Manifesting on Deadline

manifesting on deadlineHave you ever tried manifesting on deadline?

  • The wedding is three months away, and you absolutely must drop 15 pounds by then to rock that dress.
  • Your new job starts in six weeks in another state – and you need to sell the house before taking on another new mortgage.
  • The Abe cruise is coming up, and you absolutely have to come up with a couple grand to keep your cabin.

There are lots of occasions that (we believe) introduce a firm time frame along with the desire.

And that’s an easy opportunity to kink the vibe.

Because if we need something to happen by a certain date – that need is exactly what holds the party up.

The more you need it, the more Universe hears that you don’t have it. Β And it employs its mighty resources to ensure your instruction is answered: that you don’t have it.

Hardly seems fair, but that’s how law of attraction works.

So what to do when you’ve got a desire with a firm and fast deadline attached to it?

I shared a couple of quick thoughts on this GVU video:

And will add these three inter-related tips to get what you want on time:

1. Drop the need. Β One way or another, you’ll want to stop signaling Universe with this party pooper vibration. The feeling of need is NOT in alignment to getting what you want, so it’s got to change.

Whether you do that by putting alternate plans in place (get a tailor on board for last minute alterations – you can rock a size 10 as well as you can an 8!), imagining your happy ending regularly (that signals Universe that you got what you wanted), or just plain get okay with however it turns out … however you do it, you want to erase any “need.”

2. Reconnect with well being. Remember that your happiness doesn’t depend on this particular outcome or circumstance. Life is good regardless. Reminding yourself of specific reasons you have to feel good now goes a long way to letting in exactly what you want to happen next.

3. Tweak your story. Walking around on pins and needles that this thing hasn’t happened yet is not creating alignment to getting what you want.

Instead, you can interpret the situation or put on a new filter that is more conducive to flowing the energy of satisfaction and fulfillment. A simple “things are working out for me” or “one way or another, I know this has a happy ending” can catapult you into more ease and stronger alignment. The slack that your new story gives Universe may be all that’s required in order to let things come together.

4. Remember it’s not yours to figure out. It’s easy to caught in the trap of trying to “make it happen” or “figure it out” when the manifesting pressure is on. That doesn’t work.

All there is for you to “do” is get your attention on what you want, and then do what feels good. Period.

Having said all that, some deliberate creators find enormous inspiration, empowerment and alignment when they associate their desire with a specific time frame. Hats off to you!

That sometimes happens when it’s a self-imposed “deadline” or when the stakes don’t really feel that high. But if you’ve got a secret to share, we want to hear it!

If you’ve got a story to share about manifesting on deadline, please share in the comments. πŸ™‚

  • August 26, 2011
  • Barbara says:

    Jeannette, Loving this, too! And loving the video – your personality shines through! I realize that I’ve been practicing this “no big decisions when I’m having a bad day” thing over many years–long before I learned about how the law of attraction works. (I always thought it was the procrastinator in me! lol) The difference between then and now for me has been that I now have a better awareness of how I can reach for feelings of relief to move myself into a more general state of well-being about things, which then leads me faster to feeling great…and to then getting more specific about making the big decisions when I do! I love the deliberate creation process! Hugs, Barbara

  • Julie B says:

    I loved this Jeannette! What I really loved was your video… you are just so stinkin cute!!! Loved the break in the middle to explain kinky vibe… ha ha.
    Great post Jeannette!

  • Elisabeth says:

    Loved your story Bama Girl! It really described the ease and flow and synchronicity of life.
    Amanda42 – post-its are a great tool. I use them too! For me, it takes the time factor out of it!
    Mitch – Why do I always forget about my Book of Positive Aspects??? I love it! Going back to it!
    What helps me remove the time element is dropping the HOW. If I sent my intention and point my attention to it, I let the Big U knock my socks off with the HOW which includes the WHEN πŸ™‚ I focus on feeling good and being happy and the Big U takes care of everything else.

  • Mitch says:

    Yup. Manifesting under the deadline of my rent bill is another tricky one. It helps me when I don’t try to manifest the *upcoming* rent, but rather, the idea of paying rent in general. That makes it feel less urgent and has much better results.
    As far as noticing what’s going right right now, I’ve been having a ball with Abraham’s Book of Positive Aspects process.
    And I loved your video! Always good to see that pretty face in motion. πŸ™‚

  • Scott says:

    So true. Last month I was in a very close situation that had dire consequences. I let go of the fear and journeyed into the unknown and God gave me exactly what I needed. Not a cent more. Literally. And there was a huge storm after that made making more money impossible. And, it’s a drought. And I love storms. So I just relaxed and let it all go. So much is possible when you are in tune with existence.
    You’re very cute, J. Do you have a man?

  • Amanda42 says:

    I like what Laura has shared before about deciding. She decided to move, so she moved. (Her story is better than that short paraphrase, but it’s not my story to tell.) I was very inspired by this, especially since when I’d heard it. I’d been longing to move (not the best vibration, but at least I was clear!). So on the spot I said. “Me too! I’m moving! I’ve decided!” and I gave myself a deadline and trusted that the Universe would show me the way. I didn’t get in my own way about it, although there were some moments when it seemed like too much to do in too little time, and I allowed it to work out. So for me, deciding and allowing are essential for manifesting on a deadline! (Thanks, Laura!!!!)
    P.S. A tip on the allowing – grab a post-it and write down a reminder that it’s coming. I randomly felt inspired to write “It is all going to work out fabulously!” (“Great” wasn’t powerful enough) and I felt relief everytime I looked at it.

