Your Manifesting Technique Losing Juice?

boredHave you found yourself super excited about a new manifesting method, diligently practicing it every day, only to get bored with it before the month is out?

If so,  you’re not alone.

In fact, I experienced it myself this year with 29 gifts, and the 40 day abundance mantra.  It happens with pray rain journaling, too.

Why is it so challenging to consistently engage and benefit from the things we know would serve us?

Maybe it’s the way we go about it. Or maybe it’s the expectations we have of ourselves. 

What if it were easier than we were making it out to be?

Mom shared with me a Reader’s Digest article on how “Life is better with an attitude of gratitude.”  In it author David Hochman suggests that instead of practicing gratitude every day, we may be better off engaging it less frequently (like weekly):

“Focusing on gratitude once a week is often more effective than doing it more frequently, according to Lyubormirsky (author of The How of Happiness).  She compared subjects who kept gratitude journals three times a week with others who did so only once a week.  The result: The once-a-week crowd became happier over time. ‘But choose what fits you personally,’ she says.”

Perhaps we’re setting ourselves up for failure by expecting a powerful engagement of our manifesting method every single day? 

Even as I type that I hear Chopra Center meditation instructor, David Ghee, repeating in my ear “every day, wake-pee-meditate.”  I’m pretty sure the once-a-week routine wouldn’t fly with him. 

What do you guys think?  How have you managed to keep a powerful manifesting technique fresh? 

Have you noticed better results when you engage it infrequently?

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

  • November 7, 2009
  • Alora says:

    I love your posts, Jeannette.
    I found that when I was new with LOA I had to use some discipline and do some pen-on-paper LOA work every day even when I wasn’t into it (it was not the same tool every day), to make the first big shift into “I DO create my own reality.”
    Before that I was stopping and starting and not getting anywhere in my awareness over long periods of time.
    Once I made that first big leap (maybe it took 3 or so months? I don’t remember now) and now, years later, I have found that I have many habits of thought where I am doing the work as I go about my life.
    I will do Byron Katie’s 4 Questions on a topic that comes to mind in the car while I’m driving the kids around. Or I will stop while I’m rocking a toddler to really take it all in and feel gratitude.
    I still do the pen-on-paper tools but not every day and I do find that when I forget about it sometimes that’s when I really happens! LOL!
    But when I first heard about LOA and was having a hard time with it I benefited a lot from doing it until I “got” it. But that could just be me. 🙂

  • Brenda says:

    Love all the posts! I woke up today in a crummy mood . . . lied in bed and tried to think of gratitudes . .. hard to get past some of the worries that made me feel crummy. went to the computer and went to Youtube and played one Abraham video after another while I jogged in front of the computer! Glory if I didn’t feel like a million buck afterwards! And filled with gratitude for my ability to shift gears and feel the joy of living! As Abraham himself would say, “selfishly devouring the beauty of life!” Amen!!!

  • Susan says:

    OMG!!! I am soooo pleased to know I’m not alone when it comes to getting bored with different manifesting techniques, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me Ha Ha. I think that you just have to go with whatever feels good at that time and not worry about what other people say you should or shouldn’t be doing.
    I started a gratitude journal because everyone knows that the vibration of gratitude is great for manifesting, but ….theres the rub. I was doing it to manifest what I want and not because it felt good. I found that I was just writing things down as if I was writing my shopping list and I wasn’t ‘feeling’ the gratitude at all. I soon got bored and gave up on that one.
    However I have found something that works for me, at least just now. I’m lucky enough to have workmates who practise LOA too and most days while we are working away one of us starts listing things that they love. (We find love is a better word for us than gratitude) It can be anything at all from our pets to a lovely sandwich for lunch. Everyone joins in and just gets on a roll with it. We keep going till we end up in fits of giggles or goosebumps. It raises the vibrations of everyone and everyone works much better too !!!! (great for me as I am the manager) This is something that happened quite naturally for me and as long as it works I’ll use it. When it loses it’s magic then I’ll find something else. It may be something that someone else does or it may be something that I make up for myself. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it works for you. Play with it all and most importantly have fun with it.
    Right now I love being able to share my thoughts on here. Thankyou.

