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Have you ever wished for a connection with colleagues that was truly empowering and inspiring? Yeah, so did we.

Jeannette & Lisa, Good Vibe Coach Academy

What we coaches have been waiting for …

Dear Coach,

We feel you. Some of the ways we hang with our colleagues aren’t always conducive to success.

When we gather to talk about coaching and our businesses, we don’t always walk away feeling smarter or more capable in those conversations.

And many coaches find that once they finish their training program, they’re “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” to their instructors.

So maybe you have a buddy coach. Maybe you frequent a coaching circle on facebook.

But you don’t feel like you’re growing your skill set or becoming more empowered in your business.

Yeah, we experienced that, too.

And yet we knew that coaches are more than capable of connecting in a way that raises the playing field and calls us to deliver the goods at a higher level.

Which is why we created this community for coaches …

So we could become the professionals we need to be in order to bring our best game to our clients and our business.

Because when one coach misses the mark, it isn’t just one entrepreneur who fails. All their unsupported clients miss out as well.

And frankly, our jobs are too important to let that happen.

The other side of that is true, too …

When one coach succeeds, it isn’t just one professional who wins. It’s all of our clients who triumph, too – and everyone that they touch. It’s a big win when a coach succeeds.

That’s why we’re passionate about giving coaches what we need to thrive – professionally, emotionally, spiritually.

The work we do as coaches is second to none. We help our clients nurture rewarding relationships, create optimal health, build successful careers, navigate the dark alleys of life and follow their highest dreams. We help them dare to go bigger, to believe in themselves, be true to their hearts and take the big leaps.

Yes, we’re probably prejudiced, but we believe coaches’ work matters to the whole world. When we get it right, everyone wins.

And that’s what we’re committed to helping every coach do.

The Coaches League

Welcome to The Coaches League: a live weekly meet-up for coaches committed to enhancing our professional skills and growing our businesses the way we know they were meant to be.

Our approach to success in the coaching field is grounded in the principles of conscious creation. We believe that our focus determines our results, and we’re committed to practicing that to our highest success.

We couldn’t have made it easier for you to get this intimate level of support for your professional game.

At just $27 a month, you get the benefit of a filtered circle of professional coaches who mean business. This circle is led by Lisa and Jeannette, two coaches who earned their chops in over 30 years of combined experience with hundreds of successful clients and financially thriving practices.

The Coaches League is a circle of coaches committed to bringing our best game – to our clients, to our business, and to our selves.

We do that by engaging the community of empowered coaches to leverage our personal expertise for the benefit of all. Our path to success is paved with developing our professional skills, immersing ourselves in positive relationships, and upleveling what it means to be a coach.

How This Came About

Jeannette at GVCAJeannette’s story

Completion of her first training program left Jeannette with questionable thoughts about what coaching was, not to mention unhelpful conversations with colleagues lamenting the lack of support and clients. She began second guessing her inspiration to enter the field.

Back then the only way to connect with empowered and success-minded coaches seemed to be hire a mentor, attend a conference, or read the industry magazine …

Not exactly ideal forms of support for someone who just wanted to hone her craft and immerse in the energy of success.

Which is why connecting with fellow coaches every Friday is still one of her favorite things to do all these years later.

Lisa at GVCALisa’s story

Not everyone understands why coaching is so potent. Even some coaches don’t grasp the effects we have on a client’s life (for better or worse).

That’s why Lisa believes coaches benefit tremendously from a more rigorous discipline in our training and a greater investment in our professional skills.

None of which matters if we don’t know how to get hired, and aren’t doing work worthy of earning referrals and repeat business.

If coaches were more effective at what we do, Lisa believes we wouldn’t have to invest so much effort in marketing our services in order to make a living. Lisa’s too humble to say this, but learning from her is to learn from the best in the business.

