Manifesting with Symbols

Manifesting with SymbolsWe know the name of the game in creating the reality we prefer is harnessing our focus in a way that aligns us with our desire.

One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by engaging the power of a manifesting symbol.

This symbol can be something that represents (and reminds you of) what you’re creating.

It’s different than images you might use on a vision board or in a mind movie, because it lives in your 3D space – and it isn’t so much a picture of what you want as an object that expresses the vibration of it.

Also, you may be the only one who understands the significance of the symbol, so it’s more subtle than posting affirmations on your mirror or refrigerator where others might see them.

It’s also different than practicing ‘immersion,’ where you fill your environment with physical cues that replicate/reinforce the reality you’re manifesting.

Your symbol could be an object for your nightstand, an item that you wear, or even something that you smell.

In fact, good places to incorporate your objects are where you’ll see or experience it regularly – on your key ring, rear view mirror, work desk, etc.

Anything that has meaningful significance and represents to you the thing you’re manifesting would work.

Here’s an example:

I had a client who was creating a big professional achievement (finishing her doctorate). For her, the essence of that desire was based on feelings of success, empowerment and independence.

On the lookout for a potential symbol of that manifestation, one day she noticed a pewter statue of Diana the Huntress while browsing a gift shop. For her that was the perfect embodiment of the qualities of her desire.

She took it home and placed it on her desk where she wrote her PhD thesis. Every time she felt frustrated or discouraged, Diana the Huntress would reconnect her with feelings of empowerment and success.

It wasn’t the only manifesting tool she used to become a doctor, but I was impressed with how effective it was!

Other examples of how to incorporate this type of LOA magic in your world:

If I were creating financial freedom and to me the vibration of that was primarily security, I might use a deadbolt as a paperweight for my financial docs. Or if the vibration was freedom I might leave a frisbee on the table where I put my keys each night.

If I were manifesting body health and for me the vibration of that was peace of mind, I might burn the same incense they use at my yoga center, because I’ve come to associate that with peacefulness. Or if the vibration was achievement, I might hang a banner from my favorite winning sports team.

To anyone else, it looks like I’m a fan of incense or sports, but to me, each time I notice my symbol I’m reminded of where I’m headed. It helps keep me on track vibrationally.

You can tell this manifesting tool is important to customize, since we each have a different association with different symbols and objects.

But when you find the right one it can be a powerful way to activate the vibrations that align you to your desire.

If you have ideas or experiences to share, please post!

  • December 29, 2014
  • Chris says:

    PS Love the idea of incense to manifest body health and inspire peace. Thank you!

  • Chris says:

    I was searching for a symbol that would reflect the freedom I’d enjoy if I had mega dollars to spare in my checking account. The thought of the ocean with its teeming life and abundance came to mind…Symbolically, I can go to it for a fill with a teaspoon or a front-end loader – it’s my call. I found an amazing photo and have it as the background on my computer (which I use on a regular basis) to remind myself to keep that front-end loader revved up! 🙂

  • Kori says:

    Perfect timing! Over Christmas I ordered a karma bracelet for good luck and wealth just for fun. It’s green with brown symbol dispersed in-between, but I like it for the green color since I used to occasionally imagine every leaf and blade of grass I could see outside my window to be a dollar bill. And since there’s plenty of green (and brown) in nature around us, the bracelet will remind me that wealth/abundance is also plentiful. So whenever I see my green bracelet on my wrist, I’ll always be reminded of abundance

  • I SO want to find something to use the (Despicable Me) minions for. lol
    omg, I’ve got it. One of my intentions for 2015 is to have more support in place and be better at utilizing it. What better than a minion to help me remember that?! ha!

  • Karen says:

    I love this idea. I’m very visual.

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