  • Dan says:

    @ Jessica. When one lives in the *now*, all those things that one has manifested will automatically be maintained as long as they are appreciated. When one no longer appreciates them, they seem to find their way away from us. Being true to one’s self means living in each moment and it seems that your definition of your relationship desires were incomplete before you entered into them. Then there was the point you mentioned that you entertained doing things you didn’t enjoy which created a resistance to the relationship and perhaps then developed into arguments. Regardless, most do not provide clarity for their desires and sometimes the icing on the cake is delicious while that which reveals itself beneath is bitter to our taste. Losing your job may well mean that the ideal opportunity to do what you love is closer than you think. When one door closes, it makes room for a new one to open.
    When we take the time to live in the moment, we define our desires in much more detail and perhaps only attract those things which will provide us the ongoing happiness and joy. Enjoy the manifestations but remain detatched. Manifestations in this manner become a lifestyle. Getting in shape is a lifestyle manifestation, which includes that which we are eating and exercising in a healthy fashion and should never be a chore to maintain. As Abe says, any reference to weight loss is resistance to a healthy body and the healthy body is pushed away. So even if you did lose weight, you will put it back on because that is your message to the Universe.
    Much love and peace!

  • Jessica says:

    This made me think or consider another point… which may be better off if it is the topic of a future post!
    I totally agree that we can get to the point of “going through the motions” and also that a process can become a chore so that we should follow our bliss by doing what feels good. Here’s my experience with that which would indicate otherwise.
    2 years ago I was happier than I thought possible, and was so happy that I was able to manifest just about anything without much effort. Through the processes of meditation, awareness, quiet time, and feeding my soul, I was doing great but wanted to manifest a home renovation, a great relationship/man/marriage, and a number of other things. I had no problem with the manifestations. I realize everything has been exactly how I asked for it, yet has created a new set of challenges. My life has been in a non stop whirlwind. I had been doing what felt good- working on the house, planning the wedding, celebration, getting to know a new family… that I didn’t have time to meditate (or take care of myself) and it became a “chore” to fit it in. It felt more rewarding to socialize, or go to my new families functions, as well as new responsibilities that even if I didn’t enjoy, overlooked how often I said yes when I meant no.
    I woke up one day in this “new” life that I created yet had no idea how I got there and why I was so unhappy. I also had a number of negative manifestations and challenges that I didn’t see coming (losing my job, arguments, etc). I am slowly figuring all of this out and realize how important some of these processes and techniques are to keeping ourselves healthy, well, positive and top notch manifestors! I am not unhappy by the manifestations and do not have regrets, only that it has been a tough lesson to realize I needed to handle the manifestations differently and continue to do what works! It is easy to say something is boring, or a chore, etc and not realize how much good it is bringing into our lives once we get to the point of maintenance of our desire.
    So is there a way to distinquish when we should do something anyhow to “maintain” our positive vibes? It is like the difference between doing sit ups to get in shape Vs. staying in shape. Staying in shape isn’t as fun as the gratification is of getting into shape in the first place! If you stop doing your sit-ups, then you are slowly undoing what you’ve already manifested! Hmmm… sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between letting go of what no longer works for us and that of just being bored and should do it anyway for in the long run it is part of our overall well-being.
    Does that make sense or am I mixing issues? Writing all this makes me stumble on another thought. Perhaps when we manifest something only to lose it (getting in shape and then gaining back weight for instance), then maybe subconsciously we enjoy the creation process and act of manifesting more than we actually enjoy the end result once we get it. Or in the process of focusing our attention on a new manifestation, we lose sight of maintaining our already realized manifestations.
    Sorry for mixing up the subject a bit, but I was thinking someone else also has considered these things! Thanks everyone!

  • Well said, my friend!
    That “going through the motions” feeling is one I suspect many can relate to. (I know I can.)
    And you’re right in that the whole point is to ENJOY anyway; anything we’re doing now that isn’t enjoyable certainly isn’t taking us there!
    As Abe might say, unhappy journeys don’t lead to happy endings.
    So here’s to relaxing, and releasing our old habits of being so willing to “work for it.”
    Thanks for your post and much love to you!

  • LivingtheLOA says:

    I’ve been learning about the LOA on warp speed for the last 2 yrs. I often have 3-4 books going (adding The How of Happiness to my list!) and even more ‘techniques’ I’m learning, using and/or practicing and this post resonated with me because reading and many of my standby techniques HAVE begun to feel like a chore (Hello??!? Upstream!!) or like I’m simply going through the motions (out of boredom) when every new thing used to be so exciting and effortless. I KNOW that’s not good.
    This article is such a timely reminder to slow down and do what’s fun and interesting and not worry about how fast I’m getting through or applying new material/ techniques or whether I’m doing enough of each thing each day. The Universe will bring me just what I need to learn, when I need to learn it (this blog is an excellent case in point) and if the learning or the technique isn’t feeling good, it’s not serving me. Not at that moment. Maybe it will later because my learning will never be “done” (so what’s the rush, right??). Fortunately, the lessons I’m getting here DO feel good, so I’ll be looking forward to the next. Hope you all have an abundant and good feeling week!!

