Manifesting 101: Law of Attraction Basics

Manifesting in 2 Easy StepsUsing law of attraction to get what we want is way easier than it seems sometimes.

Even just on this blog, it can seem overwhelming with all the talk about vibration and alignment, visualizing and affirmations, release techniques and proper focus.

It can be easy to walk away thinking, “wait, what do I do again?”

And lots of people just want it laid out in simple steps.  Sometimes we actually appreciate being told what to do.

I want conscious creation to be as easy as possible for everyone to engage.

Which is why I published the Manifesting 101 series in the LOA Basics department at Good Vibe U.  It’s the boiled down basics of how to harness law of attraction to manifest what you want.

I wanted to share it here, too, with a super short summary of the three calls (that are free for everyone to hear or read).

In the first LOA Basics call, I share that you can get law of attraction working for you in two simple steps:

1) Focus on what you want, and then …
2) Do what feels good.

That’s another way of saying “get aligned and then take inspired action.”

All that means is we get pointed in the direction we want to go, and then honor whatever nudges or impulses we get.  Simple, right?  Anyone can do that!

When we do what feels good (i.e. engaging joy, happiness, inspiration, or even just relief) while holding in mind what we want, we’re home free.  It’s a formula that will serve you extremely well.

The call at GVU includes the three questions I use to stay on track with these two easy steps, so pop over to hear more on that.

The second call on LOA Super Chargers is about three key vibrations that seriously grease the wheels in bringing desires to fruition.

Those three super chargers are Appreciation, Enjoyment, and Allowing.  Even if all you do is amp up one of those energies, you’ll see a major turn for the better in your life.  Really.

The third call on Alignment Methods is a brief run down of some of the most common manifesting techniques and processes.  (And I do mean brief.)

But for someone who’s new to LOA and deliberate creation, these are the essential tools to have in your LOA toolkit.  It’s what we manifesters use day in and day out to make dreams come true.

Again, everyone can hear the calls for free (roughly 15-20 minutes each) or you can read instead if you’re like me and prefer to scan at your own pace.  (You’ll find all the audio and article links in the LOA Basics page here.  Audio’s on top, articles are listed at the bottom.)

This isn’t the only way to think of and engage the power of deliberate creation, but it is an easy one that works.

So the next time you’re feeling stumped about what to do when it comes to getting what you want, just remember: focus on what you want, and then do what feels good.  Any inspirations you get once you’re dialed in on your true desire will serve you exceptionally well.

Yes, there is worthy discussion about some of the distinctions and fine tuning in the work (like how do I know if I’m focused right; or what if my inspiration goes against my belief; and all sorts of other things that this blog is devoted to exploring), but just using these simple steps can make you an exceptionally powerful creator.

So don’t complicate it.

(If you’ve got questions, feel free to post them here.)

Happy manifesting, friends!

  • November 16, 2013
  • Mary Ann Muller says:

    Hello Jeanette,
    A great book that I recently read is “Letting Go Get in the Flow” by Faith M. Davis. Faith addresses the Law of Attraction in her guide to creating an easier,peaceful and happier life by increasing flow, the loving, and powerful force that can guide us through life. Faith writes that when you are aware of your thoughts, you have power. The law of attraction will bring to you what you think, say and do. What
    you say and do stems from what you believe, and what you believe comes from what you think. Thanks for your interesting and helpful web site.

  • It is wonderful when people find tools that work for them in applying the Law of Attraction in their lives.
    The energy that we put behind our thoughts/affirmations for what we want to manifest are so important. We must feel the joy and we must also believe it is possible to achieve what we are aspiring to manifest.
    Sometimes when we are first learning to apply the LoA we are better off starting with something small rather than $10,000 (unless that is small for you Tiffany?)
    Think about when a child first learns to walk–they don’t just jump up from the crib and start running. They have to learn the process and how their body works. Whenever we learn new skills we must start with “baby steps” before we become masters. But with the proper tools and desire we can become masters!

