Body Love Lab

Welcome to a Whole New Way

of Optimizing Your Body.

Jeannette Maw

If you’re ready to upgrade your relationship with your body, this could be the gig that changes everything. 

Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coach

Time to live up to the promise …

Dear Manifestor,

Some say that our biggest challenge in conscious creation work is manifesting change in our physical bodies.

They say that because there’s no escaping our bodies. Distracting ourselves from the “don’t want” is difficult when we’re always experiencing the very thing we want to change.

And yet we know how reliable the traditional approach to health and fitness is. (Not so much.) Adopting actions without addressing the underlying vibrations is a hit and miss method for upgrading our health.

It leaves many disillusioned about what’s really possible in creating the physical improvements we want.

But that’s not how a conscious creator rolls.

We know that we create our reality, and we know that if we can imagine it we can have it.

It’s simply a matter of putting those principles into practice in the area of life that, to many, takes top priority.

Enter: Body Love Lab

Body Love Lab is the course that leads us to embrace our true skills in creating what we want with our bodies.

It’s based on the principles of conscious creation, which many of us know, but aren’t as skilled at practicing when it comes to our physical selves.

That’s about to change.

For anyone interested in optimizing their health, weight or physical experience, you are invited to the party. This is where we fulfill the promise we’ve been given about allowing our bodies to thrive when we stop trying to figure it out and make it happen ourselves.

Because when we learn to focus our consciousness on what we prefer rather than what bothers us or worries us, the powers that be – whatever you want to call that – has to match our vibrational instruction.

This is where we learn to give that instruction.

Why This Course & Why Now.


The inspiration to do this work keeps coming …

A variety of occasions in recent years led me to manifest change in my body.

Sometimes it was becoming newly single and on the market again. Sometimes it was physical illness that inspired me to improvement. Sometimes it was signs of aging that served as the catalyst to get a handle on things.

Regardless of the incentive, I’ve learned first hand what it takes to let a body thrive.

Some of it involved new perspectives and thought patterns, some of it involved listening for inner guidance instruction, some of it involved learning how to let it be okay before anything could shift.

Through all of it I came to better understand the nuances of focus and attention in allowing my body to do its best.

Whether the desire was to lose weight, enhance energy, clear up skin, regain flexibility, eliminate pain, or just plain feel better, I’ve got insights on how to let our bodies thrive.

What It Can Do For You

Body Love Lab is designed to lead conscious creators to our best physical selves.

We’ll learn how to harness the magic of our all-powerful focus to create what we want physically. The result will be a body that you love more than ever before. And we know what that leads to … feeling, looking and being our absolute best.

Here’s just a sample of skills you can expect to master in this course:


Expand our beliefs about what's possible


Process repressed feelings to clear our creative template


Release attachment to results


Drop resistance to what we don't love


Quit trying to fix problems


Tune to higher wisdom for inspired action


Rehearse the feelings and experience of success


Learn how to let our bodies thrive

If you’re done with the action-based approach to achieving what you want physically, and ready to let the quantum nature of our reality work on behalf of your health and fitness, you’re invited to join for an experience unlike any other.

In this process you’ll become your own best expert on your body. You’ll learn what it wants and how to give it without question. You’ll gain enhanced self-awareness, practice empowering perspectives, and develop new habits of thought.

And if you walk the talk you’re going to find that you look and feel better than you ever hoped you would.

How We’ll Do It

This magic is going to unfold in three ways: live group calls, private email support, and recorded audios with transcripts delivered to your inbox.

We’ll alternate weeks between recorded modules and live Q&A, so we have plenty of time to digest the content and implement the practices of each module. We’re transforming deeply ingrained habits in this gathering, so we’ll take our time to do it justice.

I want these ideas and practices to stick before we move on to the next one. So you’ll get the new module on a Monday, have a week to listen and practice before we meet up the following Monday for a live Q&A. The next module is delivered the following Monday, and so forth till we finish all seven modules.


Recorded Audio & Transcripts

Choose your preference for engaging the weekly module – recorded audio (that you can listen online or download), or written transcript. Either way you’ll be able to ingest the material at your convenience, and it’s yours to keep.


Live Q&A Calls

This is where the rubber meets the road – bring your questions, challenges, and successes to the group for live discussion via conference line. (Or you can stream online if you prefer.) I anticipate these gatherings will be magical in themselves.

Private Email Support

I’m on standby for the duration of the course to support you in this work of transforming how we manifest our physical selves. Whatever isn’t addressed in the recorded content or the live calls, bring it to my inbox and we’ll cover it there.

Who It’s For

This is for anyone who is ready for a new way of relating to their physical health and vitality. You don’t have to be LOA savvy, but you do have to be open-minded to get the full benefit from this course.

Participants’ intentions for results during the course will vary widely, but we all have one thing in common – we want to feel good in and about our bodies. We’ll have some participants who use this course to:

  • lose weight
  • gain weight
  • get fit
  • increase strength
  • slow or reverse signs of aging
  • love how they look
  • get their ‘sexy’ on
  • recover from illness or disease
  • improve health
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • decrease medications
  • release fear of a diagnosis or condition
  • feel vitalized and energized
  • and more.

I’ve used these concepts successfully to work with clients who wanted to get off the meds, reduce blood pressure, eliminate cravings, clear up skin issues, sleep better, improve eyesight, eliminate tooth pain, impress a new love interest, lose the baby weight, look good on the beach, and just generally enjoy physical vitality again.

Regardless of what you’d like to manifest with your body, the primary result I intend for all of us to obtain is a sense of empowerment and appreciation for our physical selves.

What It Costs

Your all-in price for over three months in this life-changing course to revamp the way you support your physical body is $497.

The private email coaching alone would more than pay for your investment in the course. But I wanted to make this an easy yes, so that’s why the enrollment is a quarter of what I normally charge for a course like this.

If it’s sounding like something you want in on, click the PayPal button below to make payment and reserve your spot.

We begin on July 13th, so don’t delay if you’re thinking this is for you.

Enroll now for $497:


After you register by making payment, I’ll send a welcome note with course details including dates, conference numbers, and streaming links. Mark your calendar for our first module to be delivered on July 13th.

Frequently Asked Questions


When are the calls?

The live group calls are every other Mondays. The course audio recordings are released a week in advance so you have time to listen and implement before the live discussion.


What if I can’t attend live?

You’ll have access to all the recordings (to download or listen online) at your leisure. You can email me any questions you have for discussion on the live call or for private response.


How long does the course last?

Approximately three months beginning July 13th. (We have seven modules to cover, but may include extra content or Q&A calls as inspired.)


What does it cost?

The course fee is $497 and includes audio recordings with course notes as well as private email support from me.


What results can I expect?

The only limits are the ones you believe in, which we’ll be working to dissolve during the course. You’ll set intentions for what you want to experience, and I believe that once you see results, it’ll be easier than ever for you to dream bigger about what’s possible for your health and vitality.


Other questions ...?

Email me at for anything else you want to know.