Manifesting with a Success List

manifesting with a magic success listIn the $1,000 money manifesting post I mentioned a technique used to help line up with creating a financial windfall: a

Manifesting Success List.

I like that alignment method so much I thought it deserved elaboration.

First off, we know that we get what we vibrate.

So to get what we want, all we have to do is figure out how to vibrate it.

A lot of our desires are just that – desires.  Things we don’t have yet.  Things we want, but don’t feel as “real” or “done.”

In our minds we think of them as “out there” – in the hopeful future.

Which is where they stay if we don’t learn to expect or believe in them as real.

When we change our vibration from “wanting” to “having,” Universe has to deliver the goods.  We’re home free when we begin thinking about our desire as a “done deal.”

That’s where the Manifesting Success List comes in.  It’s a way to sort of trick ourselves into thinking of the yet-to-be-manifested desire as if it’s already done.

Those of you who read my newsletter know what I’m talking about here.  (I wrote about this over the summer.)

It’s where we create a list that mixes in real life already-manifested successes with our newest hopes and dreams.  The “realness” from the already-here items have a contagious influence on the new things – to help make them real sooner rather than later.

Here’s how to do it …

Write down two or more of your favorite recent manifesting successes.  That is, things that have already come to fruition in real life that you feel really good about.

Then in the middle of that list write down the thing you’d like to happen next.  So we’re tucking our new desire into the midst of “done deal” energy.

All there is left is to put the list somewhere you’ll see it daily.

I started mine with a super cool contest win that had seemed very unlikely.  And I added the feed lot horse rescues that meant a lot to me.  Both items were huge wins in my mind, full of good energy.
I actually wrote my new desire at the end of the list, but I think it’d work better placed in the middle.

Also key is to write each item down using past tense, like it’s already happened.

Here’s what happens each time we see the list – the new desire starts to take on a “done deal” feel.  It starts to have an “of course-ness” about it.

When I first put my list together, the new desire stood out like a sore thumb.

But as time went on, and I remembered that once upon a time those other things on the list were big fantasies, too – it made it easier to expect that this new one would come to pass, too.  The items on the list started to feel more the “same” each time I looked at it.

So the success vibe from that unlikely contest win makes it easier to believe in a thousand dollars out of the blue.  And the high I still felt from the horse rescues helped align me to expecting tripled ebook revenue.  Pretty cool, huh?

As the new things manifest, you can add new desires to the list.  Those new desires take on a “realness” imbued from the already manifested dreams.  And pretty soon you’ve got a very powerful magical list going.

I keep my list on the white board on the refrigerator, but anywhere you’ll see it regularly will suffice.  Also, some of my items were written in code so as not to disturb others who might read it.  (As in ex-beaus reading about new super hot dates.)

The time frame it’s taken for my list items to manifest seems to range from a couple days to a couple months.

And get this – when I look at my manifesting success list now, I can’t really remember which ones were “seeded” successes that had already happened and which ones were yet to unfold.  That’s how “together” they feel now.

Which is the whole point of this manifesting technique – to turn those unmanifested desires into “done deal” vibrations.

Universe can’t help but prove us right when we send the signal that says “got what I wanted.”

We know not all manifesting tools work the same for everyone, so only play with this if it feels fun and light.

If you’ve got suggestions on other ways to use lists in attracting what we want, please share.  Or if you have stories from using a list like this, we’d love to hear that, too!

  • October 20, 2013
  • Mrs. C says:

    @Lois Hancock I totally agree when you mentioned ” However, the biggest advantage of this exercise is that the more you lose and forget about your lists, the easier it will become for these things to manifest in your life.”
    I am at a point of giving up not on my goals but to the point that I am fed up of writing mine every day. Keeping in mind that I also do affirmations through out the day.
    Also in the past when I have written my list with another pages of all the tiny details and let leave it. I only have to go back to it months later to find that everything has came true but not in the way I thought it was going to happen. (that’s me getting involved with the ‘how” bit) I don’t even have to do anything. This is so easy, even if it takes time at first but it doesn’t feel like a chore.

  • Lois Hancock says:

    1. Treat The Universe Like Your Personal Supermarket: Make your very own ‘manifesting shopping list’. Every day, no matter where you go, scribble out lists of what you want from the universe. Write them on your phone, on scraps of paper or in a beautiful notebook bought specifically for the task. Writing lists like this will help you to get really clear on what it is that you want. However, the biggest advantage of this exercise is that the more you lose and forget about your lists, the easier it will become for these things to manifest in your life.

