Manifesting a Life You Love

How to manifest a life you loveBashar’s persistent advice to us is to follow our highest excitement.  That’s his answer to a lot of questions about how to manifest what we want.

That suggestion can fall a little flat for someone who feels like they don’t have a choice in going to a job they dread.  Or don’t have enough money to do what they really want.

But he says to whatever extent you’re able, follow your highest excitement.  It’ll lead you to everything and anything you want in life.

I love that advice.

Abraham offers this similar tip for living a life you love:

Do only those things you really believe you need to do (in order to keep life moving along the way it is), and do everything else you really want to do that you can cram into a day.

Tell everyone, “I’m gonna do as much as I can do that I really want to do, and a handful of things that I gotta do.  But I’m leaning toward doing what I want to do.” 

When you say “I’m free to do what pleases me,” before you know it what you do pleases you.  Because you’re coming into alignment.

And when you’re in alignment, no matter what you do it’s fun.  When you’re not in alignment, no matter what you do isn’t fun.  – Abraham-Hicks

So if you’ve been dreaming of a day when life is filled with things you love, start by speaking it so and living it as much as you can now.  Not waiting for the magic day when everything changes overnight – but gradually emphasizing the things you love while minimizing the things you don’t.

Practice that and it won’t take long before you’re truly living a life you love fully.

  • December 20, 2013
  • Sebastian says:

    For those who say that certain people would therefore go for partying and drugs, I don’t think so. Do these things REALLY excite and please people? Or is it just a mask? Is it just temporarily?
    I think few instances do people really experience that amazing feeling of doing something they love.

  • Tee says:

    Right about now, I’m following my highest contentment. Not sure if that’s exactly the same thing but it feels good. I feel like following my highest excitement has recently gotten me into trouble lol. I applied for a sales job without experience because I was excited about the potential money I’d make. Well that excitement seemed to kick the bucket. I have a tendency to get excited about things pretty quickly and just as soon as the thrill came, it left just as fast.
    These days, while its not exactly being productive, I find myself content to hang out with my son, keep up with family, drink tea/coffee and just….be. I find that when I’m in this mode, I feel OK with my place in the world and I feel that it opens up the “airwaves” so to speak.
    It must be working because I’ve had an awesome string of luck lately! Also, I get the most delicious feelings of anticipation. Sorta like a kid counting down to Christmas. I know I’ll get some awesome presents so I smile alot and let the feeling take over me, and this feeling is what I believe is opening up the airwaves.
    I don’t know that I can last forever being “unproductive” but while I’m here, in this space now, I’m enjoying it 🙂

  • Janette says:

    I love this post, and this conversation!
    For me the key is mindfulness. Being mindful and connecting with my core values will always lead me to the highest vibe. And I love the concept of doing it the best we can from where we are now, not waiting for some revolutionary dramatic future moment.
    Looking back over the past three years, I can see so clearly that my old life was all about what I HAD to do. These days, there are still a few ‘have to’ moments – but the balance has shifted enormously so I get to do what I want most of the time. They say happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey…. and I can see so clearly how that’s true.
    Thanks for the perspective!

  • Chanel says:

    Yup, pretty sure addiction and sitting around all day have absolutely nothing to do with excitement! And I totally get this concept, because when I feel excited, my life feels like it’s working, and when I don’t feel excited, it’s not. It’s very simple, really, just not always so easy to put into practise, because you get caught up in your own and other people’s expectations, shoulds and shouldn’ts, etc.

  • Thanks, Cassie! Your energy is proof positive of how well you do this!
    Yeah, Trent, I believe my highest excitement IS what’s for the highest good of all. They go hand in hand. Never a contradiction there.

  • Trent Golden says:

    The key is to add ‘for the highest good of all’ to ‘follow your highest excitement’. This makes your actions and intentions come from a divine place, rather than just ego gratification.
    In this scenario, you can experience joy in a way that benefits ‘the whole’ while also feeling good about what you are doing.

  • Cassie says:

    Ahh Jeannette! I love this post. It’s such an awesome reminder. I can attest that when you start filling your life with what excites you, everything falls into place. I’m known to my friends as the person who goes from one fun thing to the next, and I gotta say I LOVE living my life that way. Thanks for sharing this reminder!

  • I think the same could be argued that ignoring your sleep needs or working a job you don’t love also creates a massive mess in one’s life. I think when we’re truly tuned in to our highest excitement, we find that isn’t something that looks like addiction or never working again. Excitement comes from the soul, and when we’re connected to Source like that, it can’t help but serve us and everyone around us.
    At least, that’s how I think of it, Sam, when Bashar says follow your excitement/bliss. I think in this piece Abraham is acknowledging that sometimes it’s hard for us to believe we can follow it fully – so we just start gradually and let it grow. But I know a lot of people (myself included) who decided to throw in the towel on work one day and it led them to their happiest dream come true life ever.
    Natalie, I’m laughing at the thought of someone whose highest excitement is to sit on the couch all day with cheetos. Hey, that might be the case for someone! (I was thinking probably not. But who knows – maybe?!) I personally wouldn’t have to eat too many cheetos before something else started sounding more fun, but I also know not to sit in judgment of whatever my inspiration says. lol (If I get a cheetos craving tonight, I’m calling you!!) rofl

  • Natalie says:

    This is such a yummy conversation and I like the nuance that Sam brought up around, “my highest excitement is to sit home and smoke pot and eat cheetohs all day.” And how could that lead to good things?
    The way that I have incorporated this advice into my life is to ask, “what’s my sweetest, most buzzing move here?” And this incorporates a consciousness around staying in my integrity, which is pivotal to me being able to be really present. If I scan my day, while the thought of curling up on the couch and watching holiday romance movies has a mild appeal, the fun of having so many incredibly talented creative moguls and human unicorns coming to my house to work on a brand new project is crazy buzzing and exciting.
    In this context, if I tried to line up with a day on the couch of holiday movies, I’d have to work freaking hard to have it feel clear and good. OR to find any real permission and willingness.
    Perhaps on another day, a day when I’m needing relaxation, or to enter into the yummy liminal state where the Universe updates my stories and gives me delicious new metaphors and frameworks through the films and my deep engagement with them, perhaps it could be my highest excitement.
    So, maybe you can talk about it in terms of what is my percentage of true willingness and alignment with this idea? What’s your highest percentage move? The one with the least resistance and maximum yum factor?
    I believe that whole heartedly following your brightest light (in the conscious way I described above) will allow you to remain at a frequency where Source inspiration is inevitable and where all the cooperative components are dancing.

  • Sam says:

    That’s great advice but needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because I can think of multiple instances where following your excitement in the context of eating, sleeping, alcohol even even ignoring your work could lead to a massive mess in someone’s life. I might wake up one day and tell myself oh going to work isn’t the most exciting thing to do, let me go to the beach and eat. Or as someone of the video commented, that people hooked on to drugs find highest excitement in that. So I am not sure how following your highest excitement in how it was advised in Bashar’s video would totally help someone change their lives. However, in moderation if I am having a boring slow sunday, i decide to use this advise and say perhaps I should do something exciting, that might benefit me.

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