  • Anon says:

    I have finally gotten around to listening to these calls! Awesome!!!
    Personally, for me, I had to switch the manifesting steps around a little. It just feels better. I’m not sure if that matters but I am giving it a go. 🙂
    First I ask myself how I want to feel. (relaxed and free to do what I want when I want)
    Second, what does that look like? (multiple streams of income with a 7 figure bank account, my own house paid for with cash, new car, world travel, helping others to do the same)
    Third, do what feels good or better. (Right now I am going to bake cookies!)
    Much Love.

  • blondewizard says:

    Thanks so much for these calls Jeannette, They were awesome! A few days ago, I listened to them all in one sitting and today I have started reading them. This is such an easy, fun, feel good way anyone can apply. Thank you for making it understandable,straight to the point and something that works 100%. #IloveLOA

  • Chris says:

    If you study a bit of neuroscience you find the science between law of attraction. It makes it more easier to believe, rather than just thinking the universe plots to your success or against you.

  • Sebastian says:

    Yea this sums it up very well. I guide myself purely by feeling.
    I have a very clear image of where I’m heading and I’ve released so many positive feelings about that vision. From then on, I will literally have a feeling about what to do or not to do throughout the day to get me closer to my vision.

  • Hi Jeanette,
    Thanks for the insight on the LOA.
    I feel it increases our chances to tap into LOA more,when we spend quality attention on our desired intentions.

  • Good question, Laks! That’s something we did here a while ago:
    which led to an entire OutSourcerers team at Good Vibe University where we do that for each other by posting in the forum there. That forum is for members, so I’m interested to hear if anyone knows another place on the web where deliberate creators are doing this.

  • Laks says:

    Hi all, is there some web site where we can state our wishes and crowdsource good vibes so that they come true?

  • Tiffany, I’m a big believer that Universe works fast, so if I’m not seeing some sort of progress within a couple weeks, I’ll change things up to have another go at it.
    I’m imagining frustration is very different than the vibration you’d be flowing when the $10k shows up (happiness? satisfaction?), so that’s definitely worth dialing off of. It may be that the easiest thing to do is let it go altogether for a bit, since that might be a good way to clean out frustrated energy and give you a chance for a vibration reset.
    But if you go with the original formula I share in the Manifesting 101 series: Focus on what you want, then do what feels good. Your inspiration may be very different than mine would be, so you want to trust whatever impulses you get once you get dialed in on what you want. Along those lines, it may be worth digging to the essence of why you want that financial windfall, and just go straight for what you really want. (Whether it’s whatever you’d buy with the money or however you’d feel when you have it.)
    I’m intending you get some powerful insights that serve you well very soon. 🙂

  • Tiffany says:

    I have been focusing on receiving the specific amount of $10,000.00 for over a year now and I have not received it yet.This is the only amount I have focused on for the entire year. Do you think since I have alot of frustrated vibes (sometimes I’ll get discouraged since it hasn’t come yet) I should stick with this number since I’ve been working on it so long or should I start fresh with a new amount say $11,000?

  • I’m a fan of simple and easy myself, Cassie – glad it’s something that works for you, too.
    Bliss, I love that “downstream/upstream” guidance, too. That sure keeps things simple, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for posting, Cassie & Bliss!

  • Bliss says:

    One thing that I find really makes it easier for me, is the mentality introduced in “Power of Emotions” by Abraham Hicks. The “stream” mentality. I put my specific desires out there, and then take the next action (or non-action) that feels like the path of least resistance, gives me a feeling of relief, or feels like i’m turning my boat away from the upstream and allowing it to float downstream towards my desires. This theorem is based on the idea that the stream is created by our desires themselves and so to arrive at our destination we need to let ourselves float with the current instead of against it.

  • Cassie says:

    I love this post Jeanette! Thanks for reminding us how easy this stuff can be. I know when I do my best manifesting is when I follow the two easy steps you’ve listed!

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