Master Manifesting in a Pickle

pickle.jpgCan you interview for a job while feeling well-employed?  Can you drive around lost and yet feel the satisfaction of “destination found”?  Can you hold for tech support while feeling the relief of “problem solved”?

If so, you have the makings of a Master Manifestor.
And if you think you can’t, I’m not buying it.  You can too!
‘Cause if I can do it, anyone can! 
The beautiful thing is that when you practice changing how you feel before there’s a “real reason” for it, things magically happen that make you feel like life is on your side again.  Things go your way; happy endings come sooner rather than later.
I’m not saying it’s easy (although it’s not nearly as difficult as some think) – but it is well worth the effort! 
Give it a shot next time you’re in a pickle. 
Maybe you’ll be quicker on the take than I was this morning.
My email had stopped sending.  Receiving was happening just fine, but sending was a no-go.  It asked for credentials I didn’t have.  I tried working around it, but .. nada. 
As a temporary fix I resorted to my old yahoo email address, which just led to more frustration.  Thought about giving it a rest while I took a shower and switched up my vibe.  But I really wanted this resolved before doing anything else.
Finally, after an hour of fiddling with Windows Help, uninstalling antivirus software, and reading through my tech guy’s FAQ notes, I realized no action COULD help as long as I was frustrated.  (Hey, better late than never!) 
I needed to feel relief now if I wanted a solution now, and to do it while this problem was still staring me in the face.
So while looking at my broken email, I smiled and said to myself “Relief!  So glad that’s taken care of!  Yay!  I can get on with my day!  That wasn’t so hard!” 
And with that, an easiness returned that wasn’t there prior.  I felt satisfaction for being able to fix this myself, and so quickly, too! 
Much better … that’s a vibe that lets solutions in!

phone-rep.jpgI took a drink of water and cleared my mind for a brief second before an idea popped in to call my web mail folks (godaddy).  As I was listening to the menu options (normally quite frustrating), I held on to my feeling-so-satisfied vibe.  All is well here.  Strong doubts flickered in about whether godaddy could fix my problem, as it didn’t make sense that the issue was related to their service.  But I didn’t let that doubt crowd out my feel good. 

Estimated hold time four minutes.  My usual sigh of frustration was replaced with “Mm, plenty of time to nail the feel good.”  This is conscious creation!
Tyler answered after maybe a minute and a half.  Friendly sounding, alert guy.  I thought how lucky he was to get a friendly caller instead of a frustrated caller.  I thought what a great time we’ll have, even if he can’t help me. 
I let him off the hook right off the bat and halfway apologized for asking him a question he likely couldn’t solve.  (Sounds like wimpy manifesting, but I’m calling it “remaining unattached to outcome.”)  Described my problem succinctly and within 45 seconds Tyler had me all fixed up.  And he was kind of guessing!
I confessed my true love for him (he said it was mutual).  I told Tyler THIS is why I don’t buy domain names anywhere else, and that I owned over 90, so that was saying something.  Ty suggested I check out their discount domain club, which will likely save me over $250 every year.
Problem solved AND saved money at the same time!  Can anyone say “woo hoo”?!
This might seem like a low stakes example (and I would agree), but this is where our practice ground is. 
Every day we have the opportunity to shift how we’re feeling, to better line up with what we want than with what is.  When we practice on this “small” stuff, it’s that much easier on the “big” stuff. 
Who’s game to play?!
Kim gave a fabulous real life example in the comments of another post, and I’d like to hear more!  Or if you have questions, let us field them – we’ve got a humongous circle of master manifesters here!

  • December 2, 2008
  • robin says:

    I really dislike my job and feel stuck so I am going to work on feeling gratitude for the wonderful business that I have opened that makes me lots of money and allows me to be creative!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh Jeannette, thank you for this post! This is so much like my computer manifesting experience! (Which is still not only running fine but running at faster than light speeds! I think I manifested a quantum computer!!!)
    And my godaddy operator that I called last year was just like yours–smart, intuitive and able to fix the problem in under a minute! Love it.
    All these experiences, big and little, are opportunities for us to know ourselves better, to become more of who we are! I welcome every one of them.
    Thank you again my wonderful friend.
    Kim 🙂

  • Ellie, really good point. These “little” things are such potential energy drainers if we let them – taking us out of vibrational alignment for the “bigger” stuff. So we can look at these “little” things as opportunities to help us line up (or stay lined up) with the “big” stuff!
    I like that. Trust you to show us a new perspective!
    Thanks, Ellie! 🙂

  • Well here is a “Woo Hoo” for You! 😉
    Actually the big stuff is not as hard as this little petty stuff – cause … it is BIG… right in your face – sucking the wind right out — That is actually easier to let go…
    This little petty stuff – is the stuff we kinda ignore – but it doesn’t ignore us – as it takes us a step down – another step down – now we are a bit more antsy – more steps down and more petty annoying things in our path.
    Then Bam here comes the Big Stuff! Out of the blue? Nope – out of the so-called petty little stuff!
    Great Post – Thanks for sharing Jeannette! 😉

  • Indeed, Col, easy way to get in the vibe by just looking around seeing what already IS.