  • Dan, thanks for saying that. Because I have to admit, I do find myself naturally gravitating to that same process … a few meditative minutes here and there throughout the day.
    You’ve inspired me to follow that more than I have. Thank you for that!
    I also love how you show this manifesting process as a natural way of daily life, not a “job” or “chore” that requires techniques and methods and processes to effect.
    Personally, I think that’s where we’re (all) headed. 🙂

  • Dan says:

    Great post and many great ideas. My efforts are to live in the now and as each day goes, I often meditate for a few minutes at a time several times in the day. It is sometimes difficult to just sit for an alotted time to meditate. I have found that so many make this manifesting and happiness thing a chore. It is not our purpose to make these things a task, it is a way of life and living in the now offers that opportunity to have gratitude on going with just appreciating throughout your day. Our creative side is to create a desire and let the Universe handle it from there. When living in the now, creation takes place all day long without intentionally making lists. Happiness can take many forms and doesn’t have to be jumping up and down bubbly all the time. Truly, we don’t need triggers to put us in an appreciation or happy mode, these are natural to us. We only need to reflect in the moment and change from our upstream to downstream.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment!

  • Jessica, you’re making me think of the time I puzzled about why I wasn’t writing in my pray rain journal for “best shape ever” when I absolutely KNEW it would work and that it’s a process I consistently & easily enjoy.
    I realized as I looked at it that I wasn’t really ready for “best shape ever,” that there were some payoffs and counter-intentions to be released in order for the path to be clear for letting in what I said I wanted.
    Not saying that’s happening for you, but thought I’d mention it in case someone else relating to your words might get something from it.
    Thanks for adding a rich dimension to this conversation, Jessica!

  • Jessica says:

    I have a habit of “forgetting” to do things that I’ve decided would be fun or beneficial. What’s up with that?
    For instance I come across a technique- so I do it right then and I love it. I resolve to do it again- simply because it feels GOOD. Then I forget. Then it pops in my mind when I am busy with something else that I couldn’t possibly do it right then (picture driving my daughter to her dentist… couldn’t just stop and start to write in my journal without consequences) so I tell myself I’ll do it as soon as I get home. Then by the time I get home I’ve forgotten again! I wonder what this is because it isn’t even as though I have a chance to get bored. hmmm… but sometimes all it takes is to do something once for it to work. I’ve manifested plenty of things without any specific technique. So does it matter if we do something once, frequently or occasionally? I’m not sure. I DO know that when I was meditating daily (an hour to two) it was so EASY for me to do it, to remember it… like having to remember to breathe. I just do it without having to “remember”. For awhile now I can’t manage to get in a mere 10 minutes of meditation even though I know in my heart and soul that’s all that I need to heal everything in my life right now. How could something that was once so easy, suddenly be a challenge? I love it and I’m not bored… so shouldn’t it be easy? So perhaps there is more to it than just boredom. Maybe there is just an ebb and flow in our lives? Something more divinely influenced on how we spend our time? just wondering.
    Thanks for all the thoughts everyone! 🙂

  • Indeed we DO, Tiffany! Indeed we do! (Know what that leads to.)
    I suspect you’re absolutely right, Mitch – that this is a cultural programming that’s tripping some of us up.
    How cool that meditation calls to you every single day! (Slightly envious!)
    And way to take the “rules” off it, Michael! I think this is exactly what many of us (me included) were ready to hear … it’s OKAY.
    It’s okay to do what feels best, and there’s no right or wrong about whatever that is.
    Thanks for posting, everyone!

  • Michael says:

    In the words of the Abraham video in an earlier post, do what feels downstream. How about that??
    Everyone is different, and by checking in with what feels good, each of us probably gets a feel for what works best, individually.
    Pray Rain worked well for about a week…then I’d at entries every three of four days. And that felt good!
    Even being ‘happy’ doesn’t always work for me. Sometimes I need to be ‘adventurous’ or–like today–I need the adrenaline of screaming along to a Van Halen song until my head starts to buzz…
    And the results really do come! I had some amazing coincidences come after blasting through ‘Poundcake’ and ‘Unchained’ as loud as I could in the car. 🙂
    I got into music because of the *feeling* of playing air guitar…air singing. Now I do it because it’s one of the best, most lit up vibes I can come up with…even better than being onstage BUT!…if I start singing the same songs over and over…well, no tingly feeling in my head. 🙂
    I think it’s about paying attention to what feels good and what feels ‘downstream’. Having a whole collection of ways to achieve better vibes…that’s what I”m up to. 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    I think that sometimes we feel pressure to do a specific routine at a specific time of day for a specific number of days because we were all raised in a very left-brained society. And that’s fine if that works for you, but if you feel guilty for missing a day in your journal or skipping a meditation, then you’re obviously missing the mark as far as feeling good.
    I’m having fun with my latest manifesting technique which I lovingly call “do it whenever I remember to do it.” lol Every now and then it occurs to me to envision myself as supremely successful, not to make it happen, but because it feels good. And the rest of my day, I just don’t think about it. Talk about pressure off!
    I have, however, started meditating every single day. Not because I feell I have to but because it just feels good. So there’s a nice example of going both ways with this. 🙂

