Manifesting Space

relax.jpgLast week between client sessions I had a quick minute to post an article online (it was on Thought Vs. Action, if you’d like a look-see) before I ran to a couple different stores for people food, dog food, cat food and paper. As I was driving along trying to decide what I had time for, what was most important and thinking of the article that didn’t get properly edited, I felt tension creeping in.
Awareness of the tension was my red flag to release it and remember all is well. No need to be tense. But it kept creeping back in. Three times I remember consciously releasing tension, before I finally checked in as to where it was coming from. A general feeling of being rushed was behind it.
By then I’d kind of lost patience with myself. After all, I had work to do.
So we get to the first store (the dogs came with), pick up the dog and cat food along with a couple treats, no time to chat with the owner, barely time to pet the store chihuauhua on the way out.
We’re on the road again and I’m deciding what I have time for next. Paper or people food, I don’t have time for both. It probably has to be paper cause that’ll be quicker. And I better not get distracted by any fun colored stuff – because I know I have a tendency to be drawn to colored paper, pens, folders .. it’s like a magnet. No time for fun, though. We have to be efficient!
Which is the thought I was holding when my cute little car got slammed in the rear end by a woman who didn’t know the rest of us were stopped.
Now, I haven’t been in an accident since I was 18 (when I was also rear-ended by a girl watching cute boys on the corner). That’s over 20 years of a virtually perfect driving record. This is something that simply doesn’t happen to me.
And here it was happening to me. Deep breath. New priorities. Everyone okay? Yeah. Two sheriffs and a tow truck driver saw it happen and were on the scene immediately. The woman who hit us was very nice. Luckily enough I didn’t hit the car in front of me, and no one hit her. Both cars were driveable (after cute tow truck guy pulled my bumper off the rear tire).
We took care of business and I headed home late for my next client session. Before my next one started, I had 15 minutes to reflect.
What had I been feeling that put me in alignment with a wreck? Albeit a very minor wreck that actually wasn’t that bad an experience, it still isn’t the sort of thing I thought I was lined up with.
I remember feeling tension on the drive and trying to release it several times. I realized the tension came from trying to do too much in too little time, and the thought came up that I “need more space in my life.”
More space, indeed. That’s exactly what the other driver got cited for not allowing between our cars. I need more space. More breathing room. I’m cramming too much in. I need to relax in lots of ways – errands, client work, in myself.
So that was my “thank you, Universe” moment where I could see the gift of my fender bender. A message that I couldn’t ignore to take this space thing seriously. I’ve been talking to my coach about it for a while now, and only made superficial improvements. Time to show I mean business.
You better believe next time I walk through the dog food store I’m going to hear all about the owner’s fun weekend, pet the store dog AND store cat before I go. I’m indulging my “feel good” at the office supply store next time, shopping for whatever I’m drawn to. I’ll remember there’s always plenty of time for everything important, and I’ll also appreciate all the drivers who keep their safe distance.
I’m also newly committed to keeping a smaller client roster and booking more “me” time in every day – not just every week.
I share that here because I know as I say so, I’m much more likely to live up to it. Thank you for hearing me.
If anyone has any messages from the Universe you care to share with the rest of us so we don’t have to get slammed in our own rear end, I welcome hearing them!

  • November 12, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Ah, yes, John! That’s exactly what Gregg Braden is talking about this weekend here in Salt Lake … our discoveries about what’s really happening in empty “space.”

    I can’t wait to blog about it!

    Sending good thoughts for more space for your newly thriving business. 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    Y’know, it’s that remembering the space thing that catches me, too. In my case it’s having opened myself up to new Web work to restart my dormant business. What I should have manifested as well is the space in my schedule to do the work when it came in! Aaack!

    Maybe that’s why space is the final frontier?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Andi, thanks for returning the favor! I was feeling funky tonight – well, all day actually, some might say all week … and starting to feel like I was grasping for ways to feel better .. read your post, and BAM! Here I am again. Feeling like my good old self as usual.

    Thank you, friend. Your words are much appreciated tonight. I am in your debt. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello! First let me just say…I LOVE THIS BLOG. I’ve been reading for while and haven’t commented til today, but your words are so inspiring to me. You seem to consistenly write about either something that I’ve recently been thinking about, or something that I REALLY need to hear at that particular moment (funny how that works!).

    Today I was driving around trying to meet with clients and take care of other obligations, and I was feeling stressed. I realized that my vibes might be setting me up for problems, so the first thing I did is thank the universe for my wonderful job and amazing clients. The second thing I did is to make a list of things that I can take with me as I travel to make it more comfortable…my glasses, a small cooler with snacks and water, some scented oil, a good CD or two, some Emergency-C packets, my favorite lip balm…. and suddenly I felt so much better. And then I get home and read your post…..

    Thanks so much for being you.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yes yes yes, Kim!! How fun!! (I’ll drop you a note to get the ball rolling.)

    Your story about laughing with realization, then walking, eating mangos, and kitty time leading to assignments that practically finish themselves is fabulous! A perfect example of how going downstream serves us MUCH better than the ridiculous paddle up.