    Thanks for the reminder and for the positive comment!

  • Indeed you can (and will), Kristy! This is masterful manifesting!! “So I tried to not get upset and tried to feel relief by saying to myself “ok, I found it! its here! thank God!”.. Well after I took a few breaths and got into that vibe ..”

    Well done!! Thanks for sharing it here. 🙂

  • col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [alive] says:

    This is perfect timing! I was just this week thinking on how we need to feel like we have what we want before we get it … sounds like a brain-twister but it’s not, right? 😉
    People who want prosperity … well, look how prosperous we are here in this country! One or more TV’s, food on our table, a car to drive around in … we’re pretty darned prosperous I’d say!
    People want e-mail fixing … well look, there’s Tyler! 😉
    Awesome article and I am going to put in my pocket this distinction: wimpy manifesting vs unattached to outcome 🙂

  • Kristy M says:

    I had a chance to practice my “chill out” last night. I wanted to listen to my Ipod before bed but it was no where to be found! That thing is like, my baby so I was upset.. I cleaned out my purse and looked all around my room. So I tried to not get upset and tied to feel relief by saying to myself “ok, I found it! its here! thank God!”.. Well after I took a few breaths and got into that vibe, I moved my suitcase (I went home last week and still havent unpacked.. ) and there was the Ipod. It had fallen out of my purse and into my open suitcase… I had no idea how it did! I think that was a little nudge to just chill out. If I can manifest finding my missing Ipod, then I can manifest a successful career lol.

  • What divine timing you and Eckhart have, Mitch! Don’t you love it?! I do!

    And I love your ability to acknowledge it.

    This is SUCH a classic and perfect example of “feeling the feelings” … to let yourself make peace with “lost” rather than fight it … which released resistance, let your intuition be heard, and led to arriving with time to spare! You rock, my friend!!

    You’re making me want to pick up that book again, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Mitch! 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    I had an experience like this yesterday.
    I was riding the subway to an audition, and I got completely lost. (I haven’t been in New York that long. I’ve gotten lost in the subway system for HOURS at a time!) I felt the usual feelings of anger, frustration, and inadequacy run through me.
    Luckily for me, I was listening to my new audiobook on my iPod at the time. “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, and just as my frustration was setting in, Eckhart began his chapter on Surrender. He reminded me to surrender to the moment, to surrender what is happening now in order to stop suffering over it.
    So I did. And as soon as I just let myself accept the fact that I was lost, I didn’t feel upset about it anymore. And that is what made room for me to let in some good feelings about finding my way.
    I got off the train at the next stop and pretty much instinctively knew which train to get on next. This train took me exactly where I needed to go, and I ended up arriving at my audition half an hour early!

  • Ooh, Phillis, that fits in perfectly with my “Universe ALWAYS has my best interests at heart and delivers me perfection every single time” mantra!

    PLUS, I got to talk to a great guy and had a great connection which is one of my all time favorite things in life.

    AND, I got another practice opportunity to keep my cool and remember who I am (a Master Manifester).

    So yes indeed, it served me all around! Thanks for pointing that out to me, Phillis! 🙂

  • Ms. J. — see your email was meant to be ‘broken’ for a bit so you could talk to the godaddy Techie and get a great savings of $250~! Yeah to the Universe. P.

  • I don’t know who you are, blogfan, but you made my day! Thank you!! 🙂

  • blogfan says:

    Wow your blog is awesome, i just found it, one of the best i’ve ever seen, thanks for writing!

  • Judi, what a wonderful experience! Master manifesting, indeed! It says a lot about how lined up you are with good things. Congrats, and keep it up!

    As to your question: “How can we line up these biggies with the same ease and consequent magical outcomes, as we now seem able to manage with the smaller things?”

