Manifesting Tool: 3 Answers to 3 Questions

Manifesting Tool for Rich Visualizing: 3 Answers to 3 QuestionsOn the Periodic Table of Manifesting I included a tool for conscious creators called “3As to 3Qs.”

That stands for three answers to three questions.

Let me explain …

I borrowed this straight from the Psych-K process for instantly rewriting beliefs.

What I found was that this part of their protocol created exceptionally rich visualizations.

And as conscious creators we all know the power of a good visualization!

This is really simple to practice.

Here’s how it goes:

Think about whatever you want – whether it’s having all the bills paid in full, rockin’ it out in your old skinny jeans, enjoying a loving relationship with a new sweetheart, or whatever.

With that desire in mind, give three answers to each of the following three questions:

  • What do you see that’s evidence this has happened?
  • What do you hear that proves this reality unfolded?
  • What do you feel (as in kinesthetic touch) that shows you achieved this?

I often remember the questions in this shorthand version: what do I see? what do I hear? what do I feel?

Ideally your answers are so obvious and direct that a five year old could make the connection.

Example: what would I see now that all the bills are paid in full? I’d see “paid in full” zero balance statements in the mail. I might see zero balance boxes on the online account.

What would I hear that proves I can fit in my skinny jeans? Maybe my girlfriend saying, “Wait, are those your jeans from last year? You look fabulous!” I might hear myself saying, “Oh my word, they fit! woo hoo!”

What would I feel when I’m enjoying a new relationship with a sweetie? I’d feel his hand in mine as we walk the dogs together. I’d feel extra weight on my key ring because it’s got his house key on it. Maybe I feel the engagement ring on my finger.

Who knows? You get to make it up for yourself.

Getting the hang of it?

Remember that the test of your answer is that a stranger could tell what it means. Someone looking from the outside in would be able to recognize what was happening for you.

Like, think of the desire for fully paid bills… if I say I’ll see myself sighing contentedly on the couch feeling great relief – what does that mean?

ThatĀ could mean I’m happy because the neighbor’s dog stopped barking, or maybe because I just farted.

You want your answers to be obviously directly connected to your desire.

Notice I said this process was “simple” but not necessarily “easy.” Sometimes it takes a little work to come up with those nine answers!

In fact, the more difficult it is to answer, the further away you are from it.

Finding nine answers will plug you in nicely to your desired reality.

That’s what we’re looking to accomplish – creating a familiarity with our dream come true. So it becomes something that feels normal and expected.

Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean about what a powerful tool this is for creating a vibrational shift!

  • December 22, 2014
  • Karen says:

    Ahh, I like this. Especially the part about the answers being so obvious a stranger could tell the change. Familiarity is something I have been working on, but this other is a piece I think I am missing. I am not exactly acting the part. Well, then , 2015 here I come!

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