March 24, 2008

Managing the Communal Vibe

ding-dong.jpgLoved this question that came in from an LOA savvy client: she asked what to do about a business partner who is practicing LOA, believing big things can happen with little effort, but in the process is cutting the kinds of corners that makes other partners nervous. 

My client is on board with what this “risk-taker” is up to, but she’s taking calls from those who criticize his approach as foolish and unsafe.

How do we manage the vibe when others contribute to the creation process?
Her question reminded me of the other night when I fed Russ’ leftover steak (along with bones) to the dogs.  As I split leftovers up for three drooling dogs, he cautioned, “You’re not going to feed that to them, are you?” 
Well yeah, I was.  “You don’t think I should?”
He thought bones were dangerous for dogs.  He wasn’t saying “don’t do it,” but cautioned me about making what he thought was a foolish mistake.
If it were just me with dogs and leftover steak (which wouldn’t happen with this vegetarian), I wouldn’t think twice.  But recognizing a contrary vibe in the room gave me pause.  
With dogs holding their breath, I asked my sweetie again what he knew about dogs and bones.  Not so much because his opinion represented the “truth” that I needed to know, but because I wanted to get a feel for what his vibe was on the subject.  If he believed bones are life-threatening to dogs, I didn’t want to participate in that co-creation. 
If his vibe was mild or easily changed, I’d proceed.
Because I know it isn’t just my vibe affecting these dogs.  We all live under one roof now, and there are two people flowing creative energy in this house.  (Even though only one of them is usually deliberate.) 
When I questioned Russ the second time, he sounded irritated that I was making this his decision, which I wasn’t.  I just wanted to feel out his energy on the topic. 
He said something dismissive and turned his attention back to hooking up tivo, so I knew we were good to go. 
The dogs greatly enjoyed their feast – bones and all.  (And yes, I know how many people believe and have experienced differently.  Let’s not activate that.  These dogs love bones!  Ding dongs and high decibel Low Rider aren’t good for me, either, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them when opportunity arises.)  
We get what we vibrate – and I’m vibrating good things.  For me, that includes occasional hostess cakes, energy inefficient ’66 Caprices, loud music and deliriously happy dogs.
As for my client with business partners on different pages, I counseled her to remind her LOA savvy partner that he was co-creating with others who were becoming nervous by his actions.  Together they’ll find the “feel good.”  They know too much not to.
It doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do – just what we flow energetically.  Keeping that in mind as we move forward leads to more happy endings than proceeding willy nilly without thought or care for the vibe others bring to the table.
Potentially complex topic .. (or is that just me?)  I’d love to hear your opinion on this!
In the meantime, I’m loving this excuse to play Low Rider all afternoon.  hee hee
(Sorry dogs!  It’s a little louder than they like.)

  • Yeah, Rick, it makes me think 38 Special was channeling higher wisdom when they sang “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”
    The beauty of it is that with just a little practice, we pick this up pretty quick. Having confidence in ourselves to do so helps as well.
    Thanks for the post, my friend! Always a pleasure to see your name here!!!

  • Rick says:

    LOL … also water ballOOns.

  • Rick says:

    Simple but not necesarily easy, eh?
    Sort of like juggling baby robins.
    You can’t hold on too tight or too loose.
    You have to keep the movement in flow, unless there arises something so obvious that you need to adjust for it. And it will keep the flow.
    Oh…. did I say baby robins? I meant water ballons …
    Love to all.

  • Michael, your words mean a lot to me right now, I’m sure you can imagine.
    Maybe we ought to have a support group for those of us who are partnered with not so LOA savvy roommates. lol
    That thought right there inspires me to reach for a better one. Here’s one: truth be told, my guy is WAY more optimistic than I give him credit for, sometimes. There has been more than one occasion when he was working to offset MY negative vibe. As I focus on that, I’m sure I’ll get more rewarding feedback about how “on board” he is – whether it’s conscious or not.
    Thanks for weighing in, Michael. I’m sending lots of good vibes your way. 🙂

  • Oh Nicholas … give yourself more credit! You’ll turn that “problem” into a “project” easily – and a fun one at that! Can’t wait to read what you come up with!
    Anonymous … you might practice feeling yourself employed in your perfect job – now. That’s a nice alignment that the Universe can’t ignore.
    Thanks for posting here, both of you!! I love this discussion!!