    I invite other readers to pitch in with how they manage this, and I’ll throw in my two cents as well:

    1) we could stop thinking of other things as “big” or bigger than these other things we manage with ease and magic. There’s no such thing as “harder” to the Universe – it’s just our own minds that make it so. And we’re in charge of what/how we think. Or at least, we can be in MORE charge than we already are. When those “this is a big deal” thoughts pop up, we can remind ourselves that there’s no such thing as a “big deal” to the Universe – so we may as well relax about it ourselves. And as we relax, we line up, which lets ease and magic play in this arena of life as well. 🙂

    2) or we could take on the perspective that we manifest “big” stuff too, just as easily. You can remember something big from the past that you pulled off, or notice someone else’s ability to manifest something big, whatever thought helps you know that you can do the “big” stuff just as easily as the “small” stuff.

    Let’s hear from others … ? What would work/does work for you?

  • Judi says:

    Hi all,
    Had a great example yesterday of how when we line up with things and then let them go, ummm, let’s read that as totally forget about them and get on with life!!
    I recently needed to get a wheelchair as my mobility has got worse and I wanted to be able to get out into the country again and go shopping all day without getting tired. I managed to get a brill, top spec wheelchair without paying a penny for it – but that’s another amazing story!!
    Anyway, the wheelchair arrived a few weeks ago and although it’s gorgeous I was nervous of using it, I was afraid of overbalancing and falling out!! I felt I needed someone to teach me about how to handle it. No courses seemed available and my Occupational Therapist said he would keep an eye open for something. I put a request out to the Universe and promptly forgot about it.
    Lo and behold, the OT came back to say, by a very strange load of “coincidences” (ha ha!!) he’d been speaking to a lady exactly my age who is a medal winning Para Olympian, who lives 20 minutes from me, has taught wheelchair skills to many people, has exactly the same w/chair as me, and is more than happy to spend time with me and help me out all she can!!! WOW!!! Line up with what you want, expect it and forget it!!!!
    I’ve now spoken to her and she is awesome and we are meeting up next week. A new friend already!!! I am in awe!!
    I know this is also showing me how easily and magically things can come if we are unattached. It seems so easy with these “lesser” things, but so much harder with things we really, really want like money, houses, lovers etc.
    How can we line up these biggies with the same ease and consequent magical outcomes, as we now seem able to manage with the smaller things?
    Love to all Judi.

  • It is posts like these that remind me the most valuable part of this blog, and the main reason I write, is because the wisdom shared here is the BEST PART.
    You posters and commenters are the reason this blog rocks. THANK YOU!!!

  • Tia Singh says:

    Ooooh Kristy!!
    I love this “”… and I read in article that says things usually happen to people around you before they happen to you so the universe can show you how easy it is to get””
    My friend just met the most amazing guy ever and has been on TWO dates with him (one lasting 1.5 days!) and it was so easy and effortless how everything just fell into place with them that it’s blowing her mind and mine too – and I LOVE the idea that it happens to people around us to show how easy it is cos she’s feeling it and I’m feeling great about it cos yes it IS that easy!!
    Er… that sounded quite complicated .. lol .. I will be back tmrw to comment properly need some sleep now! xx

  • Judy, I am laughing out loud at how you got those gremlins in line! lol
    And that was a BEAUTIFUL ezine issue you produced! Kudos to you!

  • Judy says:

    oh gosh, I had one of these days today too! I’d say blech!, but now it seems like a silly long time ago! HA!
    I have 3 GREAT projects up in the air, all of them taking longer than I want. In each situation I’m waiting on other people to do things for me. An easy ground for me to get mad at myself for not planning better blah blah blah. And, writing my ezine was SOOOOOOOOOOOO slow today!
    finally, this afternoon, I put my foot down-literally w/ an old gremlin -saying, “look, this is where I’m going, come along if want, but this is WHERE i’m going, and EVERYTHING is conspiring to take me there, get in line!”
    I took a shower, chatted w/ a friend-told her i wanted her to put her arm around me while i chatted, but mostly I stayed remarkably relaxed. I even toyed w/ the whole idea of “being good enough.” i think i’m understanding that idea in a new way.
    I took a realy break and played cards w/ my family.
    I came home, finished up a solid ezine that i feel great about. My awol designer came through as I knew he would. and had two solid inquiries for coaching. . . .i’m going to bed as if i had a sweet vibe the whole day. lol
    sometimes being emphatic and putting everything on notice w/ confidence is the best way to alignment.
    AND, I DID eat a pickle today! HA!

  • Oh Kristy, what a beautiful way to shift the energy and find a perspective/sign that reinforces your game instead of takes you out of it! WOO HOO!!

    Thanks for posting, girlfriend. I’ll be pointing clients to this example you set!

