Manifesting With Your Signature

Thought it might be fun for us to play with something new in our manifesting repertoire …

At least, it’s new to me. Maybe you’re already doing it.

But I’ve been thinking about how we can tell certain things about a person based on their handwriting.

For example, you probably don’t need a graphologist to tell you which person you’d rather go on a date with, right?


Or which candidate we’d prefer to hire for babysitting?


So, we can maybe glean a bit about someone based on their writing.

In fact, one graphologist said, “Your handwriting is the written externalization of the vibrant activity going on inside you.”

Sounds a lot like our vibration affects our handwriting.

And wouldn’t the opposite also be true? That our handwriting could affect our vibration?

Our handwriting doesn’t just reveal personal traits and characteristics – perhaps it can create them.

Here’s why I suspect that …

In graphology studies one of the suggested tips is to trace a subject’s handwriting in order to feel how they felt when they wrote it.

When you write like they write, you feel like they feel. Interesting, right?!

So if my writing can change how I feel (i.e. how I vibrate), that makes me want to sign my name like a rich person. Or a successful business owner. Or a happily-in-love-with-life person.

And yes, I think I’ve heard big loops mean abundance and generosity (or was it sexual appetite?), and supposedly there are other indicators for qualities of openness and such, but rather than study up on that, I realized there’s a more authentic answer to this …

Since our vibration is all that matters, I’m the one who best knows what my rich signature is. I’m the one who knows what my successful business owner signature is. I’m the one who can tell what my “in love with love” signoff looks like.

In fact, for those of you who keep traditional journals (as opposed to pray rain journals), you can probably look back on old entries and know what your state of mood was when you wrote it without even reading the words.

You know what your sad writing looks like; and you know what your exuberant entries are.

Because our feelings come through our writing.

So I want to sign my name like a wealthy person does. Like someone who runs an amazingly thriving and successful business does. Like a girl who is excited about another day in her fabulous life.

My regular signature right now looks a lot like my actual dominant vibration. It’s ambitious, intense, kind of pokey. You can hardly read it because I wrote it so fast. It’s “I don’t have time for this – I have things to do and people to see and worlds to conquer.”

But when I practice my rich signature, I find it’s looser, more relaxed, like someone is very comfortable with herself and took her time signing it. She’s not striving, she’s there.

And yours might be the exact opposite – maybe your success signature is all business – tight, concise, to the point.
(Here’s Richard Branson’s, just for fun.)

manifest with your signature

My point is that you probably know your success signature better than anyone else, and signing it can be yet another fun way to align with what you want.

As you find the vibration of what you want – even if it’s just by signing your name like the version of you who already has what she wants – Universe has to make it so.

(Listen at the podcast.)

  • March 6, 2018
  • Linda Wright says:

    OK all you Honey’s…Check out Vimala Rodgers life changing book ‘Your Handwriting can Change your Life’
    her work is revolutionary…easy & FUN…Enjoy
    If you want to go deeper her latest is her kit ‘ Transform Your Life through Handwriting’

  • Jane Fentoon says:

    Jeannette, you are the queen of fun! I’m going to practice my best selling author signature!! I love this:-)

  • Elizabeth Dahlen says:


  • Karen says:

    Not long ago I noticed my handwriting was slipping. It was excellent and beautiful before I started on a mediication that makes it different. Lately I have been paying more attention to it and making sure it is legible and looks as good as I can get it. Tired of my own “hurried and illegible” writing.

  • Jeannette says:

    “Hurried and illegible” – yep, I know that one myself.
    I’m with you on engaging the power of a more deliberate and practiced signature, Gabi! Yay us! 🙂

  • Gabi says:

    💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 I’m so in love with this post! I was actually talking to a friend about this the other day because I changed my signature. She noticed and I told her I have been practicing a slower, more beautiful cursive signature because it makes me feel accomplished, beautiful, and light rather than my old signature which was hurried and illegible. She swore to me you can’t change your signature but she was using her muggle mind. I smiled and said “but of course you can do anything dear one!”

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