Manifest Your Best Year Yet

2017 was good to me.

Or rather, we were good to each other.

I brought her my best (at least a good attempt at my best). And she responded in kind.

(Because that’s how it works – life reflects whatever we bring to the party.)

I had more fun, made more money, dove into more love, and met more fabulous people than ever.

It was a really good year!

Some of my colleagues said they don’t want to hear how well someone’s doing while others struggle.

It’s insensitive and unhelpful, they said.

(Maybe it’s more insensitive to let them carry on with a woe-is-me story? Maybe, I don’t know.)

But it seems to me if an alternate perspective/story can help a struggling person change focus, that would be a good thing.

Regardless, I don’t consider myself insensitive, and everyone gets to make up their own version of reality, but my plan is to align with the experience I prefer.

Which means I consciously intend to keep my attention on what serves, to focus on what feels good, to think thoughts that uplift, and toΒ dismiss what isn’t that.

Sometimes that means being willing to feel good even when others don’t, as well as being willing to not dwell on issues that might seem like a big hairy deal.

The truth is I think everyone has something amazing to celebrate all the time. (If you’re a practiced conscious creator, you probably know this, too.)
And if anyone argues with that, guess what? They’re right. Because it is whatever we think it is.

If we think it sucks, it does. If we think more is going right than wrong, it is. If we think it’s never been better and it only gets better as time goes on, so it must be.

That’s why I think we’ve never been better positioned for success than we are now. (Whatever your idea of “success” is.)

That’s why I believe spiritual teachers who say the energy has never flowed more in our favor.

That’s why I agree that manifesting what we want is now easier than before.

That’s why I think this is going to be our best year yet.

And that’s why I’m excited to play with fellow creators in 2018.

And it’s why I’ve got lots of free ways to play together this year …

In fact, one of my favorite co-creators is hosting an online party for those ready to succeed at new levels in business. You can get an invite to Jeanna’s gig by signing up here.

You can stream monthly money manifesting calls at Good Vibe U led by Money Alchemist Ming Chee. (Anyone can join live calls; members get recordings.)

You can tune into my LOA Recon podcast, and get my private manifesting notes in bi-weekly Good Vibe updates.

You can read posts here at the blog designed to connect you with your creative powers.

And you can follow me on facebook, where this year I’ll do my first public live videos with manifesting tips and inspirations. (That starts this weekend, so make sure we’re connected.)

Because that’s my idea of a good time – connecting with fellow creators to inspire each other to even greater manifesting successes than we’ve ever seen.

I think this is our year. And you know it works: as we think …Β πŸ™‚

  • January 5, 2018
  • Julia Guthrie says:

    You so often mirror my own thoughts here… why I am surprised?? Duh. Lol. *LOA*
    2017 shaped up pretty well for me… but I still seem to be in the minority… ummm… yeh.. .this will… IS changing for 2018 (I just read this post didn’t I? Yay).
    A woman I see everyday on my way to work (we work at the same office, but she is leaving as I arrive) stopped yesterday to wish me happy New Yr and we did the whole ‘Did you have a nice Xmas?’ Conversation.
    She has a lovely friendly vibe and actually I don’t even know her name… but when she asked the question I paused for a second and felt like giving her a really genuine answer.
    So I said ‘yes I did thanks… actually… it was lovely… the nicest Christmas I’ve had in years!’
    And she looked soooo happy I said that, and said she was really pleased to hear it. And she truly did seem both surprised and heartwarmed to hear that.
    Which I thought was lovely. Because my old vibe… well… yeh.. .(not going to speak it anymore… lol).
    So… I just felt the urge to let you know too. Because I appreciate the people who appreciate my happiness and good fortune! Yay!
    As I appreciate yours Jeannette!! Xxx

  • Carmen says:

    Thank you so much, Jeannette!

  • Leslie says:

    Yes! Your success stories always make me feel great! I also had a great year with many important steps, no, leaps forward in my manifestation practice with some pretty darn impressive results. And yes! This is going to be our year!

  • Ming says:

    I am with you Jeannette. Best year yet. (we say that every year don’t we LOL) But HERE is where we are at.
    I am so excited about the money party at GVU. It’s already taken off – and I intend that every single being that plays along with us gets not only blue money , but green, red, orange, yellow….currency is all kinds of ways !!
    πŸ™‚ Can you tell I’m excited just a little?!

  • Namaste says:

    I really like the point you made that everyone has something amazing to celebrate all the time. That’s a really good point and something I don’t know if I fully considered until now.
    PS Personally, I’d enjoy seeing you publically celebrate your successes more than you currently do. Your Facebook post a couple of weeks back about your financial abundance realization really made my day. I love hearing good news like that =)

    • Jeannette says:

      Thank you for that, Namaste! I did notice I got a little sensitive about what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate to share. It made me wonder how many other conscious creators are keeping their successes on the down low. I love the idea that ALL sorts of folks have ALL sorts of fabulous news that they only share with closest friends and confidantes. That thought makes me smile.
      As do your posts. Thanks for chiming in on this one, my friend! πŸ™‚

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