Making Peace With Cat Pee (Is Hard)

A fellow creator asked today if I had manifesting tips for when cats pee on things.

“Oh boy,” I sighed. “Making peace with cat pee is hard.”

And that’s what you have to do to get rid of what you don’t want – you have to stop not wanting it.

But who wants cat pee?!

It’s surely from the devil. So toxic. So permanent.

Even skunk smells eventually fade!

Cat pee I found to be a personal challenge.

Manifesting financial windfalls in no time? No problem. Transforming relationships with crackhead neighbors? Done. Changing the past? I’ll lead the way.

But dropping resistance to feline urinary misdeeds at home? Ay yi yi.

That’s tricky business.

At least, for me it is. Because I have a charge on this subject.

A charge is when we have a really strong emotion on a subject we really don’t want.

And flowing that kind of energy guarantees we experience it again and again and again.

In fact, this podcast explains what a charge is, where they come from and what to do when you spot one.

But basically, we know that whatever we really don’t want we become strong magnets for.

Because strong emotion is irresistible to Universe.

It hears it as a siren call for more of the same.

So yeah, I know this prinicple, inside and out. I don’t doubt it for a single second.

And yet – making peace with the stuff we Really Don’t Want is hard.

I’m not going to elaborate on the horrors of cat urine on furniture or carpets, but suffice it to say, it was easier for me to accept my highest weight ever than it was to accept freakin’ cat pee on my favorite freakin’ reading chair.

I had an easier time letting go men I loved dearly than getting okay with inappropriate elimination in my home.

So. This post serves two purposes:

One, to offer tips for anyone who’s manifesting a urine-free environment while still keeping their best feline friends at home.

And two, to demonstrate the process that makes it possible to drop resistance to whatever we strongly don’t want.

Does it sound like a magic trick?

And I certainly didn’t succeed on my first try, or my second, or even third attempt.

This one took practice.

You might find the same thing for whatever you’re strongly not wanting in your life.

I wasted time trying to manifest cats who didn’t pee on furniture while I had such a strong charge on the subject. That vibrational charge wouldn’t allow for an easy resolution because it served as a contrary instruction.

Second, I personally couldn’t get to the place where I was okay living with the smell of cat urine in the house. I just flat out wasn’t down with that. No one should have to live that way.

And giving up cats was absolutely not an option – although, even if I’d tried that, I had such strong feelings about it that I’m sure Universe would have found a way to get some on my $*&@% pillow. Because it’s creative like that.

No amount of action can overcome a strong vibration.

(Proven by multiple vet visits and extra litter boxes with different litters and animal communicator sessions.)

Experience had shown me I couldn’t action my way out of this problem.

So what I did when I moved into the new house (and even more strongly didn’t want cats to pee in this brand new pee-free place – it had new furniture and clean carpets!) was to find a way to make it not such a big deal if they did it.

How could I get to the place where I was okay with cat pee?

Well, if it didn’t ruin my furniture, that would be a nice start. If the cleanup was easier, that would go a long way in feeling easier about the whole thing. If I were willing to replace furniture regularly, or if I knew there was an end to this routine at some point in my life, that might help, too. So I’d do the average lifespan math on my problem pee-ers every once in a while, and remind myself how much I’d miss them when they were gone. I suggested to self that perhaps this was a good excuse to have a regular rotation of new furniture and carpets. It’s just money, after all.

That maybe moved me a little bit in the right vibrational direction, but it wasn’t transformational.

What really worked in taking the charge off cat pee was this:

I devised a setup whereby if they peed somewhere other than a litterbox, the cleanup would be more effective and easier to accomplish.

(I put mylar emergency blankets on the potential preferred peeing spots and covered them with easy to wash blankets.)

The world would not end if a cat picked the new sofa instead of the litterbox to relieve herself.

Indeed, it became something of a game, where I felt triumphant every time I outwitted a cat and was able to eliminate their mess with no trace they’d ever been there.

“Ha ha!” I’d shout to cats who weren’t listening and didn’t care. “You are foiled again!”

My vibe went from resistant to triumphant.

Yes, I was doing a lot of laundry, but my system was working.

And guess what?

It was no longer such a big deal if someone peed where they shouldn’t.

And guess what else?

Pretty soon, they stopped peeing in all but one place – a meditation cushion that I’m happy to let them have if that’s what it takes for peace to reign.

I don’t even keep the emergency blankets on the couches any more!

As I chilled out about it (because I found a way to truly relax), they stopped doing it.

Funny how that works, huh?