  • Quinn says:

    Hi there, thanks for the comments! I was just surfing the net and found this site, awesome stuff. OK so here is my thing, I have been using manifestation techniques as mentioned on this site for a while now and studying different sources about LOA, I read about 16-20 books on it and the last one was the Bible and I was amazed that it has all the themes written about LOA (check out in Mathew and the parable of the fig tree)so needless to say I was blown away. OK so I started lists, visualization etc. my biggest dream at the time was to go to Spain with a lover and well it happened!! However she turned out to be not so honest and I let myself fall into a low vibe i.e. got a bit resentful about the whole situation and for some reason I cant seem to shake it (i.e. the low vibe)although I have been manifesting some really great stuff however this situation seemed to have blocked me some how, I write a list about a wonderful lover and how she will be and to be honest I cant seem to get into the belief part, so now that part of my wish list to say the least has been slow to come. So I would appreciate any insight on how to get past this block, I seem to be able to manifest anything but this aspect alludes me, how do I get that faith back??? Just to share with you I have had a kidney transplant and wanted to get off my anti-rejection drugs, I just believed it would happen and it did!! Drug free for the last 12 years with perfect kidney function!! Thank-you universe 🙂

  • Clare says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I love this idea — I will often write out things I’d like to manifest in descriptive paragraphs, but will give the list exercise a go.

  • Mrs. C says:

    Hi Jeannette, Sorry that I didn’t make myself clear when I asked how many items you had on your list.
    What I meant was How many goals do you have on a list? I have about 16 but would go into about 21 bullet points under or on another page for each goal all the details.
    eg. 1. I have a new job by December 2013
    • I easily earn at least $___K per month
    • I have all my travel expense paid
    • I have permanent contract
    • I produce successful results
    2. I weight 51Kg and in perfect health by December 2013
    • I drink 2L every day
    • I workout 3-4 times a week
    Then for each goal I would also write a very small list of things in that goal that I never want.
    e.g If write a list for a new boyfriend and all the details. I will add
    • Does not have a nightmare mother or family/ friends
    • Must to have any mental health issues
    • Must not have any addictions
    • Must not lie or hide his sexuality
    • must not hate pets and animals
    I know it sounds negative but and a positive method can be written but this is just cover myself regardless if I put at the end for the greatest good of all.
    What I am doing now is writing out my 16 goals every morning and just focusing on one major goal.
    I can’t wait for your biz partners list for attracting love.

  • Good book material is right. lol Way to put a good perspective on it, Mrs. C!
    And you’re smart to pay attention to those sorts of details (about the hubby thing) – I’ve heard lots of stories like that!
    As to your question about how many items on the list … I personally had 47 things on my list when I manifested “one of the ones” back in 2006. The guy that turned up 3 weeks after writing the list had 43 of the 47 things, and a couple of them I realized didn’t really matter that much. (I had on there that he HAD dogs, when really being a dog lover was what I really wanted. And what I got.) Also, he drives a car and not a truck like I put on the list. I can’t remember the other two things.
    If I were doing it over, though, I’d have a different approach as to what went on the list.
    My biz partner is developing a whole different use of the list for attracting love – I hope she’s ready to share it soon!

  • Mrs. C says:

    I forgot to ask.
    How many items do you guys have on your list?
    So far I have 16 but I do focus on 2-3. I write my list every day and look over all the details every few weeks or months.

  • Mrs. C says:

    Yep I know you mean LOL I really had to laugh when I got a bit too greedy and then found out that the man after the ex was a former porn star. You would never believe it nor did his nightmare mum when I showed her the video cover. I’ve kept it as I am keeping all my manifestation evidence as good book material later.
    I am very careful what I write now, even if I did get a gorgeous multimillionaire we just didn’t take it further mutually.
    I also had to look back last night on my old list just to make sure that I didn’t write I have a husband.
    As I could end up with a married man who is not my husband, a big no no.

  • Was it wrong, Mrs. C, that I giggled when I read about that one particular detail left out? I’ve done that before myself! (Not exactly the same, but I know what you mean.)
    An acquaintance of mine did a FOUR PAGE list once upon a time to attract a new guy, after she broke up with someone who was really easy on the eyes, but was a “lying, cheating, drunk.”
    So her NEW list went on and on about how honest he was, and trustworthy, kind, compassion, sober, engaged, respectful, financially responsible, etc. etc. etc. It was a crazy long list.
    And get this, she got EXACTLY who she described on that exhaustive list – he was EVERYTHING she wrote down! But in hindsight, she realized she forgot to include that he was handsome – and good in bed. lol
    Anyway, here’s to dreaming big and allowing things in satisfying & harmonious ways! Thanks for the resource links, too. Much appreciated, Mrs. C!