  • Michael says:

    This is a great topic, and I appreciate the comments by Anonymous and Nicholas’/Mags wave concept! I have been associated with someone who has grown into LOA over time, and, really early on when there wasn’t a lot of positive vibing going on, I was pretty good at sticking to my own vibe in certain areas. Like I was able to manifest a cool work-at-home job that paid well despite some real contrary input.
    However, over time, despite my partner getting slowly more proficient with generating cool stuff, I was getting bitter at what I perceived to be an accumulation of negative stuff that was slowing me down or derailing what I was up to. So over time, I started subtly manifesting less pay, bumpy rides with corporate management, and eventually losing that work-at-home contract.
    I take responsibility for that end result, but I think it’s good to be deliberate in how we co-create when we’re under one roof. This really has me looking at the past year or so in a different light.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Paul and Jeanette I think I been spending too much time worrying about how the other candidates vibrations have always seemed to overpower my own. So lots of food for thought here. Thanks again x

  • Nicholas says:

    Well, I plan to expand that notion into a proper article once I’ve thought through some good ways of describing it. The problem is that it’s not quite a linear thought, and writing is a linear process. Anyway, coming eventually to a blog near you!
    In any case, I’m very happy you liked it! The idea of giving back to you, in any little way, is a wonderful one!

  • Nicholas, I am REALLY appreciating the analogy you offer with the ripples that start out separate but eventually converge and affect each other … but even more so the thought of how even a small astronomical body has a proven effect on a larger one.
    It really IS impossible to have NO effect.
    That thought is just delicious to me. Can we all feel our power? It reminds me of the last couple minutes of that video clip I included in today’s ezine issue:
    Love these thoughts, Nicholas! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us!!
    (I’ll be using this analogy in client sessions, I’m sure!)

  • Once again, I agree. Simple, but not necessarily so easy. Although it certainly does become easier with practice!
    You know, I’ve had enough of those experiences where looking at them in hindsight, although they might have seemed like they weren’t going my way at the time, in retrospect I can see how perfect it was that it didn’t go the way I was thinking it would/should.
    I’ve seen again and again that Universe really does know better, and it often thinks in bigger ways and sees the bigger picture than I do. After a handful of those experiences, it becomes easier to release attachment to outcomes. I just remember it always turns out perfectly.

  • Paul says:

    I liked the advice you gave your client’s “risk-taker” partner, phrased in a way that he could get the advice. I find it interesting that he has attracted around him partners who would react nervously to his actions. I wonder what that says about how else he’s vibrating.
    Which brings me to Anonymous’ question. I’m also attracting to me the best job for me. I’m less concerned with how other applicants are vibrating and simply focus on my vibration. My thinking is that when I encounter the best situation for me, I’ll will be so aligned with it already that I will be offered the opportunity. In the meantime, (and I can appreciate firsthand what a challenge this is) when someone else is hired for a position I’ve applied for, I double-check my vibration and make sure I’m not offering any secondary, contradicting vibrations (I have more of those than I would like to admit). At some point, my dominant feeling/vibration will line up the opportunity.
    It’s not that I feel like I have to “turn it up a notch” versus another candidate. To me, I offer my vibration and they offer theirs. It’s my belief that an applicant is awarded a position most aligned with their vibration. My vibration incorporates aspects of the quality of the work environment; perhaps an opportunity was presented to another candidate because their vibration was less concerned about the work environment, for example.
    It also helps me to remind myself to be grateful for the opportunities that I’ve gotten excited about (but were offered to other people); it means to me that, just as there were positions perfectly aligned to those people’s vibrations, there is an opportunity perfectly aligned to my own.
    I write this as if it’s simple and easy. It IS simple. Sometimes, however, it’s less easy. And in order for me to keep my vibe going at times, I’ve had to limit my interactions with certain other people (which I guess brings me back to the original topic, huh?) as I’m very susceptible to other people’s energy (although I’m getting better at it). Sometimes I wonder if, in turning down invitations where I know I’m going to be–say–interrogated by well-meaning but fearful or not-understanding friends, I’m not allowing my flow of opportunities. I’ll throw that question out to the rest of the gang to comment on, if they’d care to.
    I hope you can find the fun in your creation.

  • Nicholas says:

    This is, by the way, perhaps a massive reason why LOA seems to bring the best results when used to manifest the effects desired rather than specific objects one would prefer to figure into those effects.
    Again, a bare touch on the topic and its ramifications; and again, I’m really too early on in this whole thing to verify it at all. But you probably know what I’m talking about better than I can explain it anyway!

