Make Way for Miracles

How to Manifest a MiracleWhen you want something that seems really big, impossible or unlikely, it’s important to find a way to get up to speed with it.
Because as long as it seems out of reach, it will be.
So we have to close the discrepancy between what we want and what we believe is possible.
One of my favorite ways to make room for a miracle is a simple mantra that cracks open the door of possibility.  It makes room for Universe to deliver the goods.
Think of it as the first step to cracking the miracle code.  I know from experience that this one step by itself can allow magic to happen.
Here’s my magic affirmation to make room for miracles:
“Stranger things have happened.”
That’s it.
Those four words remind me that crazy things happen all the time.  Every day.  All over the world.  Strange things are happening.
This thing I want that seems so implausible (financial windfalls, Olympic gold, thin thighs) – hey, it’s not that big a deal.  Stranger things have happened, after all!
Like when …

  • I got an A in that senior level ecology class as a scholarship tuition-dependent freshman who carried Cs through the whole term
  • Howie the cat traveled 1,000 miles across the Australian outback to reunite with his family
  • this woman was inexplicably rescued from her drowning vehicle
  • Anita had a near death experience that is inspiring people all over the world

In light of these other amazing things, my latest desire doesn’t seem like such a big stretch any more.
“Stranger things have happened.”
I don’t even have to actually believe my ridiculous dream is possible – but by believing in impossible things, I raise my “outlandish” desire to the level of plausibility.
In hearing back from fellow manifesters who I shared this with in the Masters of Creation Circle last month, I know it works for others, too.
Feel free to use it next time you need to crack open the door for a miracle.
And if you’ve got a “stranger things” story, we’d love to hear it …

  • November 4, 2013
  • Michele says:

    I like to play numbers everyday, but noticed that on Monday’s I don’t win (I keep a log). So, on Monday March 10, 2014, when I woke up, I decided that’s it, I definately was not gonna play. It sure felt good. I went to work, was very busy and didn’t think about anything other than work. I check the midday drawing and was so glad I didn’t waste my money, because I would have lost Later that day, I proceeded to my doctors appointment, still not thinking about numbers. When I got home, there was an unexpected $10 check in the mail that I had forgotten about.. So what do I do? I go to the bank cash the check and decided to play a few numbers, I figured it won’t hurt, since it was found money. I actually hit the number that night AND won $200.

  • Grace says:

    As I sat here thinking about this I realized that miracles actually happen more than I thought! Like Sue, I had cars disappear. There were headlights coming down a hill toward me one night several years ago. It was snowing and cold and I hit black ice. My car spun out and I ended up off the road about 10 feet from rolling down a ditch, and I completely missed posts that lined the side of the road. I was sure that the cars coming toward me and behind me were going to hit me, but there were no cars anywhere near! When the car stopped I asked my son who was about 7 at the time if he was okay, and when he said yes, we both busted out laughing! The car was stuck in the snow and luckily a guy stopped and said he saw what happened and offered us a ride to the next town about a mile away to call a tow truck to pull us out. He dropped us off at a gas station and there was a tow truck filling up so I asked him if he could pull us out. He said we were lucky because the weather was so bad there was at least a 2 hour wait to get anyone to come out. So he drove us back to the car and pulled us out of the snow. I paid him and he followed us to the main highway. We made our way safely and gratefully home 60 miles away. Of course had I listened to my intuition that was whispering at every turn that day to stay home that day as bad weather was heading our way, our evening would not have been so exciting and I wouldn’t have this story to tell. But then, stranger things have happened!

  • Matt O'Grady says:

    Yeah, Mrs. C!
    Love those 🙂

  • Mrs. C says:

    Hi Guy’s
    I’ve got a few more that I have been using recently on top of the ones mentions.
    “Hindrances are friendly” and obstacles spring boards!”
    ” The walls of lack and delay now crumble away, 
and I enter my Promised Land, under Grace in Perfect Ways.”
    “Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, for my greatest good, in perfect ways.”
    “Nothing’s too good to be true nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last”

  • Beautiful post! Thank you all….Judy

  • Michele says:

    Crack the Door of Open really works all the time.and the mantra helps.It is just amazing. Then If I happen say “thank you” with heartfelt sincerity, I get with more miracles,! Some instant, and some take a bit.. All I can say is “wow” !

