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The study that makes the difference …

Certified Conscious CreatorDear Fellow Creator,

Have you ever wished schools offered a degree for a skill that you really cared about? Something that you knew made the real difference in life?

Yeah, we did, too.

So we made our own.

Now at Good Vibe University you can get a Certification in Conscious Creation, and coming soon a Degree in Manifesting.

How’s that for cool?

That’s our idea of a good time. If it is yours, too, scroll for more …

Manifesting is an art supported by science that dramatically enhances your life experience when you practice conscious creation.

The principles are simple, but not necessarily easy to employ after a lifetime of being trained to lead with action instead of vibration.

It calls for retraining ourselves into a whole new approach to life:

  • We learn to prioritize how we feel
  • We develop discipline of thought, and
  • We get really good at minimizing present reality in order to allow a new one to unfold.

We think it’s easier and more fun to embrace these skills in the company of others who are up to the same game. That’s what Good Vibe University is all about.

And like any supportive school, we like to award recognition for those who are in the game of mastering the study.

The Conscious Creator Certification at Good Vibe University is a way to acknowledge your manifesting expertise and strengthen your reality-creating confidence. You can officially stake your claim as someone who not only knows the principles of creating your own reality, but also lives by them.

The certification program is based on the year long series of manifesting courses at Good Vibe University.

Built by the best manifesting geeks in the field, this GVU course series and Conscious Creator Certification is for fellow creators who are committed to walking the talk.

We believe that taking a committed approach to engaging the principles of deliberate creation will dramatically help you engage your true manifesting powers and give you a track record worth celebrating.

What’s Involved?

Becoming a Certified Conscious Creator (CCC) includes completing the first year course of study at Good Vibe University.

After you’ve completed the year long self-study courses (real time support is available through the online forums and live calls), you are eligible to sit with our examiner for a written and oral proficiency exam.

Once you’ve demonstrated your knowledge and dexterity as a conscious creator, you will be awarded the CCC designation.

Here is a list of the courses included in the first year of study:

How to Create Reality

The nuts & bolt of how thoughts become things; your role in the creation process; what’s possible and where the limits are.

Manifesting Methods

A treasure chest of alignment processes, techniques, tips and tricks designed to manifest what you want swiftly and successfully.

10 Remedies to Manifest Your Dream

The ten most common challenges we experience in our manifesting journey, and how to remedy them.

The Role of Action

Reprogramming old beliefs about making things happen, and embracing the true role of action in the manifesting process.

Diagnosing the Kinks

How to spot the vibrational misalignment and what to do about it. A go-to flow chart makes it easy.

Skills of Creation: Vibration Boot Camp

Grow your skill set with the basic elements of conscious creation, including awareness, thought pivoting, receiving skills, and more.

Customizing Your Practice

How to create your best personalized alignment practice for optimum manifesting results.

Gremlin Management

How to handle doubts and fears that derail vibrational alignment, including gremlin myths & management methods.

Identity Shifting

The role of self-identity and how to manage it for best results, including best practices for embracing new self-knowing.

Neglected Manifesting Skills

The often overlooked practices that can make all the difference in allowing dreams to come true.

About the Exam

The examination process for certification as a conscious creator includes both a written and oral format.

Written portion includes:

  • Responding to questions about definitions, processes and LOA philosophies
  • Sharing who your manifesting influencers have been, and how they’ve affected your experience and growth as a conscious creator
  • Describing three recent conscious and deliberate manifestations (include desire, technique, and outcome; include escalating levels of manifestation)
  • Identifying an area for improvement in your manifesting process and your intentions for progress

Oral portion with examiner includes:

  • Offering resolution to dilemma posed by examiner
  • Examinee clarification and restating of the perceived desire
  • Two possible approaches to manifesting the desire as posed by the examiner

Benefits of Certification

Why pursue a conscious creator certification?

Many creators won’t feel the desire to make their expertise as a manifestor official. Some do very well with a less structured and disciplined engagement of their creative powers.

But for those who know they would thrive with more focus and structure, and for those who know accountability is key to their commitment and success, these are some of the potential benefits of certification:

Acknowledges a high level of manifesting skill

Strengthens your Law of Attraction knowledge and skill

Builds your confidence as a savvy deliberate creator

Distinguishes you as an LOA professional in your field


Encourages discipline and focus through accountability

Brings prestige and recognition from fellow co-creators

How To Get Certified

The financial investment to receive your Conscious Creator Certification are the enrollment fee to receive the courses from Good Vibe University ($170 for annual membership) and the reimbursement to our examiner for her time ($200).

That’s $370 total with the annual subscription.

(We offer this manifesting certification out of a desire to further the commitment to the field of study rather than for making big bucks, so we’ve streamlined the cost as much as possible.)

The time investment will like vary per person, but each course has one audio (less than one hour long, with transcription) per week, with a suggestion for applying the practices. We intend the “homework” is something you engage regularly for life.

Next Step

If you’re already a GVU member, keep doing your course work. When you complete the first year of courses, you’ll be eligible to sit for exam certification.

If you’d like to begin your course work, enroll here. You can choose between the annual option of $170 (which includes a complimentary private coach session with Jeannette, valued at $300), or choose the monthly option of $27.

You can suspend your studies or cancel your membership at any time online.

Learn about GVU

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We have a thing for conscious creators!

It’s our intention to inspire fellow creators to embrace their true powers and create their favorite versions of reality at will.

That’s our idea of a good time. Here’s to a life-changing connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a real certification?

While Good Vibe University is not your typical accredited institution, we consider this a legit confirmation of serious professional study worthy of acknowledgment from your LOA peers.


Is there homework?

Yes, courses delivered via email invite you to put the principles into practice. There are no assignments to be turned in until you sit for your written exam.


What kind of support do I get?

Get support from peers and other LOA leaders online in the forums and/or on live calls offered weekly.


How long has Good Vibe University been around?

The doors first opened for enrollment in October 2009.


When did certification become available?

You’re on the leading edge of the leading edge! Certification became available November 2017.


What if I don't want to take the exam?

No need to pursue certification if you don’t want to! 🙂 This is for those who know that a structured approach to engaging their creative powers and official recognition of their manifesting skills will make them a more powerful creator.


What does it cost?

The cost for certification includes enrollment to Good Vibe University, which is either $170 annually or $27 monthly. The cost of sitting for exams is $200. Which means with an annual enrollment your total cost for certification is $370.


Is the study self-paced?

The courses are delivered via email on a regular schedule. In order to give each module the attention (and homework) it deserves, you cannot speed through the courses. If you fall behind in your studies, you can catch up at your leisure and sit for exams when you’re ready.


What if I've already done the courses?

If you’ve already received all the courses at GVU, you can sit for the written and oral exam at your leisure.


Who is the examiner?

Dr. Susan Cohen is the administrator of all written and oral exams, and is well-suited to the task based on her career as a university professor. She is an original faculty member at Good Vibe University, teaching meditation and intention-setting. Dr. Cohen also brings peace and calm to clients as the Pure Potential Coach.