  • Kristy M says:

    … and I read in article that says things usually happen to people around you before they happen to you so the universe can show you how easy it is to get

  • Kristy M says:

    I had a bit of a pickle today lol. I found out that a friend of a friend got a role that I really wanted from an audition I was at. Of course, I was crushed because I felt like it should have been me lol… but going home today I saw a sign for the show and on facebook a few facebook friends who are/were in the show posted photos of them in the show and events they were at. It was kind of like a sign that was saying “Chill out, your time is coming soon!… I like that sign lol

  • Jessica, I love how easy and natural you model the process! Thanks for a great example and for sharing it with us here. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Reminds me of my last job interview 4 years ago. I had been at a job I was unhappy at. I mean very unhappy. Depressed. But trying so desperately to be positive. Somehow in the muck of mixed feelings, I felt good knowing I would have a whole summer of not working to spend with my daughter (never done before being a single mom the whole time). Also I knew I DESERVED to recouperate to happy feelings before going back to work.
    So… guess what? The job kept me until the last moment. The project was ending and one by one people were laid off. I secretly wanted to be as well, but also knew I needed to work. On a monday, I finally get notice of my end date that Friday… which so amazingly coincided with my daughter’s last day of school. I hadn’t bothered to find her daycare (or backup like I normally would have) Strange. I was just SO sure I’d be with her for the entire summer. Talk about THRILLING!!!
    So it gets better. I wasn’t actually laid off, I was put on furlough, so it enabled me to collect unemployment without stipulation of looking for work. My employer wanted to keep me on for upcoming projects that contractually they were not able to start yet. It was great. I didn’t lose my medical benefits or anything. I had plenty of money to live on.
    My mom and boyfriend were all freaking out about it. Nope, not me. Cool as a cuke. I felt like I already had a job I loved and new it was waiting for me whenever I wanted.
    So fall comes, my daughter goes back to school. I am amazed at how awesome it felt to get her on the bus in the morning (first time ever as typically the daycare would) and then able to greet her getting off the bus as well. OMG it was fantastic!! I finally understood the joy of staying home with your child(ren) instead of working!
    So about two weeks into it, I said, “Okay, I’m ready to work again.” I poked around online. Dug out my resume. Within a day or two I get a call from an ex-coworker saying she had found another job after being laid off but was leaving to go out of state and thought of me. I wasn’t even that close to her. I have no idea why she thought of me. Went to the interview knowing I had the job I desired, but didn’t need it. That I wouldn’t settle for just any job.
    It was great. Naturally, I walked into that job a week later. Talk about amazing my family but I was just content in my creation.
    The challenge for me? Keeping a consistent vibe. I seem to rollercoaster where my creation starts to go off road for awhile until I wake up and recorrect- and occasionally oversteering! Ha!! 🙂 I’d just like to keep the manifestations interesting and appropriate before waiting until I get uncomfortable!
    Make sense??
    At least I know I am capable and I refer to that feeling it is just that some things like that I just “know” in my gut and come easy and other things I have trouble even faking a good vibe.
    I know I’ll get there, by drawing on those past experiences. WooHoo! 🙂
    Thanks for letting me share with you all!!!

  • Anyone with THIS many exclamation points in their post is my kind of girl!! lol
    LOVE YOU, Kate!!
    Can’t wait to read your book! Please come back here and post a link when it’s ready!
    And thanks for sharing such a great example with us. 🙂

  • Thanks for the great post!! I saw this over on FB and thought I’d stop by and tell you of a recent pickle I found myself in!!
    My computer crashed!!!!!
    But I calmly went about contacting the recently opened Apple store in our area (Woo-Hoo!!!!) and got an appointment to get it fixed.
    First of all, the customer service in that store ROCKED!!!!
    Makes me want to do a study on businesses with the best CS!!!!
    So they said they’d fix it AND my computer was still on warranty. (Woo-Hoo #2!!!!!)
    Then I spontaneously decided to buy the Lap-Top of my dreams (Woo-Hoo #3!!!!!)
    And even though I thought I had backed everything up on the computer which crashed–I found that it just isn’t configuring properly. BUT (Woo-Hoo #4) people are helping me. I was about to launch an ebook, and my friend MV had a copy of the book which was seemingly in the ethers.
    I am dumbfounded and very happy!!!
    I love the idea of feeling an inner vibration of mirth when confronting these “challenges.”
    It never fails to yield great miracles!!!!!

  • There is also a great free ebook about manifesting available at this website:
    Check it out…

  • Okay, that’s hilarious, Stephen! And so true!! ha ha

    Whoever wrote that manual, I like their style! And yours for sharing it here! 🙂

    Thank you, Stephen!

  • stephen taylor says:

    One of my favorite literary passages I can remember is from “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” The author is telling a story about the writing of technical manuals. One manual, for a barbeque grill, begins, “Assembly of this barbeque grill requires great peace of mind.”
    This should be the first line for every technical manual.

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