What You’ll Get

The Coaches League offers a variety of benefits to help coaches thrive in all ways (not the least of which is each other’s company). In addition to that prized perk, you’ll also get these advantages when you join the circle:


Invitation to participate in live weekly calls each Friday


Access to recorded calls (including for the month prior to joining)


Membership to the private facebook group


Connected with colleagues who are committed to success


Resources designed to help you thrive as a coach


Inspiration to bring your best game to the coaching field


Tips, tricks and tutorials to raise our professional skills


Peers who understand what it means to answer this calling


If you’ve ever been frustrated that your loved ones just don’t get it, or if you’ve yearned for the camaraderie of like-minded colleagues, you’re going to find the investment in this circle well worth it.

We dissect any topic that makes a difference to our success. Our subject matter is based on real world coaching situations we all experience, and we honor the principles of attraction by harnessing focus in a way that requires dreams to unfold.

To put it simply, we built the resource we wish we’d had when growing our businesses. The topics we cover each week include discussions essential to our collective coaching success, including:


How less effort can get more results



What to do when your client isn't thriving



Claiming expert status



How to make Pinterest your biz's BFF



Where clients come from



Qualities of successful coaches



Off-the-grid coaching tools



Re-paving for real life do-overs



What it takes to thrive in this business, and more ...


In this gathering we sharpen our coaching skills, evolve our businesses, develop our personal best practices, enjoy the benefits of a like-minded community, receive and offer support in our coaching journeys, and fine-tune our success habits.

We expect you’ll learn more about who you are as a coach and what you want for your business, and also step up to fully answer the call that brought you to coaching. This is where you sow your coaching oats!

This is our idea of a good time. If you’re feeling like The Coaches League would benefit you, we’d love you to join us …

What It Costs

The Coaches League enrollmentWe wanted to make this resource available to any coach, no matter your budget.

That’s why we set the membership fee at just $27 a month.

Obviously, we aren’t intending this to be the sort of gig you need to think about. But don’t let the low subscription fool you … The Coaches League is for coaches who mean business.

$27/month gets you full membership benefits. Stay as long as you like; cancel whenever you please.

Keep the recordings, the wisdom, and the inspiration to further your coaching success.

A Few Requirements



Any private information shared in the League stays in the League. We’re observing the cone of silence so members feel comfortable asking questions, soliciting support, and sharing personal examples.


This gathering is designed for success, which means we don’t endure negativity. Our discussions are deliberately infused with positive empowerment. Gossip and complaints are for other circles.

Commitment to the Craft

The invitation to join The Coaches League is extended to coaches who are committed to excellence in our profession. If you’re flirting with the idea of becoming a coach, please come back when it’s a hell yes.

How To Get In

If you’d like to be part of The Coaches League, click the PayPal button below to sign up for the $27 monthly enrollment fee. Your monthly fee will continue until you cancel your membership. (Which you can do anytime by suspending your PayPal subscription.)

We’ll add you to the private facebook group and email you a welcome letter once your payment receipt is received.

You’ll be invited to the next live call and will get access instructions to the recordings for the prior month.

Enroll now for $27/month:

Use PayPal to Sign Up

We might be prejudiced, but we believe joining The Coaches League could be the most impactful decision you make for your coaching success. Here’s to a life-changing connection.

The Coaches League

Frequently Asked Questions



When are the calls?

Fridays at noon eastern.


What if I can’t attend live?

You’ll have access to the recordings (to download or listen online) at your leisure.


How long does my membership last?

Until you cancel it. Just cancel your PayPal subscription and that’ll be our cue to remove you from the group.


Why just $27/month?

We wanted to make this possible for everyone to join no matter your budget, but also wanted a filter to sift out those who aren’t serious about coaching.


How much participation is there by members?

While Lisa and Jeannette lead the weekly calls, this isn’t the Lisa and Jeannette show. (That’s over here.) Coaches bring a wide variety of skills, training, experience and wisdom to the group, and we prefer to tap that for the benefit of all.