  • Love it Jeannette! I need to add this one to my rolodex of affirmations.
    “Stranger things have happened.”
    It’s as good as “Wouldn’t it be nice?”
    It makes me hold the desire loosely. I feel open to it now. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!

  • Leigha says:

    I loved this post Jeannette! Yes – Stranger things have happened… I loved reading everyone’s stories, too!! – xoxo Leigha

  • Matt says:

    Super Awesome Post! 🙂
    Yup, it all starts with belief, and belief starts with our thoughts, and our thoughts start with where we are vibrating from, and where we are vibrating/feeling from starts with how we interpret what we see and experience as our lives….
    So, I love to see my life as a place where strange, amazing, blessed, miraculous things are going on everyday/moment! Which is of course true for all of us. XO Jeannette.

  • VJAI says:

    Something is definitely afoot!
    On Tuesday, I experienced an overnight miracle that had to do with my rent, as well!

  • Sonya G says:

    Perfect timing Jeanette and since it was posted on my birthday…11/4, I’m going to accept it as a sign for a question I had. I also enjoyed reading the sharings of others. Peace & Plenty to all!

  • Sebastian says:

    Stranger things have happened!!!
    Yes!!! So simple… I’ll write it down right now!!!

  • Great thoughts – thanks for sharing them, Mrs. C. (Flo is also one of my favorites for this type of inspiration.)
    And yep, Shannon, those are both really good “stranger things” stories!! rofl WOW!

  • Shannon Shea says:

    I have two recent events that totally fit this bill. My birthday is 8-22. My favorite number is 22. I put it everywhere I can and try to see how many 22’s I can see each day. Recently, my boyfriend stopped by the store to buy me a combination lock for the gym. I joked that it’s too bad you can’t see what the combinations are before you buy the lock. When he got home and opened it up the combination was 26-8-22. Not only did it have 22, it had my exact Birthday!? What are the chances of that?? How many combinations can their be? I was amazed!
    Next, I needed to fly to CA for a business event and I was short $800. I was trying to scrap money together from every source I could think of. I reached out to a local sobriety shop that sells my items and thought maybe they had a small check for me that would help – they usually had checks for about $200 for me. I, again, joked to my boyfriend, “$200 is great, but what I really need is $800.” When they called me a few days later they said that after doing the inventory, my net check after their cut would be $801. WHAT!!??? Crazy amazing!
    When I start to doubt I will remember to say, “Stranger things have happened!”

  • Mrs. C says:

    Thanks for sharing guy’s
    Love this affirmation, too: “Business is flourishing and magic happens daily.”
    I use “I am ready for my good” and I believe something very lucky is happening to me now.”
    Also use Florence Scovel Shinn’s
    “God’s ways are ingenious, His methods are sure.”
    “The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.”

  • Brenda, you probably can guess that my favorite part of that story was that it was a “pleasure” cruise!! Love how well things work out when we take care of our happy vibe!
    Thanks for sharing that here with us. 🙂

  • Brenda says:

    I love your story, Lizette! VERY cool! 😉

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you Jeannette & Nancy for these (LOVE them!):
    “Stranger things have happened.” and (substituting ‘finances’ for ‘business’): “My finances are flourishing and magic happens daily.”
    After working for only a few short weeks for a company on a short-term contract (a company I desired to work for permanently), a year went by, and I’d hadn’t run into even one person I worked with there the year before. I thought that was the end of my employment there. Then one day (a year later), I was inspired to take a pleasure cruise in my car. When I arrived at my intended destination, I parked my car and then heard someone call my name. It was a girl I had worked with there. She told me that the night before, she’d received a phone call from a manager there. He’d called her hoping she’d know how to contact me (I had moved since I worked there). She’d told him that she had no idea where I was or how to contact me – hadn’t talked to or seen me in all this time. She excitedly told me to call the manager immediately, because the company needed us back to work. I did call and worked there for the next 16 years. If I hadn’t taken that pleasure cruise or if I’d arrived 5 minutes before or after in the parking lot, I would have missed that girl. How strange …or magic is that?!