  • Mrs. C says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve been writing lists on and off since 2011. I read The Magic of Believing: Claude M. Bristol. e.g You write a few copies on an index card what you want like a car or job.
    However I done this for a job and iphone. I did get both and I knew for a fact it was because I had written it down but I got them both in a not so nice way. It happened all within 2 days.
    I know that you really need to make a list and put ALL the details perhaps on a not the sheet of paper.
    I did have amazing results when writing paragraphs in a journal back in 2007.
    I live in a town full of students and waited a boyfriend closer to my age who was local. This was very difficult to find in such a small town. However I wrote about how much fun I’m having and the type of guy in every detail and within a month I was dating a very sexy gay man. Not even Bi as he told me that he hated being gay but just dated women for fun.
    Doh I forget to mention his sexuality… Anyways to cut a very long story short. I made another paragraphs about me dating open honest guys and have to pick and choose etc. and in one week I had 5 dates. They were all nice but not the type that I would normally go for. But EVERY SINGLE THING that I wrote down came to pass.
    I blame myself at the time for the negative stuff that happened because I was only putting limits on myself. So now I am dreaming big and asking for things that would happen in satisfying and harmonious ways.
    Here are some links on lists which most of you may know about already.
    I am also just about to record my list so I can play it back to myself while shopping, driving etc.

  • Thanks for the compliment, my friend!

  • Michae says:

    Love it! You never fail to disappoint with awesome content… 🙂

  • Very nice, CJ! Can’t wait to hear what “big” things you manifest next!

  • Oy! I don’t think I was clear. I have manifested those BIG things (relationship, job, house), and now I’ll be putting them on a Manifesting Success List and creating that “done deal-ness” for the newly seeded future manifestations I’ll be putting on that list.

  • Jeanette, Love this. I’ve been thinking recently about “BIG” manifestations like a relationship and a job and how to leverage that mojo. This is the perfect way. Thank you for elaborating here. I’ll be creating this list today! So good!

  • Makes good sense, Frank. Thanks for elaborating on your process.
    Sebastian, I hear a lot of fellow creators who incorporate meditation into their habits. Thanks for mentioning it here.

  • Sebastian says:

    I like this. To be honest, I meditate to make my wishes come true. Being intensely present increase your vibrational frequency. I believe this is the key to visualizing the things you want AND it’s been working really well for me.

  • Sebastian says:

    I like this. To be honest, I meditate to make my wishes come true. Being intensely present increase your vibrational frequency. I believe this is the key to visualizing the things you want AND it’s been working really well for me.

  • To be clear: To make a practice of speaking it over and over again has, for many years, felt worse and disconnecting. Like I didn’t believe it the first time…

  • That’s such a good question Jeannette! I only do it once, as a rule. To me that means it’s a done deal. Of course, if it comes up again, I do it again. But I don’t make a practice of it. That has, for many years, felt worse and disconnecting.

  • tee hee, Annette – a manifesting “sandwich” – that’s cute! 🙂

  • Annette says:

    It is always a happy surprise to read a list that has come to manifestation!
    I like the idea of putting the new one in the middle – a very nice sandwich!
    A nice garden to seed!

  • Frank, I think you’re right about the power of speaking it out loud!
    I’d love to hear more about how you practice that … is it a one time thing or do you repeat?

  • Yes! Love this topic!!
    My very first intentional manifestation used a list. It was 1989, and adapting a process someone gave me, I wrote about a house in San Francisco I wanted to live in. At the time I was in an apartment with a roommate I really didn’t like. I had a friend who was advertising a room in a part of town I so wanted to live in so, when I made the list, I was thinking about a specific house. In my mind’s eye, I walked through the whole house and described it in my list in current-time refernces: “the rooms are all filled with light.”
    I didn’t move into that house. A month later, I met a woman who had a room for rent and I moved in there. After I was settled in, I came across my list and, point-for-point, it was a perfect match to the list and was actually better (as I discovered later) than the house I had in mind.
    10 years later, however, I did move in to the exact house I had been thinking of with the list. And it was under much better circumstances than earlier. So, definitely a win-win-win!!
    Nowadays, I don’t write lists, I speak them. And when I start listing aspects or qualities of experiences or things I want, that’s when I feel the “click” and I know it’s going to happen.
    Oh this is wonderful! Thank you Jeannette!

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