While it’s not my highest joy to write about cat pee challenges, I am happy to share proof that we can release resistance on the things that bother us most. And once we do so, our reality changes, too.

What to do if your charge is on something like money, or relationships, or health issues instead of stupid cat pee?

It’s the same process …

Find a way to relax about it.

Get a second source of income. Remind yourself you’ll find love again. Or that kids grow up and move out. Practice loving your body as is.

Whatever’s bothering you, there are all sorts of ways we can change how we feel about it, whether it’s finding different thoughts or taking creative action that gives vibrational relief.

Whatever you do, please don’t expect that you’ll be able to create what you want while under the spell of a highly charged negative focus. The system just isn’t setup to ignore that kind of instruction.

And if you have tips for how to make peace with something strongly unwanted, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and for joining me in visioning a happy household where eliminations by all parties are appropriate and desired. Where humans and felines get along fabulously, with lots of respect and appreciation for each other and for the furniture.

And so it is. 🙂

  • April 13, 2017
  • Caitlin says:

    Oh my god!!!!!
    I can’t believe you wrote this! I have sixteen rescue cats and we have been having HUGE issues with a couple peeing in different places! Like you, we will not even consider moving any of them on, so we’ve been trying to fix it for months.
    Lately I’ve been trying to manifest and focusing on that as much as possible. I decided I would try to manifest calm cats that pee in the litter. I was having the problem of being unable to ignore the pee smell, of course. So I told myself that there is a way and it will come to me. It will happen.
    And here’s your post! I was just cleaning out my overstuffed junk mail folder and figured I’d quickly open your email to see if it could be applicable to my life… wow! I did not expect it to be *this* applicable. I am very excited!
    Thank you for all your writing!

    • Jeannette says:

      Glad it was relevant, Caitlin. Actually, I wish it weren’t. lol
      But I’m replying because my biz partner Kim Falconer has been having great success with a technique she picked up from a video clip of David Hawkins (the Power v. Force guy) about using simple awareness (without judgment) to reduce the unwanted things in our life. I’ll see if I can track it down …

  • Anonymous says:

    This is an exceptionally incredible post for showing how to deal with serious don’t wants that seem absolutely impossible to make peace with. Definitely going to be recommending this to others!

  • Mia says:

    I admit, reading this makes me feel a little hopeless: What to do if you have no plan B that makes you feel okay or at least better about a challenging life situation? (A situation that is about more than just cat pee?)
    For me, the most unbearable life situations are just that unbearable because I have no alternative way of doing or seeing things. There’s just no way out. There are some areas in my life that I feel totally stuck. I’ve tried to change either the situation or my perspective but nothing works. I would love to feel better about it or “think better” about it but I just can’t.
    I cannot help thinking that the LOA seems kind of non-user-friendly: It’s so difficult to make it work in our favor when we would need it the most … :/

  • Mrs. V says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that I tried for the final time in my area to socialise my cat but she was viciously attacked my three female cats and a male cat. The male cat saw he damage that was causes and back peddled and was more accommodating after his insults. However my cat left in pure shock. I am proud that my cat handled the situation and just turned her nose up and showed and calmly walked away.
    The main cat there was that I had some fish with before did offer me a plate by the river then the offer was retracted when it was time to pay. This only confirmed my belief about other cats in the area and when I mentioned the situation to someone they agreed that my cat dealt with the situation with elegance and dignity. My cat would have normally just turned feral and scratched their eyes out. There were no fur balls in sight, so I will get her some friends of caliber when I move town. My cat is very much happy with that and can easy socialise more than domesticated cats.
    So keeping all that in mind I am not surprised that my cat had major problems purring again. I am just waiting for a few projects to be completed and take a couple of holidays. I am just glad she is not scarred for life. All though her microchip has moved to her throat which makes her purr a bit rapid.
    I saw the security guard this morning when I left the house and he was adorable. I just have to for pray rain as having no Joy was a problem for him big time.