  • Tiffany says:

    I agree that gratitude is more than writing. Writing is my main method, it keeps me invested and ALWAYS works. I don’t just write gratitude, it’s like I have conversations with God in my journal. Sometimes, I’ll go back and read old entries and see the answer staring back at me. Sometimes it just makes me feel better to be completely uncensored and get it all out and release it.
    Either way, journaling of gratitude, desires, progress, and even things I experienced and helped me grow is a sure-fire way to make me feel better. And we all know what that equates to…

  • There is something about getting in the field of other like-minded folks, isn’t there, Annette?
    (Goose bumps typing that!)
    It’s exactly why I’m investing $5k in a better way for us to do that at the beginning of 2010!

  • Annette says:

    An attitude of gratitude (for Me) starts with knowing others think the same way. Therefore, posts like these are a Fantastic addition to my daily/weekly list!
    There’s something about groups that is really Powerful!

  • janita says:

    I absulutely agree with you in gratitude is freakin easy to find our way to 😛 and gratitude is much more than writing in a journal 🙂
    The book sounds wonderful MissyB 🙂

  • Hmm, very interesting from the sounds of it, MissyB!
    That set point thing – that’s sure got my attention lately with Gay Hendricks’ work and John Assaraf’s neural reconditioning, etc.
    Thanks for reporting in with your review. I think I’m adding it to my reading list.

  • MissyB says:

    Can I just add that she too encourages you to do what feels right. If being grateful over breakfast resonates better than being grateful whilst you lay in bed on a sunday night then go for it. But she warns that if that is your only happiness activity, you’re going to get bored pdq and give up. Variety !

  • Lovely reminder, Janita, that it’s all dependent on how we look at it.
    And seriously, your post reminds me that just because we might not be writing in a gratitude journal every night doesn’t mean we aren’t getting there during the waking hours.
    Gratitude is pretty freakin’ easy to find our way to, isn’t it?! 😉
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Janita!

  • MissyB says:

    As requested, a small feedback on the book, so folks if you don’t want to read, feel free to skip this:
    Here’s the science bit – happiness is determined by 10 % circumstances, 50 % set point and 40 % intentional activity. Simplfied the 50 % set point is the old nature and nurture – how we are basically. The 10 % circumstance speaks for itself, but the 40 % is the bit we CAN change. That’s a pretty big chunk to improve on. The first bit of the book is the science behind all of the above put in an interesting and easy to understand manner.
    The second bit of the book, Sonja Lyubomirsky explores how we can improve to achieve the 40 %. She provides happiness activities that fit in with your interests, values and needs. She quotes Arisotle “different men seek after happiness in different ways & by different means, & so make for themselves different modes of life”.
    She provides 12 happiness activities and you pick ones that resonate. Attitude of gratitude and positive thinking, religion/spirituallity, taking care of your body, goal making, managing stress, hardship and trauma, investing in social connections and living in the now. Each of these activities has sub groups with examples of what you can do and some more science bits. For example, the attitude of gratitude group who practised the I’m grateful for list every Sunday appeared happier than the group who did it every day.
    Happiness is a choice – and she gives us easy ways to commit to it. I think she helps us re-connect to what is already there. Sometimes you read books and you can so see the LOA within it when the book wasn’t intended with that in mind. Or perhaps Sonja is LOA savvy !

  • janita says:

    And yes….:-) i use gratitude every day….and feel so good 🙂
    every day are great days!! depending on the way i look at it

  • janita says:

    Love the post Jeanette 🙂
    i trust in faith, and in faith i have trust 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Tia.
    Your post reminded me of something I missed. That’s that there ARE plenty of things that are easy to keep up. Instead of just noticing the techniques I struggle to continue, I’d love to give myself credit (and for everyone else to do the same) for what we DO regularly and consistently enjoy.
    I can find better feeling thoughts like a magician, and I do it all day, every day. (Maybe an exaggeration to say “all day,” but it is definitely an every day occurence.)
    And like you, I never get tired of a good OMMMMMMM.
    Love you, sister! 🙂