  • THAT is a cool story, Lizette. Here’s to more like that!

  • Wow, Lizette, what an interesting story!
    Love this affirmation, too:

    Business is flourishing and magic happens daily.

    Many blessings,

  • Jeannette, it’s certainly true that when we let go of the HOW, the multiverses know how to amaze and thrill us! 😉 As you pointed out on GVU, my experience of raw bacon fat easily removing a splinter in 4 hours falls under the “stranger things have happened” category!
    Sam, your link seems to be broken because of the comma in the middle of it, but pasting it into a browser window seems to bring it up.
    As far as the study goes, it really just proves what LOA teachers and ancient texts have been saying for eons: just bringing an image into the brain is not enough. The true power of the imagination, or Christ Consciousness, is to imbue the vision with FEELING. It’s the vibration and strength of our feelings that influences what is mirrored back to us.
    It also shows how LOA is always making us right. One of my clients (not even sure why he sought me out), was convinced that LOA didn’t work and so every explanation he came up with for his experiences supported that belief…I could only see how LOA was working for him and he could only see how it wasn’t. LOA is always proving us right, no matter what our stance.
    If you want to believe that imagining and actuality have no correlation, LOA will most likely line you up with the empirical evidence. I’ve personally only had one experience where LOA did not uphold my beliefs, and in that case it was biology that ruled.
    The question you might want to ask yourself is: what feels best…holding onto a belief that there is no correlation, or embracing a belief that there is? There is no right or wrong answer. Follow what feels best to you and disregard the rest.
    Many blessings,

  • Lizette says:

    About a year ago we were flat broke for a long time – our rent was paid at least a week late every month for about 8 months. It was the end of the month and Monday was the 1st. We were expecting a payment on the 3rd, but our internet access payment was due midnight of the last day of the month and we needed internet for work. I asked Wade to call the company because I was SURE they’d understand (they’re really nice) and give us just a couple days grace. He called and they said they couldn’t do that, because it’s automated, but told him to hold. They came back and said “But it IS paid for the next month already – it was paid last week.” WE NEVER PAID IT and we don’t know how it happened, but since then, things magically improved for us and continue to do so, with no (extra) effort from our side. Business is flourishing and magic happens daily.
    That’s just one of our many stories and yes, stranger things have happened.

  • Sam says:,%20H.,%20&%20Oettingen,%20G.%20%282011%29.%20JESP.pdf

  • Sam says:

    It might be odd to post this link here, but would be happy to get people’s opinion on it. It is a study that talks about zero positive corelation between imagining and actuality.,%20H.,%20&%20Oettingen,%20G.%20%282011%29.%20JESP.pdf

  • Imelda Leahy says:

    Ah thanks for this reminder Jeannette! Very timely in fact. It’s actually one of mine too…gonna get it out and use it more often! 😉

  • Michael says:

    Another awesome piece of content. Great stuff, my friend. Now I need to sit and have fun cataloging all sorts of cool ‘stranger’ things that have happened…

  • Holy WOW, Sue!! What a cool story!! That TOTALLY helps amp up the vibe of “stranger things”! WOWZA!!

  • Sue says:

    I have had cars literally disappear 2 different times while driving on the highway, during fast moving close calls.
    One while getting off having to cross over as another is just getting on……they totally vanished just as I was sure we were going to hit. Another turning into traffic on a bridge, I closed my eyes, and my husband couldn’t understand where she went…… yes stranger things HAVE happened and do happen!
    Thanks Jeanette for reminding us 🙂

  • Glad it hit the spot, Martine! And thanks for the smile from your randomly assigned green monster avatar. lol
    (It’s for those who haven’t already picked one up here:
    And thanks, Katie, for the love! 🙂

  • Katie says:

    Love Love Love!!!!

  • martine says:

    not sure where that “green being” came from?

  • martine says:

    I LOVE it! Perfect timing as well..thank you Jeannette!

  • Sometimes it’s nice to swap them out every once in a while, isn’t it?
    Love the one you’ve been using, Janette. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, I love this one!
    My standard miracle-cracking mantra has been “anything is possible” but it’s getting a little worn and tired (!) so I’m totally stealing this one.

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