  • Nicholas says:

    It makes sense, really. Compare it to, as Mags said, wave formations. Again, these aren’t goals or good ideas or anything, they’re the way the universe works. Waves – in sound, water, light, or whatever – are easily observed and manipulated, so they make an excellent metaphor.
    So: waves produced from 2 different places, say, from pebbles dropped into still water, send their energy entirely regardless of each other. Each wave proceeds. At a given point in space, the effect of their interaction will be a combination of the two, and it may or may not be what you predicted based on your understanding of such things. You might even think that one has been entirely removed by the other, but it is not the case. Astronomers can measure the gravitational effect of a small body on a vastly larger one. Everything gets its due, and the energy is there, even if we don’t understand it. What you do matters, and moreover, you are incapable of doing nothing. So you might as well focus and direct your energies into something that you actually prefer.
    Ok, that was a bit scattered. I’ll write something a bit more intelligible when not taking a break between other projects!

  • Good question, Anonymous. Thanks for asking it! I’d like to invite others to pitch in, as I know we have some very LOA savvy readers here.
    I used this perspective once to help a client feel better about an award she didn’t get. She felt certain the person who did get it wasn’t as deserving, and I told her that it isn’t about who’s most deserving – it’s about who is most lined up with it vibrationally.
    She could then see that her doubts and fears and worries about herself would have blocked her ability to be formally recognized, whereas her counterpart was all about the spotlight and an easy match for this award.
    I just used that thought as a way to feel better, because that is what matters.
    So taking your question into consideration, I’m really looking for the perspective that feels most empowering and encouraging.
    Can you find it?
    I’ve heard Abraham answer the question about competitions where several people want the same thing and there’s only one, that it’s the person who is most lined up vibrationally that will get it.
    But having said that, I remember watching the Olympic gymnasts interviewed not too long ago, where they each said what they wanted most out of the competition. (In fact, I think I wrote about this in this blog.)
    They weren’t all saying they wanted the gold. One would say what she wanted most was to make her family proud. Another most wanted to do her best. Another would say she wanted to finish with a medal (top three). Another said she came here for the gold. Another said she wanted to make America proud.
    I mean, there were a wide variety of desires flowing in this group, and it was easy to see how Universe could answer all of them perfectly.
    Remember the one men’s competition where they awarded two golds?
    Okay, I’m getting off track …
    Don’t worry about other candidates’ vibes. Line yours up as best you can, and know that Universe will answer you.
    To do that, feel NOW how it would feel THEN, and be open (i.e. unattached) about how it unfolds. Determined, committed, yes … but attached, desperate or grasping, no.
    Relax, know everything works out perfectly, and take whatever action feels good. Everyone gets what they vibe. No exceptions. 🙂

  • So nice to hear from you, Mags! Thanks for posting!
    I like the way you described the interaction of our energy waves.
    You know, I’ve leveraged that to my benefit in the past. When I knew it would be challenging for me to maintain a good vibe when one of my pets had to go to the vet, I’d send my ex instead because I knew his vibe was much more positive than mine.
    It works every time.
    And I have certainly had the experience where someone in the room was much more committed to their vibe than I was mine, and felt myself getting swept away with them. Sometimes that’s good (like the girl in the elevator who was in love), sometimes not so good (like the paranoid girlfriend who went on and on about how she’s sure she’s being stalked).
    Which is what makes it that much more important that we be conscious to who/what we’re hanging out with.
    Thanks for contributing, Mags! I hope to hear more of your perspectives and opinions in future posts!

  • Anonymous says:

    Does that mean that if you are not feeling so confident then the other person who has the strongest vibe will always prevail? I am trying to manifest a new job for half a year, obviously there are others competing for the job so is it a case of whichever candidates vibes are stronger than mine will win the job? Also hos do you tell how strong theirs is and how much you have to turn up the notch to get what you want? Is there any hope or can we rely on the old adage that there are somethings predestined?

  • Mags says:

    Hi Jeannette
    I’ve been following your blog for a while (just never commented before!), and I’m really enjoying it. It is always interesting and thought-provoking, and I love your sense of humour!
    I think we can sometimes be quite focused on our own energy vibrations and ensuring that they are aligned to what we want to create, that we can sometimes forget about the effect that others’ energy has on the process. Our energy vibrates out from us in a wave form, and so others’ energy can either magnify these waves (if they are vibrating in alignment with us) or cancel them out (if they are diametrically opposed to us). Most often, we probably end up with an interference pattern somewhere inbetween, with the overall outcome determined by whose energy was strongest.

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