Lose Your Grip On Reality

This week a friend phoned for advice. She’s thinking about selling her house and everything in it, quitting her job and starting her own business. She knew I left a pinnacling career to build a thriving practice in record time, and asked how I did it.

As my mind reflected on writing the business plan, completing training and hiring expert coaches, I realized all that helped, but what really made the difference was something else.

The bottom line to my success was that I thought I could and I decided toFor the three years prior I had wanted it, but didn’t believe it could happen.I wasn’t committed, and let others discourage my outrageous fantasy.

So I retreated to my own little world with this hidden dream. Which is where I lost my grip on reality. (Finally!) I stopped believing most coaches go broke; that it takes nearly two years to build a full time practice; that I’d have to work a side job to make ends meet. I quit thinking it was crazy to abandon a successful career; that I’d quickly burn through savings.

Instead I started listening to the voice that said I could do what I wanted. And began listening for other voices that supported it.

So, my friend, what do you think you can? What do you imagine is possible? What are you committed to? Can you feel the difference between wanting something you don’t believe, vs. wanting something you know is possible? That difference is where your creative power lies.

For example, one of my clients wants a group of new, like-minded, supportive and positive friends. She knows they’re out there, and knows they’ll soon make their appearance in her real world. In the meantime, they’re imaginary friends.

Another person I know wants a new location for his business. He’s fed up with his current place, and has a long list of reasons why he hasn’t been able to – and won’t – find the right new location. He’s stuck in reality.

My advice is to loosen your grip on “reality” and dwell in what’s possible. Revel in the imaginary world of dreams come true. (Keep it to yourself for a while if you have to.) Losing your grip on reality can be the crucial shift to getting what you want!

  • April 1, 2007