off my excess weight, and i did it somehow with zero exercise ( id always hated it) and zero dieting ( id hated that too)..it just ..’melted’ off somehow. mainly cuz i so busy with other work, that i just dint bother about my body and pick faults with it. i just accepted that maybe id have to live with being fat for ever, and gave up. and somehow that acceptance actually GAVE me the body id wanted. am 24 now, and i started worrying and fretting about my flaws again a few months back, about how some of the weight on my body around the hips wouldnt ‘budge’ and that i was skinny, but away from my vision of a perfect body and like whoa..my weight gain was so rapid i was again diagnosed with insulin resistance two months back ! so am back to appreciating my body again 🙂 i guess weight gain is my bodys way of telling me to shut up and stop micromanaging it 🙂

  • What Caroline said about allowing and about appreciating who I really am, that I am standing in the way of me being me because of weight really resonated with me.
    I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a long time, so much so that I’ve been seeing an endocrinologist for a year. I wanted answers because I was doing everything “right” but the loss was slow and frustrating and I’ve been angry and frustrated with myself.
    He gave a diagnosis the other day – lipedema with secondary lymphodema. I am also insulin resistant. All this means that my weight loss will be slow and due to lipedema I may never have the sexy legs that I’ve always wanted. I’ve HATED my legs with a passion since I was 16. I suffer during the summer because I don’t wear shorts, capris, dresses, skirts.
    I’ll be honest – I cried about this for two days. I cried about the loss of hope I felt in the belief that if I was really, really good with diet / exercise and reached my goal weight that MAYBE I would have great looking legs. I’d be able to wear boots and skirts and cute clothes and not be hot in the summer because I’m in jeans when everyone else is in shorts and capris.
    But today I’m angry. I’m fed up. And I’m free of the hate. My legs are my legs. I’m going to do my part to keep losing, but the hate for my legs, the envy I’ve had of other women who don’t have this issue, the embarrassment I’ve felt over my legs, that’s done. I’m going to buy some wide legged capris, maybe even splurge on some linen slacks, buy some cute sandals, give myself a pedicure, and I’m going to be comfortable, dang it!
    BarbaraM, like you started loving your belly, I started loving my legs. I’m using my good body wash, my good smelling lotions, taking care of my skin. I don’t know what may happen in the long run, but as long as these legs can hold me up, I’m going to care for them.
    Thanks for the advice, ladies. I appreciate it.

  • A “beauty” walk! I love that!!

  • Leigha says:

    Barbara…I love that!! Thank you for sharing your process. 🙂 I especially love that you said “playing” 😉 this feels good, light and easy! Perfect! And you are seeing manifestations… yes! It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Jessica says:

    Aw Barbara… 🙂
    I undestand you more than you might know, regarding the walking thing… Now I think about it as my “beauty walk”. Isn’t it just amazing?!?!?! 🙂 🙂
    The walk is, by itself, the best reward.
    Sending you love… and chocolate!

  • BarbaraM says:

    My dear ladies, this interview was delicious to read! You know what new belief I was playing lately with? “More chocolate I eat thiner I am.” 🙂 Many loved my new belief. Especially girls and chocolate producers 😀
    Seriously I don’t find exercising fun – but I love to walk. And I can walk miles and miles, I am hiking, going to mountains.. and lately I am doing just this… with occassional running if it feels good. My body is literaly transforming before my eyes.
    Overall I am fine with my body but was disturbed with my belly. I started loving this belly more… now it is almost gone…
    Awwww this is so coooooool! 🙂
    Thank you Jeannette for making this interview! Mwah to all of you 🙂

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