  • Mrs. V says:

    I just hope these cats have not been given meds in there milk that make them fat, have panic attacks that my them crazy. There are too many cats that him been treated like lab rats and watched for a reaction, only to be diagnosed in less than 4 mins, without any questions or testing. Then finding out years later that the cat had ADHD and speech problems which cause people to say that she is mad. This was only because she was provoked non stop to the point of death. Plus the Vet microchipped her without even asking me.
    I had at least three Vets who knew about this wild cat and her collection of taxidermy. This was just a hobby for my cat as she had a lot of death and sadness in her family yet her hobby and disability was repeated seen as a mental disorder. Even when I took her to the Vets back in 2008 they questioned why I had the money to pay for her stay at the sanctuary for just over a week.
    They understood why this cat was temporally ill when I told them about the FIV (feline aids) risk and other cats that was playing with her like a half dead mouse. She was later released to me but it took her a long time to recover due to the wrong meds that caused her to bloat up like a pig. I totally resent that esp. that I was told to take her back from where I got her by the sanctuary.
    The other thing is that my cat was sexually abused twice between 2008-2016 by a older dirty cat and by a Vet of all people. This was back in 2008. The dirty cat has been forgiven but it was just my cat and a negative anchor from the so called Vet who wanted my cat in his veterinary practice in Paris but I had a crystal clear vision of me kicking down that stairs if he touched my pussy again. The worse thing was he turned the whole thing around after he said sorry and made out that it was my cats mental health. What a sicko. I did report him to the cat assoc. but as it was over 3 yrs and my cat was not an adult they didn’t do anything.
    The good thing is that my cat does not have FIV but is still in shock about the unwarrented meds. I could understand why my cat just lapped up that thick milk like there was no tomorrow. This was her way of coping when not even one Vet would listen to her or even tell her the truth about what they had done. I still am very much resentful about this as it has caused my cat to go crazy. This was gen worse because they had all her medical history from before. I am just so glad that she didn’t jump off the roof back in the summer. This was very easy for her to do as we live in the attic apartment.
    The good thing is my cat had a strange purr when something was up and this was when the security guard was around. He was testing out his hypnosis on her and she would purr most of the times she was in a trance. The security guard always refuted this but I know that purr when I hear it. Anyways the security guard does love my pussy esp. when I had to cut all contact with him for 4 months. He still does use hypnosis but this is done in a more covert way when my cat is watching TV etc. He has also stopped changing the colours of her toys every few hours. I am also aware that he had stolen hundreds of her fresh fish. 300 of them was replaced back in the summer and I am trusting that the other stuff will be replaced a million times by using LOA.
    My cat is aware of this and I tell her that all is well and she is a lioness. She is cool with that and which makes me feel dandy.
    The security guard already knows I want to get a couple of pups from the the two dog pink feeding bowls I left on the terrace yesterday. I saw is eyes almost pop out of his head but he knew that I was preparing him for the pups. So he has used them as a place to germinate his flower seeds until I find the two puppies that I want after I go on a couple of holidays. By that time my cat will had released those unwanted kilo’s and be also ready to welcome the pups.
    Sorry for my long post as it is too early in the morning so deal with editing, grammar etc.

  • Susann says:

    Don’t you just LOVE the law of attraction? I just used it on YOU, Jeannette.
    I have a new young cat who was an outdoor stray I’m slowly teaching to be an indoor kitty like my other 2. She’s about 80% indoors now, but at night often poops somewhere other than her potty (she pees in her pot every time, thank goodness)& for some reason doesn’t yell at me to be let out (although usually she’s the most vocal cat I’ve ever met). I finally told myself: you use LOA on everything else, why aren’t you using it on this?? Then thought: okay, I need more input. And, voila, you wrote this post!
    I’ve decided it’s going to have to be OK where ever she poops. I can clean it up easily, I have good carpet cleaner & deodorizer & my other 2 cats are both fat old guys who’ve never shown the slightest sign of doing the same thing. Last night I went to bed with that thought — all’s OK — clearly in mind instead of my usual concern about where I’d find her little mess in the morning. About 5am she woke me up by **howling** beside the bed. I got up & let her out & she hurtled into the garden to poop under the trees.
    Don’t know what’ll happen tonight, but whatever it is, it’s OK. The next step will be to LOA her little butt into the litter pan, but I’ve just decided to not worry about it. So thank you! I love it when I use LOA to get you to write a post I need 🙂

  • Mrs. V says:

