How She Manifested a New Job

We have a monthly series at Good Vibe U where we reverse engineer success stories, and this is one of my recent favorites.
Not because she created such dramatic change in her circumstances, but rather dramatic change in her vibration. Which led to a dramatic new experience.

See what I mean for yourself as you read T’s story …

(Shared from the GVU forums, with permission.)

I had to share a great little story of flipping the script on myself, without a single physical change in my life.

For the last few weeks, I wasn’t feeling so hot about my job. I was frustrated with the lack of work/life balance. I felt utterly boxed in, totally stuck, and like the team only functioned well because I didn’t do anything aside from working.

I was so deeply in my own contrast that I was actually having crying fits on my drives home! It felt great to release all that frustration, but you know what? It’s so not me to cry about anything except cute dogs and proposal videos.

I talked to my sweetie about it and he gave me some wonderful support. I spoke to my sister and she encouraged me to feel my own power, my own worthiness, how much time I have in my life to pursue other avenues if that’s what’s I chose.

So I started taking action. I opened up my job profile, started applying at other places, and perused a ton of options.

I prepped my new resume and uploaded it everywhere. I made sure that I was good to go.

Then, I kicked my self care into high gear:

  • I took showers with candles and my giant rose quartz.
  • I cleaned my space.
  • I cuddled my tiny little chunky dog.
  • I took naps, walks, and heaps of chocolate.
  • I ate ice cream and kale.
  • I basked in the sun!
  • I did all the things that made me feel like me again.

And this week?

I feel like a totally new person in a totally new job.

My workload has been so light that was able to ride home with my hunky boyfriend last night. I woke up early both yesterday and today and used the extra time to just do whatever I felt like. I painted last night. I haven’t painted in weeks?

And you know what changed?

Not a single thing. Just my energy.

I walked into work feeling LOVE for my coworkers. Real, true love. Not “oh I deal with you because I have to.” But actual love for who they are, how they contribute to my team and my life.

I just want to hug them. I walked into work feeling nostalgic appreciation for my first job. Feeling loving for all the opportunities it provided me. How it unleashed me to build my own life in a town I love with people I adore. I feel love for my CEO, who I respect and feel true admiration for. He truly is a great man and a wonderful leader.

I know it sounds insane, but it wasn’t just a “bad day.” Last week, I knew this job wasn’t for me anymore.

Now? I know without a shadow of a doubt that this job is a perfect match for where I am, what I’m ready for, and what I’d like to do.
So yes, it’s frustrating when Abe and others say all you want is to feel better. It’s also absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt true.

Huge kudos to this fellow creator for showing that our external experience is driven by our internal state – and that our internal state is within our power to manage!

If you’d like to hear other inspiring manifesting successes and how they were created, join us for our next “Reverse Engineering Success” call in October. All live calls are open to fellow creators to tune in.

  • September 29, 2017
  • Denise says:

    I loved reading about how you systematically (while clearly intuiting) your inspired actions:
    1. Facing, embracing, and then releasing your emotional pain.
    2. Seeking support from trusted others
    3. Opening all channels, to assist the Universe in showering you.
    4. Committing to the self love, love, love…
    5. Allowing!
    Gorgeous, beautiful, inspiration.
    You rock!

  • Zi says:

    Enjoyed this post, it speaks to where I am right now.

  • Sonya says:

    I love this post and I LOVE RaJi’s comment…especially since I woke up this morning thinking about how it was “time” for me to infuse some appreciation into my current gig. Thank you Jeanette for brining us all TOGETHER! love, love, love

  • ,,,RaJi.., says:

    I have a very grateful Job story too.
    I worked for this organization and absolutely loved every minute i spent there. I was contracting with them. For xyz reasons I had to leave and couldn’t join them back for 6 months.
    I looked for another contracting role and found one for 6 months.
    I wasnt feeling comfortable in this new space at all. Every time i felt the distaste for the new place, i wrote stuff I am grateful for in a notepad. I didnt let myself dwell in it.
    As universe would have it, when this new contract was coming to an end, I saw a job posted on linkedin at my old org. I immediately sent my resume. I bagged the new role.
    I was ecstatic. It didnt end here. I took a step back in the role and the money just to be part of the organization. But the past 6 months had shown me the power of gratefulness. I maintained my notepad and first thing at work, i wrote down 5 things i was grateful for.
    10 months into the job and my manager from previous role gets in touch to say he has a senior position open, if i am interested.
    Of course i was. And i just got the new senior role at an organization i love working for , with a fabulous pay hike.
    Go Gratefulness!!!!

    • Daria says:

      I am grateful for this post because it allowed me to see area of improvement in my own life. I just recently took a leap of faith and left my job to pursue a totally different career path. With that came a $5.00 pay cut, I absolutely love my new job as well as my co-workers. I even affirm everyday on the way to work how much I love my job how it’s fun and easy and that my boss loves me. It wasn’t until I read your post that I realize that I’m always saying I love my job with the exception of the pay. Reading your post put things into perspective for me because as I continue to say that I don’t like the pay I now realize that I will continue to not like the pay. So I need to put my words in the direction that I would like to go. I absolutely love my job as well as the pay. I am grateful that I am paid more than my previous job with outstanding benefits. I love my life and I am thankful that I stumbled across this blog to assist in helping me to be more aware of even those little details.

  • Namaste says:

    It really is awesome how it’s so often NOT the situation, but rather how we choose to think about the situation that matters most.
    Great post =)

  • Michael says:

    Wow. That’s mind-blowing! Brainstorming on how this could apply where i am…

  • Gogo says:

    I love to hear stories like this!!!!

  • Dana says:

    I recall reading T’s story in the forum, and it struck me then as powerful. Great blog reminder that our inner world generates the outer experience always…

  • Anon says:

    Absolutely beautiful…….

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