Manifesting Under Time Pressure

While I’ve written about manifesting on deadline before, I thought you’d also enjoy this guest post by Janette Dalgliesh on the subject of creating reality when specific time frames are involved.

Enjoy this from Janette D.:
manifesting with time pressure

Sometimes the thing we want has a deadline attached, and for some of us that gets kinky. Manifesting with a deadline is a tricky game!

I’ve had this happen with attracting clients (“omg, I must have a client by Tuesday or else blah blah blah”) and other things.

Sometimes the time pressure seems external (bill due, dentist appointment); sometimes it’s an internal decision (I will create this thing by this date).

How does that play out in creating a new reality?

We know that if we believe our happiness is dependent on creating the thing we want, that’s resistance. We can’t be fully lined up with having it when we’re feeling the painful lack.

And many times, adding time pressures to the mix just adds to the squeeze. If we believe our happiness is tied to our desired thing arriving at a certain time, and we make that a condition … then that can become big resistance.

So what’s a deliberate creator to do? Give up on the dream??

Yes and no.

Connect to the feeling of excitement and delight about the desire, let go of any details (such as a date) that activate feelings of “not here yet.” Connect to the desire, and let go of the how and the when and the struggle.

A few years ago, my hubby and I were on the train from our regional city into Melbourne, to see a matinee performance of a concert we’d been waiting to see for months.

(The first Melbourne performance of the Dr Who Symphonic with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Swoon.) With lots of money we’d saved up.

We’d left early, so we would have a couple of hours to wander through town, have lunch and get to our seats by 2 pm. The train stopped in the outer suburbs, which rarely happens. And it did. not. move … for over 40 minutes.

Long story short, we found out someone was threatening to jump onto the train tracks from a bridge and they were still talking him down. That train wasn’t going anywhere. Coaches began to arrive at the station, to take people into the city, and without many staff there to organize things it looked like getting utterly chaotic.

Was I stressing about missing the concert? Oh. My. God yes.

And I used it as an opportunity to really really practice ‘all is well’, to take deep breaths, to set the intention for ‘perfect outcome’, with no idea how this could possibly happen.

We ended up on one of the few coaches which took the express highway straight into the CBD, when all the rest of the coaches followed the train route and took people to stations in between. This was not organized in any way – sheer chance it seemed (though of course, you and I know better).

I have a vivid memory of leaning against the window, looking at the traffic and – when we got into the CBD – seeing red lights. Each time I saw a red light I felt the same response….. “EEEEEK!” followed by another deep breath, and letting go.

I let it be okay if we missed the start.
I let it be okay if we missed the whole first half.
I even let it be okay if we missed the whole concert

Actually, I knew that last one was ridiculous – there’s no way we would arrive so late they wouldn’t let us in at all – so that felt like relief.

Some part of me was smart enough to know that if I held on to any sense that the only way to ‘perfect outcome’ was to arrive on time, I was limiting what Universe could deliver.

We got to the city train terminal, and walked to the nearby cab rank. A cab pulled in just as we got there, and whisked us to the venue. The foyer was almost empty of people as most had taken their seats.

As we walked into the auditorium, the house lights were still up and the orchestra were in the final stages of tuning up. The usher took our tickets and showed us to our (fabulous!) seats.

Literally as my backside hit the fabric beneath me, the house lights went down and the show began.

I have no doubt that I manifested our timely arrival without a minute to spare.

And I have no doubt that I did it by letting go of the details of the ‘perfect outcome’.

On that coach journey, I took my focus away from what I wanted, and what felt like any barrier to it, as much as I could. And each time my thoughts tried to go to ‘hurry hurry hurry’ I would firmly but gently haul them back to ‘perfect outcome’ while keeping my hands firmly off what that outcome had to look like.

The only time I did any intention setting about getting to the concert by a certain time was the moment we found out that the train wouldn’t be completing its journey.

At the very beginning of this whole experience, I set the intention for ‘perfect outcome’ … and I let it go. The rest of the time was spent letting go, over and over.

I have to say, this was well before I developed my current approach to deliberate creation, which I call identity shifting. Today I might also play with my ‘easy’ necklace, which I use as a kind of magical item to help me amp up the vibe of ‘easy, perfect outcome’.

If you’re seeking an outcome with a timeframe on it, consider finding a way to keep the desire but let go of the details unless they light you up.

Janette Dalgliesh is the Identity Shift Ninja and author of Your Everyday Superpower. Find her online at Identity Shift Ninja.