    Thanks for sharing a real life example of how rewarding it is to go in the direction of what feels good. Amazing how that works, huh?!

    You’re an inspiration!

    PS – thanks for your generous edit/proofread offer! I’ll take you up on that next time.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    First of all, I loved the article on Thought VS Action! Thank you!

    It actually made me think of Mercury (thoughts) and Mars (actions) and how cool it would be to co-write an article that combined an astrological take (and link to a quick online generator so people could check in an instant their Mercury and Mars signs) with your LOA insights…for example, I have Mars in Capricorn so any action I take needs to be well thought out to feel good…I like plans and strategies…where as someone with Mars in Aries just flies on impulse and that feels grand to them.

    Let me know if this sounds fun to you…also if you are ever scrapped for time and need a quick proof read-edit, you have my email! Lol Seriously, my reward would be to read your articles before they go online!

    As for SPACE—your post resonates (again) so powerfully. These are the last few days of Uni for this term and yesterday my assignments weren’t quite finished and I found myself saying things like, “I don’t have time to do this or enjoy that or play…I have to keep powering.”

    When I heard that for the tenth time before 8am, tension building, I burst out laughing and went for a walk on the beach, ate a mango and played with the cat brothers. When I went back to my assignments, they practically finished themselves…

    All I can say is, good thing I wasn’t diving a car when all that strife was building!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful example and reminder! It’s just brilliant!

    Love you heaps!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Funny you would suggest that, Robert. And good for you for delegating the stuff you don’t love!

    I was just thinking today how someone should have a business called “Problem Solvers” where they do all sorts of odds and ends (like taking my area rug that Joe peed on !! to the carpet cleaners so I don’t have to wait three weeks for my regular guy to get out here).

    And then I thought someone probably already does that, and I just don’t know about them yet.

    More gaps to close on new desires I guess, huh?

    Milana in her “Coaching Millions” book talks about making a “personal activity grid” by creating three lists – one for what only you can do (and enjoy doing), one for what you can easily have others can do, and one for what you can have others do because you don’t know how. Makes the outsourcing decision pretty simple.

  • Robert Higginson says:

    It is so wonderful that you learn from everything that happens to you!

    I know that you liked the book “The 4 Hour workweek.” As did I, and it sounds to me like maybe you are ready to do more “outsourcing.” Are there any things in your life that you could pay others to do? I have some pro’s coming to clean my house next week. Not so much because I don’t have time, it’s more that I’m not very good at it, and don’t want to do it 🙂 You could even hire me to do things like shopping for you. Love ya, Robert

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I agree, Me. And although I at first felt the tendency to beat myself up for my bumper having to be sacrificed in order for me to get the message, I’m glad I turned it around to gratitude that no one needed a doctor.

    And that just a minor course correction was called for, not a major overhaul.

    (I’ve already done major overhauls.) lol

    Thanks for posting!!

  • Me says:

    I’ve read that we chart car accidents as wake up calls (as in, before we get here). So if it was just a little fender bender, congrats, you are pretty much on the right path. If you were laid up in the hospital for weeks… then you have some serious soul-searching to do.

    Armed with that analogy, I’m glad to hear that you drove away safely! I guess it is safe to say the message was “driven” home. Ba dum dum.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yeah, it’s LITTLE stuff that allows great joy, isn’t it, Trish?

    So often we think we have to fly to Paris or write a best selling book to be happy, but it’s really truly available to us in the little things every day.

    Scratching my dog’s head, sitting in the sun, reading a book, hugging a sweetie … “little” stuff can take us to the joy factor better than lots of the other things we might think are required.

    The trick is for each of us to KNOW what our “little things” are and then INDULGE in them. : )

    Thank you for posting, Trish! I think of you – and what you’re journeying through – often these days. Much love!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    So HAPPY you’re well 🙂 The store owner conversations, the pretty supplies and the ‘me’ time is SO important as you’re reminded me to indulge in these joy factors of fun. Love, Trish

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me and uplift my spirit, life and soul.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Indeed, Ellie! Thanks for posting! The Universe does continue to get our attention to let us know where we’re off track, so the sooner we get the message and get back on track, the better, huh?

    Sometimes I feel like a slow learner, but hey – at least I’m learning! lol

    I’m off to go visit your site and read your article now …

    Good to hear from you again, Ellie!

  • Ellie says:

    Hi Jeannette…

    Ahhh – I see you too had one of those days. I just put an article up on my site about those “little, dopey, annoying things”!

    Was I surprised by my day? Well not once I realized I was thinking up and down thoughts and so…. I was creating an up and down day!

    And I absolutely identify with the “I need more space” and yes then LOA gives me plenty more situation where I proclaim “I need more space”

    For me I need to look at — just why did I back myself up in the first place. What thoughts were behind those actions that got me backed up? I promise you they weren’t inspired actions! 😉

    Well as always — if we aren’t aware of what signals we are sending out to the Universe – something will certainly come along and show us! 🙂

    Have a Great Day!

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