    Cats can be easy trained esp. with cat pee by putting orange peel or peppermint oil drops around the places they pee. I due to get some puppies and my current home is perfect for accidents.
    What I hate is when my hubby keeps tabs/ contact with his ex gf’s and pretends or acts like it was my imagination. There was one situation when I called him and I could her his ex JC’s daughter in the background and later told me it was the TV. I heard him say Shh! to her daughter then he ended the call then called me 10 mins after when they was gone. I even hated the fact that the ex was still sending him text messages for new year etc. This was totally disrespectful esp that he was cheating with her on me for some time when we got together.
    So now if he even goes out at a blind notice e.g the Mass yesterday. It does leave a massive feeling of deception. He has not done anything but one can not get rid of the feeling of deception for good reason. Even if he tells me it was my problem. I need transparency in relationships otherwise I love will just fade away. I also don’t like the fact that he works with his ex on the Ultra project.
    Yet I must not talk about my ex or have contact with him when we broke up over 17 yrs ago and lived together for 3 yrs after in another country as platonic flat mates. Some of my emails/calls have been blocked too.
    My way of dealing with this is to move away due to the fact the hidden cams are still in my current home. I knew that big brother was in my home at my last two address in this town also. The drugging has stopped but I still have some side effects. I did mention that I would stay because of his secret job that he has not told me about and I am not stupid about his decoy work place.
    It would be amazing if he gave me some reassurance by voluntarily talking to me about the above.
    Everyone seems to know all my life even the many at the local market who told him about his current job knows what happened to me. I have learn’t a few taxing lessons but that was because I was shafted big time too many times by the Caf, Lawyers, gov etc. back in the day. The made me into a zombie. Some of the stuff was helpful but the rest was simply sadistic and almost cost me my life a couple of times. This I am still recovering from.
    I know things will workout between me and my hubby but I need some real talk time. I also decided not to talk about my marriage after this point as things just get repeated back from Joanne, Laurance, Philip and the rest of the gang.
    I do have a tendency to repeat my self esp. to my hubby but there are some things he still does not understand and I have repeated those a million times already. So I will have stopped doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    I also don’t like them trying to fix my life based on what they think is right for me. At the same time I am grateful for the button that I have manifested as I know the bigger sum will come soon. I know they are behind that manifestation so I can say a massive thank you as I know they are reading this.

  • Cheryl says:

    Great post! I can relate to it entirely. A few of my cats would pee in random places. I decided to cover those places with puppy pads so it wouldn’t be such a huge deal .. Just pick up the pad, replace and on my way. It didn’t stop them from peeing out of the box but clean up is easier…until… cat keeps peeing in different places as if the pads are in her way. I’m resigned to live with it. She’s my baby and I never want to send out negative vibes about it. She watches me clean up the pads and is listening for my vibration about it. I noticed if I was angry inside, she would jump off the bed and hide under it. When I clean up and tell her I love her, she is happy.
    So I’m okay with it. Do I wish it were different and they didn’t pee on the carpet right by the computer where I work and smell urine all day..Yea…but …until I find a different vibe, maybe it will just be this way..

  • Ana says:

    This post is beyond helpful. Six months ago a 16 year old next door neighbor girl died of starvation and dehydration at the hands of her adoptive mother. I was distraught over it, and within 3 hours one of my cats began urinating anywhere and everywhere. I put it down to the sirens and flashing lights from the fire trucks, rescue vehicle and squad cars. They left after after 5 hours, but the cat used a custom made carpet in lieu of litter boxes. After that was disposed of, he moved on to urinating on the wood floor that was now exposed.
    I was fully charged about this, as the house is owned by a relative. I ended up sleeping in the den, so that my hypervigilance could alert me when I smelled cat urine. It finally stopped after a few harrowing months. I wish I had remembered that my agitation would only serve to draw in more of the same urinating behavior.
    Jeannette, please feel free to edit or delete this post. People do not really want to think about a girl dying in this cruel way. I know that cats are highly intuitive, so it isn’t odd that the cat had a radical behavior change in light of what happened.

  • Tammy says:

    I was recently upset by a dress my niece was allowed to wear. She is 15 years old, the dress was VERY low cut, and half of her breasts were showing (she is quite well endowed for 1 15 year old). I was up all night fuming on the sexualization of teenagers and such and also worried how the next family gathering will go if it is brought up because there is no way I will be able to hold back. So that is TWO things I had going on: my niece’s lack of clothing and the what-if-it-is-brought-up worry.
    But to make myself feel better I decided to think instead that it was just my *preference* for styles to not show so much boob. Because technically, I don’t even like that style in women’s clothes as well. It is after all, just my preference. And she’s not my daughter, not even really my niece–not yet really, anyway. So who cares what her mom allows in her house or not. And to add to that, don’t I get annoyed when others try to push their preferences on me? I certainly felt a lot better after that! I didn’t feel anymore like it was me against the entire world of child sex trafficking or something like it did before!
    As for the other thing. I decided that I am allowed to have preferences so if someone did ask me about the dress, I could state that it was not to my preference. (Instead of the entire tirade I felt like I was going to go on before.)
    It feels so nice when you can relax about stuff 🙂

  • Joanne says:

    This did make me chuckle as there are a few things (and people) at the moment that I could be chilling out about more and complaining about less.
    Incidentally my husband keeps complaining about the smell of cat pee on our patio that I can’t smell as much…. but then again I don’t think about it and I’m not that bothered either so even 2 people living in the same house just live their own individual reality and get more of what they focus on – interesting!