  • Anna says:

    Ha-ha! Obviously felt so good I eased up on the need and voila – PayPal with ease!
    I so love this life!

  • Anna says:

    I’m reminded of a story I read about Edgar Cayce – he went fishing. Heading out the door, his wife called to him noting food & clothing items needed for the kids. He told her to go to the store and get it. But we have no money, she said. Put it on credit, he said. And how will we pay for that, she retorted. It’ll be paid – and he went fishing.
    That’s the ease I’m aiming for.
    It’s actually kinda fun imagining what it feels like, too.

  • Anna says:

    Dropping the need factor has been taking up more of my thought time than I like to admit. Even just now – I mean *just now* as I started typing my comment here – I got an email from PayPal about a problem linking my bank account. The timing puts a tickle-grin in my belly, and that’s all I need to ease up, ease waaay up…
    Noting my vibe kinking need of late, I’ve taken to watering my garden with greater frequency and for longer periods of time. And I’m watering my lawn the same way – with the shower nozzle attached to my hose.
    Did you ever watch sprinklers as a kid, seeing the water spew, fly & fall in different patterns? I did. And I loved it.
    Watering by hand, I get to gaze in wonder and play play play. Watering is my favorite!

  • Bama Girl says:

    Yes, I have manifested on deadline and I’m still doing it.
    My current lease is up in October. Originally my plan was to move somewhere cheaper since the rent is too high for me to manage comfortably on my own. Now that my ex is back – with all his stuff plus some – we now need a place a bit bigger than our current 2BR. So we needed money for the move.
    We owned a small tract of land in Georgia, where we moved from two years ago. The person who bought our old house mentioned wanting the land but wasn’t able to get it at that time. Then the tornado hit and he wasn’t sure he was even going to stay in the property he bought. But we lowered the price and said let us know. He called me back, out of blue, and said they wanted to buy it. So I affirmed the land would be sold by September. We didn’t hear from him for almost a month, then out of the blue I was called by the attorney that handled the closing on the house and boom – the land closed in August and we got our money. Now my ex ended up spending his share on getting tires and an alignment for his truck, but he’s getting his deposit back from his apartment and that will replace that money, so we aren’t out anything.
    I’ve also been affirming that we find a house a bit larger than what we have now but in an affordable price range. I’m being specific about some things but not crazy specific, like purple tile in the bathroom or anything πŸ™‚ So we have the money for the move, it’s almost September, I’ve been browsing Craig’s List, checking the paper, seeing what prices are out there, affirming that our next rental is out there and will be ready when we are. And the other day, right on Craig’s List, is a 3BR/2BA house for the exact amount of rent we are paying right now for our 2BR. So we’re going to see it tomorrow.
    When my ex and I knew we were definitely going to get back together, he affirmed that he wanted our son to come home at the same time. This was supposed to be the end of this month (August). Our son had been living with my parents for about 2 months during the summer and was able to work and make some spending money. My ex really wanted our son to come back home, but our son wanted to stay so he could make more money. But on a weekend stay here in Alabama we made an offhand comment to a cashier at the Kroger and she mentioned they were hiring, go speak to the manager at the front desk. He spoke to the manager, he filled out an application that night online, went back in, had the drug test and was accepted – all within a week. This was the same period when my ex decided he didn’t want to wait to come home till the end of the month – he started moving his things back and we finished cleaning out his apartment last weekend. Our son came home with us at the same time and he started his new job Wednesday.
    So those are my stories of having a time frame. I also needed some money to get through between paydays. I do transcription on the side, and at exactly the right time a job would come and I would earn the money I needed just when I needed it. Somehow it’s all worked out.
    We do have a back up in case the move right now doesn’t work out, if the answer is “no” or “wait”. If the land had not sold before the lease was up, we would have stayed where we were another year and moved out next fall instead. And that is still the plan. If, for whatever reason this isn’t the answer, then we’re willing to stay where we are for a while longer. Going with the flow, and it’ll all work out πŸ™‚

  • Stephen says:

    Ah, Jeannette, this is very timely as I am in the midst of manifesting new employment in a new town. Part of the desire is for it to manifest in the next couple of weeks (my lease is up at the end of September so making the move will probably be easiest in that time frame).
    Some observations of the process:
    Even though I have a timeframe, I’m not attached to it. I have confidence in my well being and I know I will love my life regardless of eventual outcome.
    I spend time each day remembering other instances I have created/manifested things easily and *what that felt like.* I’m thinking of the roadside rescue a few weeks ago where I asked with a light heart and was answered instantly. I remember distinctly how it felt so I can recreate that feeling through the memory.
    I am clear that this is my *logical next step.* I am nurturing the feeling that I can walk right into this easily; I am completely set up for this. It is easy to believe this is ready to manifest.
    I have been imagining myself telling the story of how it unfolded. I got this one from the aforementioned roadside rescue. As I sat on the side of the road with my broken car I amused myself by imagining telling my family (who we were on the way to visit) the story of the breakdown and how we resolved it. I imagined telling a very funny, light-hearted story of our roadside adventure. So now I am telling the story of how I got to Boulder with this great new job.
    I’ll let you know how this plays out.

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