  • Happens to me a lot! Some things I find easier to stick to than others. I’ve even started a whole new page on my website dedicated to my manifesting / growth projects! (
    My Successes:
    29 gifts in 29 days
    100 things I fear in 100 days (still going on)
    My “failure to launch”:
    21 days of intention setting
    4 weeks of manifesting with a buddy
    21 days of creating change (lasted 4 days!)
    I’ve found that what works for me is ~
    1) having actionable steps – they keep me invested in the the intangible end cos at least I can do something tangible towards it (like giving a gift, doing something that scares me)
    2) being okay with missing a few days here and there and still feel like I’m doing a great job and actually knowing that’s a part of getting things done
    Unlike with thoughts and intention setting every day – I just get bored doing that cos no matter how many times I tell myself change begins with how I think, I find that doing things along with changing my thinking makes it happen faster.
    Like the only thing that I DO do every single day without fail – look in the mirror as soon as I wake up and tell myself how AWESOME I am, how I love myself, how amazing things always happen to me and how my life just rocks.
    The day starts off great, so even if it goes to pot sometimes later in the afternoon, at least I had that. It’s really the only thing I never get bored of doing and I reckon it’s cos I make it so much FUN to do 😀
    I’ve also started meditating again and a few minutes of OMMMMMMMMMMM in the morning make me feel great.
    What’s REALLY great about it though, is that any thought work I do leads to feeling work which is usually inspired action and THAT is what gets me results and gets me energised and makes manifestations happen!
    I’m also good at letting go of something if it’s boring me and dragging me down. I’ll come back to if if it feels right and if not, away it goes.
    There ya have it.

  • Robert, that’s one of the tips I shared in the Money Mojo Magic bonus! (Being delivered Monday, for those of you who already purchased.)
    .. that sometimes tucking it away and forgetting about it (the letting go part that Christopher Penczak talks about – here’s the link to that post:
    .. is what’s most effective.
    Which reminds me of the “work it daily or let it go” article:
    Gosh, I write a lot.
    Thank God some of you write back to me.
    Glad you got a smile from that photo, too, Robert. I laughed out loud when I ran across it!
    As usual, it’s a pleasure to see your smiling face here, my friend. Thanks for commenting!

  • First off Jeannette, I love the picture that you put with this post, soo cute. 🙂
    And of course I love the words too:-)
    I feel that sometimes “abandoning” our manafesting techniques is part of the letting-go process. One of my favorite stories in “The Secret” is of the guy who found his vision board after it had come true and he had packed it away and forgotten all about it.

  • You’ve read the book, MissyB?! I’d love to hear what you thought of it!
    Was considering picking up a copy myself …
    And I LOVE how you know your “old faithful” to go back to when times are trying.
    My “surrender box” is fostering kittens. I was reflecting yesterday, after reading Bridgette B’s take on self care (I tweeted the link yesterday, I think), where she said that just because you’re getting your pedicures and massages regularly doesn’t mean you’re engaging in real self care. (Because you can be a “hot mess of stress” in the salon, still.)
    And I was thinking how I can do that sometimes on a dog walk, but I think it’s virtually impossible to do when focused on kittens.
    I digress – just wanted to say thanks for pointing out that having a reliable standby “in case of emergency” can be really helpful.
    Nice to hear from you again, MissyB – and I’d love a review on the book if you get a chance to share!

  • Annette, we are of one mind! That’s pretty much how I play it and what I suggest to clients as well.
    Thanks for pitching in!

  • MissyB says:

    The moment I read the headline I knew I had to post – and then you posted the quote from the exact book that sprung to mind ! In tune – love it !
    For me, and I think I said it before, I have a few and depending on what mood takes me, I follow with what method feels right. BUT when thing do get frustrating with life (not manifesting in particular ) I go back to a basic method (for me a surrender box) and practice it for a while. I find it gets me over the slump in mood or whatever. I think the key is to have a few things. And this is the basis of the “How of Happiness”. Lots of little tricks to bring the happy bits back. A must read and a constant bedside companion for me.

  • Annette says:

    Wow – this hit home!
    I have several methods that I use, and several mantras & affirmations/afformations that I use. It seems to work best when I don’t MAKE myself do them!
    When I have a few to choose from, I go with what’s appealing to me at the time. This takes away the ‘should’ and puts it into the ‘want’. Much easier, and much more Fun!
    What I DO make a practice of every day is to pick one – otherwise I go into withdrawal and/or rat-race mode . . . not what I want at all!
    I think our intuition knows what needs to be worked on most at any time, and that’s why some things feel boring at times, while others feel empowering and uplifting!

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