Manifesting Formula Add Up?

Manifesting what we want is a balance of two parts: action and thought. Inspired action and right thought are powerful ingredients to making the impossible happen.
My experience with clients is that many of us tend to rely on one over the other in manifesting our desires. I tend to be an action girl, while roughly a third of my clients are thought people, and two-thirds incline toward action. No matter which way you lean, if you’re out of balance with one or the other your manifesting efforts are handicapped.
What’s inspired action? Simply put, it’s action that feels good.
What’s right thought? Thoughts that are in alignment with what you want.
How do you know if you’ve got the right balance? When you’re there you’ll know. Things happen. Evidence appears that you’re moving towards your goal. If you’re not making the progress you’d like, look at the two ingredients to the manifesting formula to see where you come up short.
Creating a good balance of right thought with inspired action will catapult you on your path to success!

  • April 1, 2007
  • Sophia says:

    sorry if i don’t make total sense in the above msg. I just finished an awake night shift. I’m bit out of the loop; half asleep lol.

  • Sophia says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I love your simplistic definition of inspired action. For some reason I had the belief that inspired meant that it comes and goes but when it comes it special because it feels go good that it allows you to feel safe enough to take that action.
    I didn’t see it as ANY action that felt good. lol. I guess I made it more complicating than it really is. Although I do take action, more so subconsciously than consciously. lol. I love when I feel inspired though which comes and go for me.
    I guess I would need to focus more on how good it would feel to accomplish whatever I desire to do to sustain that inspiration..
    Any thoughts anyone?

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