  • Elle says:

    Yup, that’s the way this goes. My peeve is people blocking our driveway by parking their big a$$ cars in the small space between 2 curb cuts in front of the two houses. They pretty much partially block the driveway, making it difficult, sometimes impossible to park in our own driveway. It angers me just to write about it. If it were my car, they’d have me towed. most defend themselves in parking there, because “it’s a space” and they don’t care.
    Well, as I’ve been finding out myself, the less I care, the better it is. Yes, the neutral state is the best state to be in, and the most conducive to creation. You can’t be charged up. You must chill. Cool as a cucumber wins.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s a great way to describe what I mean when I use the word “charge,” Elle: pet peeve! Yes, the energy behind that is highly attractive. The more we don’t like it, the better we manifest it.
      So here’s to chilling out and making peace and dropping the magnetic forces that bring that undesired stuff to us. 🙂

  • Yvonne says:

    This is brilliant thank you! I have a friend whose cat used to pee on things…the floor, in the AC vent, in the toaster! He passed a couple of years ago and they miss him and after he was gone there was no pee smell. It’s temporary, I am with you, enjoy the kitties while they are here.

    • Jeannette says:

      ok, I’m suddenly much more grateful for the challenges I’ve had here, since my toaster has always made it through ok. lol

    • Susann says:

      My sister had a cat who started peeing down the burner on her electric stove. I suggested she just cover the burners with aluminum foil and it worked: he tried it once, got his feet wet, never went back. I told her in those situations you have to think like a cat: a (cold!) stove burner has a ready-made hole, there’s no dirt or litter to stick to your bottom & your feet stay dry: from a cat’s point of view, it’s a perfect toilet. I once had a cat who’d pee down the drain hole in the bathtub for the same reason. He had meticulous aim — never missed! — and all I had to do was run cold water down the drain a few times a day to “flush”.

  • Ariadne says:

    Here is something I need some help with. If we really, really want something, we repel it. If we really really don’t want something, we pull it in. It seems the secret is to be neutral about everything, but how does that correspond with highest joy pulling things in? How does that respond to visualising and affirmations? Any why does Pray Rain journaling work for some and not others? And my final question: Why is it when I list things I am grateful for, they suddenly disappear?
    Good Friday always makes me pensive.

    • Jeannette says:

      I’ve heard Abraham say that the two keys to successful manifesting are strong desire and strong belief.
      So it’s not that we repel something when we really really want it, but rather when we really really need it. Learning to ride the difference between desire and need is a good manifesting skill!
      I wouldn’t say neutrality is the secret, although many of us have had those easy wins on the things we don’t care too much about. lol
      Would love to hear others’ thoughts on this as well …

    • Joanne says:

      Underlying beliefs are definitely key and sometimes we don’t even realise this until we stop to listen to ourselves…. the things we say a lot, questions we ask all give us clues to our dominant vibration.
      For instance of you doubt that pray rain journaling will work then it probably won’t. If you believe deep down that things disappear from your life if you express gratitude for them then they just might.
      Neutral? Not so sure, sounds like a boring way to be all the time when life is so much better being full of passion. Making Peace with things however feels entirely different to me. 😊

  • kelli says:

    Great stuff here, and many lessons can be gleaned from your experience and applied to pretty much any area of life. I especially like the reminder about the Universe not being able to defy our dominant vibration. I think it is easy to forget the process of attraction itself is neutral, mechanical and completely devoid of any sort of judgment. We can only get what we are a match to, whether we want it or not. Our ‘positive’ manifestations are not any sort of reward for being positive nor are our ‘negative’ manifestations some sort of punishment for being ‘negative.’ Our mind seems to think though that all our resistance to our current reality is somehow helpful to this process, as if to ‘remind’ the Universe we are really unhappy and want something different. There is great freedom in being able to choose how we respond to situations, and realize nothing essentially means anything–we assign the meaning and stories with our mind. And yes, cat pee is hard to make peace with!

    • Jeannette says:

      I can tell this is not your first rodeo, Kelli. You’ve masterfully articulated many of the subtleties of conscious creation that trip some folks up.
      Loved how well you put this: “We can only get what we are a match to, whether we want it or not.” And I agree about the great freedom in choosing how we respond!
      Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Purr-fect! Love it!

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