Looking at "Gone Wrong"

Does it serve us to look for why something went wrong? I suspect some would say it doesn’t, because it keeps us stuck in the vibration of “gone wrong,” but I think there may be occasions when it’s helpful to understand where something came from in order to learn from and/or break loose from it.

I’m thinking of my former LOA coach who, when I asked why she was sick for three days straight, answered, “Don’t know, don’t care, movin’ on.” I was stumped that she would have been a match to severe sickness, and even more stumped that she wouldn’t talk about it.

Then I realized it’s because she didn’t want to vibrate it any more. Duh.

But that approach doesn’t always work for everyone in every situation. And is it possible we miss valuable info from it? I suspect so.

For example, I learned a lot from my temporarily disabled refrigerator and dryer over the last year. I got that info by asking “why?” When something’s amiss in my body, one of my favorite exercises is asking the body part what message it has for me. I’ve gotten FABULOUS life direction from this little 5′ 9″ masterpiece of mine. That info also came from looking into “why?”

Looking at an ended relationship in hindsight gave me lots of good info, I think. Or did it keep me in “ended relationship” vibration? Man, maybe both!!

I just read about Greta’s stolen car in June’s Catalyst Magazine, and I’m sure there’s something to be learned there as well. (May just be that her car took the vacation she was needing herself, which she did indeed award herself shortly thereafter.)

I’m also thinking of a dear friend who had a big presentation scheduled, and allowed himself to get completely sidetracked after experiencing a near miss accident the night before. The near miss shifted his focus so dramatically that he wasn’t able to enjoy his successful presentation, and still wasn’t himself days later. He’s still talking about the accident that didn’t happen, and although I started it – now he’s talking about why he’s talking about it.

So it seems to me there can be helpful information in looking at things “gone wrong,” to a certain extent. We don’t want to dwell in a vibration that represents a “don’t want” longer than is useful. The question them becomes how much is useful?

Maybe it’s possible to look at what happened without getting in the vibration of it. I mean, could I look at my ended relationship without vibrating “ended relationship”? Rather, vibrating “curious about events that transpired”? I think so.

But, I could be wrong. Guaranteed I’ll be paying attention to the vibe next time I’m inspired to spend time analyzing something “gone wrong.”

  • June 4, 2007
  • Parul says:

    Hmmm… let’s see what went wrong…
    I worried too much…. I am relaxed
    I doubted too much… I trust
    I was very unsure… I’m very sure
    And not clear at all on what I want… I know what I want…

  • Noelle says:

    Hmmm….just found this one in a more recent post of yours! How’d I miss it :)?
    My immediate response to this is that there is nothing that goes wrong! Period…..”God/Universe” don’t make no mistakes, lol! It CAN and WILL ALL work out to OUR benefit IF we believe and expect it to do so! And I absolutely do NOT say this lightly, I’ve had my share of “mishaps”, especially since I DOVE into practicing what I “preach” with the LOA, lol!
    And also, it’s not that I don’t think it’s wrong for at least a “little” while, lol, before I find the “blessing in disguise” in whatever it is(I am human;)! But a while back I heard another channel(Bashar http://www.bashar.org) that I absolutely love say “there’s no scenario doesn’t have a positive manifestation! No exceptions ever!” This really stuck with me and totally “rang my bell”! I adore the idea that everything is working for me/us and working out positively!
    And so now when something looks like it is, or it is going to be “very wrong”, I just keep repeating and soothing myself with that statement “there is absolutely no scenario that doesn’t have a positive manifestation! No exceptions ever”, and then I say, “I can’t wait to see how this one works out FOR me! And invariably it DOES work out for me, either immediately or a little bit later!
    I’ll give you a VERY recent example I just stopped reeling from; 3 weeks or so ago my husband decided I wasn’t handling our money correctly(always late on rent etc…) so he took the reins WITHOUT informing me ahead of time! Just didn’t give me his paycheck one week, then another!
    Well you can just imagine how I freaked since I don’t make all that much myself, and I do rely on his paycheck to support ME too…you know personal stuff, cigs, beauty products, books, hair products etc…..plus I need it to grocery shop!!!
    Well, we had MAJOR trauma and crisis in our house(everybody got involved), yuk! I was sooo MAD at everybody and everybody was sooo MAD at me!!! But man did I shoot some MAJOR and DECISIVE rockets of desire out of all of it, and lo and behold, once I calmed down a bit(took me a week or so;) I was able to turn it around into a MAJOR “blessing in disguise”!
    As a result I made about double the next week at work….this is possible cause I cut hair in a barber shop and rely on number of clients and commissions! And now I am SOOO much more empowered about money and MY earning power and really my total DECISION MAKING MANIFESTING POWER!!!! It seems it was the “push” I needed….though I didn’t really think so at the time, lol!
    And honestly my husband and this whole incident is on the top of my appreciation list now(and I am milking it by remembering over and over how I decided and it HAPPENED:)! I had been asking for a breakthrough with money a LOT lately and, on top of my “desire list” lately has been to be “FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT”! And now I am on my way!!! I FEEL and really KNOW it now! YEAH!
    Hope this helps others to turn “wrongs” into RIGHTS! It’s VERY empowering too;)!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi J

    No, I have not seen the clip from Byron Katie, but will check it out.

    I like the idea about asking the body part for a ‘message’ – that’s cool. So much of a better tone than ‘why’ and its answering spin of blame.

    Thanks for sparking this dialogue 🙂


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    That’s about as empowering as it gets, Vanessa. Nice example you’re setting!! I like thinking of it as a message rather than a “lesson,” too. It seems to take the sting out of thinking we did something “wrong” that “should” have been done differently.

    Rather, it may very well be a gift. And often with hindsight we see it when we look for it.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi there!
    I’ve found that when things go wrong, I don’t look at the “why” but rather what can I learn from this, and what message is the Universe trying to send me. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the “problem” I can nearly always find the message or the lesson.This lesson then becomes a reason for gratitude; it becomes an automatic cycle.I know we are talking about some very serious problems here like cancer etc, and I lost my mum at a young age to cancer, so I can identify with the pain of such illnesses. But even now when I look back, I can see why the Universe sent that situation to me. For me, it has always helped me to avoid holding a “pity party” for myself! Instead, if I look at the lesson to be learnt, I subconsciously (or consciously!) feel like I am moving forward.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for your post, Zoe. I can see how that question (“What now?”) would serve you well. That focus from “why?” to “what next?” would effectively change the vibe!

    Have you seen the Byron Katie clip on her site http://www.thework.com of the guy with cancer?

    I know an NLP/LOA coach who, when she recognized she was dealing with knee pain, said in a genuinely enthusiastic tone of voice, “Knees, what have you got for me?!” She was anticipating there was info there, and instead of going where most people would when they have body pain, she looked at it as an opportunity.

    These aren’t typical responses to something physically gone wrong, but what a nice shift, huh? I’m looking forward to reading about your experience. Thanks for the link and for your post, Zoe!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Manifesting illness and other ‘gone wrong’ things is really a challenge for LOA believers. No one wants to believe they created or brought it on themselves, after all, why would you do that to yourself?! Brings on more feelings of guilt and remorse.

    However, as someone who has had cancer and plenty of illness leading up to that Big One Gone Wrong, I can honestly say that getting stuck in the ‘why’ can really bring your vibration down. Far better to ask, “what now?” It changes you focus and changes your vibe too.

    You can read my article on LOA and illness and others on cancer here: http://www.innercompass.com.au/content/view/153/35/

    Here’s to health and happiness now!


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