  • June 30, 2015
  • Raji says:

    OMG you guys and LOA is the best..
    my friend got a job.. and not only that ..the salary beats his imagination by miles!!!!!
    Perfect Outcome….
    I asked him to read your comments Janette…
    things just worked..,
    bless you.. its amazinggggggggggggggggggg

  • Raji says:

    I believe in the concept of let it go. It helps me concentrate on the now.
    But, when stakes are high,
    eg: my friend has migrated and has been looking for job since a year now. Interviews have come in, but it has never translated into a job.
    I keep saying “have faith”.
    But sometimes when the cash flow is almost gone, I am wondering how can i help? or how can he help himself?
    Because he needs a job soon enough.
    My question is not how to manifest the job, but how to believe that it will manifest and how to let go

    • Elle says:

      I would say the best thing to do is just continue feeling good, knowing that something will manifest and all will be taken care of anyway, no matter what. This is how I am thinking these days. It is like stepping off the ledge, knowing that there is a path there you are not able to see at the moment, or, if there isn’t one, there is a safety net down below to catch you after your adventure of falling. The scenario is kind of like this. No matter what things seem like, it is never really the case anyway. So, my point is to keep going, do not give up, and keep smiling along the way, as it is a game and we need to do that in order to play.

    • Janette says:

      Great question, Raji.
      I think it’s when the stakes are high that we have to get EVEN BETTER at letting go of the outcome. And that means being okay with the possibility that the thing we desire may not happen.
      If we get too caught up in our own definition of what a perfect outcome looks like (eg your friend getting a job), we’re potentially setting limits on what Universe can deliver. AND we’re bringing a sticky vibration to the party, which isn’t going to help anyone.
      That was the most powerful thing I did, in my own situation. I let it be okay if we missed the concert.
      Now, you might be thinking “well, it’s easy when it’s just a concert – I’m talking about a JOB here!”
      And I’d very gently be suggesting that there is no difference. Abraham tells us that manifesting a castle is the same as manifesting a button.
      If that’s true, then the only difference between my concert and your friend’s job lies in the perception, the belief, that one is easy and one is hard; or that one is important and one is not.
      You’re asking how to believe that a job will manifest.
      I’m asking you to do something that – in some ways – might sound harder, but is actually easier. And that’s to believe that the outcome will be perfect, whether there is a job or not. You don’t have to control the details. All you have to do is set your eyes on ‘perfect outcome’.
      And as Sunny, the hero of “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” says: “Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.”
      In other words, there is ALWAYS a perfect outcome eventually. Always.
      As for the letting go part – that is merely practice. If you’ve been focused on this topic for a while, you will need more practice, as you would with any unfamiliar skills. And you can do that, I’ve no doubt! Here are some practical suggestions:
      Use the breathing I suggest in my post.
      You could imagine yourself taking a literal step back from the idea of what ‘perfect outcome’ has to look like. Do that every time the thought comes into your head, over and over.
      Another trick I use, when I’m having trouble letting go, is to fling my hands up, as though I were taking them off the handlebar of a bicycle, or off the controls of an aeroplane with autopilot engaged (because battling the autopilot is never going to be a good thing!). I imagine that as I take my hands away, the bicycle or the plane stabilises and everything (including me) becomes calm, smooth and easy.
      For best results, do the letting go WITHOUT an agenda. If you do it in order to MAKE something happen, you’re not really letting go.
      That’s why – for ultimate power – you’ll need to get okay with whatever might happen.
      Kim Falconer once expressed it as a formula: WANT + DON’T NEED = GET (which I think is brilliant!)
      Hope this is helpful Raji

      • Go with the flow, it’s all good. Just have faith and believe, and you’ll be worthy to receive. 🙂

      • Raji says:

        Thanks heaps Janette. I Have emailed him your response.
        He is like i have faith in manifesting with a but..
        And i agree to the concept. Manifesting a castle and manifesting a button is the same….
        If we think manifesting a button is easy so is the castle..
        Love you all here

  • Laura says:

    Great story and perfect timing. I have a couple of deadlines coming up for things and this is just what I needed. 🙂

    • Janette says:

      Good time for some deep breaths, for sure!
      I also sometimes remind myself of that wonderful quote from UK author and humorist Douglas Adams: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as the fly by”
      For some reason, the humour of that brings a little lightness and relief. 😉

  • Katy says:

    What a great story! I felt like I was there with you! Thanks so much for sharing & for the timely reminder 🙂

  • The letting go of details is a great idea I think most of the time, as I get a general desire, with some specific intentions, but then turn the further details over to the Universe trusting that the Universe already knows the details and the journey. Great article!

    • Janette says:

      Agreed, Ian. And sometimes having some details to play with can be fun and juicy, too. I’m getting very good at discerning which will be most fun in the moment, and going with that. I have to say, my most habitual intention is “perfect outcome” … without any specifics about what a perfect outcome might look like. It’s a work in progress… 😉

  • Brian says:

    ”On that coach journey . . .”
    I enjoy the irony, and playfulness, of that.
    You were “coaching” yourself through the coach experience.

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