Highlights from Martha Beck Coaches Summit 2012

Martha Beck Coaches Summit 2012 highlightsI just got back from presenting at Martha Beck’s third annual Coaches Summit in Phoenix, Arizona and wanted to share highlights for those who’ve been asking about it …
Over 300 Martha Beck coaches gathered to share their experiences, amp up their coaching skills, integrate collective wisdom and party the nights away in the beautiful setting of Tapatio Cliffs Resort.
There were too many fun and inspiring moments to count, so I’ll just share my top three highlights from the event and invite other coaches to share their favorites as well.
Since I was presenting four different times during the three summit, I wasn’t able to attend the other breakout sessions when I was speaking, but I was fortunate enough to hear Sheila Whittington teach scanners “how to thrive without finishing, focusing or committing!”
That seems a tall order considering how often we’re encouraged to follow through and see a project to fruition.  But if you were to list all the things you’ve done throughout your life, then review that list to discover the common thread of why you engaged these things, and also why you left them – you’ll soon reveal what your true reward is.  That was refreshingly comforting to reframe things that might have seemed unfinished to understand why everything has unfolded perfectly.
Anna Kunnecke taught us how to go from stage fright to the spotlight, and shared this tip that I’ll always appreciate: fear can work to your advantage.  As she learned from a professional actor, feeling a bit of fear about your performance can actually make you sharper, so it’s not to be wished away.
I didn’t realize until I heard that that I’d been resisting my own fear of speaking.  Anna also taught us how to move and channel that energy to the benefit of ourselves and our audience.  A lovely perspective on a common vibe!
Cath Duncan offered a perspective on working with grief I hadn’t heard before and wouldn’t do justice to in a short paragraph here.  I’d love to get her interviewed at GVU on “wholehearted living after loss.”  But if this is something you’ve wanted uplifting support with, check out Cath’s work.
Martha Beck was inspiring as always, but the most memorable thought I took away from her talks was this one: love is hunting you. And it will not stop until it finds you.  That thought is just delicious to me.
I spoke about deliberately creating clients and building your tribe, which would be nothing new to you regulars here.  But if you’d like to hear more details about the event, join Laura English and I for a review call (hopefully with other GVU folks who attended like Susan, Eva, Darliss, Jody, Sarah, Bev , Sandy, Kimberly, Emily, Ned, Gina and friends).
This post wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of my other favorite moments:

  • falafel sandwiches at the local deli with Darliss O’Donnell and Eva Lewandowski
  • fruit pancakes with Michele Woodward all to myself
  • chanting with Andy Newman after presenting alongside Abigail Steidley and Koelle Simpson
  • the lovely rainstorm Sunday morning, and certainly
  • meeting dozens of amazing coaches I’ve only known virtually – or even meeting for the first time.  (Especially cadet Maureen at the airport!)

Loved the hugs, the bright energy, genuine smiles and ready laughter. My only complaint was that it was too much fabulousness to take in over a three day period.
Thanks to everyone who took a moment to introduce themselves and share a smile and a hug, and for all the great conversations and inspirations!

  • March 20, 2012
  • Julie Masters says:

    How FUN!! I look forward to hearing more about it, from you, and from any other coaches you get on the GVU calls!
    Sounds like there could be some good stuff from the “scanners” for the “slackers”! 🙂 I’m going to have to make one of those lists that Sheila Whittington suggests.
    Ease and flow

  • Good point, Julie!
    I think she might have gotten inspiration for it from Barbara Sher’s Refuse to Choose, but I could be wrong.
    In fact, Tia and Erik, during Sheila’s presentation I refrained from using your example at GVU as proof that scanners have to move on before things are done – remember how you two never finished the Scanners course for GVU? lol That still makes me laugh!!

  • Emily says:

    I was so glad to meet you in person and give you a hug! I had been looking forward to it so much and you were on my top 10 list of people to meet. Then, when I finally met you, it was almost anticlimactic, like I’d known you all along. 🙂
    Couple quotes I loved:
    Martha: “Sometimes what you think is a destination is a stepping stone.”
    Michael Trotta: “You can’t work someone else’s medicine.”
    Terry De Meo: “You are not broken and there is nothing to fix.”
    Jeannette: “We think we are reality experiencers, but we are actually reality creators.”

  • You are even more delightful in person than you are in digital form, Emily. lol Such a treat to get a hug from you!
    I LOVE your quotes! Thank you for sharing them here! I was really hoping to experience Michael’s work, but the timing wasn’t right. LOVE that quote!! And Terry’s, too.
    Thanks, Emily!!

  • Ned Rios says:

    Awesome highlights Jeannette!
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Jeannette: “You must disengage from reality to get our attention on what we do want.”
    And for the nice reminder of ” Energy dictates not Action” Well put and calms down my action junkie side.
    Koelle:”Relaxation cause fear to go away”
    Wendy Kranz: “Walk the line between desire and detachment “-Holy moly that one really got me.
    Martha: “You are the leaders listen to your future self “Helps me envision us all over the world.
    People talk about being on the leading edge of technology and what the future brings. We are all on the leading edge of self help and love.
    What magical moments and experiences.

  • Oooh, I got goosebumps reading those, Ned! So nice to hear the nuggets that impacted other coaches. Loved that future self phone line Martha talked about. And I’d this about the quote you shared from Koelle: “Hanging out with Koelle causes fear to go away.” She’s flowing some good stuff, huh?
    LOVED saying hi to you, Ned! So glad we ran into each other, even if it was brief.

  • Jeannette, do I detect a plethora of joy and appreciation for the experience of presenting and connecting with like-minded others? Hmmm…sounds like another OutSourcer Success Story to me! 😀
    Glad you had a great time, and OF COURSE all of your presentations were fabulous!
    Many blessings,

  • Nancy, you are SO right! I was a crazy kind of stressed out before I asked OutSourcerers to help – and then I was a really UNUSUAL kind of calm after that. And confidence was in spades. I mean, I was still nervous, but not ANYTHING like before! (I was literally in tears two days prior to leaving.)
    Thank you, OutSourcerers at GVU!

  • Ned Rios says:

    Hi Jeannette
    Let me know if you guys do a review call from the summit. Would be fun to re-experience the magic and share information!

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